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King Of Gods - Chapter 249


Chapter 249 - Leave

In the misty area.

Zhao Feng's eyes suddenly opened as the colour on his face returned to normal.

Apart from the fact that his cultivation had dropped to the 6th Sky, all his other aspects were around the level when he was at the Alliance Banquet.

Of course.

His mastery of mental energy was better than the Alliance Banquet. After all, he had continued to study it for a month in order to destroy the Ghost Mark.

’’The Ghost Mark had been destroyed. At least I don't need to be wary of being eyed upon by the experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

Zhao Feng weighed the choices and didn't regret it.

The Ghost Mark was too dangerous. Those that could find him were usually at the True Spirit Realm, and he couldn't confirm whether the weather would be stormy or not at that time.

Calculating the time, Zhao Feng realised that over two-thirds of the time had passed for the deal with First Elder.

According to the promise, he needed to leave the Thirteen Countries within two months and head towards the Canopy Great Country to complete his secret mission.

Although Zhao Feng was slightly unwilling, he had to do so.

At the same time, Zhao Feng would be heading towards a larger stage.

Ever since he had seen the map of the Northern Continent and the fact that the Thirteen Countries only represented a dot in the corner, his heart had been shaken.

Two days later.

Zhao Feng arrived at the Sun Feather City and found that everything was the same as usual.

Although he didn't greet anyone from the city, he somehow had an uneasy feeling that he had been locked on by something.

He didn't dare stay for long and soon left the Sun Feather City.

The whistling of the wind soon arrived.

’’Zhao Feng, don't run. Go back to the Clan with me and admit your sins.’’

A deep voice echoed from behind.

The person was a middle aged man wearing purple robes and held a High-grade Mortal weapon as he led ten members of the Clan who had reached the 6th Sky or higher.

’’Go back to the Clan and admit my sins?’’

Zhao Feng paused.

He knew the middle aged purple robed person. It was a Vice Head who was proficient at fighting.

’’You better surrender now!’’

The middle aged purple robed person circulated his High grade Mortal weapon, causing cold slashes of purple green sword qi to envelope a radius of ten yards.


An arc of lightning flashed through Zhao Feng's hand like little small poisonous snakes as they charged towards the purple robed man and company.

Under the clash of the two powers, the purple robed figure retreated and a numbing sensation enveloped him, causing him to be unable to move and smoke to appear above his head.

The squad he brought with him were hit by the remaining arcs of lightning and fell to the floor, unable to move.

’’This is the strength of the First in the Alliance Banquet.’’

The group were full of fear.

In just one move, he had defeated a cultivator at half-step True Spirit Realm and caused the rest to lose their battle power. How terrifying was his strength?

’’I heard that Zhao Feng reached the 7th Sky in the Alliance Banquet but now he's dropped to the 6th Sky for some reason. If he was at his peak then.....’’

The middle-aged purple robed man took a deep breath and suppressed the wave in his heart.

When he had heard about the mission and rewards, he had also heard of Zhao Feng's fame, but he didn't think much of it. Amongst the half-step True Spirit Realm experts, he was ranked in the top 3. No matter how strong a junior was, what could they do?

However, only after personally fighting him did he know of Zhao Feng's dangerousness. He was even scarier than the rumours.

Afterall, Zhao Feng's cultivation had now dropped to the 6th Sky and was two steps away from the half-step True Spirit Realm.

’’Who sent you to come kill me?’’

Zhao Feng's expression dimmed.

Because his cultivation had dropped to the 6th Sky and he didn't use his bloodline power, he could only barely suppress the opponent with the move just then.

’’Zhao Feng, Clan Master Hai Yun has already ordered the Thirteen Countries to kill you. If you resist, we'll kill you, but if you go back to the Clan and admit your sins, you should be spared.’’

Due to his wariness, the purple robed middle aged man didn't rashly make his move.

Firstly, he was waiting for his squad to recover and also await the reinforcements from the Clan.

Hai Yun Master had specifically said to stall for time and tell an Elder-ranked expert.

A junior at the Ascended Realm needed experts at the True Spirit Realm to kill him?

The middle-aged purple robed man had rejected that thought back then, but at this moment, it looked like it wasn't all without reason.

’’Clan Master Hai Yun? Kill?’’

Zhao Feng's heart turned cold.


Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power and instantly severely injured the middle aged man and company.

The purple robed man was only able to block a few moves before being defeated and losing an arm in the process.

If it wasn't because that they were of the same Clan, Zhao Feng would have killed them already.

’’I'm asking you, what has happened in the past two months?’’

Zhao Feng's eyes turned towards another cultivator at the 7th Sky.

The Deacon at the 7th Sky was instantly controlled and answered without hesitation.

Zhao Feng asked a question and the Deacon would reply. The former soon understood the situation in the Thirteen Clans and the situation that the Broken Moon Clan was in.

’’True Lord descending? The Twelve Clans all surrendered?’’

’’Hai Yun Master, this traitor became the Broken Moon Clan Master and even sent people to pursue me in the Thirteen Countries.’’

The news made Zhao Feng stunned and angry.

The descension of a True Lord caused him to become helpless.

Although he wasn't personally there, thinking about how the Twelve Clans had twice the forces of the enemy and still had to surrender, he could estimate what had happened.

The thing that made Zhao Feng angry was that Hai Yun Master had become the Clan Master.

Back at the Concealed Dragon Lake, Hai Yun Master had attacked the original Broken Moon Clan Master and was the culprit of her death.

The original Broken Moon Clan Master was holy and righteous. When Zhao Feng had caused a large amount of trouble in the Floating Crest Trial, it was her and First Elder that protected Zhao Feng.

Furthermore, this beautiful Clan Master was also Ran Xiaoyuan's Master, hence Zhao Feng was always respectful towards her.

’’Hai Yun Master....’’

Killing intent could be seen in Zhao Feng's eyes. This was the first time he had wanted to kill someone so badly.

Back then, it was just to help Lord Guanjun and so all Zhao Feng wanted to do was beat Hai Yun Master and humiliate him.

He didn't think that Hai Yun Master was so cunning. He had betrayed the Broken Moon Clan long ago, killed the Broken Moon Clan Master, and was now sending people after him.

It was lucky that First Elder and Granny Liuyue were still in the Broken Moon Clan. WIth these two people here, the people related to Zhao Feng were safe.

’’I'll let you guys live. Next time, I will kill you.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed and soon disappeared.

He didn't dare dwindle for long due to the possibility that someone at True Spirit Realm would arrive and with his 6th Sky cultivation, there would be no means of escape.

An hour after Zhao Feng's departure, the Regulations Elder arrived.

The Regulations Elder was also Lu Hu's Master, and when the latter had been kicked out by Zhao Feng, the Regulations Elder kept the event in his heart.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had slapped the Regulations Elder in the face after the Trial.

After Hai Yun Master became the Clan Master, the Regulations Elder had become the greatest protector.

When he arrived, he scouted the area, but was able to find any traces of Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had the Yin Shadow Cloak which could hide auras and after being pursued, he entered the Sky Cloud Forest.

’’If I'm forced into a corner, I'll just go hide in the Forbidden Ground of a Hundred Graves. Even those at the True Lord Realm won't easily enter it.’’

Zhao Feng felt like a fish in the water when he entered the Sky Cloud Forest.

Both he and the little thieving cat had the ability to become invisible, meaning that they were technically safe the second they entered Sky Cloud Forest.

’’Looks like I need to leave the Thirteen Countries fast.’’

Zhao Feng's decision was made.

There was no place for him to stay in the Thirteen Countries anymore. It was better for him to enter the greater world.

Zhao Feng started his journey on the same day, heading toward the outer boundaries of the Thirteen Countries.

Although the path Zhao Feng took was desolate, his God's Spiritual Eye still saw the figures of cultivators from the Clans and the shadows of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

There was even a time when Zhao Feng's traces were accidentally found by a bottom-level disciple and was about to report it when he was instantly killed by ZHao Feng's mental energy technique.

Zhao Feng's one eyed, azure haired appearance was just far too outstanding, and after becoming first in the Alliance Banquet, it was hard not to recognise him.

Therefore, Zhao Feng used a black veil that could cover his head and face.

To increase his speed, Zhao Feng controlled an Azure Sharp Swallow at the 7th Sky with his mental energy.

The Azure Sharp Swallow's body size wasn't large for a flying beast. It's wingspan was only two to three yards wide, but if one was to underestimate it, they would pay a hefty price.

The Azure Sharp Swallow's wings were as thin as blade, and in terms of speed and offense, it was at the peak amongst the 7th Sky. It's weakness was its defense. Its defense wasn't even on par with beasts of the same cultivation.

When someone met an Azure Sharp Swallow, they would be wary or even retreat even if they were at the half-step True Spirit Realm.

But with Zhao Feng's mental energy, he easily controlled the Azure Sharp Swallow due to the fact that the Azure Sharp Swallow's mental energy wasn't that great.


The Azure Sharp Swallow was like a silver blade that flickered through the sky and into the clouds.

’’In terms of speed alone, this Azure Sharp Swallow is comparable to someone at the True Human Rank.’’

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised.

Although those at the True Human Rank had the ability to fly, it was only for a short while and the expenditure was great, hence they were unable fly for long periods of time nor be able to compared to a flying beast.

It was because of this that flying beasts were extremely rare and taming it was extremely troublesome.

But this posed no difficulty for Zhao Feng.

In under ten days, Zhao Feng had flown out of the Thirteen Countries. The Azure Sharp Swallow didn't disappoint Zhao Feng, it could fly tens of thousands of miles in one day.

However, Zhao Feng didn't know that he wasn't the only genius that was being pursued in the Thirteen Countries and had left the Thirteen Countries.

There was two others, Cang Yuyue and Zhao Yufei.

However, the only difference was that the rewards for these two were much lower.

Due to the fact that Zhao Feng had come first in the Alliance Banquet and was despised by Hai Yun Master, the rewards of killing him were even higher than killing someone of the True Spirit Realm.

In the blink of an eye, several months passed by.

Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and Cang Yuyue had all disappeared from the Thirteen Countries and didn't come back in a short amount of time, just like how Xin Wuheng had mysteriously disappeared in the Sun Feather City.


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