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King Of Gods - Chapter 245


Chapter 245 - Tribulation

In the forest.

The sky became dim and the crackle of thunder echoed as rain poured down.

The hearts of the Broken Moon Clan's members were already terrible enough and the rain had made it even worse.

’’Is the heavens closing its eyes on us? Making us get wet like dogs before we die?’’

Vice Head Li and company were full of sorrow.

The short elder's eyebrows furrowed as he stood on the tree. When the rain came near him, it was pushed away by his Qi of True Spirit.

Obviously, his mood was also affected by the weather.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat happily played with the bronze coin in its paw without concern of danger.

Zhao Feng lifted his head and let the rain pour down on his face, wetting his clothes. On his face was a smile.

’’All of you retreat. This one would like to see the strength of a person at True Spirit Realm.’’

Zhao Feng's azure hair blew in the wind as an eruptive aura gradually emanated from him.

Although he had just entered the 7th Sky, the pressure Zhao Feng emitted was even stronger than those at the half-step True Spirit Realm.

’’Junior Brother Zhao... you...’’

’’How can you block an expert at the True Spirit Realm alone? Let's fight together!’’

Yang Gan and Vice Head Li exclaimed.

At this moment, the hearts of the members of the Broken Moon Clan were somewhat filled with guilt.

They were just talking about how heartless Zhao Feng was during their escape, but at this dangerous moment, it was Zhao Feng who stepped out.

’’All of you retreat. I alone am enough.’’

Zhao Feng's cold eyes scanned across the people.

As his words finished a whirl of wind pushed them away.

At the same time, the Yin Shadow Cloak on Zhao Feng's back fluttered as he became an azure streak of lightning, occasionally flickering as he sped through the air.

’’Hehe, little tricks.’’

The short elder thought that Zhao Feng was trying to escape and snickered. With the snap of his two fingers, two purple snakes made of air quickly darted towards Zhao Feng.

The latter who was in mid air felt cold.

Wind Lightning Destruction!

Zhao Feng circulated his True Force and bloodline power to the maximum and a glass-like tattoo appeared on his body, causing his attributes to rise to its peak.

Wind and lightning interacted, creating a whirlwind of lightning which enveloped the short elder's attack.


The two purple snakes seemed to have consciousness and had actually passed through the pull of wind and lightning, however, its colour had dimmed by 60-70%.

But the two streaks of purple still lept towards Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng's expression changed as he condensed a Lightning Barrier around him. He was able to evade one of the streaks but had to block the second one.

Even though the attack had been weakened to 20-30% of its original power it still caused Zhao Feng to harrumph.

The other streak passed through several enormous trees and these trees didn't move but there was a perfect hole from where the snake passed through.

’’Attacks formed from the Qi of True Spirit are unbelievably strong. Even just a wisp of the True Force can kill someone at the Ascended Realm.’’

The Lightning Barrier around Zhao Feng became became fainter by over half before it started to heal.

He had used all his power to dissolve a casual move made by an expert at the True Spirit Realm. From this, one could see the difference that cultivation brought.

Even the Ascended Realm had great differences between every Sky.

But this was just the difference between one Sky.

The difference between the Ascended Realm and True Spirit Realm was enormous. The gap couldn't be closed in on unless one wasn't human.


The short elder was slightly surprised. He had thought that his attack would have easily taken down Zhao Feng but it had been dissolved by the latter.

The short elder had seen people who were able to block an attack from someone at the True Spirit Realm but it was the first time to see someone uninjured when they did so.

’’I'm only able to exchange four to five moves against someone at the True Spirit Realm. Even under normal circumstances ten would be the maximum....’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he felt the difference between the two.

He didn't know that this was incredible in the eyes of those at the True Spirit Realm.

’’Zhe zhe, interesting. No wonder you caught the attention of division Leader who even put a Ghost Mark on you.’’

Interest appeared in the short elder's eyes.

division Leader?

Hearing this Zhao Feng's heart shook as he suddenly remembered the mysterious skeleton in the Sky Cloud Forest.

At that time the Blood Corpse Protector seemed to be very respectful to this person which he estimated to be a Sub-division Leader.

But from the short elder's mouth, he finally knew that the skeleton was a division Leader.

division Leader. In the Scarlet Moon Religion that was easily the high authority and their strength was immeasurable. At their pinnacle they might've even been at the Origin Core Realm.

As he thought to this point, Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

It was good that the mysterious skeleton seemed extremely weak and was only able to put a Ghost Mark on him, unable to take care of him himself.

But even under such a weakened state, the Ghost Mark wasn't even able to be removed by First Elder. From this one could see profound he was.

’’Youngster, let's see how many moves you can take.’’

The short elder's hands clasped together and a dark purple snake appeared around his body which gave off a terrifying cold aura.

Zhao Feng understood that the short elder's attacks contained the erosion of mental energy. After all, he came from the Ancient Shrine.

It was good that Zhao Feng was very resilient towards mental energy and using his bloodline power, he once again became a blur that flew into the air.

’’I can't drag this out any longer.’’

Zhao Feng glanced at the clouds in the sky and the rain and lightning. No one knew how long they would last.

Nine Tribulations - Lightning Wind Palm!!

Zhao Feng exclaimed as the True Force within him began to tremble and the arcs of lightning started to move.

At the same instant Zhao Feng tried to interact with the Lightning Yuan Qi in the air above.

According to what the Lightning Wind Palm said, there was a chance to summon the Nine Tribulations Lightning when the weather was full of rain and lightning.

It was all about luck.

Under this situation 90% of the cultivators were struck by lightning and died. At best, they would die with the enemy.

However, Zhao Feng's Lightning Wind Palm had been advanced and contained the Lightning Intent.

The 7th level was the highest level and could summon the Nine Tribulations Power whose power was immeasurable.

But even then Zhao Feng took a risk - the success rate wasn't 100%.

However the later had gained some comprehension in the Origin Core Ruins and understood how to use lightning better, once again changing the original Lightning Wind Palm.

’’What's going on...? Why is the Lightning Yuan Qi condensing together?’’

The short elder's figure stopped as he felt an abnormal aura.

Hong Long----

Thunder clapped in the cloud.


An arc of lightning tens of yards wide and as thick as a tree flew pass Zhao Feng's head.

’’This brat's gone crazy.... Using lightning to kill himself?’’

The short elder was full of shock as he retreated subconsciously.

Nine Tribulations - Lightning Wind Palm!!

Zhao Feng's palm thrust out and the Nine Tribulations Lightning turned towards the short elder.


The short elder was stunned and his face instantly went white. The power from the Nine Tribulations Lightning made his blood freeze.

’’What's going on? How can this brat summon the Lightning of Nature?’’

The short elder furiously circulated his Qi of True Spirit as he tried to escape.


The Nine Tribulation Lightning didn't strike him directly but a portion of it still hit him.

The short elder harrumphed as his shoulder became burnt and emitted black smoke.

Nine Tribulations - Lightning Wind Palm!!

Zhao Feng put both hands into the air and summoned two arcs of lightning towards the shorty.

The short elder's expression was extremely ugly as he tried to dodge but in the end, he was still scraped by a Nine Tribulations Lightning, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

This attack caused the short elder to be seriously injured and expend a lot of Yuan Qi to block the Lightning.

He finally escaped several miles out, which was out of Zhao Feng's offense range.

His body was charred black and was severely injured.

’’How could this have happened...? Could it be.... The weather!?’’

The short elder's expression changed. It wasn't hard for him to guess the truth.

At this moment, the short elder's Yuan Qi had been expended and his body was severely injured. If he didn't heal himself quickly, there would be problems which could even cause his cultivation to drop.


The short elder was extremely frustrated and flew away.

With his tattered body, he wasn't confident that he could beat Zhao Feng. Furthermore, there was still the group of others there.


Zhao Feng descended from the air, exhausted.

It might've seemed cool and easy to control the Nine Tribulations Lightning, but under normal circumstances, one or two arcs of lightning was the limit. It was due to the fact that he had the God's Spiritual Eye and had gained insights in the Ruins which allowed him to be able to summon around ten arcs.

But the effect was unimaginable.

Just then, Zhao Feng had almost slain an expert at the True Spirit Realm.

’’The Nine Tribulations Lightning is, after all, the power of Nature. I can't control it as I please.’’

Zhao Feng let out a long breath.

When he landed on the ground, the members of the Broken Moon Clan were dazed and the Core disciples still seemed to be dreaming.

Vice Head Li's mouth was wide open. It was the first time he had seen such a scene.

The events that had just occurred had defied logic.

A junior at the Ascended Realm had seriously injured an expert at the True Spirit Realm, forcing the latter to retreat.

No one would believe him if he said this.


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