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King Of Gods - Chapter 244


Chapter 244 - The heavens always leave a path

This group from the Iron Dragon Country had paid the price for underestimating their enemy.

Zhao Feng instantly used his mental energy sound attack and like a clap of thunder that broke the enemy's organisation.

Two to three enemies were instantly killed and over half were lightly injured.

The two leaders were full of regret;the youth in front of them was actually a dangerous character.

But it was too late.

Before they were able to calm down, Zhao Feng's eyes let out a glint as he circulated his bloodline power once again.


The Yin Shadow Cloak flapped as Zhao Feng turned into an azure stripe, charging towards the enemy.

The naked eye wasn't even able to see Zhao Feng - he had obviously held back before.

Wind Lightning Destruction-----

Zhao Feng's face was dim, he seemed like a God of Lightning as arcs of lightning surrounded him.

This group, which had just recovered from the mental energy sound attack, was enveloped by strong surges of lightning causing their limbs to twitch.

At the same time, a chaotic aura of lightning suppressed them.

Due to the fact that Zhao Feng activated his bloodline power in that critical moment, apart from the two leaders, the others weren't able to fight back.


Zhao Feng's Lightning Wind Palm which had reached the 7th level instantly slew one of the leaders at the half-step True Spirit Realm.

The other leader was severely injured and ran in panic.


Zhao Feng's figure flickered through the air as it left several afterimages behind.


Every flicker would result in the death of a cultivator of the 7th Sky.

A few breaths later.

The entire group had been slaughtered.

Both foe and friend alike sucked in a cold breath.

This was a one-sided slaughter.

At last.

Only the severely injured half-step True Spirit Realm leader was alive. Half of his body was burnt black and he was extremely frightened.

Suddenly, he felt an uneasy coldness from Zhao Feng's left eye which scanned towards him.

It was as if the eye could see through hearts.

His mind shook and although he sensed the aura of death, he didn't realise this was the last moment he would see the world.


The leader at the half-step True Spirit Realm fell from the air and shattered his bones upon impact.

The mental energy technique from Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had exceeded Lin Tong's Heavenly Absent Eye. Not a single person of the same cultivation as him was able to block his glance.

The leader was severely injured and frightened, he was unable to resist.

In just a short span of ten breaths, the entire group had been killed by Zhao Feng alone.

After destroying this group, the Broken Moon Clan arrived. It was unknown whether this timing was coincidental or on purpose.

The members of the Broken Moon Clan were overjoyed, their morals rose due to this.

The pursuers from the Iron Dragon Country were filled with coldness and the three at True Human Rank gazed at Zhao Feng with wariness.

’’Continue North-Westwards.’’

Zhao Feng continued to lead the way.

His God's Spiritual Eye could see several hundred miles away, it was almost heaven defying.

After killing this group, there was nothing up ahead that could stop them anymore.

The only danger lurked from behind.

Hai Yun Master and two other cultivators at the True Spirit Realm kept on pursuing them.

First Elder and Granny Liuyue gave their all and only barely blocked the pursuit of the three True Spirit Realm's.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as his expression became solemn.

As long as the three kept pursuing them, it was very unlikely for the Broken Moon Clan to successfully escape.

No matter how fast he was, he wasn't faster than the those at the True Spirit Realm and couldn't keep escaping for long.

If it was just the three alone, the danger wasn't as critical but he was scared that reinforcements from the Iron Dragon Country would arrive.

There was only two plans.

One: First Elder and Granny Liuyue block the three while the others scatter.

Two: Slay or severely injured a True Spirit Realm cultivator so that they'd be forced to retreat.

Up until now, there was only a few people pursuing them apart from the three great True Spirit Realm cultivators.

’’Kill one at the True Spirit Realm.’’

Zhao Feng continued analysing their chances and found that the probability of success was very low.

If there was only two experts at the True Spirit Realm pursuing them and had a 2 v2 with the Broken Moon Clan, Zhao Feng estimated that there was a 50% of success.

But the problem was that there was three experts at the True Spirit Realm chasing them who easily suppressed the two from the Broken Moon Clan.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng's slaughtering of the group had raised the attention of the three experts which prevented them from succeeding so easily.

Therefore the chances of succeeding in slaying one of the three was very low and might have to pay the price with his life.

Afterall, Hai Yun Master definitely wanted Zhao Feng to die and probably wouldn't give up a chance so easily.

These analysis flashed in Zhao Feng's mind.

In reality if Zhao Feng could think of this so could First Elder.

’’Feng'er, you take everyone and run back to the Cloud Country. If the Cloud Country isn't safe, then leave the Thirteen Countries....’’

First Elder's urgent voice echoed in Zhao Feng's mind.

Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat. First Elder wanted to use plan one, but would it succeed?

’’Wind God Vanquish!’’

A deep voice sounded.

Instantly, with First Elder as the centre, beam after beam of green wind shot towards the three experts, forcing them to retreat.

First Elder's aura suddenly rose and his Qi of True Spirit seemed to be burning.

’’Old bastard, don't you want your life? You're burning the Source of True Spirit.’’

Hai Yun Master was shocked and was hit by one of the beams which caused his speed to decrease dramatically.

At the same time.

Granny Liuyue's aura rose rapidly and green light appeared which wrapped themselves around the three at the True Spirit Realm like roots of a tree.

With the burning of First Elder's Source of True Spirit the entire situation was turned around.

Hai Yun Master and co. were forced into a desperate situation.

At the same time when First Elder ignited his Source of True Spirit he also took out the Mid-grade Spiritual weapon and focused on Hai Yun Master.

The two from the Iron Dragon Country had their own Spiritual weapons and were able to resist but Hai Yun Master didn't, hence it left behind several bloody gashes on his body.

’’First Elder!’’


The remaining people from the Broken Moon Clan exclaimed.

Especially Yang Gan, his eyes were wet and his hands were trembling.

’’First Elder's burning his Source of True Spirit. This is the foundation for those at the True Spirit Realm. When it's used up there's the danger of dropping in cultivation.’’

The breaths of the Vice Heads became rapid as tears flowed from their eyes.

’’Everyone follow me.’’

A cold voice resounded in everyone's mind.

The speaker was Zhao Feng. His words seemed to contain an indefinable power.

’’Zhao Feng, how can you be so heartless?’’

’’First Elder is your Master! We can't leave him!’’

Yang Gan and the Vice Heads cried out.


First Elder's voice sounded in everyone's minds.

’’If it wasn't because of you guys dragging him down, Master could easily retreat.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye scanned over Yang Gan and company.

After saying this he turned around and left.

The hearts of Yang Gan and company shook, but it was unknown whether it was due to the God's Spiritual Eye's pressure or Zhao Feng's coldness.

Although everyone was unsatisfied, they still listened to Zhao Feng.

This was a youth who had created miracles and won first place in the Alliance Banquet, he gave others a feeling of trust and reliance.


Zhao Feng's display was too cold. There was no sign of him worrying.

’’He doesn't even care about his Master's life when his life is on the line.’’

One of the Vice Heads murmured.

Zhao Feng was too disdainful to explain.

Because of the opening of his God's Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng had entered a calm and rational state, throwing away human emotions.

Under this situation, Zhao Feng undertook the best possible actions.

Everything First Elder and Granny Liuyue did was for them to escape. Otherwise, with their strength, escaping wouldn't hard.

’’The further we run the faster Master and Granny Liuyue can retreat and reduce the amount of Yuan Qi spent.’’

Zhao Feng's mind was clear.

Before he left, he used the God's Spiritual Eye and shot two lights towards First Elder and Granny Liuyue.


Both First Elder and Granny Liuyue found a mental energy mark on them which maintained a mysterious relationship between them and Zhao Feng.

’’That brat's mind is still so clear even in such a dangerous situation.’’

First Elder and Granny Liuyue exchanged glances and saw praise and warmth in each other's eyes.

Zhao Feng seemed cold, but he had secretly left two mental energy marks on the two elders.

Therefore, the two sides could still help each other.

Zhao Feng didn't give up on the two elders, instead he had it planned out better than everyone else.


Zhao Feng led the group and headed towards complex landscapes.

As long as they escaped, First Elder and Granny Liuyue wouldn't be in so much danger anymore.

Hours later.

The group had left the Dragon Concealing Lake and entered a complex mountain full of forest.

Zhao Feng let out a breath. They were safe and through the God's Spiritual Eye, he could sense that both First Elder and Granny Liuyue were still alive.

But right at this moment.

Zhao Feng's forehead twitched as he felt uneasy.

At the same time, a disgusting feeling surged.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared and opened its mouth as it glanced around.

’’Junior, you have the 'Ghost Mark' on you, I can sense it from a thousand miles away.’’

A short elder holding a wooden cane stood on the tree in front. He appeared like a ghost out of nowhere.

’’Who are you?’’

The hearts of the Broken Moon Clan went cold. This short person had caught up to them without them even realising.

Only Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat felt something.

’’Ghost Mark?’’

Zhao Feng grinded his teeth. The disgusting sickly feeling was left by the mysterious skeleton.

Even now, he was unable to break this Ghost Mark. It was hard to imagine what level the mysterious skeleton was at.

’’This old man is the 4th Elder of the Ancient Shrine and is here to capture you under the order of the Grand Elder. Brat, are you going to sit still and let me capture you or are you going to make me move?’’

The short elder said slowly as if victory was already in grasp.

The forest was dead silent.

The breaths from everyone of the Broken Moon Clan turned bitter as the aura of death surrounded them.

Were they really going to sit there and wait to be captured?

Zhao Feng felt bitter as his mind analysed the situation but under normal situations, the dozen of them wouldn't be able to escape unless they had two to three Zhao Feng or Cang Yuyue ranked existences. Only then would they be able to fight against the someone of True Spirit Realm.

Or maybe under a chaotic situation would Zhao Feng have the chance to survive.

However, the problem was that the short elder's target was him.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat flipped the bronze coin even under such a dire situation. One could tell how much of a miser he was.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat put away the coin excitedly, as if the future was looking bright.

Zhao Feng almost hit it. The enemy was right in front of them and it was just playing around.

Hong Long ----

Right at this moment the sky went dim and the clouds moved.


It started raining and from the sky came the sound of thunder.

It was raining at this time?

The hearts of everyone from the Broken Moon Clan fell.

’’Thunder rain weather??’’

Zhao Feng murmured to himself as the bitterness in his heart disappeared and was replaced by joy, ’’The heaven's always leave a path.’’


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