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King Of Gods - Chapter 240


Chapter 240 - Effect of the Shedding Spiritual Pill

First Elder's suggestion moved Zhao Feng's heart.

The Shedding Spiritual Pill was a Tier 3 Spiritual Pill and it was considered to be one of the most precious ones out of all of the Tier 3 pills.

This pill could not only increase the chance of breaking through to the True Spirit Realm, it could also guarantee the breakthrough of one Sky.

At this moment, there were who knows how many people who were jealous and envious of Zhao Feng's Shedding Spiritual Pill.

Under the God's Spiritual Eye's senses, Zhao Feng could detect the pairs of red and green eyes.

Even participating disciples of the same Clan, such as Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Quan Chen and co., were all envious and moved by the Shedding Spiritual Pill.

’’Master, I just reached the 6th Sky not long ago. Would it be too rash to eat the Shedding Spiritual Pill now?’’

Zhao Feng was very calm and was not deceived by the Shedding Spiritual Pill's effects.

The consolidation of one's cultivation contributed to the ease of breaking through.

Zhao Feng's foundation at the Consolidated Realm was very good and therefore, his cultivation was very stable at the Ascended Realm.

But this time, he had only reached the 6th Sky a couple days ago.

Eating the Shedding Spiritual Pill right now might be a bit rushed.

Cang Yuyue was an example. Her seed of sword intent had just been condensed and her mind was injured, hence the flaws that gave Zhao Feng a chance.

’’Feng'er, I admire the fact that you haven't been deceived by the short term gains.’’

First Elder smiled and exchanged glances with the Broken Moon Clan Master.

The Broken Moon Clan Master and Granny Liuyue both nodded their head in praise.

The impression that Zhao Feng gave them in the Floating Crest Trial was 'wicked' and it was only now that they realised how deep this youth had hidden himself to win the Alliance Banquet.

’’Martial nephew Zhao Feng, you've considered all of the aspects haven't you? This Spiritual Pill can increase your chances of breaking to the True Spirit Realm from the peak 7th Sky and therefore, it contains a lot of energy inside. After you eat this pill, we'll put our forces into your body to slow down the rate of release of energy so that you have more time.’’ The Broken Moon Clan Master said.

Zhao Feng nodded his head - the Broken Moon Clan Master and his Master would have also considered what he thought.

Therefore, without any hesitation, he ate the Shedding Spiritual Pill.

This action caused the hearts of many people to hurt and the light of jealousy in their eyes faded by over half.

If Zhao Feng hadn't eaten the Shedding Spiritual Pill, they still had a chance.

But now, Zhao Feng had eaten it and there was nothing that they could do.

’’Sit down, we'll help you slow the release of the energy.’’ Granny Liuyue warned.

Zhao Feng sat crossed legged on the ground and he felt an eruptive power spread throughout his bones and blood. It contained a cool feeling which traveled into his mind.

The former was a power that could increase one's body strength and the latter was an invisible power that increased Zhao Feng's senses.

In that instant, he felt all his acupuncture points breath and the whisp of coolness touched everywhere.


Zhao Feng's consciousness seemed to leave his body and touch the Yuan Qi of the heavens and earth.

Yuan Qi contained the power of fire, wind... And Zhao Feng's Lightning.

The interaction of these elements happened in Yuan Qi.

’’These senses... Does it belong to the True Spirit Realm?’’

In every breath, Zhao Feng felt the Yuan Qi interact with his body and the elements of Lightning and Wind felt very close to him.

He understood that this was a short-term effect brought upon by the Shedding Spiritual Pill and it could close down the distance between him and Yuan Qi.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat the size of a palm appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder.

At the same time, three powerful sources of energy poured into Zhao Feng's body which dissolved the Shedding Spiritual Pill's medicinal properties and pushed them into every corner of his body.

These sources of energy were called the Qi of True Spirit which was the same as True Force but used by those at the True Spirit Realm.

Those at the True Spirit Realm had undergone an evolution and could absorb the Yuan Qi of the heavens and earth for themselves. They could form the Qi of True Spirit, which was much higher grade than True Force.

A wisp of Qi of True Spirit could instantly defeat ten True Forces of the same quantity. This was the difference between them.

Back when Zhao Feng returned to the Zhao family, a wisp of his True Force easily crippled Yu Tianhua's cultivation.

This was the difference in power.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng obviously wouldn't give up the chance to experience the Qi of True Spirit.

The little thieving cat sat lazily on Zhao Feng's shoulder and sizzles of Qi of True Spirit was pulled away from Zhao Feng's body and absorbed into its body.

This scene stunned First Elder, the Clan Master and Granny Liuyue.

The Qi of True Spirit was extremely strong and without lifeforms of the same level, any absorption of the Qi of True Spirit could result in self destruct.

This was similar to how a martial artist at the Consolidated Realm couldn't withstand the True Force of a cultivator at the Ascended Realm.

A wisp of True Force could easily destroy a normal martial artist's Inner Strength.

The Qi of True Force was the same. Apart from the high quality, it also had a bit of consciousness connected to the owner.

Zhao Feng also found that the compatibility of Qi of True Force and Yuan Qi was very high. Experts at the True Spirit Realm could use the Yuan Qi of heaven and earth to body strengthen themselves.

Time ticked away.

Zhao Feng sat still and focused on experiencing the increase in senses. Under the effect of the Shedding Spiritual Pill, he could enter an entirely new level for a short amount of time.

At this moment, his God's Spiritual Eye was controlling every detail of his body, including the interaction with Yuan Qi.

If he could comprehend this process, his chances of breaking through to the True Spirit Realm would be higher than the others.


First Elder and co. found something weird.

The bloodline power in Zhao Feng's body flashed azure and it didn't seem to fear the Qi of True Spirit at all. On the contrary, it absorbed some of it and turned it into Zhao Feng's potential.

The cat and human were both mysterious.

The people watching couldn't see the changes happening in Zhao Feng's body, but they could see that the little thieving cat could withstand the Qi of True Spirit, which was extremely surprising.

An hour later.

The heightened senses that Zhao Feng was experiencing was starting to fade. The God's Spiritual Eye had already memorised the details of that process.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng found that his current senses were much stronger than before - especially the interaction between him and Yuan Qi. It was several times stronger than before.

Zhao Feng seemed to be able to connect his True Force to the outside world and absorb Yuan Qi into his body, although the amount was very small.

’’Not bad, Feng'er's comprehension is comparable to those at the half step True Spirit Realm. The Shedding Spiritual Pill does indeed live up to its name.’’

First Elder was full of smiles.

At this moment, the properties of the Shedding Spiritual Pill in Zhao Feng's body had been divided into several groups and the rate of absorption was slowed down several times. Part of it was also absorbed by his bloodline, which turned it into potential.

But even then, Zhao Feng excreted several times in the next few hours.

His body had been changed and his flesh and bones contained more pure life.

Zhao Feng's skin was crystal white and it was even softer than a woman's.

After this Shedding Spiritual Pill, more than 90% of the impurities inside his body had been excreted.

’’Peak 6th Sky... the Shedding Spiritual Pill is indeed worthy of its name.’’

Zhao Feng opened his eye.

In just a couple hours time, he had almost reached the 7th Sky and the True Force in his body was adapting to his cultivation.There was still some remaining medicinal properties which were slowly changing his body.

’’Feng'er, within three days, you'll be able to reach the 7th Sky.’’

First Elder and co. took back their Qi of True Spirit and smiled at the success.

Zhao Feng's bloodline and body seemed to be different to others and it could absorb more medicinal properties than others of the same cultivation.

Therefore, First Elder and co. didn't use too much energy.

This was the advantage of having good talent.

’’Feng'er, you'll be going to the Dragon Concealing Lake to gain insights from the Origin Core Ruins. This is one of the most precious places in the Sky Cloud Forest area.’’ First Elder warned.

Apart from the Shedding Spiritual Pill, Zhao Feng also had the great fortune to enter the Origin Core Ruins.

If he was to comprehend something from there, the benefits might be even greater than the Shedding Spiritual Pill.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and started to consolidate his cultivation while waiting to enter the Ruins tomorrow.

He had gained some insights from the battles in the Alliance Banquet and after eating the Shedding Spiritual Pill and experiencing the Qi of True Spirit and Yuan Qi, it would take some time to dissolve all of this information.

It was good that he had copied some of the important sceneries and details into his mind.

The God's Spiritual Eye's power of copying wasn't limited to books, it could also mirror sceneries and intent.

Of course, this power couldn't copy everything. If the scene was full of insights, it would be hard to copy.

Time flew quickly by and the second day had arrived.

Zhao Feng's energy had reached its peak and his cultivation had exceeded Yang Gan's.

’’The limit of the 6th Sky.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a deep breath and the eyes of First Elder and co. also lit up.

Zhao Feng seemed to be able to absorb more energy than they imagined.

Only Hai Yun Master's eyes twinkled.

The high authority of the Broken Moon Clan took Zhao Feng to the Dragon Concealing Lake as the Origin Core Ruins was at the bottom of the Dragon Concealing Lake.

The Thirteen Clans needed three experts at the True Mystic Rank to create a pathway into the Origin Core Ruins.

The True Spirit Realm was split into three Heavens - the True Human Rank, True Mystic Rank and True Lord Rank.

The True Mystic Rank was the second Heaven and they had already comprehended their own root of Laws.

First Elder, who had the highest cultivation in the Broken Moon Clan, was only at the peak True Human Rank.

Dragon Concealing Lake.

The three experts at the True Mystic Rank floated midair like they didn't have any weight.

The three suddenly shouted at the same time and the Yuan Qi in a ten mile radius started to flow.

Qiu-- Qiu--- Qiu---

Three beams of white, purple and scarlet light interacted, creating a three coloured light that shot up into the sky and created a 'spatial abyss' several miles long at the bottom of the lake.

That dominant power seemed to shake the earth and made the hearts of others at the True Spirit Realm shake.

This was the first time that Zhao Feng had seen the power of those at the True Mystic Rank and the power seemed to exceed the limits of nature.


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