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King Of Gods - Chapter 238


Chapter 238 - First (2)

Those who were watching didn't find it hard to see that Zhao Feng was breaking Cang Yuyue's confidence.

Under the God's Spiritual Eyes' lockdown, Zhao Feng's every word contained mental energy that found its way into his opponent's mind.

At the same time, his own confidence and battle intent kept on rising. The simple few words contained absolute belief.

Zhao Feng's immeasurable strength became imprinted in Cang Yuyue's mind.

At the same time, the power of her seed of sword intent was restricted.

This was Zhao Feng's aim.

Any cultivator of the sword had strong belief in the Dao of the Sword. If one didn't have any, they couldn't condense the seed of sword intent.

In Cang Yuyue's heart, no one was able to stop her one sword.

It was this belief that increased the power of her sword but through Zhao Feng's use of God's Spiritual Eye and mental energy technique, Cang Yuyue's seed of sword intent lost its belief.

Weakening the opponent was the same as increasing his own chances of winning.

A battle between experts wasn't purely about battle power. It also contained experience, tricks, mindset, will and more.

’’Hmph, do you think that you know how powerful the seed of sword intent is?’’

Cang Yuyue hmped loudly and activated her sword aura to pressure Zhao Feng's mind and body.

She clearly knew Zhao Feng's meaning but she was still somewhat affected and used her belief and confidence to fight back against Zhao Feng.


The green blade was drawn out of its sheath and a sharpness seemed to appear in the air, which locked onto Zhao Feng.

’’Hehe, let's see if you can finish off the battle with your one sword.’’

Zhao Feng laughed confidently and his Yin Shadow Cloak flapped in the air, causing his figure to be fainter than before.

At this time, the sword aura charged at Zhao Feng. Cang Yuyue hadn't even slashed out with her sword yet and the invisible power from her seed of sword intent tried to stab into his soul.

If it was someone else, this aura alone would crumble their mind and leave them with the battle power.

But Zhao Feng stood coldly, unmoved.

’’Cloud Heaven Sword Slash!’’

A light of sword intent flashed in Cang Yuyue's eyes as the green blade slashed through the air, leaving behind a beautiful streak like a rainbow.

Tok! Tok!

The arrays in the air were pierced open.

The attack with the seed of sword intent was much stronger than the attacks that Cang Yuyue had used before. They had reached an entire new level.

Before when Cang Yuyue hadn't comprehended the seed of sword intent, no one was able to stop a single sword attack of hers and now she had the seed of sword intent.

Victory or defeat was decided here.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as his left eye locked onto Cang Yuyue and exploded his bloodline power at the instant before her attack.


A faint azure blood traveled around his body and a glass-like tatoo appeared. It seemed to be from the ancient era, old and noble, with some feelings of wickedness to it.

His blood and bones released an invisible aura which caused the nearby disciples to feel uneasy and make their blood to freeze.

This was especially so for those with bloodlines. Zhao Yufei, Lin Tong and co. all felt their bloodlines tremble.

At that instant, Zhao Feng's attributes increased dramatically and he seemed to be protected by a mysterious power.

’’What is this bloodline power...? It's very ancient and probably comes from the ancient times... ’’

’’The older the bloodline, the stronger the ancestor once was. But on the other hand, the purity of the bloodline is weaker and the chances of inheriting it is lower.’’

The mysterious figures from the Iron Dragon Country sighed.

Bloodline power was very rare in the Thirteen Clans and they sometimes only appeared once every thousand years.

But these people seemed to understand more about bloodline power.


Zhao Feng's azure hair blew in the wind and his eyebrows turned azure. At the same time, the azure coloured glass like tattoo gave off a light.

An invisible aura of power transformed into a mental energy sound attack from Zhao Feng's shout.

The black sand material was shattered bit by bit.

In the air, a ring of light shot at Cang Yuyue.

This wasn't just a simple mental energy technique anymore. It contained Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye and the mysterious power from his bloodline.

At that instant, a bright azure light spun quickly in Zhao Feng's eye and the azure abyss seemed to extend into the air.

Hong Long Long!!

Cang Yuyue only felt the heavens shake and if it wasn't for her sword power, that force would've made her instantly cough out blood.

A light of holy sword intent condensed in her eye and it clashed with the azure abyss in Zhao Feng's eye.

The speed of this exchange was ten times faster than even mental energy.

Cang Yuyue's sword intent aura instant faded by over half.

The seed of sword intent was condensed by her belief in the sword. When this power faded, her sword lost its sharpness.

’’Not good, Yuyue's seed of sword intent isn't stable.’’

’’That brat's bloodline power is more towards the mental energy side and it contains power similar to sword intent.’’

The expressions of the Elders of the Cloud Sword Clan changed.

What made it even more special was that Zhao Feng's actions only happened the instant before Cang Yuyue's attacks took place.

His sudden movements didn't defeat Cang Yuyue's sword intent but it stopped her moves halfway, causing her mind to tremble.


A sword light flashed through the air like a rainbow towards Zhao Feng.

Those at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm probably wouldn't be able to dodge it.

However, under the lockdown of Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye, he saw the approximate direction of the sword at the instant Cang Yuyue slashed out.

The swords route was seen at a hundred times slower rate in his eye. But Cang Yuyue's sword still contained a bit of seed of sword intent which lock its sight onto Zhao Feng.


The glass-like tattoo on Zhao Feng's body gave off a light and it seemed to heighten his defenses.

Even without the increase in defense, Zhao Feng could ignore most of the sword intent power with his mental energy.

Zhao Feng's most important step had been completed.

By decreasing Cang Yuyue's sword intent power, it meant that her offense would drop dramatically.

Lightning Wind Destruction!

Azure lightning flashed around Zhao Feng's body and formed a large whirlwind which crushed everything inside into nothingness.


The whirlwind of lightning clashed with the sword attack and it exploded, creating a huge black hole in the stage so deep that the bottom couldn't be seen.

Such astonishing destructive power shocked the spectators. It was hard to imagine that this came from someone at the Ascended Realm.


A faint azure figure flashed in the air. Zhao Feng had moved away at the instant that he took the hit head on. But even then, blood leaked from the corner of his mouth and a gash so deep that the bone could be seen appeared on his shoulder. From this, one could see how strong Cang Yuyue's offense was.

One had to know that Zhao Feng's Lightning Wind Palm had reached the peak of the 6th level and his bloodline power had been fully opened. Even Ao Yuetian, who had immense defense, would be defeated by him in one palm.

But still, Zhao Feng had succeeded in diffusing Cang Yuyue's sword and this was something that hadn't happened before.

As long as this step happened, victory almost belonged to Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Cang Yuyue was condensing her seed of sword intent again.

Zhao Feng's mysterious power left a deep impression in her. Being a cultivator of the sword, her forte was offense and her strongest sword had been blocked by the opponent.

Furthermore, the coldness of having everything seen through enveloped her mind.

The timing from Zhao Feng just then was too perfect. It was not too late nor too early but at the instant that she attacked.

Cang Yuyue even had the feeling that her attacking route had been seen by the opponent.

’’Cang Yuyue... The fact that you haven't won in one sword means that you've lost the chance of victory.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed in the air amidst arcs of lightning and lept towards Cang Yuyue.

The latter held her green sword and realised that she couldn't see Zhao Feng. Only with the seed of sword intent did she have the chance.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's bloodline had been fully activated and using the Yin Shadow Cloak, his Illusion Fish Lighning Arc Step had reached the maximum speed.

This wasn't just all about speed. The skill contained the word 'Illusion' and under the use of mental energy from the God's Spiritual Eye, it could trick the opponent.

However, when Cang Yuyue used her seed of sword intent, she was still able to lock onto Zhao Feng and attack him.

’’Hehehe, too late.’’

A light laugh resounded in her ears.

Lightning circled Zhao Feng and he looked like a God of Lightning that had descended. His speed suddenly increased as he charged forwards.

Cang Yuyue had only slashed halfway before a mental energy attack from Zhao Feng's Gods Spiritual Eye crumbled her seed of sword intent.

At the same time, a clap of thunder resounded in her ears which made her blood tremble.

Cang Yuyue's body became slightly numb as panic settled in her eyes for the first time.

Ever since her path of cultivation, she had crushed every other person under her feet with her sword and no one in the younger generation could fight back against her.

Her second sword wasn't able to slash out.

In the entire battle, Cang Yuyue was only able to draw one sword and when Zhao Feng had come close, the fight had ended.

If Cang Yuyue's offense power was considered a 10, her defense and movement didn't exceed 6.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng's offense, defense, movement and mental energy were all around 8.

Cang Yuyue only felt a large source of lightning extend from the bottom half of the body upwards.

The sword intent that she had just condensed was dissolved by this lightning and with a 'Pa', the lightning hit her shoulder.

Cang Yuyue's weak defense wasn't able to stop the rush of lightning, so she instantly spat out blood and fainted.


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