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King Of Gods - Chapter 237


Chapter 237 - First (1)

The expressions of the people from the Ancient Shrine immediately changed at the second Lin Tong was defeated.

The exchange between Zhao Feng and Lin Tong was not even ten breaths long and no one could see what had happened.

Lin Tong had alway defeated his opponents with 'one glance'.

Even when he faced Cang Yuyue, he had only used one glance and although he had lost, the battle could've changed with just one thought.

This time, Lin Tong had lost even more horribly than before, being defeated in his own forte.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had only used 'one glance' to defeat him.

’’How can there be such an eye power bloodline... Such strong source of mental energy... Secret technique to copy the opponent...’’

Lin Tong's consciousness wasn't clear, like he wasn't able to accept this result.

The shock that Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had given him was too big.

Just one glance had shattered his Heavenly Absent Eye mental illusion and in a few breaths time, he had 'copied' his technique.

Furthermore, his opponent was almost fully resilient to mental energy attacks and his bloodline was nothing in front of it.

’’Zhao Feng wins!’’

Hearing the judges announcement, Lin Tong seemed to wake up and he looked deeply at Zhao Feng. In the preliminaries, he had felt an eye bloodline from Zhao Feng which suppressed his bloodline and made it tremble.

Lin Tong had been stunned back then and this had ignited his battle intent.

Only now did Lin Tong understand that the feeling from his bloodline wasn't wrong.

The numerous glances from the crowd landed on Zhao Feng's face as he walked off the arena.

These eyesights contained mainly fear and wary, but some of them had flashes of coldness and killing intent.

’’I must not let him live.’’

The danger signal in Hai Yun Master's heart became even stronger. Ever since the Floating Crest Trial, Zhao Feng had matured step and step and started to pressure him.

And now, Zhao Feng had revealed his talent and bloodline power. Who knows what it'll be like if he let Zhao Feng grow?

At the same time, Hai Yun Master realised that he had been deceived by Zhao Feng.

The latter was extremely young and could have such a state of mind - knowing to hide himself for so long. This wasn't something that others his age had.

Thinking up to here, Hai Yun Master's heart became even colder.

’’That brat's eye bloodline is so powerful! It's the bane of our 'Ancient Shrine',’’

’’If we can't use him for ourselves, we should kill him.’’

The older generation of the Ancient Shrine discussed it.

Zhao Feng senses were extremely sensitive and he could feel the emotions in the mental energy nearby.

He laughed and scanned the audience.


The hearts of those representing disciples were like they had been stabbed when the God's Spiritual Eye scanned over them.

Those that had evil plans in their mind felt uneasy.

The Cloud Sword Clan.

’’I didn't think that he would defeat Lin Tong so easily.’’

Cang Yuyue sat cross-legged on the ground with a pale face and she intently watched the arena.

Behind her were three Elders at the True Spirit Realm who poured their energy into her body.

’’Yuyue comprehended the seed of sword intent at the brink of her consciousness collapsing. At that time, she was already extremely weak and Lin Tong's last counterattack had left her injured.’’ An Elder of the Cloud Sword Clan sighed.

’’Luckily, we've given her a precious Mind Cleansing Spiritual Pill which can somewhat heal almost all of her mental energy. The only problem is that she's got a crack in her thoughts, which will leave an obvious flaw if her seed of sword intent is quickly healed.’’

The Cloud Sword Clan Master was worried.

No one had been able to injured Cang Yuyue, but Lin Tong's mental power wasn't easy to deal with.

Using Lin Tong's words, Cang Yuyue had been caged inside an illusion for twenty hours. The pain that she would have been dealt was unimaginable.

’’The seed of sword intent is even more important than Spiritual Pill. That Zhao Feng's mental energy is even more terrifying than Lin Tong's. I think that we should give up on the battle between Yuyue and Zhao Feng.’’

’’No way, the Cloud Sword Clan is the number 1 Clan in the Alliance. How can we forsake this glory? Furthermore, Yuyue won't give up so easily.’’

’’Yuyue has comprehended the seed of sword intent. As long as she can block, Zhao Feng's first round of mental energy, she only needs one sword to decide the victory.’’

At this point in time, the Cloud Sword Clan was arguing amongst themselves.

From the current situation, it seemed that Cang Yuyue's probability of winning was bigger, with at least a 70% chance.

This was because the seed of sword intent had the ability to slash through the void and Lin Tong's mental energy had been reduced to nothing by it.

But the problem was that Cang Yuyue's mind had been injured and the seed of sword intent needed to be stabilised.

If it was just a normal opponent, it wouldn't matter.

But Zhao Feng's mental strength was immeasurable and even someone as strong as Lin Tong had been easily defeated by him.

Even though Cang Yuyue had comprehended the seed of sword intent, she had to admit that he was a troublesome opponent.

’’Clan Master, Teacher, Elders. I've made my decision. Being a cultivator of the sword, one should always go forward. Furthermore, it's my wish to get first place in the Alliance Banquet.’’

Cang Yuyue's face was decisive and filled with belief. Her aura of the sword caused the nearby swords to tremble slightly.

The finals arena.

The battles continued. After the eighth round, there was only one thing that was important.

3rd place 4th place, 5th place... these rankings had been almost confirmed.

The only thing that everyone wanted to know was who was going to rise to the top.

First in the Alliance Banquet.

This was a glorious position to any of the Thirteen Clans.

This was a moment that would be recorded into history.

Cang Yuyue and Zhao Feng. Who would come first?

This topic was frequently discussed amongst the Thirteen Clans.

'Cang Yuyue's probability of winning is greater since she's comprehended the seed of sword intent. No one under the True Spirit Realm can withstand a sword of hers.’’

’’But Cang Yuyue seems to be injured after battling Lin Tong. Or else why would there be three Elders healing her?’’

’’Zhao Feng's true strength isn't confirmed yet. I think this battle can go either ways... ’’

Although the battles were still continuing, most of the people only cared about first place.

Finally, in the tenth round of battles, the Alliance Banquet welcomed the most pinnacle battle.

’’Cang Yuyue vs Zhao Feng.’’

The older generation at the True Spirit Realm and representing disciples were all looking forward to this battle.

Zhao Feng expressionlessly walked onto the arena. Cang Yuyue was a bit slower and from the spectating stand, it seemed that she had recovered. The sizzle of sword intent in her eyes made others unable to look at her straight on.

Cang Yuyue had comprehended the seed of sword intent and a glance from her could shatter the confidence and battle intent from cultivators of the 6th and 7th Sky.

From this, one could see how powerful sword intent was.

Sword Intent contained the belief of the sword and this power was displayed through mental energy to slash through the void.

When Cang Yuyue stepped onto the arena, her sword intent aura had been condensed to the max.

There was a belief of slashing past everything and charging forwards.

The weird thing was that both Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue didn't attack immediately.

After fighting Lin Tong, Cang Yuyue understood that mental energy attacks were faster than physical attacks. Furthermore, her seed of sword intent would be used only when Zhao Feng's mental energy attack came out, then she would block it and then decide the battle with one sword.

’’Cang Yuyue, your mind's injury isn't fully healed now. Under the unstable mental energy, your seed of sword intent isn't stable and it could be critical.’’

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and smiled. He didn't immediately attack.

Zhao Feng's eyes locked on Cang Yuyue's.

Even though the latter had comprehended the seed of sword intent, her heart still shook when she saw Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye.

It was an eye that seemed to survey the earth. This eye gave her pressure that was even several times greater than Lin Tong's Heavenly Absent Eye.

Cang Yuyue's blood stiffened and this was because she didn't have a bloodline power.

’’So what? Even under this situation, I believe that I can beat you with one sword.’’

Cang Yuyue's sword aura became stronger and her green sword trembled slightly.

It was a belief that she could win with one sword.

After comprehending the seed of sword intent, Cang Yuyue's strength had risen to another level.

Across the Thirteen Clan disciples, no one could confidently block a sword of hers - including Zhao Feng.

’’You're wrong. No one has ever harmed me since the start of the Alliance Banquet. Even Lin Tong was easily defeated by me when you just barely won and was injured as a result.’’

Zhao Feng's battle intent surged. His God's Spiritual Eye flashed with an azure light and turned sharp, like he was the King surveying his positions.

’’So what?’’

Cang Yuyue found that Zhao Feng's belief and confidence was rising and clashing with her seed of sword intent.

’’You can't do what I can do. This means that you're critically flawed.’’ Zhao Feng said confidently.

Cang Yuyue paused, but then she laughed in disdain. However, Zhao Feng's next words caused her heart to shake.

’’All your strength can be seen with my eyes. And yet you know nothing of my true strength and methods.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye flashed with an azure light and every word, every sound and even every breath had a mysterious power to it.

Under the locking on of the God's Spiritual Eye, Cang Yuyue's body stiffened. She felt like all her secrets had been seen and this was the reason that she didn't instantly slash out.

’’Yuyue, don't be affected by his words. He's trying to break through the flaw in your heart.’’

’’Don't listen to him. Since you've drawn your sword, defeat him with your unparalleled belief.’’

The older generation of the Cloud Sword Clan was anxious.


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