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King Of Gods - Chapter 236


Chapter 236 - Who's the King (3)

’’Take off your eyepatch.’’

Lin Tong's cold voice surprised the other disciples and their eyes locked onto Zhao Feng.

The impression that Zhao Feng had given them was cold and cruel. It was hard to forget his azure eye and one eye. The latter made Zhao Feng seem more cruel and cool.

But from Lin Tong's words, could it be that Zhao Feng's other eye had other uses?

What was it?

’’As one of the top techniques in the Thirteen Clans, the Heavenly Absent Eye lives up to its name.’’

A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eye.

Even he was wary of Lin Tong, who had reached a higher mastery in mental energy. But this was also the time to sharpen the power of God's Spiritual Eye.

Zhao Feng planned in his heart.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Zhao Feng slowly took off his eyepatch.

A dim grey eye appeared.

The hearts of everyone went cold.

But at the next instant, an azure light enveloped Zhao Feng's dim left eye.

The azure eye slowly turned as beautiful as a crystal and the sharpness of it seemed to be able to pierce everything.

The hearts of anyone that looked straight into this eye shook. They had a feeling that their hearts had been seen through and their secrets all seen.

’’That is your mental energy technique? We are indeed the same.’’

A smile curled up on Lin Tong's lips as his bloodline power started trembling, but it was unknown whether it was from excitement or uneasiness.

At the same time, the spectator stands broke out into discussion.

’’What kind of mental energy technique is that? It has such sharpness.’’

’’It seems like the secret technique Heavenly Eagle Eye, but it's obviously based on bloodline power like Lin Tong's.’’

The people from the Ancient Shrine were all ruffled.

They had never seen Zhao Feng's mental energy technique before and its description wasn't in their records.

Heavenly Absent Eye.

Lin Tong's black robes flapped and the invisible power eroded the air.

A dark red light appeared in his dark abyss eyes and the light around him seemed to dim.


Zhao Feng's heart shook and he felt like he had entered another dimension.

The next instant, Zhao Feng was in a pitch black dimension.

A black metal cage could be seen forming around him.

The pitch black dimension was cold, weird and deadly.

In the air in front of Zhao Feng, Lin Tong looked down at him like he was the King.

’’Using mental energy to create a cage and make the opponent's mind enter the scenery... ’’

Zhao Feng took in a cold breath.

His body was still on the arena, but his consciousness had entered here. No matter how strong he was, without his consciousness, his body was just a corpse.

’’Time in mental energy is different from the outside world. Your consciousness is brought here by my Heavenly Absent Eye and it will face limitless torture. A day's time here is only a couple breaths in the outside world.’’

Lin Tong laughed brutally and he took out a thorned whip which he whipped towards Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng hmphed as a gash appeared on his body. Although this attack wouldn't affect his physical body, his consciousness would face limitless pain and be exhausted.

’’Normal people can only last two hours here, but that bitch Cang Yuyue managed to last almost twenty hours. I wonder how long you can last.’’

Lin Tong licked his lips and whipped towards Zhao Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The metal whip ripped off flesh and blood. It would be incredible if normal people could even last a few moments.

A person's will contributed to how long they could last.

Of course, Lin Tong's mental energy wasn't unlimited. If someone's will was infinitely strong, they could tire out Lin Tong.

But being someone who trained the path of mental energy, Lin Tong's mental energy was much stronger than others. His source of mental energy was several times larger than others of the same cultivation.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng was stuck in the black cage while being tortured by Lin Tong. The first was a metal whip then other weapons and the techniques were used and they were unimaginable.

’’It's hard to imagine how Cang Yuyue, a girl, could last twenty hours here. No wonder she could condense the seed of Sword Intent.’’

Zhao Feng thought about how terrifying Cang Yuyue was.

Under normal circumstances, even those at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm could only last two hours max and two hours inside this dimension was only the blink of an eye outside.

Therefore, Lin Tong's opponents were all instantly defeated in just 'one glance'.

Without experiencing it, no one would understand the pain.

’’Your mental energy is stronger than what I thought. It's effortless to withstand these ferocious attacks.’’

Lin Tong floated in the abyss.

’’Haha, continue.’’

A cold smile appeared on Zhao Feng's lips as his azure eye surveyed the cage.

’’Fine, I'll see how long you can last.’’

Lin Tong's offensive power increased dramatically.

Swords, sabers, sticks, fire and ice. Different weapons and elements enveloped Zhao Feng and the latter expressionlessly took all the attacks.

He understood that these attacks had no effect in one's physical body and all of this only harmed one's mental energy and consciousness.

However, how strong was Zhao Feng's source of powerful energy?

Inside the dimension of his left eye the azure light in the abyss spun and its colour darkened.

In the finals arena, Zhao Feng faced Lin Tong, and the red dot in Lin Tong's Heavenly Absent Eye kept on rotating.

Zhao Feng's left eye glittered with azure light and it remained sharp and bright.

One breath... two breaths... Three breaths...

The short amount of time that passed by seemed to be incredibly long.

Four or five breaths later, cold sweat had appeared on Lin Tong's forehead and his two hands were clenched tightly as his body lightly struggled.

The Ancient Shrine.

’’He hasn't finished off that brat in such a long time?’’

’’The situation isn't good for Lin Tong. The brat named Zhao is just too weird and his mental energy source is incredible. He doesn't seem to be injured, even after such a long time.’’

The high authority of the Ancient Shrine had solemn expressions.

Lin Tong usually only needed a breath to defeat his opponent, but the current situation right now was very weird.

Zhao Feng had a smile on his lips and he seemed to be extremely casual.

In the pitch black dimension.

’’How is this possible... ?’’

Lin Tong stared at Zhao Feng, who was in the black cage, in shock.

He had 'tortured' Zhao Feng for several hours, but the latter had taken all the attacks without even groaning.

Lin Tong felt that his mental illusion attacks had attacked a rock that had no life, part of his mental energy was even absorbed.

Zhao Feng had great resistance towards mental energy. Even the hooded headed had failed last time.

Lin Tong's technique was concentrated around illusions and not much power. His consciousness was slightly tired right now, whereas Zhao Feng's was still at its peak.

’’Ok, it ends here. I've understood your mental energy technique now.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye suddenly released a strong azure light that seemed to slash through the void.


The cage that was created by Lin Tong's Heavenly Absent Eye was instantly shattered.

The finals arena.


Lin Tong puffed out tiredly.

Zhao Feng, on the other hand, was still energetic and his left eye still sharp.

’’This... How is this possible...? Almost fully resilience to my mental energy technique.’’

Lin Tong was speechless and stunned. After he had successfully cultivated the Heavenly Absent Eye, his path had been successful. It was the first time that he had met someone who was almost fully resilient to his mental illusion technique.

’’Hehe, it's my turn now.’’

Zhao Feng laughed lightly as the azure light in the abyss of his left eye spun.


Lin Tong's heart shook and he was led away by a powerful force of mental energy.

The next instant, Lin Tong appeared in a world that was covered in clouds.

’’How is this possible!? This is my Heavenly Absent Eye... ’’ Lin Tong exclaimed.

At this moment, the dimension that he was in was the one created by Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye.

’’That's right, I've learnt your Heavenly Absent Eye and merged my Lightning Inheritance in it. The twenty hours that you tortured me before will be my learning fees.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

As soon as his words finished, a lightning bolt descended from the sky.

Lin Tong struggled as sizzles of electric chains held him in place and numbed him.

’’Break! Breaaaak!’’

Lin Tong used his mental energy techniques, wanting to break the illusion.

However, Zhao Feng's source of mental energy was extremely strong and under the control of the God's Spiritual Eye, the illusion was very stable.

’’How is it possible for you to have such mastery in mental illusions?’’

Lin Tong was struck by a bolt of lightning and he looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief.

Zhao Feng's mental energy was already incredible before he attended the Alliance Banquet and this was related to the Illusion Fish Picture that he had comprehended before.

The Illusion Fish Picture belonged to the path of Illusion Arrays and its origin was the same as mental energy illusions.

After comprehending the Illusion Fish Picture, Zhao Feng's mental energy illusions were like fish in the water. It was because of this that he was able to learn Lin Tong's Heavenly Absent Eye and merge whatever he wanted inside it.

’’This is my Azure Sky Illusion, which is created by the God's Spiritual Eye. Its power is stronger and harder to break. After merging my Lightning Inheritance into it, its offensive power has been dramatically increased. Let's see how long you can last.’’ Zhao Feng laughed coldly.

This was a battle between 'mental energy illusions'.

Zhao Feng had now trapped Lin Tong in the Azure Sky Illusion.

Hong~ LongLong---

Limitless bolts of lightning arched towards Lin Tong.

Two hours later.

Lin Tong's mental energy had collapsed and his consciousness was on the brink of fainting.


The finals arena.


Lin Tong half kneeled on the ground, soaked in cold sweat. His face was pale white and he had no energy left in him.


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