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King Of Gods - Chapter 233


Chapter 233 - Three Forces

Zhao Feng's crazy and ferocious fighting style left the spectators curious.

Does this guy really not care about his life?

The elite participating disciples all glanced at each other.

Under the direct clashes Zhao Feng became lightly injured. If it wasn't because of his movement and agility, he would have already been seriously injured and defeated.

Ao Yuetian was surprised but happy - this situation was good for him.

Zhao Feng's forte was offense and his moves as well as agility made it troublesome. Luckily, all Zhao Feng did was exchange moves head on and since his forte was offense, this couldn't continue for long.

’’I am at a higher cultivation level than you and in terms of talent, I have a bloodline. In another two hundred moves, you'll definitely expend all your energy... ’’ Ao Yuetian laughed coldly in his heart.

It wasn't that he didn't want to end this fast, it was just that the insane guy in front of him was acting ferociously and if he did so, he would have to pay a huge price.

Therefore, he defended and only occasionally counter-attacked, waiting for Zhao Feng to deplete his energy and then he would take him down.

This was the most stable and efficient option.

Ao Yuetian's eyes sparkled as he thought about this.

However, when he thought so, his momentum dropped.

Zhao Feng became more and more ferocious. His battle intent surged and his blood seemed to boil, pushing his state to its peak.

From within Zhao Feng's body came the hum of thunder. His momentum, battle intent as well as his aura all rose.

After one hundred or so moves, Zhao Feng's face was flushed red and a power within him was being slowly released.

Finally, Ao Yuetian felt that something was wrong.

In a normal situation, Zhao Feng's attacks should be getting weaker after a hundred moves, but it was getting stronger.

What was wrong?

Ao Yuetian felt the pressure increase. Zhao Feng's aura had reached a peak and it was like a volcano that was about to erupt.

’’The limit of the 5th Sky... just a little bit more... ’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and he squeezed out the potential from every corner of his body. Zhao Feng had eaten a lot of Spiritual pills and treasures after the Floating Crest Trial.

There was still a bit of power from the mysterious liquid that he had drank at the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground that hadn't been used yet.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's True Force and blood was at a boiling point. His bloodline power protected his organs and acupuncture points, forming a shield.

It was because of this, Zhao Feng was able to become so crazed without being heavily injured.

’’Brother Ao, that guy wants to break through right now!’’ Someone exclaimed from below and warned Ao Yuetian.


Ao Yuetian's face lost all colour as he was warned. He realised that Zhao Feng's expression was calm and cold, even though he was fighting ferociously. It was clear that the latter hadn't lost his mind.

This Zhao Feng... was using him as a sharpening stone?

After knowing the truth, a flame of rage engulfed Ao Yuetian's chest.

The spectators below all took in cold breaths. Most of them had only seen Zhao Feng's crazed side, but had they seen his calculations?

Moon God Palm!

Ao Yuetian exploded and he fully opened his bloodline power. His attack, defense and movement all increased dramatically. Zhao Feng felt Ao Yuetian's strength suddenly rise and his True Force was somewhat suppressed.

Bloodlines came from ancestors that had at least reached the Void God Realm, and they would suppress other powers.

’’Zhao Feng, I won't let it happen.’’

Ao Yuetian used 200% percent of his bloodline power, which even gave off a faint aura of an Emperor. The momentum that Zhao Feng had finally gained was finally suppressed.

’’Could it be that I'm going to fail?’’

Zhao Feng was unwilling.

He just needed a bit more to breakthrough.

But unfortunately, his opponent wasn't dumb and he definitely wouldn't allow him to breakthrough.

’’If that's the case... Then it all ends here.’’

The bloodline power that had been suppressed in Zhao Feng's body was ignited by the faint emperor aura from Ao Yuetian.

The power of the Ancient Gods was not to be looked down at.

’’Wind and Lightning Destruction!’’

Zhao Feng exclaimed and a layer of shining lightning appeared around him, forming a 'Lightning Chain'.

This Lightning Chain was like a volcano that was about to erupt.


Zhao Feng's azure hair blew wildly as the lightning started to dance.

At the same time, his eyebrows turned azure and a faint azure blood circulated around Zhao Feng's body.

The ancient aura intertwined with the destructive power of lightning and it formed into a powerful force.


Ao Yuetian's True Force and blood was unable to move.

The Zhao Feng in his sight had turned into a demonic god. The lightning from his palm could destroy the heavens.

’’Bloodline power!’’

’’He also has a bloodline power!’’

The spectators exclaimed and some of the older generation even stood up.


The Broken Moon Clan Master and several Elders all stood up and held their breaths.

’’Hmm? This bloodline power is so pure and ancient... ’’

From the Iron Dragon Country side came low murmurs.


From the arena came a huge sound and then wave after wave of lightning.

With Zhao Feng as the centre, the black sandstone around him had become dust and with the howl of winds, it was sent flying in every direction.

The silver light around Ao Yuetian had become extremely bright as he retreated.


On the spot, Zhao Feng stood at the centre of the large black hole and the azure blood disappeared. His eyebrows and other parts of his body all returned to normal.


Zhao Feng closed his eyes and he was weak as he felt the emptiness inside his body. But at the same time, an aura full of life exploded in his body. Wisp after wisp of faint azure True Force with occasional sparks of lightning circulated around his body.

’’He broke through!’’

Shouts of surprise came from the spectators.

Many of them took a cold breath, but it was unknown whether it was because of Zhao Feng's strength or because of his breakthrough.


Outside the arena, Ao Yuetian's rumpled figure fell on the ground and he left a scorch mark on the ground.

’’Zhao Feng wins!’’

The judge finally reacted and he looked at Zhao Feng like he was a monster.

At the moment this was announced, the spectators finally came back from their daze.

’’What the hell happened? How did Zhao Feng suddenly become so strong and was able to send Ao Yuetian flying with one palm?’’

’’Bloodline power. I didn't think that this crazy guy also had bloodline power.’’

Exclamations and discussion sounded everywhere.

’’No wonder he cultivates so fast with such normal talent. His terrifying battle power could also be explained with his bloodline power.’’

Yang Gan, Bei Moi and co. had complex expressions and no one knew whether they were sad or happy.

The Broken Moon Clan Master and several Elders were overjoyed.

’’The Heavens are finally on our side. Our Broken Moon Clan has produced a genius!’’

The Broken Moon Clan Master was extremely happy.

’’That Zhao Feng does know how to conceal himself.’’

Hai Yun Master's face was slightly twisted as he tried to control the killing intent in his heart.

’’As I thought.’’

First Elder let out a breath and smiled. Being Zhao Feng's Master, he had already realised that there was something going on with his disciple, but he wasn't certain.

With the discussion from the audience, Zhao Feng walked off the arena, then he sat down and started to circulate his True Force to consolidate his realm.

At the same time, he ate a Spiritual Pill that helped with healing.

On the other side, Ao Yuetian, who had been defeated, had unwillingness, fear, and shock in his eyes.

’’That guy... has been hiding so deep.’’

Ao Yuetian clenched his teeth. This battle wasn't just a matter of defeat, it was humiliation.

If Zhao Feng used his bloodline power earlier, he would have won. But the former didn't do so and instead, he used Ao Yuetian as a sharpener to ignite his potential and through the explosion of bloodline power, let him break through to the 6th Sky.

Ao Yuetian had become a sharpener, a chess piece.

How could he not be angry?

After reaching the 6th Sky, Zhao Feng's cultivation would be higher than average and he would only have a one Sky difference between him and the other Stars, allowing him to improve his greatest weakness.

In reality, there was the risk of Zhao Feng failing, but the pressure that Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong brought upon him was too great. He must increase his cultivation level to have the chance to get first place.

At this moment, a lot of people looked at this cold and calm youth. From the start of the Alliance Banquet to now, Zhao Feng had already taken down two Stars.

And now, he had revealed his bloodline power and increased his cultivation. His true strength was unmeasurable.

In this point in time, Zhao Feng had left a terrifying impression on everyone and he was regarded as someone who was comparable to Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong.

’’Who knows what will happen if that crazy guy meets Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong.’’

The finals continued.

An hour later, Zhao Feng's injuries had fully recovered and under the healing power of his ancient bloodline, his recovery was faster than others. All the bloodlines had this ability.

When Zhao Feng stood up again, his aura was stronger and his azure hair stood out amongst the people.

Now, the entire finals arena was split into three forces.

Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong and Zhao Feng.

These three areas were split in three directions and the pressure from them made the other representing disciples breathless.

If one could see the the power of fate, they would see three monsters in the air.

One was a three yard sword, another was an eye that was as black as the abyss and another was an azure eye that surveyed life.

The pressure radiating from them clashed with one another and their power was something that surpassed the geniuses of the Thirteen Clans.


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