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King Of Gods - Chapter 232


Chapter 232 - Clash of New Stars

The seven realms known to the world were: Consolidated Realm, Ascended Realm, True Spirit Realm, Origin Core Realm, Void God Realm, Mystic Light Realm and Heavenly divine Realm.

When one reached the Void God Realm or higher, their descendants had the ability to inherit a bloodline power.

Apparently, if someone reached the Heavenly divine Realm and was recognised by the heavens and earth, almost all of their descendants would receive a bloodline power. The only difference was how strong the bloodline would be and the time of awakening.

But the highest realm present in this continent was only the Origin Core Realm.

In the past ten thousand years, only the Scarlet Moon Patriarch had the chance to reach the Void God Realm.

’’It looks like people with bloodline powers have a very long history and the concentration of bloodline has become fainter and fainter due to the passing of time. The chances of awakening is also lower.’’ Zhao Feng analysed and he realised that the history of bloodlines wasn't simple.

It could be said that people with bloodline powers were esteemed sons or daughters of Heaven that were protected and granted fortune by their ancestors.

Of course.

Zhao Feng also had a bloodline power, but it didn't come from his ancestors. The way he had gained a bloodline was totally unheard of.

The finals arena.

The two prodigies that had bloodline powers fought an intense fight and exploded strength that had surpassed the limits of their current cultivation.

At this moment in time, Ao Yuetian's battle power was completely comparable to someone at the half-step True Spirit Realm and all his aspects, offense, defense and movement were considered to be perfect.

Zhao Yufei's advantage came from the compatibility rate between her True Force and flesh. This made her True Force purer than others and the force of it was 1.5 times more powerful than others.

Her bones would become transparent and sparkle when her True Force merged with them. This allowed her body to sway swiftly in the air like an elf and although she wasn't as quick as Ao Yuetian, she was far more agile.

But after forty to fifty moves, Zhao Yufei was eventually defeated.

’’The difference between Zhao Yufei and Ao Yuetian is the former's lack of cultivation and skill. Plus her bloodline power doesn't increase her combat power much.’’

Zhao Feng wasn't surprised at all - this was well within his expectations.

’’Thanks Yufei.’’ Ao Yuetian revealed a warm smile and retained a noble posture.

He had attained his goal - to beat Zhao Yufei fair and square, making her obedient towards him and maybe even rely on him in the future.

After all, most woman liked powerful men since there was a more safe feeling.

However, when Zhao Yufei lost, she was calm and she didn't seem to be affected.

Why is it like this?

Ao Yuetian was angry and he was in a bad mood.

Although Zhao Yufei had lost, she didn't even respect him, so how could there be admiration and reliance?

’’I beat her the same way Zhao Feng did, but Zhao Yufei admires the latter and not me... It looks like the first person has greater importance.’’

Ao Yuetian's twinkled as he seemed to understand this.

It was because Zhao Feng had known Zhao Yufei before him and this happened in their childhood.

At that time, the girl's perspective of life hadn't solidified yet and it was easy for them to have feelings of admiration and reliance.

But now, Zhao Yufei had grown up and her heart was solid. It wouldn't be easy to move her the same way as before.

’’It's not like there aren't any solutions. If I can beat Zhao Feng, I can replace his position in Zhao Yufei's heart.’’

Ao Yuetian's cold expression was replaced by a warm smile as he found the solution.

The solution was Zhao Feng.

Although the latter was one of the Four Stars, the same as him, Ao Yuetian had complete confidence. His bloodline power was stronger than before and his mastery of his Moon God War was better.

Ao Yuetian had watched the battle between Zhao Feng and Xu Zixuan.

The reason why Xu Zixuan lost was because he was overconfident at the beginning and he was perfectly countered by Zhao Feng's Luohou Bow.

In Ao Yuetian's heart, Zhao Feng was considered to be a Star, but there was still a great difference between him, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong.

The finals arena.

The second round of matches had ended.

Apart from the Four Stars, the remaining geniuses had their own respective wins and losses.

The spectators around the arena were very expectant of the battles between the Four Stars.

The third round.

Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong both went up and they instantly defeated their respective opponents.

It was then Zhao Feng's turn.

’’Zhao Feng vs Ao Yuetian.’’ A clear voice announced.


The spectators and disciples couldn't contain their excitement.

It was finally a clash between the Stars.

’’Great!’’ Ao Yuetian laughed in his heart.

Whatever he wanted, came. It looks like even the Heavens listened to his prayers.

Of the Four Stars, the one he wanted to battle the most was Zhao Feng.

Cang Yuyue's and Lin Tong's strengths were too terrifying and he didn't have any confidence in beating them. But Zhao Feng's strength was similar to his and as long as he won, he could replace Zhao Feng's position in his goddess' heart.

He must win this battle.

Ao Yuetian released limitless battle intent. This battle affected his overall score on the Alliance Banquet, it affected whether or not he could get the heart of the girl in his dreams, and it affected his destiny.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng stepped onto the arena expressionlessly.

’’This is a good chance... ’’

Zhao Feng calmly stared at Ao Yuetian with twinkling eyes.

What the heck was Zhao Feng planning?

Ao Yuetian had the feeling that he was being calculated against, but he was absolute confident in his bloodline power and Moon God War.

In terms of offense, defense and speed, he was considered to be perfect and had no weaknesses.

Furthermore, his cultivation had reached the 7th Sky and had a bloodline power while Zhao Feng wasn't even at the 6th Sky and had no bloodline. How was the latter supposed to fight him?

If he couldn't even win this battle, he could just find a block of tofu and kill himself by hitting his head on it.

’’Start.’’ The judge at the True Spirit Realm announced.

Ao Yuetian didn't immediately make a move and he started to circulate his bloodline power instead.

Moon God War Body.

A silver light formed around Ao Yuetian and his aura rose rapidly, enough to crush normal cultivators at the 5th Sky without resistance.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng's figure was surrounded with arcs of lightning as he charged at Ao Yuetian.

Was this guy crazy?

Ao Yuetian jumped in fright - it seemed like Zhao Feng was coming to rip him into shreds.

’’Moon God's Palm.’’

Ao Yuetian's right hand released a bright ray of silver moonlight which formed into the shape of a sword before clashing with Zhao Feng's Lightning Wind Palm.


Amidst the crackle of thunder, the two terrifying forces of energy exploded.

Ao Yuetian felt his wrist and body become slightly numb.


Zhao Feng was forced back several yards.

Under the head on clash, Ao Yuetian's perfect offense and defense showed its prowess.

’’Dance of Wind and Lightning!’’ Zhao Feng lightly exclaimed as arcs of lightning flashed at Ao Yuetian like a storm.

This time, Zhao Feng's Lightning Inheritance was fully used and the mastery of the Lightning Wind Palm was close to the peak 6th level.

’’Such strong lightning!’’

Ao Yuetian only felt the air become infested with a destructive aura. He circulated his bloodline power to condense the silver light around him and the arcs of lightning quickly disappeared when it came close to Ao Yuetian.

In terms of defense, Ao Yuetian was even stronger than Xu Zixuan.


In the second exchange, Zhao Feng's figure was pushed back a few steps, while Ao Yuetian only shook slightly.

’’Hahaha, with your strength, why don't you just admit defeat?’’ Ao Yuetian laughed loudly as his air of supremacy reached the heavens.

Up to now, he had only used 50-60% of his bloodline power and he could easily block Zhao Feng's chaotic attacks while gaining the slight upper hand at the same time.

Ao Yuetian analysed that Zhao Feng's forte was offense and that his mental energy techniques, Lightning Wind Palm and Luohou Bow were so and so.

Therefore, he only needed to continue the current situation and defend. Winning was just a matter of time.


Zhao Feng suddenly shouted and a flash of light charged into Ao Yuetian's mind. The latter's blood boiled and the Moon God War Body rippled.

’’It's useless. The Moon God War Body has great resistance against all types of attacks.’’

Ao Yuetian turned into the moonlight as he started to fight back.

Zhao Feng's sudden mental energy sound attack had little effect due to Ao Yuetian's Moon God War Body.

Illusion Fish Lightning Arc Step.

From the air came the humming of thunder and Zhao Feng became quick and mysterious. The Yin Shadow Cloak on his back occasionally flapped and it turned him into a dark blur.

Instantly, two insanely quick figures started an exchange of stunning blows.

The spectators around the arena had their jaws open.

Zhao Feng's and Ao Yuetian's movements had reached the pinnacle - even Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong had to sigh.

’’In terms of speed, Zhao Feng is on par with Brother Ao especially when he uses the mysterious cloak. And in terms of insights, Zhao Feng has the upper hand.’’ Zhao Yufei thought.

The Lightning Inheritance increased one's speed greatly and Ao Yuetian's Moon God Shadow and bloodline power let him merge into the moonlight.

But Zhao Feng had the Yin Shadow Cloak, which also required a small amount of bloodline power to activate it.

Overall, Zhao Feng had the advantage in speed, but Ao Yuetian had the advantage in defense.

At this point in time the battle between the two Stars was even.

The two figures fought up high and down low, constantly moving.

Luckily, they were in the finals arena which was several miles large, enough for the two to move around. A normal battleground would probably been turned into a ruins by now.

’’Has Zhao Feng gone crazy? He's getting more ferocious by the second.’’

Ao Yuetian was shocked in his heart.

Zhao Feng didn't have any tactic at all and he kept on clashing head on every time. One had to know under direct clashes, Zhao Feng wouldn't gain the upper hand at all, on the contrary, he was losing.

And Ao Yuetian's Moon God War Body's defense was very strong and unbeatable.

And although Zhao Feng had been slightly internally injured by this, he kept on clashing head on. Although he was injured, his offense and energy kept rising.

’’Does Zhao Feng not want his life?’’ The disciples around exclaimed.

’’Hehe, so that's why.’’ The black figure from the Iron Dragon Country laughed lightly.


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