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King Of Gods - Chapter 231


Chapter 231 - Bloodline Battle

From Yan Chuan's point of view, Zhao Feng had relied heavily on luck to defeat Xu Zixuan.

As long as he wasn't going easy or looking down on the opponent, he believed that even if he couldn't beat Zhao Feng, he still wouldn't lose that fast.

Therefore, Yan Chuan didn't think that Zhao Feng was so incredulous and was worthy of the title of a Star.

’’Brother Zhao be careful. That guy's body strengthening technique and defense has reached an astounding level... ’’ Yang Gan warned Zhao Feng.

Yang Gan had lost to Yan Chuan before.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and he walked onto the arena.


At the second that the judge's voice sounded, Yan Chuan was like a golden warrior as he charged at Zhao Feng.

The latter could feel the unbelievable strength that Yan Chuan's physical body contained. Even an elephant would be smashed to death by him.

In terms of body strengthening, there was probably no one who could defeat him amongst the younger generation in the Alliance Banquet.

Just as Yan Chuan was gaining momentum, the fire emblem became even brighter, turning him into a fireball.

Zhao Feng felt his breathing rate and blood flow become slightly affected and this came from the natural reaction due to the difference in body strength.

However, overall strength didn't depend just on one's physical body or else Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong would be shunned to the side by Yan Chuan.

’’Oh my god!’’

From below the arena came exclamations. Yan Chuan had gathered all his power and he was about to hit Zhao Feng. But the latter wasn't even moving.

Could it be that he's going to use his body to take this hit head on?

Without using True Force, even the Four Stars wouldn't be able to do this.

A smile of mockery appeared on Zhao Feng's lips as a wave of mental energy surged through the air.


Yan Chuan was like a fireball that smashed a hole in the ground in front of Zhao Feng. The black sandstone, which was comparable to Mortal weapons, was shattered and the pieces flew everywhere.

Inside the hole, Zhao Feng didn't move at all and his azure hair blew in the air. None of the dust nearby could come close to his body.

On the other hand, Yan Chuan had sunk into the black sand and streaks of fresh blood had appeared on his body. His enormous figure was still trembling and struggling but the more he did so, the deeper he sunk.

’’What... what's going on?’’

The spectators were stunned.

What was wrong with Yan Chuan? Zhao Feng was just standing there and he didn't move at all. Instead of hitting him, Yan Chuan 'tried to suicide' instead.

One had to know that this black sand stage was as strong as a Low grade Mortal weapon.

And Yan Chuan was using his head to hit it?

’’Mental energy technique.’’ A disciple from the Ancient Shrine said.

Mental energy technique.

These mysterious and powerful words appeared in everyone's mind.

At this moment, Lin Tong's eyes focused slightly as he looked at the battle in the arena.

Zhao Feng didn't even need to move at all and he had caused Yan Chuan to try and suicide.

When the latter had recovered, he was already bleeding heavily. Although his body was physically strong, he would still be injured if he used himself to hit himself, especially when it was with all his power.

’’You've lost.’’

Zhao Feng raised his foot and stepped on Yan Chuan's head, which had just popped out.


Yan Chuan spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

’’Zhao Feng wins!’’

The judge looked weirdly at Zhao Feng.

Only till the latter stepped off the arena did the spectators understand what had happened. When they did so, they all took in cold breaths.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng was even more mysterious and powerful in their eyes.

For close combat, he had his Lightning Wind Palm and for long-distance, he had his Luohou Bow as well as his mental energy techniques.

And each and every one of them were very strong.

After Zhao Feng went off the arena, Ao Yuetian stepped up.

Ao Yuetian's opponent was Qi Jiu, whose sword techniques was only lower than Cang Yuyue's.

Under normal circumstances, Ao Yuetian would have to try a bit to beat Qi Jiu.

’’Moon God War Body.’’

A silver light condensed around Ao Yuetian, which made the latter change completely.


In the next instant, Ao Yuetian had become moonlight as hit Qi Jiu in the blink of an eye.

Those that were able to enter the finals weren't weak. Qi Jiu slashed his sword as fast as lightning, which grinded everything in a few yards radius into powder.


Qi Jiu only felt a surge of unblockable power hit him and he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

The spectators broke out into discussion.

Qi Jiu's sword had hit Ao Yuetian's body, but it was blocked by the silver light around Ao Yuetian and the latter was unharmed.

One had to know because Qi Jiu cultivated the sword, his strike just then could threaten those at the 7th Sky, but it had been ignored by Ao Yuetian.

’’In terms of defense, Ao Yuetian was only stronger than Bei Moi and his offense and speed far surpasses the latter.’’ Zhao Feng analysed.

To be able to claim the title of Star, Ao Yuetian did indeed have the power.

Like this, the new Four Stars had fought their first battles. They had instantly defeated their opponents in just one move and they stood at a higher level than the others.

The battles continued one after another.

According to the rules, everyone needed to fight eleven battles. This also meant that everyone would fight everyone and the person with the most wins would be ranked first.

If someone won all eleven matches, they would be first.

Of course, it was also possible for someone to come first by winning just ten matches because some of the opponents might perfectly counter you.

The first round of matches soon came to an end and the Four Stars all won easily.

Half a day later, the second round of matches began.

The situation in the second round of matches changed and the Stars had the possibility to fight one another.

But this time, the Four Stars didn't meet each other.

However, Cang Yuyue and Xu Zixuan met.

Xu Zixuan pushed his Three Sword Formation to the max, but he was only able to block two moves and was defeated by the third.

But even then this was the record so far. Cang Yuyue had used three strikes against him, whereas only two was used against Bei Moi.

In the second match, Zhao Feng's opponent was Gu Lanyue.

’’I admit defeat.’’ Gu Lanyue smiled bitterly and surrendered.

How could she know that Zhao Feng had gone easy on her in the first battle and was 'kind' to her?

There was an exciting battle in the second round and it was between Ao Yuetian and Zhao Yufei.

Everyone thought that because Zhao Yufei and Ao Yuetian came from the same Clan, the former would surrender. But Zhao Yufei didn't.

Instead of getting angry, Ao Yuetian was happy. When you're defeated by me straight on, you'll understand the difference between us.

’’Moon God's War Body.’’

Ao Yuetian used his famous skill and he didn't go easy.

This was because:

  1. He had the chance to win her heart and Zhao Yufei would praise or even admire him, just like she was with Zhao Feng.
  2. The rewards for the top 3 attributed to one's destiny and Ao Yuetian wouldn't move out of the way for this.

’’Sorry about this Brother Ao.’’

Zhao Yufei smiled faintly as a faint green True Force appeared on her skin that was as perfect as crystal.

From afar, it seemed that Zhao Yufei's skin wasn't made out of blood and bone but a crystal carving, giving everyone an illusion of her being a goddess.


A green lotus condensed from the light appeared on Zhao Yufei hand, which blocked Ao Yuetian's attack.

In terms of strength, there was still some difference between the two, so Zhao Yufei was pushed back but she flipped in the air like a goddess before attacking.

The spectating stage of the Iron Dragon Country.

’’Such a unique bloodline. Although it's very faint, it can make True Force very pure, like it was part of one's own body. Unbelievable... ’’ The figure in black said deeply.

’’The increase in offense isn't much, but the bonding between blood and bones with True Force is incredible. This bloodline should be able to increase one's cultivation speed, but unfortunately it's too faint.’’ Another sighed.

The Iron Dragon Country was one of the most powerful countries in the Northern Continent. It had more land and resources and the factions that they had surpassed the Thirteen Clans.

’’Hehe, Yufei, no wonder you're Changeable Body's talent is so high. So you had a bloodline in you.’’

Ao Yuetian fought confidently.

In the short span of battle, the two were on par. But Ao Yuetian could see Zhao Yufei bloodline didn't affect battle strength much.

Moon God Shadow.

Ao Yuetian's figure instantly moved like the moonlight, freely and fast.

His offense and power both increased significantly. Of course, the major increase was still in speed.

’’He used his bloodline power.’’

Zhao Feng opened his left eye and he found that a transparent silver light had appeared in Ao Yuetian's blood.

He could trace Ao Yuetian's bloodline power, while Zhao Yufei's bloodline power was slightly more unique. Zhao Feng found that it was more beautiful and allowed one's body to merge with True Force.

’’Yufei's bloodline is extremely unique. Although it isn't strong, it seems to be going through the process of awakening like how mine had.’’ Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

At the same time, the battle between the two had reached an incredulous level.

This match depended on bloodline.

’’That is the legendary bloodline power, which is apparently even more precious than Peak tier Spiritual Bodies.’’

The spectators sighed and were envious.

Bloodlines were extremely rare, but one thing could be confirmed. Those that had bloodlines had far more advantages than those who didn't.

Of the Four Stars, both Lin Tong and Ao Yuetian had bloodline powers.

Now there was another, Zhao Yufei, who could resist against Ao Yuetian in a short period of time.

Of course, Zhao Feng also had a bloodline power, but because he had only used it stealthily once, only those from the Iron Dragon Country had seen something.

Zhao Feng had specifically looked through bloodline powers in the records in the Clan.

Bloodline powers were like Inheritances, but they were passed through 'genes'.

If size, appearance and even smartness could be passed down through generations, then these 'special powers' could also be passed down.

If someone had a bloodline power, it meant that one of their ancestors was extremely powerful.

But no one knew exactly how strong one needed to be for their children to gain this bloodline power.

According to the records that Zhao Feng had flipped through, one needed to at least reach the Void God Realm or higher for their children to gain their bloodline power. Even those at the Origin Core Realm couldn't do so.


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