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King Of Gods - Chapter 229


Chapter 229 - Bow and Sword

The bow had a blue ice lotus symbol in the middle of it.

Many people were stunned when Zhao Feng took out the Luohou Bow.

It was extremely rare to seen cultivators that used bow in this continent.


Xu Zixuan laughed coldly in his heart. His flying sword could attack long-range and defend as well and the Three Sword Formation was formidable as well.

Back then, Ao Yuetian was defeated by this Three Sword Formation and even now, the former hadn't found a solution against it.

However, at this moment Zhao Feng had taken out a bow. He was dreaming if he thought that the bow could defeat his Three Sword Formation.


The golden sword that was in the Three Sword Formation slashed through the air at Zhao Feng.

Xu Zixuan's advantage was that the swords were perfect for both long distance and close distance combat since they were incredibly agile.

’’Hehe, of all the weapons, bows have the longest range.’’

Zhao Feng laughed lightly and with a flap of his Yin Shadow Cloak and clap of thunder, he pulled away from Xu Zixuan.

In terms of movement speed, Xu Zixuan wasn't any slower than Zhao Feng since his cultivation was at the 7th Sky after all, meaning that he didn't have any obvious weakness.

But... If Xu Zixuan wanted to control the flying sword and attack at the same time, his speed would decrease heavily.

Although he had three swords that were made of unique materials that allowed him to control them as he wished at the same time, he had to focus a lot on them.

The distance between Zhao Feng and Xu Zixuan soon widened.

The area of the stage was big enough for Zhao Feng to make his move.

Xu Zixuan didn't know that this one point flipped the battle on its head.

’’Xu Zixuan's three flying swords are all close to High grade Mortal weapons and after being specially forged, they've become a family that can be easily controlled by the former. Once it forms the 'Three Sword Formation', the power increases significantly.’’

Zhao Feng realised that Xu Zixuan's advantage came from his three swords.

The power of the Three Sword Formation was too terrifying and even Ao Yuetian would lose if he faced them head on.

Zhao Feng wasn't able to block it, even with his Lightning Wind Palm unless it reached the 7th level.

Of the Four Stars, probably only Cang Yuyue was able to break through Xu Zixuan's Three Sword Formation straight on.

Beng~~ Sou-- Sou--

Zhao Feng pulled back the Luohou Bow and he sent whistling arrows almost at the speed of sound at Xu Zixuan.

A terrifying coldness amidst the crackling of lightning clashed with Xu Zixuan's flying swords.

One arrow, two arrows, three arrows.

Xu Zixuan's body would stiffen with every exchange and the erosion of lightning and ice made him speechless.

After the Lightning Inheritance merged into the Luohou Bow, its power reached another level.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng still had his 'Archery God's Left Eye technique', which caused his moves to be extremely mysterious.

The arrows that Zhao Feng shot would often turn in midair and even trick the eye, going into blind spots corners and flaws.

Qiu-- Qiu-- Qiu---

What was more terrifying was that after the arrows were shot, they would instantly return to the Luohou Bow since they were like mother and son.

Arcs of lightning and coldness washed wave after wave onto Xu Zixuan. The latter was starting to regret looking down on Zhao Feng at the beginning.

At this moment, the whole situation was controlled by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn't need to clash head on with Xu Zixuan and he was slowly grinding the latter. WIthout a doubt, the range of the Luohou Bow's attacks were further than Xu Zixuan's flying swords.

It was barely manageable for those at the Ascended Realm to control flying swords and it was only because the material of the flying swords were unique that Xu Zixuan was able to control them.

In terms of range, Zhao Feng's Luohou Bow could reach several miles and the arrows could reach the speed of sound.

On the other hand, Xu Zixuan's flying swords were restricted to twenty or so yards. If they exceeded this range, the formation's power would decrease. Fifty yards was his limit.

Therefore, Xi Zixuan could only defend. But the coldness and lightning of the Luohou Bow would decrease his speed by half.

Xu Zixuan had to expend his True Force every second to fight against the erosion of coldness and lightning.

Beng~~ Sou-- Sou--

The offense from the Luohou Bow became more and more fierce. Every Luohou Arrow could block a flying sword and return quickly to the bow to 'restore its energy'. The power and speed of each and every arrow would reach its peak.

Xu Zixuan's three flying swords surround his body and they blocked Zhao Feng's deadly archery skills with 'ding ding ding' sounds.

But this way, the energy that he expended was very great since he had to control the Three Sword Formation and fight against the erosion of lightning and coldness at the same time.

Under the sustained erosion of lightning and ice, his body would be injured and he could be left with 'hidden injuries'.

Xu Zixuan was crying bitterly in his heart, but there was no way to retreat from this situation.

The Three Sword Formation was one of his moves that required his full power. Once he gave up the Sword Formation, he wouldn't be able to block Zhao Feng's archery skills.

The spectators had their jaws dropped to the ground and had their eyes popping.

They had never seen such a troublesome and nasty archery skill.

By using the distance advantage of the Luohou Bow, Zhao Feng was using his grinding tactic to its fullest.

Xu Zixuan's three flying swords were forced to defend and even if he wanted to attack, he couldn't because the distance was too great.

Spectator stand, True Mystic Clan.


The True Mystic Clan Master sighed: ’’Zixuan was too overbearing and this resulted him in being forced into this situation.’’

’’The elements in that brat's archery skills are extremely troublesome, rendering his opponent immobile and once the distance is stretched out, the advantage of the flying swords is nulled.’’

The True Mystic Clan Master also sighed bitterly.

In terms of fighting head on, Xu Zixuan was the best apart from Cang Yuyue, but he had been blocked by Zhao Feng's shameless battle tactic.’’

’’The victory is not certain yet. After all, Zixuan's cultivation is at the 7th Sky and he has a pure as well as large supply of True Force. If he defends well, maybe that brat will be tired out first.’’ An Elder suggested.

Area 3.

The battle between Zhao Feng and Xu Zixuan reached a red hot stage.

Xu Zixuan was suppressed and he was forced to defend. But the advantage of his flying swords having the ability to go on offense and defense was shown here.

’’As long as I last a bit longer that brat will be tired out.’’ Xu Zixuan said in his heart.

However, the ice attribute came from the Luohou Bow itself and the lightning effect came from the Lightning Inheritance, so Zhao Feng's use of energy wasn't great. It came mainly from the Luohou Bow.

But on the other hand, Xu Zixuan required a lot of energy to form the Three Sword Formation.

’’If this continues, I have at least a 70% chance of winning, but... ’’

Zhao Feng's eyes became sharp as he stealthily merged part of his bloodline power into the Luohou Bow.

Beng~~~ Sou--- Sou---

The streak of light from the arrow had exceeded the speed of sound and they had reached a new level.

Ding Ding Peng--------

Sparks flew everywhere as the two clashed and lightning and ice flew in every direction, which caused Xu Zixuan's expression to change and he retreat quickly.

But before he could take a breath, the third Luohou arrow had broken the sound barrier and it sent out a wave of mental energy.


Xu Zixuan only heard an explosion sound and a destructive lightning bolt charge into his mind.

’’Not good, that attack contained 'mental energy'.

Xu Zixuan's heart shook as he recovered quickly with a pale face.

’’Too late.’’

The third Luohou arrow shot through a crack in the Three Sword Formation and it caused sparks to fly as it hit the sword net and then pierced Xu Zixuan's shoulder.


Xu Zixuan was pushed back several yards by the arrow and he dyed the arrow with blood.

At the same time, a strong surge of lightning and coldness eroded his body, causing him to stiffen.

’’You've lost.’’

Zhao Feng gripped the Luohou Bow and he landed on the ground as his three arrows returned.

At the moment, Xu Zixuan was deeply affected by the lightning and coldness. If Zhao Feng continued, the former would be unable to resist.

’’Zhao Feng wins!’’

The True Spirit Realm judge at Area 3 gave Zhao Feng a weird look.


The entire crowd was shaken as their eyes all landed on Zhao Feng with shock and curiosity.

In the Iron Dragon Country's spectator stand.

’’He first changed tactics, then he suppressed the opponent before winning by using the opponent's flaws... That kid isn't simple.’’ One of them exclaimed.

The others all nodded faintly as they felt surprised by the way that Zhao Feng had won.

’’The true deciding moment was the burst of bloodline power. And it wasn't just any normal bloodline power.’’ A cold, clear voice came from the mysterious person.

Everyone from the Iron Dragon Country was surprised, but they obviously had no doubts to his words.

The Broken Moon Clan's side.

’’He Won! Feng'er won!’’

First Elder couldn't contain the excitement in his heart. The Broken Moon Clan Master also laughed. Only Hai Yun Master had an unnatural smile.

Area 3.

Zhao Feng put the Luohou Bow away and he slowly walked off the stage.

At this moment, his every action caught the crowd's attention.

A new star of the Thirteen Clans was thus born.

Wherever his eyes went, the disciples in Area 3 would lower their head uneasily. This was especially so for Gu Lanyue, whose face went green and red as she was scared to look at Zhao Feng.

When Zhao Feng beat Xu Zixuan, the Ao Yuetian's expression changed

’’This... How is that possible... ?’’

Ao Yuetian had a colourful expression and his voice was unnatural, like he couldn't accept this reality. He was thinking back to how he was too disdainful to even glance at Zhao Feng back at the Three Clan Party.

One had to know that Zhao Feng had beaten Xu Zixuan, who was even ranked higher than himself.

By beating Xu Zixuan, it meant that Zhao Feng had become a new Star and he had at least the same power as Ao Yuetian.

’’Nothing for him is unusual.’’ Zhao Yufei smiled and said sweetly, like she wasn't at all surprised by this result.

DIscussion continued amongst the crowd. No one would think that the darkest horse was so heaven-defying and walked down a path of miracles to become on par with the Four Stars.

But there were also two people that were very calm: Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong.

Although Xu Zixuan might be strong, he couldn't fight even Cang Yuyue's one sword or Lin Tong's one glance.

’’Zhao Feng, I lost this time because of arrogance. When we fight later, I won't hold back anything.’’ Xu Zixuan suppressed the pain of his injuries and said unwillingly.

However, Zhao Feng didn't even look at him.

Zhao Feng then proceeded to claim first in Area 3 without any defeats.


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