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King Of Gods - Chapter 228


Chapter 228 - Three Sword Formation

’’Zhao Feng vs Xu Zixuan.’’

The spectators all instantly turned towards area 3.

One of the most eye-catching geniuses, Xu Zixuan, walked nobly onto the black sand stage.

When any one of the Four Stars entered the stage, it gathered attention. There was even screams and shouts of young girls.

Of the Four Stars, Cang Yuyue was a woman and lonely, Lin Tong was too cold and mysterious and Ao Yuetian was arrogant and disrespectful. Only Xu Zixuan was calm and easy to talk to.

He had great relationships with everyone and he was the ideal match for every girl.

Of course, the reason why so much attention was paid towards this battle wasn't just because of Xu Zixuan, it was also because of his opponent.

Zhao Feng.

A weird, powerful and cruel dark horse.

It could be said that he was the darkest horse out here.

He had almost disfigured Gu Lanyue before and this had caused many males to become angry.

Of course, because of Zhao Feng's strength, most were in fear or wary of him.

The battles between him and Gu Lanyue and Tan Lin had proved Zhao Feng's cruelty and powerfulness.

If it was just so, not everyone would be convinced of his abilities. But Zhao Feng had faced Lin Tong a second before and this had increased his mysteriousness.

He was a mysterious youth that even Lin Tong was curious towards.

Under the cheers of the crowd, a one-eyed azure haired youth walked onto the stage.

One of the Four Stars vs the Darkest Horse. This was a battle worth watching.

At the same time, this battle would also attribute to Zhao Feng's true worth.

At this moment in time, those that were familiar with Zhao Feng stared intently at the areana.

Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Lin Fan, Ran Xiaoyuan, Liu Yue'er... All the representing disciples of the Broken Moon Clan glanced over at area 3.

’’Feng'er, your goal and worth as well as the hopes of the Broken Moon Clan depend on this one battle.’’

First Elder took a deep breath and he almost held his breath.

This was the most talented disciple in his lifetime and he was standing on the verge of writing history.

Success and defeat was on the line.

’’Zhao Feng, you're cruel and you do whatever you want. If you don't experience any defeats, who knows how many innocent people will be harmed?’’

Righteousness appeared on Xu Zixuan's calm face.

The instant he said the, sounds of agreement came from area 3.

’’That's right. He is a cruel one-eyed bastard. You must teach him a lesson!’’

’’If he can be so cruel to a beauty like Gu Lanyue, he'll definitely harm others even more. He must be taught a lesson here.’’

The group of youths agreed.

Under normal situations, they would definitely keep quiet, but one of the Stars had come out. At the point in time, they could say whatever they wanted to.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had become a 'demon', while Xu Zixuan had become a rightneous 'hero'.

Seeing that Zhao Feng was being cursed at by the crowd, the expressions of the disciples of the Broken Moon Clan had turned slightly ugly.

Zhao Feng was speechless. Didn't he only injure a beauty?

This Xu Zixuan was indeed troublesome. Just from a few words, he had put himself on the path of righteousness.

Therefore, if Xu Zixuan did indeed teach Zhao Feng a harsh lesson, no one would feel disgusted. On the contrary, his actions would be praised.

’’Zhao Feng, if you're willing to apologise to Gu Lanyue and start anew, this battle will just be a normal fight and I'm willing to become your friend.’’ Xu Zixuan smiled faintly and said honestly.

Zhao Feng almost over stretched his eye. This Xu Zixuan was ridiculous. What, did he think he was righteousness reincarnate?

The crowd instantly fell silent.

Would this mysterious and powerful youth be persuaded by Xu Zixuan? Would all the vengeance between them be resolved and would Zhao Feng turn from wicked to righteous?

Not only was Xu Zixuan waiting for a reply, everyone was.

According to logic, a cold and cruel youth such as Zhao Feng would definitely disagree and attack straight away.

Xu Zixuan had even made preparations.

’’I'm willing to learn your teachings... But that's if you have the power to make me 'turn righteous from my path of wickedness'.’’ A playful smile appeared on Zhao Feng's lips.

Willing to learn your teachings?

The first half of the sentence caused the crowd to pause, but the second half instantly lit up the anger in everyone's hearts.

This guy was humiliating them.

In front of everyone, Zhao Feng had 'toyed' with Xu Zixuan.

Instantly, Xu Zixuan's expression drooped: ’’You have refused a toast only to drink a penalty.’’


A flashing golden flying sword flew out from Xu Zixuan's back and it pierced straight at Zhao Feng.

The speed and explosive power from that flying sword had reached an unbelievable level, like it was symbolising the anger in Xu Zixuan's heart.

Zhao Feng didn't dare to be distracted. Just Xu Zixuan's one sword made normal cultivators at the 7th Sky unable to block it. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was only at the 5th Sky.


The golden sword slashed Zhao Feng's figure into pieces and it left a deep gash on the ground.

At the same moment.


Amidst the sound of thunder, a figure appeared on the other side.

’’What's this movement skill that even dodged Xu Zixuan's attack?’’

The crowd broke out into discussion. Just the first move had already stirred the hearts of many.

From the beginning of the Alliance Banquet till now, no opponent had dodged Xu Zixuan's flying sword so easily because the sword's speed was terrifying.

Even someone at the 7th Sky would be hard-pressed to evade it. But Zhao Feng had done so easily.

Xu Zixuan's expression didn't change. Instead, a playful smile appeared on his face.


The golden flying sword seemed to have eyes. After missing the first time, it continued to pursue Zhao Feng.

The Yin Shadow Cloak flapped on Zhao Feng's back and with flashing arcs of lightning, his movement became even quicker.

The speed he reached this time had even surpassed the flying sword's.

Target: Xu Zixuan.

With sizzles of lightning and the sound of thunder, he had arrived in front of Xu Zixuan.

According to Zhao Feng's analysis, Xu Zixuan's weakness must be close combat if his forte was controlling flying swords.

Xu Zixuan's expression changed slightly - this was the first time in the Alliance Banquet that someone had arrived in front of him.


Amidst the combination of lightning and thunder, arcs of lightning appeared in front of Xu Zixuan.

The latter didn't panic and a green blade flew out from his back, which created a wall that clashed heavily with Zhao Feng's attack.

With a 'Bang', Zhao Feng's palm was blocked with the flying sword and his figure was pushed back.

The three swords on Xu Zixuan's back could be used for offense and defense, but luckily, Zhao Feng's lightning slightly numbed Xu Zixuan.

However, the golden sword still followed Zhao Feng. The green and gold swords pincer attacked Zhao Feng.

If it was anyone else apart from the Four Stars, they would be in a desperate and dangerous situation.


Zhao Feng traveled like lightning and instead of retreating, he proceeded forwards. On his palm, condensed arcs of lightning appeared.

At this moment, his Lightning Wind Palm was pushed to the 6th level, which was twice as powerful as the original 6th level.

Facing a prodigy that stood at the pinnacle of the Thirteen Countries, Zhao Feng couldn't keep on preserving his strength. So he used his 'Lightning Inheritance' to enhance his offense, movement and True Force.

Ding--- Peng!

Zhao Feng continuously used Lightning Wind Palm against Xu Zixuan and the latter's expression finally changed as he felt a numbing sensation flow through his body.

After being attacked by Zhao Feng so ferociously, he summoned the third blue sword from his back with a 'jiang' and created a rippling attack.

The green and blue swords were used for defense and therefore, the only one that could cause Zhao Feng trouble was the gold sword.

The two defensive swords blocked for Xu Zixuan and they formed an impenetrable defense. This was especially so for the blue sword, which contained the elements of water that was very suitable for defense.

Xu Zixuan took a deep breath with a solemn expression - the danger had finally passed. He had never thought that his opponent would have gained the upper hand before.

The spectators were all dazed and were in disbelief.

The explosive speed and offense that Zhao Feng had shown had reached an unbelievable level with all his skills containing the power of lightning.

’’When did Zhao Feng have such strong battle power?’’

’’Such pure lightning!’’

The higher-ups of the Broken Moon Clan were shocked and Hai Yun Master's expression was dim.

The battle prowess that Zhao Feng had displayed right now couldn't be described with battle consciousness or experience.

Such pure and profound lightning wasn't something that the Lightning Wind Palm could have.

Devastating power and terrifying speed.

It was because of this that Zhao Feng could gain the upper hand against one of the Four Stars, Xu Zixuan - even though it was just for a moment.

’’That Zhao Feng... How is this possible?’’

Ao Yuetian, Bei Moi, Quan Chen and co. were all stunned.

Gu Lanyue's expression was pale white and her heart trembled as she glanced at the figure that was covered in lightning.

Three Sword Formation!

Xu Zixuan's eyes flashed and the three flying swords formed a straight line in front of him. They slashed Zhao Feng's attacks into pieces.

No matter how destructive Zhao Feng's offense was, they were all disabled when it came close to the three swords.

Being one of the four Stars, Xu Zixuan's hidden cards would obviously not be so simple.

Zhao Feng had a solemn expression. He had used all his power, excluding his bloodline power, but he couldn't even touch his opponent.

Furthermore, after Xu Zixuan's Three Sword Formation had been formed, there was signs of it counter-attacking.

Once it started to fully go on the offensive, the power of the Three Sword Formation would slash cultivators of the 7th Sky into pieces and even someone as strong as Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to face it directly.


Zhao Feng turned into an arc of lightning as the Yin Shadow Cloak flapped, causing him jump into the air.

At the same time, a bow with three arrows appeared in his hand.


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