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King Of Gods - Chapter 227


Chapter 227 - Heavenly Absent Eyes

Xu Zixuan wasn't the only person who knew the reasoning of focus. Zhao Feng also knew about it.

This was why he had given up on body strengthening. Although body strengthening was strong, cultivating it was too hard and it would restrict progress.

The battles in the four areas of the Alliance Banquet continued without stop.

Zhao Feng's eyes wasn't just restricted to area 3. He was also looking at the battles in the other areas, especially when the Four Stars fought.

Zhao Feng didn't want to miss any of their fights and the Four Stars won almost all their battles in one move.

Of course, Zhao Feng wasn't the only black horse to appear.

There were three to four other black horses to appear after him. The black horses weren't famous, but their strength was outstanding and proved so by beating the old elites.

Zhao Feng recognised Bei Moi and Zhao Yufei as two of them.

Both Bei Moi and Zhao Yufei were prodigies that received Inheritances and apart from the Four Stars, they won their battles easily.

There was another black horse named Yan Chuan, whose forte was body strengthening. Yan Chuan's body had reached an incredible standard - he was able to block those at the 6th Sky with just his body.

The Head disciple of the Broken Moon Clan Yang Gan had stunned everyone with his performance, but he was defeated by Yan Chuan in a near one hundred move exchange.

Yan Chuan was at the 6th Sky and adding on his terrifying body strengthening, both his offense and defense were terrifying. This was especially so for his defense and that was the main reason for his victory.

’’Looks like the Head disciple of the Broken Moon Clan is only so-so.’’ Yan Chuan laughed.

After a hundred or so moves, Yang Gan was puffing whereas Yan Chuan's breathing rate was normal.

The difference between the two was instantly shown.

Yan Chuan was the biggest black horse after Zhao Feng and his fame was just below the Four Stars.

Zhao Feng's eyes glanced at Yan Chuan's body and no further attention was paid.

Right at this moment, in area one, a bright flash of light seemed to pierce through the clouds.

A simple clothed girl with skin as white as snow and holding a three yard long green sword stood there. It was like she was a goddess in a painting.

Cang Yuyue had defeated her opponent in one move once again.

Every move she made was done so in an instant and it would dampen the battles of other areas.

The only unfortunate thing was that Cang Yuyue's actions were too fast and no one was able to see her moves clearly.

But there was one exception and that was Zhao Feng.

With Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye, he was able to play the scene of that one sword slowed down by near one hundred times.

He was stunned by the power of that one sword.

It had probably reached the power of the peak 7th Sky and normal cultivators at the 7th Sky would probably be instantly killed by that one sword.

Zhao Feng even had the feeling that if he was to face that sword straight on, he would also be slain in one move.

Cang Yuyue's offense had surpassed every genius present and she stood at the pinnacle, undefeated and lonely.

Although her defense might not be as good as Yan Chuan's and Bei Moi's and her moves not as mysterious as Lin Tong's and Xu Zixuan's, as long as she had her one sword, every attack she faced would be pierced through.

One sword breaking through ten thousand techniques.

’’That is the Sword Dao... ’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take in a deep breath. Cang Yuyue made him remember Xin Wuheng, who had left mysteriously that day.

If one person had to be chosen in the Alliance Banquet who was able to fight against Cang Yuyue, it would be Lin Tong.

The latter had also been defeating his opponents in one move and his mental energy techniques were very mysterious and they had even surpassed the hooded figure from that day.

’’Yang Gan vs Lin Tong.’’ A voice said.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but look over.

Facing the number 2 of the Four Stars, a bitter smile appeared on Yang Gan's lips.

Of course, he hadn't given up and his heart as was solid as stone.

Back in the Broken Moon Clan, Yang Gan had gone through Zhao Feng's 'training' and he had some resistance against it.

Lin Tong stood still as a cold aura spread throughout the area and it seemed to freeze the air.

Yang Gan's heart shook as he felt himself fall into an abyss.

The cold aura extended throughout to his mind.

At this point in time, Yang Gan's face had gone pale white.

Afterall, he had gone through Zhao Feng's training and he had strong resistance against mental energy techniques.


Lin Tong was slightly surprised - this was the first time that he hadn't beaten his opponent instantly.

Just by this point alone Yang Gan had the right to be proud.

Yang Gan struggled furiously as his eyes suddenly flashed and he drew his blade. He slashed at Lin Tong.

The latter was expressionless as a red light appeared his eyes.

’’Heavenly Absent Eyes!’’ The spectators exclaimed.

Heavenly Absent Eyes.

The most precious technique of the Ancient Shrine that also needed bloodline power to be able to cultivate it.

The second that Lin Tong activated his Heavenly Absent Eyes, he seemed to become the emperor. The invisible mysterious power caused nearby disciples to shake.

At this moment, Lin Tong seemed to have the ability to stand up against Cang Yuyue.

’’Not good.’’

Yang Gan held his breath as he felt like his body had been frozen.

Lin Tong coldly scanned over him.


Yang Gan fell to the ground soaked in cold sweat and he was tired out.

All Lin Tong had done was scan Yang Gan and this had crumbled the latter.

The sounds of drawing cold breaths appeared.

Both Ao Yuetian and Xu Zixuan of the Four Stars had wary and solemn expressions.

’’The rumours aren't false at all. All Lin Tong needs to do is glance at his opponent once with his Heavenly Absent Eyes and he defeats them.’’

’’He's way too terrifying. Of the Four Stars, Lin Tong is without a doubt the most mysterious one.’’

The participating disciples were all stunned.

After Yang Gan lost, both Zhao Feng and Lin Fan went over to check up on him.

Since Zhao Feng also trained in the path of mental energy, he had the right to express his thoughts.

At this moment, Yang Gan was still in shock and he was extremely weak.

’’Brother Yang, your weariness and sleepiness comes from the use of mental energy. Where's the 'Returning Deity Spiritual Pill' I told you to prepare?’’ Zhao Feng reminded.

Yang Gan immediately ate the Returning Deity Spiritual Pill and colour started to show in his face again.

Luckily, Lin Tong didn't act too harshly and he didn't injure Yang Gan's mental energy.

’’Brother Zhao, when I was hit by that mental energy technique, I felt as if I was trapped in a prison in an abyss and no matter how I struggled I couldn't escape... ’’ Yang Gan gasped.

’’Oh, it looks like it was be a mental energy illusion technique.’’ Zhao Feng said after some thought.

’’Why did I feel that so much time had passed?’’ Yang Gan asked curiously.

’’The speed of mental energy is different to reality. It's like how you can go through your memories in just one thought, but in reality, only an instant had passed.’’ Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Mental energy illusion techniques were also Zhao Feng's forte, but Lin Tong's Heavenly Absent Eyes was much deeper and profound than his.

While Zhao Feng was talking to Yang Gan, Lin Tong, who was not far away, also looked over.

Zhao Feng seemed to sense something and he looked straight into Lin Tong's eyes.

Instantly waves of invisible mental energy seemed to clash, which seemed to freeze the air.

Lin Tong's eyes was were dark and mysterious, whereas Zhao Feng's one eye was deep but it seemed to contain a sharpness to it.

At this point in time.

Everything became dead silent.

Apart from Zhao Feng and Lin Tong, everyone else felt like they couldn't breathe.

’’Sparring is not allowed apart from the ones battling.’’

The aura of someone at the True Spirit Realm crushed over.

Zhao Feng turned around and he returned to area 3 expressionlessly.

’’That guy's pretty interesting. Why is my Heavenly Absent Eye trembling with excitement? And his eyepatch... ’’ Lin Tong murmured to himself.

The nearby disciples all let out a long breath. When Zhao Feng faced Lin Tong, they felt a pressure on their souls which was extremely nasty.

After this exchange, many became even warier of Zhao Feng.

The position of the top black horse was unmovable.

Across the entire Alliance, who dared to face Lin Tong?

And looking at the situation, the match between the two were even.

Area 3.

Zhao Feng's one eye and azure hair was extremely outstanding.

Apart from Xu Zixuan, everyone else became wary and some even feared Zhao Feng. Even Gu Lanyue felt uneasy. Her woman instincts told her that Zhao Feng was a very dangerous person.

Her eyes flashed and she couldn't help but worry that the action of making him her enemy was too rash.

And looking at this Alliance Banquet, the performances of the Broken Moon Clan disciples were not bad.

Zhao Feng and Bei Moi were two black horses and Yang Gan didn't tarnish the title of Head disciple. The other Core disciplines, such as Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan, all had great performances too.

On the spectating stands.

The Lin Moon Clan, Silver Moon Clan and Secluded Jade Palace, who were close to the Broken Moon Clan, were shocked by the Broken Moon Clan's display of strength in the younger generation.

This was especially so for the Silver Moon Clan and Secluded Jade Palace, who had done far better than the Broken Moon Clan in previous Alliance Banquet's.

But this time, the latter had easily overtaken the two Clans.

The higher-authority of the Lin Moon Clan were slightly better.

’’Although the Broken Moon Clan's younger generation is great this time, there's no one true leader and none of them will be able to become one of the Stars.’’ The First Elder of the Lin Moon Clan smiled.

On the Lin Moon Clan's side however, they still had one of the Four Stars, Ao Yuetian and Zhao Yufei, one of the black horses.

At the same time.

In a corner of a spectating stand.

The people from the Iron Dragon Country were all silent as they watched the Alliance Banquet with coldness, mockery and disdain.

’’Looks like the Thirteen Countries doesn't have many geniuses. Only the Four Stars are passable.’’ A cold voice sounded from a mysterious figure clothed in black whose face couldn't be seen.

On the Broken Moon Clan's side.

’’Isn't the Iron Dragon Country having a war with the Sky Rich Country? Why do they still have time to watch the Alliance Banquet?’’ First Elder asked expressionlessly.

Right at this time, a voice sounded in area 3: ’’Zhao Feng vs Xu Zixuan.’’


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