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King Of Gods - Chapter 225


Chapter 225 - I didn't do it on Purpose

The blue robed girl was a beauty, and she received attention in area three slightly below that of Xu Zixuan.

In all of the Alliance Banquet, the only ones who were comparable to her in terms of looks were Zhao Yufei and Cang Yuyue.

The instant she went on-stage, she caught the attention of the entire alliance.

’’Hehe, it's Gu Lanyue, the Head disciple of the Secluded Jade Palace, and she can reach the top ten or so.’’

’’That kid's luck with girls isn't bad, but he won't get the chance to savour them.’’

A few of the elite disciples looked gloatingly at Zhao Feng.

Gu Lanyue was the Head disciple of the Secluded Jade Palace and the Clan was unique amongst the Thirteen Clans. All of the disciples were beautiful girls.

’’Feng'er's opponent is her.’’

The Broken Moon Clan Master's expression changed.

Gu Lanyue was famous amongst the Thirteen Clans. It was rumoured that even Ao Yuetian had chased this girl, but it ended with failure. From this, one could see her standards.

The high authority of the Broken Moon Clan had solemn expressions. Although Zhao Feng was strong, they didn't have absolute confidence in him.

Because in terms of strength, Gu Lanyue was even stronger than Yang Gan.

Only First Elder was calm as he stared at area three and he thought in his heart: ’’Feng'er, your aim is to become a Star, if you can't even pass this stage then... ’’

Right at this time, the laughter of girls could be heard from some spectating stands.

’’Haha, Sister Gu will win easily.’’

’’I bet that Sister Gu will within a few moves.’’

’’I bet seven moves.’’

’’I bet three moves’’

These voices caused the higher-ups of the Broken Moon Clan to look over.

It looked like that the Secluded Jade Palace's spectating stands were right next to theirs.

The Broken Moon Clan Master and Elders had ugly expressions. The Secluded Jade Palace was too arrogant.

As if feeling the dissatisfaction from the Broken Moon Clan, a beauty clothed in blue from the Secluded Jade Palace's stand looked over and said: ’’Oh, so it's the fellow daoists from the Broken Moon Clan. You all don't need to worry, Lanyue will restrain herself.’’

After this was said, everyone in the spectating stand of the Secluded Jade Palace started to laugh.

The expressions of the Broken Moon Clan Master and Elders became even uglier.

’’Secluded Jade Palace Master, don't say your words too early.’’

The eyes of the Broken Moon Clan Master flashed as she retorted.

The Secluded Jade Palace Master didn't think so and a mocking expression appeared on the corner of her lips, like she was too disdainful to explain.

She was obviously very confident in Gu Lanyue's strength.

’’Feng'er has never lost before.’’

First Elder opened his mouth and he slowly spoke. His few and simple words were full of confidence and they caused the hearts of the higher-ups of both Clans to tremble.

Never lost before.

How much weight was contained within these words?

Those from the Broken Moon Clan couldn't help but remember how apart from Zhao Feng losing purposely to Ran Xiaoyuan, he actually hadn't lost before.

The expression of the Secluded Jade Palace Master changed slightly: ’’That youth is your disciple?’’

Right at this moment.

On the stage of area three, the two had started to exchange blows.

So fast!

The spectating elite disciples all held their breaths.

Zhao Feng and Gu Lanyue didn't say anything useless beforehand. They only looked at each other for one or two breaths before instantly making their move.

Although Gu Lanyue seemed to be weak and calm from the outside, she had an arrogance in her bones which made her not put the youth in front of her in her eyes.

Thinking about how she had rejected Ao Yuetian, how would she put such an unfamous youth in her eyes?

However, the instant they exchanged blows, her expression changed.

The youth in front of her was calm and cold. His actions were as quick as lightning and his speed as well as movement had no weaknesses. He would casually dissolve her attacks.


The second that she clashed with Zhao Feng, a numbing electric feeling coursed through her body.

In just three moves.

Not only did Gu Lanyue gain any advantage, she was slightly overwhelmed.

The numbing feeling restricted her speed and if it continued, it would harm her life.

This was Gu Lanyue whose cultivation and strength was even higher than Yang Gan's. If it was someone else, they would instantly be shocked. What stunned Gu Lanyue was her opponent's eyes. They were sharp and calm and they didn't change because of her looks.

This was a youth cold to the bone.

Three moves... five moves... Seven moves...

Every time Gu Lanyue exchanged moves with him, her body would turn numb and the slight trembling embarrassed her.

They had reached to the tenth move.

The Secluded Jade Palace Master had a solemn expression on her face and the laughter in the stand had stopped.

The situation right now was looking very bad for Gu Lanyue. Zhao Feng had immense offense power and speed and he held the initiative.

On the other hand, the higher-ups of the Broken Moon Clan had relieved looks.

’’When has that crazy brat ever lost?’’

’’Yeah, I can't believe that we were just worrying for him.’’

Thinking about Zhao Feng's actions in the Floating Crest Trial, many people found it funny.

At this moment.

Gu Lanyue suddenly retreated tens of yards with an icy expression: ’’Who are you?’’

Who am I!?

Zhao Feng paused - he seemed to remember that the judge had called out his name before.

And now this girl was asking for his name. This obviously meant that she hadn't even bothered before.

’’You'll eventually know who I am.’’ Zhao Feng snickered coldly.


Gu Lanyue became embarrassed and angered - when had she ever been looked down upon? And by someone who was the same age as her?

Blue Moon Illusion Dance!

Gu Lanyue opened her arms and circles of blue waves spread around her. At the same time, her aura suddenly rose.

The next instant, Gu Lanyue lept into the air and she waved her sleeves as she danced midair.

Every time she spun, her sleeves would send out a terrifying wave which could instantly destroy a tree the size of several people.

’’The Blue Moon Illusion Dance consists of nine moves, each more stronger than the last. Sister Gu has already trained up to the seventh move and she injured a cultivator at the 7th Sky with it.’’

The Secluded Jade Palace girls disciples started to discuss it.

’’The Blue Dance Illusion Dance. It looks like your luck is very bad for you to meet such a strong opponent, forcing you to use this move already.’’ The Secluded Jade Palace Master sighed.

Seeing that each move of the Illusion Dance was stronger than the last, the pressure that Zhao Feng felt was also greater.

If he let the opponent carry on, even he would find it troublesome.

’’It ends here!’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed as his azure hair blew wildly and a spark of lightning appeared in the air.

Gu Lanyue, who was midair, only felt a destructive aura and the lightning feeling was several times stronger than before.

Dance of Wind and Thunder!

The instant that Zhao Feng thrust his palm, out lightning and wind intertwined. Although both of them were doing a 'dance', there was nothing beautiful about them, only terrifying destruction.

Hong Long Long----

Amidst the clapping of thunder, Zhao Feng was like a demonic god.


Gu Lanyue immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as she was swept away by the devastating power and her face as well as her body had burnt marks on them.

The beautiful girl just a second ago had now become extremely ruffled and her face was almost destroyed.

’’F*k! Does that guy not know how to go easy on woman?’’

’’I'll definitely win it back for Goddess Gu.’’

’’Peh, even Gu Lanyue lost, so how would you win with your strength?’’

The crowd broke out into chaos.

Many elite disciples began to curse Zhao Feng.

’’You... you... ’’

Gu Lan's face was extremely pale, she could clearly feel the burn marks on her face and she would never forget the numbing feeling. Furthermore, the Lightning Wind Palm was a very destructive skill and the scars it left behind weren't easily removed.

’’Zhao Feng wins.’’ The judge at the True Spirit Realm furrowed his eyebrows and announced Zhao Feng's victory.

It was rare to see such youths who were able to damage such beauties.

’’So you're called Zhao Feng. Today's humiliation and the scar on my face... ’’ Gu Lanyue said through gritted teeth.

’’Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose.’’

Zhao Feng cut in her mid sentence and his azure hair blew in the wind, making him seem cold and mysterious. Then he walked off the stage victoriously.

I didn't do it on purpose.

Everyone choked and had colourful expressions. In front of everyone, he had almost disfigured one of the most charming girls in the Thirteen Clans and he 'didn't do it on purpose'.

This guy was way too casual.

’’That guy's crazy.’’

’’Can't you see he only has one eye? He's definitely a weirdo.’’

Everyone looked with Zhao Feng with wary expressions. That insane guy had even injured a beauty like Gu Lanyue, who knew what he would do if it was someone else?

’’Gu Lanyue, are you ok?’’ Xu Zixuan's clear voice sounded and being one of the Four Stars, his words held great importance.

’’I'm fine.’’

Gu Lanyue managed to smile. Xu Zixuan was known for his caringness in the Thirteen Clans and because he was also extremely handsome, he was the ideal match for many.

At the same time.

Everyone in the spectating stand of the Secluded Jade Palace was angered.

’’When did a righteous clan such as the Broken Moon Clan have such cruel disciples?’’ The Secluded Jade Palace Master shouted.

The higher-ups of the Broken Moon Clan looked at each other and they felt slightly pressured.

In terms of strength, the Secluded Jade Palace was ranked 6th, much stronger than the Broken Moon Clan, which was ranked very far behind.

’’She's only slightly injured.’’

First Elder had a calm expression. There wasn't much reaction from the Broken Moon Clan either, like Zhao Feng's actions were acceptable.

Thinking about how this person had harmed even disciples of the same Clan in the Floating Crest Trial, so it wasn't much of a surprise if he harmed disciples from other Clans.

’’Slightly injured? Don't you know that looks are very important for a girl?’’

The Secluded Jade Palace Master almost exploded from anger, her important disciple had almost been disfigured, how could she not hurt?

And what made her extremely angered was that the strongest Head disciple of her Clan had lost easily to an unknown disciple.

Area three.

Gu Lanyue immediately put on a precious medicine, but it was still unknown whether the scars would remain there or not.

’’Lanyue, I'll avenge you.’’ Xu Zixuan's voice was very calm, but it contained absolute confidence.


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