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King Of Gods - Chapter 223


Chapter 223 - Dragon Concealing Lake

Zhao Feng felt the changes in his body and he saw that his bloodline power had become thicker.

He returned back to the room. He took out a mirror and he saw that his left eye and hair had become slightly darker.

Zhao Feng took a light breath and circulated his azure blood. Instantly, a thin layer of azure light had enveloped his skin and it gave off a queer, but noble aura.

Zhao Feng felt that his blood and bones were being filled with an indescribable power and his energy was enhanced.

’’My strength has increased by 10-20% and I seem to be protected somewhat.’’

Zhao Feng inspected the changes in his bloodline power closely.

There were two main points.

One, his bloodline power had become thicker and the attributes that he had gained had increased. Two, when he circulated his bloodline power, a glass-like azure tattoo would envelop his body and it would protect him.

Zhao Feng felt that the God's Spiritual Eye's bloodline was one step further to awakening.

He soon put his eyepatch back on and he concealed his bloodline power, which made the glass-like azure tattoo disappear.

Zhao Feng didn't seem to be any different except that the colour of his hair had got slightly darker.

For the next day, Zhao Feng got familiar with his bloodline power and he consolidated his cultivation.

Right now, his cultivation had reached the limit of the 5th Sky and he was only behind Yang Gan amongst the Core disciples.

The next morning.

The ten Core disciples of the Broken Moon Clan sat on three separate flying beasts and they headed North.

This time, they were being led by the Broken Moon Clan Master, First Elder, Granny Liuyue, Hai Yun Master, Vice-Head Li and a few others of the older generation.

Zhao Feng sat on Vice Head Li's Two headed Silver Crowned Bird and he helped him tame it.

At this point in time, the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird was already extremely obedient.

Vice Head Li was full of admiration: ’’Usually, adult flying beasts like this are very hard to tame. Many have to be tamed from young.’’

Under normal circumstances, it would range from half a year to several years to tame this adult Two headed Silver Crowned Bird.

But with Zhao Feng's help, only half a month was needed.

Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er sat on the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird as well, they were two people who Zhao Feng was familiar with.

’’Senior, how long is it till we arrive?’’ Liu Yue'er asked obediently.

’’Around two - three days, including the breaks in between.’’ Vice-Head Li answered.

The Alliance Banquet was held in the territories of the thirteen countries and it was at the famous 'Dragon Concealing Lake'.

This lake was at the center of the thirteen countries' territories.

On the journey, Zhao Feng sat cross-legged and he circulated his True Force to sense the energy of heaven and earth. While circulating it, he could feel the power of lightning in the air above.

Ever since the Floating Crest Trial, all of Zhao Feng's skills used the Lightning Inheritance as their foundation.

The Lightning Inheritance contained every aspect including movement, speed, offense and defense. Zhao Feng currently had two paths of cultivation.

One was the Lightning Inheritance and the other was Mental Energy. Zhao Feng had almost given up on body strengthening after the Floating Crest Trial.

Originally, he could continue to cultivate the Nine Twist Golden Wall Technique since he had completed the Silver Wall Technique. But body strengthening was hard and progression was slow. It would also use a large amount of resources.

The Nine Twist Golden Wall Technique was a peak tier Mortal skill and if Zhao Feng needed it, he could easily get it with his status in the Clan.

One had to know tgat Zhao Feng even had Spiritual tier skills in his mind and normal Spiritual skills had strict requirements. But they weren't better than the Lightning Inheritance because Inheritances were complete with every spirit.

In terms of value, a low tier Spiritual skill was definitely not as good as the Lightning Inheritance, just like how a Spiritual weapon wasn't worth as much as an Inheritance item.

Zhao Feng had done body strengthening when he was in the Consolidate Realm and he had set a strong foundation, which was why his cultivation could increase rapidly.

But now, there was no point in body strengthening unless one wanted to go down the path of body strengthening.

’’No matter how strong one's body is, I can crumble their defense with one thought of mine and no matter how powerful one's defense is, my Lightning Wind Palm can shatter it.’’

Zhao Feng seemed to understand something. There was no such thing as the strongest Dao, there was only the most suitable Dao.

And Zhao Feng chose the mysterious mental energy techniques and Lightning, which strived for destruction.

While sitting and gaining comprehension, Zhao Feng suddenly felt a sizzle of killing intent. Although it was just a sizzle and well hidden, it didn't escape Zhao Feng's senses.

On top of the Giant Golden Ashen Eagle.

Hai Yun Master's eyes flashed coldly as they locked on Zhao Feng.

A few days ago when Zhao Feng came back and overtook Bei Moi, Hai Yun Master felt a danger and pressure that he never felt before.

Through a series of questioning, Hai Yun Master had understood Zhao Feng's path to maturity and felt uneasy. Zhao Feng's path to maturity turned the impossible to possible.

In just half a year's time, how many miracles had Zhao Feng created?

Dominating the Outer disciples, becoming number one.

Cultivating the Lightning Wind Palm.

Establishing his dominance in the Scarlet Moon Cave, becoming First Elder's disciple.

Breaking the ten thousand year record of the Floating Crest Trial.

Shocking everyone in the Three Clan Party.

And now, there were many disciples discussing whether Zhao Feng's true strength was stronger than the Head Disciple.

’’This is the last time... Alliance Banquet.’’

Hai Yun Master tried his best to calm the uneasiness in his heart.

If Zhao Feng could create a miracle in this Alliance Banquet, he would slay the latter no matter what the price was.

Three days later.

A sparkling blue lake came into view.

’’We're here.’’

From on top of the three flying beasts came sounds of expectation and excitement.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and he saw that the lake was around one thousand miles large.

In the middle of the lake, there was a small island the size of Sun Feather City.

At this point in time.

The nearby flying beasts all headed towards the small island in the middle.

’’This is the gathering place of the Thirteen Clans - the Dragon Concealing Lake.’’ Vice Head Li smiled.

There were many legends about the Dragon Concealing Lake.

Apparently, several thousands of years ago, a cultivator had cultivated here for almost a hundred years and he finally became a bright star that swept across the Azure Flower Continent.

That cultivator was known as 'Concealed Dragon', whose cultivation was said to be at the Origin Core Realm and he was extremely famous.

In this continent, anyone that had reached the Origin Core Realm was recorded as legends.

’’The legends of 'Concealed Dragon' is true.’’ Vice Head Li said confidently, which peaked Liu Yue'er's curiousity.

’’Really? How would you be certain?’’ Liu Yue'er asked curiously.

Vice Head Li laughed: ’’The top three rewards of the Alliance Banquet this time has something to do with the 'Concealed Dragon'.

’’What is the reward?’’ Zhao Feng and Lin Fan couldn't hold back from asking.

’’When the Concealed Dragon cultivated in the Concealing Dragon Lake, there was a ruin behind and apparently, that ruin contained the insights and comprehension from an expert at the Origin Core Realm. This is one of the most treasured places of the thirteen countries.’’ Vice Head Li said.

The 'Origin Core Ruins' in the Concealing Dragon Lake was guarded by the top three Clans: The Cloud Sword Clan, Ancient Shrine and True Mystic Clan.

Usually, only the top geniuses of the three Clan's were allowed to enter.

But the remaining ten Clans were obviously unwilling. Therefore, the Alliance Banquet every ten years was an event for sparring amongst them and a way to distribute the resources.

Soon, those from the Broken Moon Clan entered the island.

The small island was a place used specifically to host the Alliance Banquet.

In the centre of the small island, there was an array stage several miles large.

This was the first time that everyone had seen such a large array stage and it was created with pitch black sand stones.

The pitch black sand stone was extremely hard and only Mortal weapons could barely damage it. Furthermore, such a large amount of sand stones decreased the power.

Around the black sand stone stage was fifteen stands.

Each Clan had a respective stand and as for the remaining two stands, they were prepared for the Iron Dragon Country and Sky Rich Country.

'’’The two factions of those two countries used to send disciples here, but eventually they stopped coming.’’ Vice Head Li explained.


The group from the Broken Moon Clan were taken to a stand. The stand wasn't only used to spectate, there was also housing on it.

Several hours later.

The Lin Moon Clan and Silver Moon Clan had arrived respectively one another and they were placed to the Broken Moon Clan's left.

The three Clans used to be one Clan and they usually faced enemies together.

The combined strength of these three Clans weren't to be looked down upon.

’’Look, it's one of the Four Stars!’’

A few people from the stands glanced over.

Ao Yuetian was indeed one of the top geniuses. His arrival had caused a ripple.

His cultivation had reached the 7th Sky and he had damped the brightness of many geniuses.

In the next day.

All thirteen groups from the thirteen Clan's arrived.

Unexpectedly, the Iron Dragon Country also sent a group of people to spectate. The Iron Dragon Country was the most powerful country on the Northern Continent and their force was much stronger than the Thirteen Clans.

’’Hehe, this time's Alliance Banquet is far more popular than before.’’

The black sand stone stage lit up and a layer of thin gold light sliced the array stage into four parts.

At the same time, four experts at the True Spirit Realm went to manage the array at each of the four parts.

’’The array stage is split into four parts and the top three from each area will beranked. Finally, the four parts will become one and that's when the true battle starts... ’’

From the stands came excited and expectant discussions.

Soon, an expert at the True Spirit Realm from the Cloud Moon Clan finished all the announcements.

’’The reward for first place in the Alliance Banquet this time will not only be ten thousand low grade Primal Crystal stones, they will have the chance to enter the 'Origin Core Ruins', they will also receive a Shedding Spiritual pill.’’ A bright voice sounded.

Shedding Spiritual pill?

Information regarding it popped up in Zhao Feng's head.

At the same time, everyone broke out into chaos.

Vice Head Li was full of excitement and shock: ’’I can't believe that the Alliance Banquet is giving out a Shedding Spiritual pill this time!’’


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