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King Of Gods - Chapter 222


Chapter 222 - God's Spiritual Eye

’’It looks like Feng'er's met some good fortune when going out this time.’’

First Elder said with joy.

Yang Gan's heart skipped a beat - the pressure from this junior martial brother of his was too great.

He originally thought that the biggest competitor within the Clan would be Bei Moi but Zhao Feng had jumped straight over Bei Moi and was closing in onto his position of Head disciple.

’’Indeed, but it was also quite dangerous.’’

Zhao Feng was still slightly scared.

Fortune usually existed with danger - this was something both First Elder and Yang Gan knew.

There was limitless number of people who had died in the chase for fortune.

Only those that were able to survive the danger were true geniuses.

Thinking up to here First Elder placed greater importance towards Zhao Feng.

The latter's talent wasn't high but had received the best Inheritance within the Floating Crest Palace.

The ten thousand year record of the Floating Crest Palace had been broken by him.

And now.

Zhao Feng's cultivation had increased dramatically over just a short period of ten days.

Would a normal genius have such fortune?

What did this mean?

’’This kid's fortune is probably even greater than Bei Moi's.’’

When First Elder thought up to here, he couldn't help but be slightly excited.

From birth to now, he hadn't met a genius with such powerful fortune.

Even Bei Moi wasn't able to be compared with Zhao Feng.

Both of them had went out for experience but the increase in Bei Moi's cultivation was obviously not as much as Zhao Feng's.

Furthermore, those with great fortune also usually affected the people around them, hence the line ’’When one human received the Dao, even the chickens would ascend.’’

Yang Gan was worried and didn't know what to do facing his junior martial brother whose strength kept on increasing by leaps and bounds.

If this continued on his position of Head disciple might be lost.

First Elder also found his disciples worry and couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

Right at this moment Zhao Feng spoke: ’’Brother Yang, don't worry. I'm not interested in the position of Head disciple.’’

After this was said.

First Elder was surprised and Yang Gan didn't know what to say or do.

Zhao Feng's words were too straightforward and somewhat disrespectful.

But because they had the same Master, it was better to say it this way.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had already found the knot in Yang Gan's heart when training the latter with mental energy.

’’Hmph, brother Zhao, do you really have confidence in beating me?’’

Yang Gan said unhappily.

But when he said this, he wasn;t very confident.

Truthfully, he didn't have confidence winning this mysterious junior martial brother of his.

When they were training last time, Zhao Feng's mental energy technique had worked once and now Zhao Feng's cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds.

’’With my current strength, I have at least seventy percent chance of beating Ao Yuetian.’’

Zhao Feng's words took a twist.

He didn't say that he could beat Yang Gan, but used Ao Yuetian as the subject.

’’Beat Ao Yuetian?’’

Yang Gan took a cold breath. This was something he didn't even dare imagine.

Back at the Three Clan Party, Ao Yuetian's powerful strength had been imprinted in his heart and he convincingly lost.

When First Elder heard this, his eyes flashed. The joy from this disciple of his was far out of expectations.

But First Elder wouldn't fully believe Zhao Feng's words. Throughout his lifetime he had seen too many over confident geniuses that lost horribly in the end.

’’Hmph, don't be arrogant. Half a month ago, Ao Yuetian of the Lin Moon Clan broke through to the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm and their Core disciple Zhao Yufei reached the peak 6th Sky.’’

First Elder harrumphed coldly and said this to dash Zhao Feng's flames.

7th Sky of the Ascended Realm?

Yang Gan was shocked. It was hard to believe that someone of the younger generation had already reached the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Zhao Feng's expression was normal but he sighed in his heart. He had already calculated that there was a small chance of Ao Yuetian trying to break through to the 7th Sky before the Alliance Banquet and it had indeed happened.

’’Thank you brother Zhao for helping with my heart knot.’’

Yang Gan looked towards Zhao Feng with gratitude and complexity.

Zhao Feng had straightforwardly said what was wrong and had used power to untie Yang Gan's heart knot.

If Zhao Feng didn't say this, Yang Gan would be extremely pressured and might even be jealous, causing him to fall into the abyss.

Zhao Feng didn't want there to be any fights among them so he went straight to the point.

At this moment Yang Gan's state of heart became wider and there was nothing restraining him, giving him more of a chance to improve his cultivation.

First Elder took all of this into his eyes and nodded his head.

Zhao Feng's actions seemed arrogant and careless but had solved the problem with the simplest and most straightforward way.

After Yang Gan left, only Zhao Feng and First Elder were left behind.

’’Feng'er, what else is there?’’

First Elder asked.

Zhao Feng took out the beast skin from the Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves and handed it over to First Elder.

First Elder scanned the writings on the beast skin and his expression kept changing.

First Elder obviously knew the words written on the beast skin and seemed to see some kind of secret from it.

’’I can't believe you survived from entering the Forbidden lands of One Hundred Graves.’’

First Elder took a deep breath and expressed his shock and disbelief.

The Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves was one of the 7 Forbidden Places on the continent and in the past thousand years only the Scarlet Moon Patriarch was able to retreat from it unharmed.

First Elder was still uneasy and checked Zhao Feng's body.

’’If This Disciple was hit by the curse, would my cultivation increase?’’

And as expected First Elder didn't find anything from Zhao Feng's body.

Even if Zhao Feng was hit by the curse, those at the True Spirit Realm would probably be unable to break it.

Of course, the reason why Zhao Feng handed over the beast skin to First Elder was because he wanted to ask some questions.

’’Does the rankings between Clan's actually exist? How strong would a 1-Star Clan be?’’

Zhao Feng asked his questions.

’’This is just a legend. If factions were ranked according to the Stars, no one force or faction has even reached above 1-Stars in the history of the Azure Flower Continent.’’

First Elder smiled bitterly.

Hearing this Zhao Feng was stunned. Didn't this mean that the Broken Moon Clan wasn't even 1 Star's?

’’According to the Star rankings, the ten strongest factions in this continent could be barely considered one stars. Strictly speaking, only the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’’ from several hundred years ago could be considered a true 1 Star faction. As for the Broken Moon Clan, it's not even half a Star. Furthermore, the gap between half a star and 1 Star is tens to hundreds of times more. Of course, it can't be considered true.’’

When First Elder spoke, he shook his head.

Ranking forces by Stars was only a legend.

According to the ranks, the Broken Moon Clan wasn't even half a star and 1 Star forces were tens to hundreds of times stronger than half a Star forces.

If it continued on like this, 1.5 stars.... 2 stars..... Up to 5 Stars, how devastating would a 5 Star force be?

A few servants from a 2 Star force could already destroy the Broken Moon Clan, so don't even think about a 5 Star force.

’’There are too many legends. You can go to the library and read the records there.’’

First Elder sighed and seemed that he didn't want to say much more.

Zhao Feng returned back to the Central Hall division and stepped into the library.


Zhao Feng found the records regarding the Stars.

According to it, a half star Clan needed at least one person at the True Lord Realm and tens of others at the True Spirit Realm as well as a bunch of other requirements.

It seemed like not only was the Broken Moon Clan not a half star faction, it was far from it.

At a certain point in time.

Zhao Feng started to read about the beginning of time.

According to the records, there existed a ’’Desolate Continent’’.

The Desolate Era was enormous and was there from the start of time, giving birth to gods and demons that controlled tremendous power and almost immortal.

Amongst the passage of time, limitless races appeared on the Desolate Continent.

Until one day.

A battle happened in which even deities, demons, and ancient godking's participated in.

That battle shook the sun and moon and even ripped apart earth, finally dragging in Ancestral Gods into the battle, who used prohibited power, creating a destructive windstorm that shattered the Desolate Continent.

The world didn't end after the Desolate Continent shattered. Instead, this gigantic continent split into billions and trillions of pieces and the bloodline of the Ancient Gods merged into this specks.

The legend says.

The Azure Flower Continent was one of the billions and trillion pieces of the Desolate Continent.

Zhao Feng felt incredulous when he saw this legend.

If this was true, then the Desolate Continent would be too large, just one speck would be the size of a world.

He obviously didn't believe this, just like how he half-believed the Star rankings.

Zhao Feng closed the records and turned around and left.


Zhao Feng suddenly realised that the little thieving cat's eyes twinkled when he read these legends.

At the same instant he turned around, a memory sounded: ’’The Ancient is broken and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion dust......’’

This sound was very familiar and was what Zhao Feng first heard when he received the mysterious left eye.

Zhao Feng's body froze and he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

The Ancient is broken and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion dust.

These short, simple words seemed to verify what the records Zhao Feng had just seen.

Didn't this mean..... That these legends were true then? At least in the general direction.

If the legends were true, then the Star rankings of forces should be as well.

At this instant.

Zhao Feng's mind was blown but he soon calmed down.

Even since he had merged with the mysterious left eye he had become calm and resolute. No matter how dangerous or desperate the situation was, he was still able to regain his composure.

’’This means my left eye was an eye of an Ancient God?’’

Zhao Feng thought but was almost certain it was so.

An eye that came from an Ancient God who came from the era of the Desolate Continent.

Zhao Feng was very confident in his analysis, of course, this was presumed that the legends were true.

’’Therefore, I shall name my left eye God's Spiritual Eye.’’

Zhao Feng murmued.

Peng Peng Peng Peng....

The left eye suddenly thumped faster and a faint azure blood within the depths of the eye seem to burn, as if an Emperor awakening.

A even deeper aura merged into Zhao Feng's bloodline which turned Zhao Feng's hair color even darker.


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