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King Of Gods - Chapter 220


Chapter 220 - Curse of a Hundred Graves

Without any more hesitation, lightning flashed under Zhao Feng's feet as he sped off into the air. Being in midair, he seemed to sense a cold aura radiate from the tombs below which seemed to start spreading from his feet.

Suddenly, a bone chilling, dangerous feeling appeared, trying to find its way through to Zhao Feng's soul. That feeling was similar to the feeling that he had felt when he first stepped into the ground of bones, only ten times stronger.

Peng Peng Peng Peng...

Inside the depths of Zhao Feng's left eye, the azure abyss spun and it released a wisp of ancient aura. Only then did the dangerous feeling fade.

Zhao Feng's heart went cold. That danger felt even more intense than the mysterious skeleton in the Sky Cloud Forest. He suddenly seemed to realise that this area was probably prohibited.

Several short breaths seemed like a century.

Zhao Feng finally flew past the tombs and instinct told him that this danger came from the hundred or so tombs below.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat landed on the field at almost the same time as Zhao Feng. The ground was made of a mysterious silver crystal material which even Zhao Feng's left eye couldn't even see past.

It was hard to imagine even with Zhao Feng's current strength, he wouldn't be able to destroy anything. But Zhao Feng's left eye could sense that the energy here seemed to be frozen.

The little thieving cat leapt agilely onto the centre of the field, where the stone altar was. There were several profound array lines carved onto the stone altar and when he glanced at them, Zhao Feng felt like he was in limitless space.


Zhao Feng circulated his left eye and he copied the carving into his mind. Although he couldn't do anything with it, the profoundness that it contained was full of value. The little thieving cat jumped onto the stone altar and it seemed to be slightly excited.

Zhao Feng thought: There's no treasure anywhere, so why would the little thieving cat act like that?

The little thieving cat jumped around for a while before revealing a sad look. Zhao Feng didn't bother with it and he walked into the stone room next to the altar. He carefully scanned the area with his left eye, but he found no signs of danger.

Ever since passing the tombs, the dangerous feeling had disappeared, which made Zhao Feng almost certain that the silver crystal field was a safe zone.

Inside the room.

Everywhere was covered in dust, it looked like the room had been here a very long time.

Zhao Feng's left eye quickly scanned the items with value and it soon locked onto three items: A small bottle, a flask of alcohol and a piece of beast skin. In reality, everything that didn't rot was valuable.

Shua shua!

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat made their moves at almost the same, but their objectives were different. Zhao Feng first locked onto the three items on the desk and flashed towards them. The little thieving cat's target was a dead insect.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. He had also seen the dead insect, and its body hadn't rotted. But obviously, he wasn't interested in it. The little thieving cat swallowed the body of the insect whole, like it was scared that Zhao Feng would take it.

’’Aren't you scared that it's poisonous?’’ Zhao Feng smiled.

When his left eye had passed the insect's body, he had seen that the insect was covered in poison. All the little thieving cat did was hiccup.

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised - one had to know that the cat never hiccuped when it ate the primal crystal stones and other items. It looks like the insect the cat just ate wasn't simple.

Zhao Feng then turned his eyes back onto his spoils.

The little bottle was smooth and transparent, it was obviously not made of a simple material. Furthermore, it contained a transparent liquid inside.

As for the flask of alcohol, it was extremely heavy and it smelled very pleasant, but when Zhao Feng opened it, there was nothing inside. However, Zhao Feng's instinct told him that the flask wasn't simple.

The little thieving cat stared at the bottle and flask with anger and frustration. But obviously, the cat couldn't take two at once and it wasn't able to beat its owner.

On the piece of beast skin was two lines of words that seemed to be written in a very hurried manner. As for the last few words, they were all blurry and unclear. Zhao Feng couldn't help but come to conclusions.

The stone room was originally protected by someone, but an unforeseen situation had arisen, which caused the person to leave and the bottle as well as the flask were items left behind due to the hurriedness.

But... Zhao Feng didn't recognise the language on the beast skin. It wasn't the common language of this continent.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng's shoulder and it revealed a weird expression when its eyes scanned the two lines.

’’You understand them?’’

Zhao Feng half believed and he was half suspicious. He felt that the little thieving cat wasn't a lifeform that had just been born, but it was something that had been filled with knowledge.

The little thieving cat had a smug look on its face and it waved its paws at Zhao Feng. The latter took out a pen and paper from his interspatial bracelet.

The little thieving cat used two of its small paws and grasped the pen before 'translating' the words from the beast skin.

Zhao Feng then looked at the contents: The Three Saints Palace has become unmovable in the Area of Dust. In the past few days, it even lured several One-Star Factions to almost break the 'Curse of One hundred Graves'. Now, the energy of the Teleportation Array has been used up... This Subordinate will be leaving first...

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed after reading this.

Where was the Area of Dust? Was it the Thirteen Clans or the Northern Continent?

One Star Factions was another trail.

Zhao Feng had heard First Elder mention that forces were ranked from one to five stars with five stars being the strongest. However, five star factions were the strongest forces and they were only heard of in legends. But the forces of this continent didn't seem to be arranged by stars.

Zhao Feng didn't know how the forces were arranged, but First Elder seemed to know. At the end, it wrote 'Curse of One Hundred Graves' and it made Zhao Feng understand the placement of those one hundred tombs.

No wonder he felt a coldness try to evade him when he entered the ground of white bones.

But because of his left eye, the curse wasn't able to enter his body. Furthermore, according to what was written on the beast skin, the Curse of One hundred graves had almost been broken and its effect now was far weaker than before.

The little thieving cat could also ignore the Curse of One Hundred Graves - this meant that its body was unique and it was very knowledgeable for it to come straight through.

Although Zhao Feng couldn't understand what most of the words on the beast skin meant, he could tell from the word 'dust' that the world he currently knew of was just the tip of an iceberg. Seeing that he couldn't think through these problems, Zhao Feng decided not to think them through.

He then placed his attention on the flask of alcohol and bottle.

The flask was empty, so Zhao Feng threw it into his interspatial ring. Seeing his actions, the eyes of the thieving cat lit up as it also jumped into the interspatial bracelet.

Zhao Feng then focused on the bottle. There was a thin layer of transparent liquid inside the bottle and Zhao Feng could sense a pure energy from it with his left eye. It was much better than the Spiritual Pills that he ate in the Clan.

WIthout any hesitation, he drank the liquid, which only took up one-twentieth of the bottle. The transparent liquid went down his throat and into his body.

Instantly, a surge of pure and clean energy stirred up within his body.

The amount of transparent liquid was only the size of the thumb, but it contained a large amount of energy and it gave off a strong aura.

The first feeling that Zhao Feng felt was that he was full and that his energy was replenished.

Then, the power of the liquid started to work around his bones, blood and skin. Its effect was more than ten times better than the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

Luckily, the power was very calm or else it could have seriously injured Zhao Feng's body. The latter felt his entire body getting repeatedly washed and some of his hidden injuries were healed.

At the same time, he had a feeling that his bones had changed. He immediately sat cross legged and used this power to cultivate.

The energy from the liquid was very easy to absorb.

An hour later.

A layer of black, sticky liquid was excreted from Zhao Feng's body.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng had fully absorbed the liquid, which only amounted to the size of a thumb, and he felt power course through him. It was like he had just eaten a full meal and his energy was replenished.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng had reached the peak of the 5th Sky.

’’Just the remaining bit of liquid made me reach the peak of the 5th Sky.’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and he suppressed the overflowing joy in his heart. His rating of this area rose once again.

According to his analysis, this liquid seemed to just be the 'food' for this person and the cleansing of the body was just an extra effect

That's right, just an extra effect.

Zhao Feng first felt 'full' when he drank the liquid, then he felt his body change.

He lifted his hand and he circulated his true force. He felt felt his power was two times stronger than before.

Just his body alone was stronger than normal cultivators at the 4th Sky.

The effect of this mysterious liquid was terrifying, but sadly, there was just a bit, and it was the remains of what someone else drank.

Zhao Feng decided to consolidate his realm and he found that cultivation was now faster before.

If he kept this up, it would only be a few days before he would naturally reach the limit of the 5th Sky.

Zhao Feng sighed - he had only drank a tiny bit of the mysterious liquid, but its effect was shocking and he should be satisfied with it.

He then placed his attention back into the interspatial bracelet and he was shocked by what he saw.

Inside the interspatial bracelet, the little thieving cat had become drunk but its aura had become stronger than before.

’’Where did the alcohol come from?’’ Zhao Feng was stunned.

He knew that there was no alcohol within his interspatial bracelet. Zhao Feng locked his eyes onto the flask.

The flask was extremely heavy and it still had a few remaining drops of alcohol inside.

Where did the alcohol come from?

Zhao Feng was certain that the flask was empty before.

He humphed coldly and he pulled the little thieving cat out.

An hour later.

The little thieving cat gave the truth and it poured some water into the flask.

Not long after, the water inside the flask started to give off an aromatic smell.


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