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King Of Gods - Chapter 219


Chapter 219 - Miser

Every one of these three skeletons had strength comparable to the disciples to that could attend the Three Clan Party.

Facing the attacks of all three of them, even Zhao Feng was pushed back a few steps.

Shua Shua Shua---

Three bone sword slashed out towards Zhao Feng which instantly destroyed the latter's figure.


Lightning flashed in the air and a figure appeared several yards away.

This was a skill that Zhao Feng had created. The ’’Illusion Lightning Arc Step’’ used the Illusion Fish Picture as the foundation while merging the Lightning Inheritance into it.

Zhao Feng hadn't dared use this skill in the Three CLan Party because he hadn't practised it enough but several months later, his Illusion FIsh Lightning Arc Step had been perfected.

Three skeletons comparable to the 6th Sky couldn't even touch Zhao Feng's clothes.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Arcs of lightning condensed on Zhao Feng's palm and caused the sound of thunder to appear.

Boom- Crack!

The three human like skeletons were instantly pushed back.

The skeleton at the front instantly turned into black dust while the other two were dismembered.

So strong!

Zhao Feng looked at his palm with joy.

The 6th level of the Lightning Wind Palm was indeed terrifying - it could almost instantly kill three skeletons comparable to the 6th Sky!

In this mysterious zone, Zhao Feng had no need to conceal his Lightning Inheritance.

The other two skeletons had all been disfigured and Zhao Feng waved his hand, throwing to arcs of lightning towards them.

Crack Crack!

The two human like skeletons broke into pieces.

Zhao Feng let out a breath. Although the three skeletons seemed strong, it seemed to be perfectly countered by his Lightning Wind Palm.

To kill three beings comparable to the 6th Sky was a bit exaggerated.

Looking it from another perspective, could Zhao Feng kill three Yang Gan's in one palm? Obviously, under normal situations, it was very unlikely.

After slaying the three skeletons, Zhao Feng proceeded forwards.

There was still a hundred yards till the tombs and because Zhao Feng was on guard, he placed close attention to the layers of white bone below.

Clack clack.

The white bones on the ground started to move again and humans skeletons started to rise.


Before they could fully appear, Zhao Feng used his Lightning Wind Palm and slew them one after another.

His movement skill was the ’’Illusion Fish Lightning Arc Step’’ which caused arcs of lightning to flash in the air whenever he moved.

Even if three or four human skeletons appeared at once, Zhao Feng killed them before they rose.

It seemed like he was playing hit the mole, whenever one popped out he would hit it.

Zhao Feng made it seem easy but if it was another cultivator at the 5th Sky, they would find it troublesome.

Afterall, Zhao Feng's speed was extremely fast and the power of the Lightning Wind Palm was devastating. One palm could instantly kill a skeleton.

Bit by bit, he was slowly progressing towards the tomb.

One hundred yards.... Ninety yards.... Eighty yards....

Zhao Feng's figure inched closer and closer as he closely surveyed the nearby surroundings.

The strength of the skeletons now rising were mainly at the 5th or 6th Sky but at times, tens of them would appear at the same time but luckily Zhao Feng's Illusion Fish Lightning Arc Step was extremely fast and the skeletons weren't able to even touch his clothes.

After entering the 50 yards radius, Zhao Feng met a human skeleton that was comparable to the 7th Sky.

This human skeleton was two to three yards tall and held a thick spear made of bone. When it waved the spear, a radius of tens of yards was enveloped in black winds.

Zhao Feng felt troubled at this point in time. If he was hit straight on, he would be seriously injured if not dead.

Furthermore, the defense of the human skeleton at the 7th Sky rose another level.

Qiu Qiu!

Zhao Feng pushed his Illusion Fish Lightning Arc Step to the maximum and first slew the weaker skeletons nearby before using his Lightning Wind Palm to battle the last skeleton.

Lightning Wind Raging Dragon!

Zhao Feng caused lightning and wind mix and sent a roaring dragon of lightning towards the skeleton that was at the 7th Sky.

The bones of the skeleton turned black and cracked at several places before falling down.

Zhao Feng puffed a little before continuing.

A skeleton at the 7th Sky and many weaker skeletons would rise every several yards and Zhao Feng's footsteps forward were stopped.

Zhao Feng glanced at the tombs and didn't dare carelessly fly over. Only by going on ground bit was bit was it safe.

Seeing the sky darken, Zhao Feng was slightly agitated but thinking about it, his aim was to earn battle experience anyways.

The mysterious area in front of him might contain great fortune - especially within the tombs, there might be treasures inside.

But Zhao Feng understood, no matter how rushed he felt, there was nothing he could do.

’’Let's do it slowly.’’

Zhao Feng's state of heart slowly calmed down as he sat on the ground and ate a few Spiritual pills.

When his energy reached it's peak again, he continued.

In the last thirty yards, the skeletons were predominantly at the 7th Sky.

Zhao Feng slowly crept forwards, and slowly grinded the path.

The Illusion FIsh Lightning Arc became more fluent and he seemed to have progressed in how to use the Lightning Inheritance.

At the beginning Zhao Feng could barely fight with one or two skeletons at the 7th Sky. It had now increased to three or four.

Facing four skeletons at the 7th Sky was unimaginable.

Zhao Feng's lightning inheritance as well as movement had both improved and the power and smoothness of the Lightning WInd Palm had also increased.

’’Indeed, only through true battle does one improve.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

Three days later.

Zhao Feng closed in on the last ten yards of the tomb.

At this time an even more terrifying skeleton crawled out. It's bones had a sizzle of silver to it and the aura it released was comparable to the Half-step True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically as he decided to attack first. He ferociously thrust out his Lightning Wind Palm which contained devastating power.

But the flashing silver skeleton succeeded in rising even after taking a barrage of attacks straight on.


A terrifying force sent Zhao Feng flying and caused the latter to spit out a mouthful of blood.

’’After reaching the half-step True Spirit Realm, it's offense and defense have both increased.’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and activated his bloodline power.


The Yin Shadow Cloak flapped and Zhao Feng became an azure trail that gave the occasional flicker of lightning.

The flashing silver skeleton was like a miniature tornado that pressured over.

One had to know with the help of the Illusion Fish Lightning Arc Step and Yin Shadow Cloak, Zhao Feng's speed was comparable to the 7th Sky.

However, even under this situation, he wasn't able to throw off the flashing silver skeleton.

When an existence reached the Half-step True Spirit Realm, their attributes would increase greatly, even if it was only the half-step True Spirit Realm.

Although the flashing silver skeleton's forte wasn't speed, it was still slightly faster than normal cultivators at the 7th Sky.

Only after flying out a hundred yards did the flashing silver skeleton stop before returning back the way it came.

Zhao Feng let out a breath - it seemed like this skeleton couldn't leave their territory easily.

After resting a few hours, Zhao Feng's injuries had all healed and his energy reached it's peak.

He returned back to challenge the flashing silver skeleton.

A moment later.


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of blood and returned.

Another failure.

Zhao Feng tried a total of seven or eight times which took up two days time but he still wasn't the skeleton's match.

Of course, his strength had increased over the past two days which allowed him to exchange some moves with the flashing silver skeleton.

’’It's almost impossible to beat it head on. If this skeleton had the speed of a normal existence at the half-step True Spirit realm and wasn't restricted by the territory, then I definitely would be dead.’’

Zhao Feng gave up on fighting head on.

He soon thought of an idea and took out the Luohou Bow with a weird smile.

He took a deep breath and sent his bloodline power and true force within the Luohou Bow.

Beng -- Sou- Sou-

Three Luohou Arrows flashing coldly pierced into the vital point of the skeleton's bones.

After being hit, the skeleton chased over but due to the coldness contained within the arrows, it's speed was restricted.

Zhao Feng who was standing at the fifty yards mark instantly ran out of the hundred yard territory.

Qiu-- Qiu-- Qiu--

The three Luohou Arrows returned automatically as the flashing silver skeleton returned back the way it came from.


Zhao Feng pulled back the Luohou Bow and sent another round of attacks towards the skeleton's back when the latter's speed was decreased.


Zhao Feng had shot out tens of arrows already.

Four hours later.

The flashing silver skeleton fell to the ground. Afterall, ZHao Feng had merged his bloodline power into the Luohou Bow and any one of his arrows could threaten those at the 7th Sky.

For the next two to three days.

Zhao Feng cleared the last ten yards of the area, which included several flashing silver skeletons and some skeletons at the 7th Sky.


Zhao Feng arrived in front of the tomb.

In front of him was one hundred or so tombs that faced towards the centre as if they were bowing down towards the Emperor.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat's black eyes spun.

Zhao Feng thought that with the little thieving cat's personality, there was definitely a lot of treasures in the tombs.

Thinking up to here, he used his left eye to survey to nearby tombs.

His left eye could see past the walls and see the situation below.

For example, there was a coffin and several items in the closest tomb.

However, the corpses in the tombs were all powerful being when alive. Even when they were dead, they radiated powerful aura's that made mortals unable to breath.

These corpses were all at least of the True Spirit Realm when alive.

Zhao Feng didn't make any rash moves. The tombs here were weird and sinister.

It seemed as if they were bowing down and was funerary.

Anyone would be wary and cautious if they entered here.

The entire place was dead silent, as if waiting for the day when one witnessed their past glory and fame.

Zhao Feng could confirmed that there was no ’’live’’ beings here and no danger. But the skeletons before were definitely not alive - who knew if there was other dangers?

Just as Zhao Feng was hesitating.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat flipped agilely in mid-air before landing on a stone of a tomb then lept towards the centre.

The little thieving cat wasn't attacked at all in the entire process.

There was no danger?

Zhao Feng was surprised but seeing the crisp actions of the little thieving cat, he heart skipped a beat: With the cat's personality, it would take everything if he didn't follow closely behind.


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