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King Of Gods - Chapter 218


Chapter 218 - Mysterious Area

The answer was simple... battle.

Over the past few months, Zhao Feng had been in seclusion and every aspect he was training had reached a bottleneck. Only through true battle would his potential be squeezed out.

This was also why everyone's strength increased so rapidly in the Floating Crest Trial.

Of course, there was only twenty days left and Zhao Feng couldn't guarantee that battle would give him breakthroughs.

But one point was certain - if he remained in seclusion, there was almost 0% chance of his strength increasing rapidly. Therefore, Zhao Feng chose to go out and battle.

It wasn't just Zhao Feng who thought about this. Bei Moi and Lin Fan had already left the Clan to go out and fight. Zhao Feng went to take a mission from the Clan.

The aim was to slay four Two Headed Silver Crowned Birds. The difficulty of this mission was ranked between six and seven stars. Normally, three cultivators at the 6th Sky would be needed to have a high chance of succeeding.

The Two Headed Silver Crowned Bird was a flying creature that had two heads and it could beat normal cultivators at the 6th Sky. The Clan would definitely not allow normal disciples, who wanted to accept it, to go.

But considering that it was Zhao Feng, Vice Head Li agreed. From his point of view, even if Zhao Feng was unable to complete the mission, he still had the ability to retreat without being harmed. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was a legendary archer and he was suitable for the task.

’’Oh yeah, the mission that you set before has almost been completed and the primal crystal stones have been almost used up.’’ Vice Head Li reminded.

So fast?

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised because he had given hundreds of thousands of substandard primal crystal stones for this mission.

After receiving the materials, ninety percent of the primal crystal stones inside Zhao Feng's interspatial bracelet had disappeared.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out to show its dissatisfaction.

Zhao Feng had an agreement with the little thieving cat that he would give it 200 substandard primal crystal stones as 'cat food'.

The little thieving cat wouldn't touch the items in the interspatial bracelet in return. But with ninety percent of the primal crystal stones gone, the little cat couldn't take it.

Under normal circumstances, Zhao Feng shouldn't be so low on money since he had gained a lot from the trial, but he had spent a large portion on gathering resources for the Yin Shadow Cloak.

Many resources were worth a city and they were worth more than Mortal weapons. Furthermore, because it was a 'searching' mission, the rewards were greater.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng had given Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan a lot of resources.

Now, Zhao Feng only had a thousand primal crystal stones, which were worth a hundred thousand substandard primal crystal stones, left.

’’To gain, one must lose.’’

Zhao Feng took care of the resources and he didn't regret this decision. The Yin Shadow Cloak was an Inheritance item which could grow with the owner. If it could be fixed, its power would rise to another level.

Let's go!

After Zhao Feng took the mission, he left the Clan immediately and headed to the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest.

His main focus was battle and not the mission. Even if he couldn't complete the mission, all he had to pay in compensation was a few contribution points, which were nothing to him.

’’Which direction should we head in?’’ Zhao Feng squinted his eyes.

The Sky Cloud Forest spanned across thirteen countries and there were areas that even those at the True Spirit Realm didn't dare to enter.

’’Miao miao!’’

The little thieving cat appeared and it spat out an ancient coin.

The ancient coin flipped midair before landing on the little thieving cat's paws.

The latter reached out and it pointed its paw in a certain direction.


Zhao Feng headed in the direction that the cat pointed at.

On the way, a screeching sound from an eagle could be heard, causing the nearby deadly beasts to cower in fear.


Zhao Feng looked up and he saw a Golden Feathered Eagle flying through the air and it radiated an aura that was at the 4th Sky. It was a flying Yao Beast that was be suitable to carry him.

’’Come down.’’ Zhao Feng's voice was very alluring and it was carried through mental energy.

The Golden Feathered Eagle, which had a wingspan of four to five feet, landed gently on the ground and it acted very obedient.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and he sat on the eagle's back.

His comprehension in the Heart Controlling Technique wasn't any weaker than the hooded figure's now and controlling a bird was simple.

The Golden Feathered Eagle carried the human and cat towards the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest.

An hour later.

A small creek in a canyon appeared.

’’Hmm, here?’’

Zhao Feng was certain that this was the blood python canyon that he had been to before.

It was here that Ran Xiaoyuan and a few disciples had slain the Azure Hyena, which allowed Zhao Feng to escape.

Arriving here again, another high tier deadly beast had occupied the blood python canyon and it was even stronger than the Azure Hyena.

But the Golden Feathered Eagle that Zhao Feng rode upon was a Yao beast and a 'Lord tier' beast in the eyes of mortals, which caused the high tier deadly beast to tremble in fear.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh, a year ago he couldn't even protect his own life and now, high tier deadly beasts were like ants in his eyes.

Ignoring the high tier deadly beast, Zhao Feng made the Golden Feathered Eagle slow down a bit and according to the little thieving cat's directions, the destination was clear.

A while later, the forest ahead suddenly became dark and there was a queer aura in the air.

In the dark forest, the occasional beast would jump out.

Zhao Feng looked down from above and he sent out a mental energy sound attack that slew the weaker beasts, even if they had strong defense.

The deeper Zhao Feng went in the forest, the stronger the resistance and he could feel uneasy auras from afar.

It was certain that the depths of the dark forest definitely had Yao Beasts at the 7th Sky or higher because only that level would threaten Zhao Feng.

Miao miao!

The cat took the ancient coin out once again and confirmed the direction.

Zhao Feng nodded his head, he released the eagle and then took the Yin Shadow out to cover his aura.

Under the cover of his Yin Shadow Cloak, the stronger beasts weren't able to sense Zhao Feng's existence. The auras from the depths of the forest became stronger and stronger and they were almost all at the 5th Sky or higher.

Zhao Feng was suspicious whether or not this was the headquarters of the Yao beasts or not.

On the way, Zhao Feng had entered the territories of several Yao beasts at the 7th Sky. Although he had the Yin Shadow Cloak, the beasts still looked around warily, as if they sensed something.

Zhao Feng was sure that he had the ability to fight against beasts of the 7th Sky, there were limitless powerful Yao Beasts here and once they surrounded those below the True Spirit Realm, they would kill them.

Zhao Feng finally passed through the most dangerous area after several long hours.

On the way, he had passed by at least twenty Yao beasts at the 7th Sky and there were even those at the half step True Spirit Realm. Their terrifying auras restricted Zhao Feng's breathing.

Those at the half true spirit realm surpassed normal beasts at the 7th Sky.

The dark forest became misty at this time, as if there was a gap between the two areas.

Zhao Feng entered the misty dark forest area and he instantly lost his direction and his senses became muddled.

No wonder there wasn't any signs of life here.

The ground below Zhao Feng's feet contained bones and the eery air caused his heart to turn cold.

’’Normal cultivators would definitely die here, even if they were at the half step True Spirit Realm.’’ Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

Luckily, he had his left eye, which could see through the misty air. Furthermore, his forte was mental illusions and the illusion here had almost no effect on him.

Crack... crack...

Zhao Feng walked over the bare bones and the death air around him would make cultivators at the 7th Sky unable to breathe.

A coldness and danger enveloped Zhao Feng. It was like a mysterious energy was trying to enter his body.

The little thieving cat on Zhao Feng's shoulder looked around warily.

Zhao Feng removed his eyepatch and an azure light flashed in his left eye flashed azure, which made the danger feeling instantly fade by over half.

Enhancing his left eye to the maximum, Zhao Feng could finally see the situation clearly.

In the depths of the misty dark forest was a hundred or so tombs and every tomb was the size of a small palace, reaching a height of ten metres.

The tombs formed a circle and the ground in the middle was made of a special silver crystal material, which Zhao Feng's left eye couldn't even see past.

In the centre of the silver crystal field, there was a stone altar, which had weird array lines on it. And next to the altar, there was a small room.

A misty dark forest, ground full of white bones, tomb after tomb, a silver crystal field, a mysterious altar...

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and his body started to tremble slightly, but he didn't know whether it was from excitement or fear.

Normally, cultivators at the half step True Spirit realm or even the True Spirit Realm wouldn't be able to walk this far because they would lose their senses in the mysterious mist. But Zhao Feng succeeded with the help of his left eye.

At this point in time.

There was a hundred or so feet between Zhao Feng and the tombs and every step he made would make him feel more uneasy.

The white bones in front of him suddenly shook. Two or three human shaped skeletons with glowing green flaming eyes held weapons made of bone as they crawled out of the ground.

The three human shaped skeletons each put a faint pressure on Zhao Feng, meaning they had strength comparable to at least the 6th Sky.

Furthermore, there might be more in hiding.

Go forward or go back?

Before Zhao Feng could decide anything, the three human shaped skeletons lunged clumsily but quickly towards Zhao Feng.


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