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King Of Gods - Chapter 217


Chapter 217 - Hard Question

Hearing Zhao Feng's explanation, everyone in the hall took in a cold breath.

It was true that the 6th level of the Lightning Wind Palm could summon the 9 Clouds Lightning.

This killing move was terrifying and any existence under the True Spirit Realm would be instantly slaughtered. Even those at the True Spirit Realm would have to be wary or else they could be seriously injured.

At this point in time, all the Core disciples and even Hai Yun Master were wary of Zhao Feng. When Quan Chen and co. were scanned over Zhao Feng, they felt extremely nervous.

Although Zhao Feng would pay a hefty price to summon the lightning and had a 50% chance of being killed, who would dare underestimate that insane bastard?

’’Cough cough, our talks regards the Lightning Wind Palm end here. After all, this will reveal Feng'er's secrets.’’ First Elder's voice dissipated the tension in the hall.

Only First Elder knew that Zhao Feng was tricking them.

Through Zhao Feng's improvements, the 6th level couldn't summon the 9 Clouds Lightning. But even though it couldn't summon the lightning, in every other aspect, it was much stronger and the danger it posed was very low.

Being the perfecter of this skill, how could Zhao Feng risk his life on probability and luck? Originally, even if one didn't summon the 9 Clouds Lightning, the lightning might still come down on a raining day or storm.

Now, through trial and error and the merging of the Lightning Inheritance, the Lightning Wind Palm had become complete.

Zhao Feng had used everyone's curiosity and the original Lightning Wind Palm to scare everyone.

Even Hai Yun Master believed most of it.

Quan Chen believed it without a doubt and he finally understood what Zhao Feng meant by finding a better skill.

Zhao Feng had become a forbidden existence. It was as if he had a time bomb on him.

Who would dare to offend this insane bastard?

Even Hai Yun Master would be wary if he tries to kill Zhao Feng in secret.

Although it seemed Zhao Feng's actions were high-key, all he had done was open a temporary umbrella, which gave him more time to mature.

In the next few days.

Zhao Feng started to use his mental energy skills against the Core disciples like discussed with the Clan Master. The reason Zhao Feng agreed wasn't only because of the rewards that the Clan offered.

The other reason was that he lacked battle experience with mental energy.

Now these Core disciples were willing to be 'live targets', Zhao Feng obviously didn't reject them.

He first started with Yang Gan. According to the deal made with the Clan, the top five were placed first.

Yang Gan's will, experience and state of heart were all extremely high leveled.

These people had strong resistance against mental energy sound attacks and the latter's cultivation was higher than Zhao Feng's.

Zhao Feng was very willing to help Yang Gan.

Firstly, the two had the same Master and they weren't enemies. Secondly, he was very strong and so Zhao Feng didn't need to be careful. If it was someone with weak will, Zhao Feng could severely injure them accidentally.


Zhao Feng lightly exclaimed and he first used his mental energy sound attack. This attack would cause damage to the organs through the vibrations of sound and this was the attack that Zhao Feng was most familiar with.

Facing the mental energy sound attack, Yang Gan's mighty figure trembled slightly. The fact that he was on guard allowed him to block the attack.

’’Brother Yang, be careful. I only used 50% of my power just then.’’ Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

60%... 70%... 80%...

When Zhao Feng used 80-90% of his power, Yang Gan felt his state of heart and blood gently tremble.

’’Brother Zhao, that mental energy sound attack of yours could harm me if it was a sneak attack.’’ Yang Gan had a solemn expression.

Its was Yang Gan. If it was someone apart from him or Bei Moi, they would probably be killed instantly by one sound attack.

What was more terrifying was that Zhao Feng's move was an area attack. It was because it was an area attack that Zhao Feng had swept through the second stage of the Floating Crest Trial.

What Yang Gan didn't know that although Zhao Feng had used almost all of his power in the mental energy sound attack, he had only merged 20-30% of the insights that he had gained from the Lightning Inheritance into it.

This also meant that if Zhao Feng fully merged the insights that he had gained from the Lightning Inheritance into the mental energy sound attack, the power could increase by at least 50%. Under that situation, Yang Gan could be injured even if he was on guard.

Zhao Feng's first mental energy attack was his forte - mental energy sound attack.

Facing the attack several times, Yang Gan's resistance rose.

The second round - erosion.

No one was a flawless person. Everyone had a flaw in their hearts. If someone had no flaws, then they would be a Saint but Saints only existed in legends.

Erosion meant trying to erode the flaws in the opponent's heart. Those that were hit by this skill might lose their rationality and if it was serious, their mental energy might crumble.

Zhao Feng tried to erode Yang Gan's heart, but the effect wasn't obvious. But there was one time that Zhao Feng succeeded in breaking through Yang Gan's defense.

The latter's fists were clenched and he managed to squeeze out through clenched teeth: ’’No one can take the title of Head disciple from me. Bei Moi, Zhao Feng, you're still far away... How is this possible!?’’

Of course, Yang Gan recovered his consciousness in half a breaths time, but half a breaths time was enough to decide a battle.

’’Brother Zhao, I just... ’’

Cold sweat appeared on Yang Gan's forehead.

Zhao Feng laughed and said: ’’It's fine, no one is perfect. Everyone has their own flaws.’’

Yang Gan didn't question him any further. Facing Zhao Feng, who was trying to erode his heart, Yang Gan's resistance against it became stronger as well.

The third round of mental energy attack - mental energy illusions.

The path of illusions was extremely deep and it could be used in multiple aspects, such as movement skills or illusion arrays.

Zhao Feng's mental illusion was the combination of the Illusion Fish Picture and the Heart Controlling Technique.

’’Brother Yang... I'm starting... ’’ Zhao Feng's voice seemed to contain bait and lure and his eyes shone weirdly.

The second that Yang Gan's gaze met Zhao Feng's eye, his expression struggled for a second before returning back to normal.

’’Illusion attacks are so strong.’’

Yang Gan was slightly surprised. The power from Zhao Feng's mental illusions contained the insights gained from the Illusion Fish Picture.

The Illusion Fish Picture was very profound and old man Zhang had once said that if he had fully comprehended the Illusion Fish Picture, he would not have the right to even be his teacher.

Now, Zhao Feng had learnt almost all of it and his mental illusions were very powerful.

’’Hehe, I only used 30-40% power just then.’’ Zhao Feng laughed lightly as he used another mental illusion.

Mental illusions were split into two types. The first was mental illusion attacks and the hooded figure, which Zhao Feng had met that night, was of this type. The second type was mental illusion confusion.

Zhao Feng's forte was the second type and combining with the Illusion Fish Picture, he could make the opponent fall into a temporary illusion.

When Zhao Feng used 60-70% of his power, Yang Gan was already dazed and every daze would last half a breath to two breaths at max.

Two days later.

Yang Gan's training with Zhao Feng had come to an end.

Everyone only saw Yang Gan walk out soullessly.


Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan, Yuan Zhi and co. became Zhao Feng's live test subjects.

To Zhao Feng's surprise, he realised that Bei Moi's resistance towards mental energy was even slightly stronger than Yang Gan's and this was due to the Dark Water Inheritance. Bei Moi was not only strong in physical defense, his Dark Water Inheritance also improved his mental energy defense.

Through two days training, Bei Moi also left, defeated and tired.

The third person was Ran Xiaoyuan.

Ran Xiaoyuan's performance was average.

When he used the erosion attack, Ran Xiaoyuan's performance shocked Zhao Feng.

’’I like Brother Zhao... Sister, don't tell anyone.’’ Ran Xiaoyuan's face was blood red as she said urgently.

The entire process lasted several breaths.

Zhao Feng acted like nothing had happened, but he gave pointers to Ran Xiaoyuan on what to do.

Ten days later.

The nine core disciples walked out of Zhao Feng's place.

Yang Gan, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan had greater importance placed upon them. As for the others, they finished in a day and a half. Of course, those that had great relationships with Zhao Feng, such as Lin Fan, were specially taken care of.

From this moment onwards.

Zhao Feng controlled the flaws of the hearts of every Core disciple and he knew their other faces.

From then on.

Zhao Feng had become an existence that everyone felt was forbidden to be challenged. The Core disciples would feel uneasy when someone mentioned Zhao Feng.

After the training, Zhao Feng received the Clan's reward which contained one thousand low grade primal crystal stones, contribution points, spiritual pills, weapons, and other resources.

Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

In the past ten days, he had become more smooth in using his mental energy and his strength had increased.

For the next period.

The Core disciples were mainly in seclusion, trying to break through their bottlenecks.

However, there were only only twenty or so days left and it was obviously that they were not going to break through in this short amount of time, especially for the Core disciples at the 5th Sky or higher.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng faced the same problem. He had reached a limit in every aspect. It was extremely hard to break through in anything.

’’There's still a distance for me to beat everyone with my 5th Sky cultivation. Especially when the Four Stars are stronger than one another... ’’ Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

What should he use the rest of the time to for?

He can exclude entering secluded meditation. Continuous seclusion made the effect worsen. Then, there was only one way left to increase his strength.


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