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King Of Gods - Chapter 216


Chapter 216 - 6th level of the Lightning Wind Palm

There was still one month till the start of the Alliance Banquet.

Zhao Feng had exited his secluded cultivation this time because he had reached a bottleneck in every aspect.

However, the second he exited secluded meditation, he had caught the attention of other disciples and higher ups of the Clan.

This wasn't just because Zhao Feng was a participant in the Alliance Banquet, but because of other reasons as well.

Inside an Elder's place.

’’Master, Zhao Feng has come out.’’ Quan Chen said respectively.

’’Lightning has been appearing where Zhao Feng has been in secluded meditation in the past two months. There's a high chance of him trying to reach, if not already reached, the 6th level of the Lightning Wind Palm. You go and immediately tell Bei Moi and Yuan Zhi about this... ’’

Hai Yun Master stood with his hands behind his back.

In the past several months, Zhao Feng had been cultivating hard and he was too low-key, a stark contrast to his previous arrogance. Apparently, the sound of lightning and thunder could be heard from Zhao Feng's building.

Many guessed that 'Zhao Fengzi(Fengzi meaning insane)' was trying to reach the highest level of the Lightning Wind Palm. Only a small number of geniuses were able to train the Lightning Wind Palm to the 6th level. Most of the people had given up halfway or would become disabled.

There was an example of a genius training the Lightning WInd Palm to the highest level, but he was struck dead by lightning.

A few days ago.

The lighting above Zhao Feng's living area had disappeared - had he succeeded?

If he succeeded, would he be struck dead by lightning?

This was a very important question, especially for those that were his enemy. The weird thing was that First Elder kept silent the whole time.

’’There must be something going on for First Elder to not stop Zhao Feng.’’

Hai Yun Elder wasn't retarded.

In reality, Hai Yun Elder and the Clan Master had gone to First Elder one month ago to try and make First Elder stop Zhao Feng.

After all, Zhao Feng was a Core disciple and the Clan depended on him in the Alliance Banquet. But First Elder had shook his head, telling them that he couldn't stop it and he had even sent people to protect Zhao Feng.

Sky Moon Mountain.

Inside a jade palace.

’’Zhao Feng has come out of seclusion? Tell him to see me instantly.’’ The Broken Moon Clan Master said to Ran Xiaoyuan and Sister Yuan.

’’Master, why do you place so much importance on him?’’ Sister Yuan asked curiously.

Although Zhao Feng was a Core disciple, he was only a disciple, and he wasn't even the Clan Master's disciple.

’’There's still one month till the Alliance Banquet. The Ancient Shrine disciples are all troublesome and Zhao Feng's the only disciple who's proficient in mental energy in the clan... ’’ The Broken Moon Clan Master smiled.

’’No wonder.’’ Sister Yuan understood immediately.

The Clan Master's actions were for the benefit for the Clan. If Zhao Feng let the disciples 'feel' what it would be like to be attacked by mental energy beforehand and find ways to block it, they would have a higher chance of victory against those from the Ancient Shrine.

The reason that the Clan Master immediately called for Zhao Feng was because she was scared that Zhao Feng would enter seclusion again.

At the same time.

The palace of First Elder.

’’Feng'er's finally come out.’’

First Elder had worry as well as expectancy on his face.

Had Zhao Feng succeeded or not? Did he break past the death cycle of the Lightning Wind Palm?

’’Call Zhao Feng immediately.’’ First Elder ordered.

’’Master, the Clan Master has sent people to find Brother Zhao as well.’’ Yang Gan said.

At this point in time.

Zhao Feng exiting seclusion had caught the attention of the whole Clan. The younger generation were curious about Zhao Feng's rise in strength.

The top two Core disciples, Yang Gan and Bei Moi, didn't increase much in cultivation and they had reached a bottleneck.

Bei Moi still had a long way to go to reach the peak of the 5th Sky. Yang Gan was still at the 6th Sky, but a few months wasn't enough for him to reach the peak of the 6th Sky.

Under normal circumstances, Yang Gan needed two to three years to reach the 7th Sky at least and it could last up to ten years at the most. Unless he had talent comparable to an Earth Spiritual Body or many resources, it would be almost impossible to reach the next Sky in a few months.

Every Sky in the Ascended Realm was harder to break through, but the changes they brought upon were greater.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng was only at the 4th Sky, so he had more room for improvement. The second he exited seclusion, people after people came to congratulate him.

Lin Fan was the first to arrive, then Yun Mengxiang, Xiao Sun, Xu Ren, Liu Yue'er and some other Core disciples.

’’Congratulations Brother Zhao for training the Lightning Wind Palm to the highest level.’’ Quan Chen laughed.

Hearing this, the others disciples started to flatter Zhao Feng. Most people would congratulate Zhao Feng on breaking through, but mentioning Lighting Wind Palm had other means.

’’A measly Lightning Wind Palm isn't enough for me. I'm considering to swap it for a higher leveled skill.’’ Zhao Feng thought and said.

His tone was arrogant, but no one knew what he really thought.

Did Zhao Feng succeed or not? What did he mean by swapping it for another skill?

’’Why is Zhao Feng going to swap skills? Could it be that he's succeeded in reaching the 6th level, but because it's too dangerous to use it, he wants to swap?’’

Lights flashed in Quan Chen's eyes.

His thought was very logical.

According to the records, when one trained the Lightning Wind Palm to the highest level, there was a high chance of being struck by lightning.

Zhao Feng wasn't dead, but saying he wanted another skill might have hidden meaning.


Yang Gan, Ran Xiaoyuan, and Sister Yuan all arrived.

The Clan Master and the Elders all had something to discuss with Zhao Feng and therefore, they decided to meet him in the Central Hall.


Zhao Feng nodded and he went with the Core disciples to the Central Hall.

Central Hall.

The Clan Master, First Elder and Hai Yun Master were all present.

The Broken Moon Clan Master had a smile on her face. First Elder was expressionless, but there was expectancy in his eyes. Hai Yun Master's eyes twinkled as he stared at Zhao Feng.

The three soon said what they wanted to say.

There were two points.

One was obviously the Lightning Wind Palm. The second was that the Clan needed Zhao Feng to perform mental energy attacks on several core disciples.

As for the second point, Zhao Feng agreed immediately.

’’How many people are participating at the Alliance Banquet this time?’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’Ten.’’ The Clan Master answered.

Zhao Feng thought that the number was larger than expected.

First Elder explained: ’’According to the rules, there's three reserved spots. As for the other spots, every Clan must pay a large sum of primal crystal stone. After all, the Alliance Banquet gives out rewards and this comes from the Thirteen Clans combined.’’

Zhao Feng understood immediately.

The Alliance Banquet was a stage for the elites of the Clans and it was a chance for them to improve themselves.

Therefore, even if every spot cost a lot, the Thirteen Clans would still pay for it.

To allow the ten Core disciples to participate, the Broken Moon Clan had payed a huge sum. But the Clans ranked higher had more spots because they had the money and power to let more disciples participate.

The Broken Moon Clan Master smiled and said: ’’Those from the Ancient Shrine are all elites and almost all of their disciples can reach the top twenty. Therefore, our disciples would definitely face them if we wanted to reach the top twenty.’’

She also had further requirements that when Zhao Feng used his mental energy attacks, he couldn't harm these Core disciples or damage them. Everyone knew that Zhao Feng's mental energy attacks were strong and even those at the 5th Sky weren't able to block it.

’’No problem. It depends on each individual's will, which can give ten to one hundred percent more resistance.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head in agreement.

This was the time to help the Clan and the Clan would definitely give him rewards, including contribution points and primal crystal stones in return.

The higher Zhao Feng's status was in the Clan, the more protection he would received and Lord Guanjun as well as the Zhao family would receive higher treatment.

Hai Yun Master's expression was slightly ugly, but it was soon replaced by a bright smile.

’’Zhao Feng, how's your Lightning Wind Palm going? Apparently, when one reaches the highest level, anyone under the True Spirit Realm would be killed and those at the True Spirit Realm would even need to be wary.’’ Hai Yun Master finally asked what mattered to him most.

Everyone's heart jumped when they heard that the anyone under the True Spirit Realm would be killed: ’’This Lightning Wind Palm is way too terrifying.’’

THe Core disciples looked warily towards Zhao Fengzi (Insane Zhao).

Zhao Fengzi was the title given to Zhao Feng by the members of the Broken Moon Clan. This was because his name originally had 'Feng' in it and he had trained the Lightning Wind Palm. Almost no one dared offend him in the Clan.

’’Could he have actually trained the Lightning Wind Palm to the highest level?’’

Everyone's heart jumped. Even the Clan Master and Elders were curious.

’’This Disciples has indeed trained it to the highest level.’’ Zhao Feng answered.

Hearing this, everyone within the hall was shocked.

Quan Chen, Bei Moi and co. acted as if they had been hit.

’’Feng'er, are you in constant danger?’’ First Elder asked.

Zhao Feng explained: ’’Through my perfection, the danger of the skill has been lowered, but it's power is only comparable to the peak level of a High tier Mortal skill.’’

When a High tier Mortal Skill was trained to the peak level, the power was terrifying, especially when it had to do with Lightning.

’’Then, is there the possibility of summoning the 9 Clouds Lightning?’’

Hai Yun Master's eyes closely watched him. According to Zhao Feng, although the Lightning Wind Palm was terrifying, it wasn't a monster yet.

’’Yes.’’ Zhao Feng answered.

It's true. Everyone took in a cold breath. Even the Clan Master and the Elders were moved.

’’Of course, any power that exceeds one's limits has restrictions and a heavy price.’’ Zhao Feng continued.

Restrictions and heavy price?

Hai Yun Elder said 'As I thought' in his heart as he heard this.

’’To summon the lightning, it must be in a cloudy or stormy day. There's a fifty percent chance of summoning the lightning in a cloudy day and a hundred percent chance in a stormy day. This is the requirements.’’

Pausing a bit, Zhao Feng continued: ’’Once I summon the lightning and summon power that tens of times stronger than me, any existence under the True Spirit Realm would be killed and those at the True Spirit Realm could be severely injured. Of course, as the price, there's a 50% chance of me dying. The more powerful the lightning is means the chances of me dying are higher.’’


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