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King Of Gods - Chapter 215


Chapter 215 - Cultivation

Ao Yuetian's advice for Zhao Feng was bare and without restraint.

Zhao Feng's reaction was the same as Bei Moi's - expressionless and no response, as if he was a wooden head. The disciples who had received pointers from Ao Yuetian would accept it no matter how bad it was.

The members from the Silver Moon Clan even had to smile and praise him.

The strong ruled the world. This was the law of the cultivation world.

Even if a master farted, it would smell good.

Ao Yuetian stood at the peak of power and he had the qualifications to give others pointers.

’’Brother Zhao, Brother Bei, Brother Yue is correct. We should accept and learn from this. Only then can we improve.’’

Yang Gan thought that Zhao Feng and Bei Moi weren't happy and he started to encourage them.

Although everyone thought Ao Yuetian was arrogant, they had to admit that he was on the dot.

But Yang Gan didn't know that the reason why Zhao Feng and Bei Moi didn't reply wasn't because they were unhappy, but they were too lazy to respond.

Bei Moi was always expressionless and he knew that what Ao Yuetian said was true. However, he didn't like Ao Yuetian because he had challenged Ao Yuetian, but the latter had been too disdainful to fight him. This was what made Bei Moi angry.

As for Zhao Feng. Although he didn't like Ao Yuetian, he knew that the latter wasn't trying to trick him.

Lightning Wind Palm was originally an incomplete skill and although Zhao Feng had tried to improve it, he didn't dare to use all of his Lightning Inheritance on it. Therefore, it looked rough.

This was why Ao Yuetian said that Zhao Feng's use of Lightning was rough.

Apart from that.

Ao Yuetian had said that Zhao Feng's mental energy skills were bad, especially when compared to the successor of the Ancient Shrine.

How long had Zhao Feng been learning mental energy skills?

The improvements that he made in a few days was comparable to decades of others. If the prodigies of the Ancient Shrine knew this, they would probably go find a block of tofu and commit suicide. But Ao Yuetian didn't know the specifics and he had compared Zhao Feng's mental energy, which he had learn a few days, with the geniuses of the Ancient Shrine.

’’It looks like what Ao Yuetian said is all true, but people don't like to hear the truth especially when it's said without restraint.’’

Zhao Feng admired Ao Yuetian's sharp eyes.

This meant that everyone's weaknesses were seen by Ao Yuetian. His strength and experience exceeded others by far. This was also why he was disdainful to attend the Three Clan Party.

No wonder he could be one of the Four Stars.

Zhao Feng wasn't unhappy at all. What Ao Yuetian had said was the truth, but the latter didn't know the specifics and he had underestimated him.

’’Could Brother Ao go into more detail?’’

Interest appeared on Zhao Feng's face. He was curious as to what Ao Yuetian had said about defeating the opponent in one glance.

’’Lin Tong is the most mysterious and terrifying person of the Four Stars. He has a unique bloodline and he has cultivated the most precious skill of the Ancient Shrine - the Heavenly Absent Eye. When he uses the Heavenly Absent Eye, just one glance would cause the opponent to break down.’’

When Ao Yuetian mentioned Lin Tong, his face was full of wariness.

’’Just one glance to win, that's far too terrifying!’’

’’So queer, how can there be such a skill in this world?’’

The disciples all exclaimed.

’’No one can block his Heavenly Absent Eyes. Apparently, even those at the 7th Sky wouldn't able to block one glance of his.’’ Ao Yuetian took a deep breath.

Heavenly Absent Eyes?

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart. Although he had received the Heart Controlling Technique, it was definitely not as good as the Heavenly Absent Eyes.

One could imagine that Lin Tong had achieved a high level in terms of mental energy.

’’If Lin Tong, who is ranked second, is already so terrifying, then how strong would Cang Yuyue, who's first, be?’’

Everyone was full of respect and wariness towards the Four Stars.

Ao Yuetian was an example. He had only showed the tip of an iceberg this time and of the Four Stars, Ao Yuetian was ranked last.

Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, Xu Zixuan and Ao Yuetian.

Everyone remembered these four names. Of the disciples present, almost all of them had the right to participate in the Alliance Banquet and to understand the opponent's situation beforehand was a good thing for them.

An hour later.

The tea session ended, which also symbolised the end of the Three Clan Party.

’’Ok, we shall meet five months later at the Alliance Banquet.’’ Ao Yuetian stood up and announced.

On the same night, everyone stayed at the Lin Moon Clan.

Near the pond, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei walked side by side and under the moonlight, their figures were stretched.

Zhao Feng calculated the time and he realised that he had just become fifteen.

On this continent, sixteen years old meant you were an adult, whereas fifteen years old meant you were still a youth. But Zhao Feng was always calm and he gave others a feeling he was older than what he actually looked.

’’Big Brother Zhao Feng, are you sure your eye is fine?’’

Zhao Yufei was used to calling Zhao Feng this way, although she way slightly older than the latter.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and he took off the metallic eyepatch, revealing a pure azure eye.

When Zhao Yufei saw this eye, her heart shook and the bloodline power in her seemed to sense something.

Peng Peng Peng...

Zhao Feng felt the blood in his left eye's blood vessels speed up.

He soon put the eyepatch back on.

’’So Brother Zhao Feng also has bloodline power, like Brother Ao.’’

Zhao Yufei seemed be very jealous. In the past, Zhao Feng only had normal talent, but he could increase in cultivation so fast which made her curious. But now, the answer had been revealed.

Zhao Feng wasn't someone normal - he had a rare bloodline.

And from the looks of it, it seemed that Zhao Feng's bloodline power was very strong.

’’There's nothing to be envious about. Your body also seems to contain a unique bloodline aura, this is my instinct.’’

Zhao Feng smiled.

’’Really?’’ Zhao Yufei exclaimed.

In reality, she also had a weird feeling about the changes in her body.

The two talked for a while before returning.

In the night.

Sending Zhao Feng away with her eyes, disappointment appeared on Zhao Yufei's beautiful face: ’’What am I to him?’’

On the morning of the second day.

The members from the Broken Moon Clan climbed back onto the Giant Golden Cang Eagle for the journey back.

’’There's still five months left for the Thirteen Clans Alliance Banquet. You all need to get ready.’’ First Elder's voice sounded.

Zhao Feng sat cross-legged and he started to cultivate on the journey back. Bei Moi and Yang Gan seemed to be affected and they used all their time for comprehension and enlightenment.

The Three Clan Party this time had made the other two Clans look at the Broken Moon Clan in a new light. But Yang Gan and the other two had been stimulated by the Three Clan Party.

The pressure Ao Yuetian brought upon them was immense. Yang Gan was unable to accept the fact that he could only reach the top twenty in the Alliance Banquet.

As for Bei Moi, he was angry at Ao Yuetian. No one had ever been too disdainful to battle him. Zhao Feng wasn't stimulated by it, but he tried to figure out which direction he should go towards.

’’My biggest weakness is that my cultivation level is too low.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Although he was the youngest in the Three Clan Party this time and he performed extremely well, he was restricted by his cultivation.

Therefore, Zhao Feng was clear which direction he needed to head in.

One, cultivation. This was the foundation of everything and what restricted him.

Two, the Lightning Inheritance. This was the core of his skills and it had large room for expansion.

Three, mental energy skills.

Zhao Feng had confidence in the third point - his talent in mental energy was just too high.

It was certain that this was the forte of his left eye. Zhao Feng already had a thought to merge mental energy skills with the ability of his left eye.

One of the Four Stars, Lin Tong, who had trained the Heavenly Absent Eye, had the ability to beat the opponent with just one glance. This was a mental energy eye skill and it enlightened Zhao Feng.

Returning back to the Clan, Zhao Feng immediately entered secluded cultivation. Facing the true stage of the world, he didn't dare to go easy.

In reality, he was not the only one training hard, everyone else participating in the Alliance Banquet was as well.

Five months time was not long nor short.

For those at the Ascended Realm, every step forward in cultivation became harder.

Those like Ao Yuetian and Yang Gan, who had reached the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm, would find it hard to increase even a tiny bit in cultivation.

Compared to them, Zhao Feng, who was only at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, had more room for improvement.

After returning to the Clan for a month, Zhao Feng had successfully reached the peak 4th Sky.

After the Floating Crest Trial, Zhao Feng had a large amount of resources and being a Core disciple, the Clan also gave him many things. Especially in this period of time, the Clan gave them much more help.

Zhao Feng could cultivate in the Thousand Leaf Pond continuously.

The Thousand Leaf Pond was enveloped by an Energy Gathering Array and the pond itself had sucked in countless energy. The efficiency of cultivating in the Thousand Leaf Pond was high.

In the blink of an eye, there was only one month left till the Thirteen Clan Alliance Banquet and Zhao Feng had reached the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm a month ago. But after reaching the 5th Sky, his progressment in cultivation had reached a bottleneck.

In this time, Zhao Feng had comprehended 30-40% of the first level of the Lightning Inheritance. This wasn't the edges of lightning anymore, but in depth. On the other hand, his Lightning Wind Palm had been perfected once more and Zhao Feng had succeeded in reaching the 6th level.

The 6th level was the highest level. Zhao Feng's life wasn't threatened at all when he reached this level and there was no chance of him summoning lightning.

In terms of mental energy, the Heart Controlling Technique had been fully learnt two months ago and he had flipped through a small amount of books that were useful for mental energy.

Cultivation, lightning inheritance, and mental energy had all reached a bottleneck.

This day.

Zhao Feng exited his secluded meditation.


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