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King Of Gods - Chapter 214


Chapter 214 - Advice

Hearing what Zhao Feng had said, the spectators instantly understood why Zhao Yufei had challenged Zhao Feng.

It was hard to imagine how powerful Zhao Feng was back then to be able to leave such a deep impression in Zhao Yufei's heart. Others might not understand Zhao Feng's path, but Zhao Yufei had witnessed Zhao Feng's miracles.

She had seen Zhao Feng surpass herself and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't catch up with him .

In the same generation, when geniuses clashed together, legends were made. But when a genius was too strong, it was mournful for the others.

At least in the Sun Feather City and Guanjun Palace, Zhao Feng was like this. A monster who had surpassed geniuses of this generation one after another.

Zhao Linlong, Zhao Yufei, Feng Hanyue, Nan Gongfan, Yang Qingshan and even Bei Moi... any one of them was a prodigy back then.

But unfortunately, Zhao Yufei had witnessed everything. In her impression, the calm and confident youth had become an undefeatable figure. Now, Zhao Yufei had also grown and her talent that was comparable to an Earth Spiritual Body had been found.

Meeting once again, her cultivation had succeeded in exceeding Zhao Feng's.

However, when the two met, Zhao Yufei realised that she was still the old her and Zhao Feng was still that undefeatable youth.

This was where her heart knot was. Being a prodigy and having talent comparable to the Earth Spiritual Body, she had her own pride and she didn't allow her heart knot to exist.

’’Brother Zhao Feng, I've waited a long time for this battle.’’ Zhao Yufei smiled.

At least from the start of the challenge, her courage and confidence had reached a point where she could suppress the heart knot.

Zhao Yufei's smile caused the other disciples to become dazed. Ao Yuetian's heart was slightly jealous. Why couldn't the person in Zhao Yufei's heart knot be him?

Could it be that him, one of the Four Stars, wasn't as powerful as a brat at the 4th Sky?

Ao Yuetian screamed unfair in his heart.

At least in Zhao Yufei's heart, Ao Yuetian wasn't so strong that he couldn't be surpassed.

Reality was so. Zhao Yufei's emotions towards Zhao Feng contained admiration, praise and even a bit of dependency. After all, no girl didn't like powerful men.

But the Zhao Yufei this moment was different from before.

Under the gazes of everyone.

Zhao Feng start to think as his azure hair blew in the wind.

Zhao Yufei was waiting, if Zhao Feng didn't accept the challenge, there was nothing she could do. Furthermore, if Zhao Feng didn't use all his strength when fighting, the knot in her heart wouldn't be fixed.

Zhao Feng also knew this.

The disciples started to discuss:

’’What's with the past of this Zhao Feng? How could he suppress the Purple Smoke Goddess in the past, who had talent comparable to an Earth Spiritual Body?’’

’’Changeable Bodies are different and unique. Maybe Zhao Yufei's talent hadn't been found yet. Furthermore, their resources were limited.’’


’’Yufei, I can't accept your challenge.’’ Zhao Feng suddenly said.

Declining to fight?

The crowd were all surprised. Any other disciple would be willing to battle the Purple Smoke Goddess. Even Ao Yuetian would be willing to do so.

’’Why? Is Brother Zhao Feng scared that my confidence will shatter when I lose? Don't worry, I'm not that weak. Furthermore, I still conserved some strength in the fights before.’’ Zhao Yufei said confidently.

Hearing this, the representatives of the three Clans were all stunned.

Zhao Yufei had conserved some of her strength in the fights before. Didn't this mean that her true strength was stronger than Bei Moi and Mao Feng and only comparable to Yang Gan?

’’Because you have no chance of winning and now isn't the time.’’ Zhao Feng smiled faintly.


The members of all three Clans were shocked.

’’What an arrogant bastard.’’

’’Hehe, I think he's like a rat, too scared to fight.’’

The disciples of the Lin Moon Clan showed their disdain and started cursing.

Zhao Yufei's heart shook and her face went pale when she heard this. She understood Zhao Feng, the latter wouldn't say anything he wasn't confident at.

’’The probability of me and you winning is 50-50, but unfortunately... because of your heart knot, you'll be unable to resist my mental energy attack. In terms of resistance, you wouldn't even be as strong as those weaker than you.’’ Zhao Feng analysed calmly.


’’Ignorant brat, do you think you can fight Yufei to a draw?’’ The disciples of the Lin Moon Clan cursed aloud.

But when Zhao Yufei heard this, she didn't have any suspicious. In the past, she always lost to Zhao Feng. A 50-50 win rate was already very high for her.

Unfortunately, Zhao Feng's queer mental energy attacks had several times more damage against her because the heart knot in Zhao Yufei was Zhao Feng himself.

’’So now's not the time for our battle. How about... We leave it till the Alliance Banquet in half a year's time?’’ Zhao Feng finally gave his answer.

’’Alliance Banquet. I'll be waiting for that day... ’’ Zhao Yufei nodded her head and expectation appeared in her eyes.

Half a year's time was enough for her to find a way to resist Zhao Feng's mental energy attack.


The Alliance Banquet of the Thirteen Clans was the true stage and the Four Stars were unreachable peaks.

One would be excited just at the thought of competing with the peak geniuses in this generation. This was the dream of limitless prodigies.


Zhao Feng let out a breath;he had dragged it on at least.

He didn't want to fight Zhao Yufei right now.

If Zhao Yufei didn't have the heart knot, she might be able to fight Zhao Feng with her unknown bloodline power and maybe even force the latter to use one of his killing moves - this was something that Zhao Feng didn't want to see.

Furthermore, once Zhao Feng used his mental energy attack, Zhao Yufei wouldn't be able to block it.

This was the truth.

Although Zhao Feng had entered the way of mental energy quite late, he still knew some basic things about it. If he knew the weakness of the enemy and used a mental energy attack, the damage would increase dramatically.

As Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei left, the sparring session had come to an end.

The azure haired one eyed youth gave everyone a mysterious feeling.

After the sparring ended, the Three Clan Party didn't end.

Next was a tea session where everyone would give each other advice.

The disciples, including Zhao Feng and Bei Moi, would all learn a lot after the sparring session. After all, no one apart from Ao Yuetian had the ability to crush everyone else.

Ao Yuetian led the pointers because in terms of strength, cultivation and knowledge, he had exceeded the others by far. However, Ao Yuetian wasn't respectable. His words would be on dot, but he would be savage at the same time.

Mao Feng and the other two of the Silver Moon Clan were given pointers by Ao Yuetian.

’’Thanks for Brother Ao's advice, we have learnt a lot.’’

Mao Feng was very humble. Ao Yuetian was someone that could beat him in one or two moves and he did indeed have the right to teach him.

After that.

Ao Yuetian evaluated the three from the Broken Moon Clan.

For Yang Gan, Ao Yuetian gave a rare 'not bad'.

’’With Brother Yang's strength, you can probably reach the top twenty in the Alliance Banquet.’’ Ao Yuetian added.

Just top twenty?

The disciples were all dazed. After all, Yang Gan's performance was shocking and he had beat even Mao Feng.

’’Hmph, in the previous Alliance Banquet's 70-80% of the top twenty places were taken by the top 3 Clans.’’

A hint of mockery appeared on Ao Yuetian's face.

Yang Gan smiled: ’’I heard this as well. The top three Clans: the Cloud Sword Clan, Ancient Shrine and Mystic True Clan all have long histories and powerful strength. In the previous Stars, no other Clan had the right to become one. This time, Brother Ao became one of the Four Stars and gave our three Clan's face.’’

The disciples were moved when they heard this.

The disciples that the top three Clans raised were all peak tier and it wasn't easy for Ao Yuetian to become a Star.

The Four Stars: Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, Xu Zixuan, Ao Yuetian.’’

The Four Stars stood at the top of the limitless geniuses of the Thirteen Clans and Zhao Feng had to admit that Ao Yuetian had the ability to look over the younger generation of the Three Clans.

Even if he used his killing moves, Zhao Feng might not be able to beat Ao Yuetian. Furthermore, being one of the Four Stars, how could Ao Yuetian not have his own killing move?

The strength that Ao Yuetian displayed at the Three Clan Party was only the tip of an iceberg.

Luckily, Zhao Feng didn't have any thoughts of showing off and Ao Yuetian was too disdainful to fight with Zhao Feng right now.

In Ao Yuetian's eyes, the Three Clan Party was only a formality and only the other three Stars would be his match.


Ao Yuetian have pointers to Bei Moi and Zhao Feng.

’’You haven't comprehended the real and core parts of Water.’’

Ao Yuetian coldly glanced at Bei Moi. Even geniuses such as Bei Moi were looked down upon. The latter had received the Dark Water Inheritance, which contained insights of Water.

This was Bei Moi's forte, but Ao Yuetian was disdainful to look at it, it could be seen how powerful the latter was.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but remember that Ao Yuetian's Moon God War also contained insights from Water apart from moon light.

Bei Moi was expressionless and he didn't say anything. There was nothing he could do.

At last, it was time to give Zhao Feng pointers.

’’As for you... ’’

A cold smile appeared on Ao Yuetian's lips: ’’Lightning is one of the most powerful laws. Your rough use of it is like playing with fire. As for your mental energy skills, they are nothing in front of the successor of the Ancient Shrine. All he needs to do is look at you once for you to lose.’’


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