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King Of Gods - Chapter 213


Chapter 213 - Sparring (4)

The battle between Bei Moi and Zhao Yufei was a great performance and it pushed the atmosphere to a peak. The three Clan Party should be entering the last stages now and it was usually at this time when the Head disciples all fought each other.

However, Ao Yuetian slowly stood up and said: ’’This generation's Three Clan Party is more exciting than usual. If no one has any objection, the sparring ends here.’’


The members of the three Clans were all stunned.

Was Ao Yuetian ending the sparring?

Being the host, wasn't he going to come out and fight?

The Head disciples of the Broken Moon Clan and Lin Moon Clan had slightly ugly expressions.

’’Is Ao Yuetian too disdainful to fight us?’’ Yang Gan's eyebrows furrowed.

’’Ao Yuetian... So what if you're one of the Four Stars? You still can't humiliate the Lin Moon Clan.’’

A surge of anger rose from Mao Feng.

Ao Yuetian's actions was like slapping them in the faces.

’’Ao Yuetian, of course we have an objection! If you, the best Head disciple of the three Clan's doesn't even fight, how would this Three Clan Party be considered complete?’’

Mao Feng slowly walked out and his battle intent surged.

’’The Thirteen Clan Alliance is my real fighting place, your strength is not enough. But if you really want to fight, you and Yang Gan can fight me together. Only this way would it be slightly interesting.’’ Ao Yuetian arrogantly said.

Hearing this, the crowd instantly started to curse him.

’’Ao Yuetian, don't be too overconfident!’’

’’Ao Yuetian, I bet you're as scared as a rat and too scared to fight?’’

Facing the barrage of cursing, Ao Yuetian didn't get angry: ’’I just don't want to waste time.’’

’’Ao Yuetian, it's not possible for both of us to fight you at once. However, if you really are that strong, then fight one after another.’’ Yang Gan said deeply.

Ao Yuetian's attitude had offended the other two Clan's.


Ao Yuetian had to come and battle them after facing so much pressure. In reality, he was trying to gain fame for himself, but Yang Gan didn't fall into his trap.

Or else the fame he would've gained would've been immense. Imagine beating two Head disciples at once?

The most important thing was that he would be able to show off in front of the girl of his dreams.

Thinking up to here, Ao Yuetian glanced at Zhao Yufei from the corner of eyes, but he found that the latter was focused on the three disciples of the Broken Moon Clan.

In the centre of the field.

The two prodigies faced off.

Ao Yuetian stood with his hands behind his back and although he didn't move, a pressure started to emit from him.

Mao Feng took a deep breath. Only when he faced Ao Yuetian did he finally realise how terrifying the opponent was. The pressure that Ao Yuetian bore upon him wasn't any weaker than those at the 7th Sky.

Mao Feng didn't dare to underestimate his opponent and he quickly condensed his True Force, forming a layer of silver light.

Flying Cloud Doppleganger!

In the dark night sky, silver after images of Mao Feng could been seen circling Ao Yuetian.

In terms of speed, Mao Feng was definitely one of the best amongst the Three Clan's.

In just a short instant, he had circled Ao Yuetian once and a storm of silver lights had enveloped Ao Yuetian.

Thousand Blade Slice!

Mao Feng had finally established this killing move by combining it with his insane speed skill.

This skill was very deadly and in theory, could slice someone into a 'Thousand layered cake'.

The hearts of many spectators went cold as they saw the lines of silver light slash towards Ao Yuetian. However, the latter didn't even move and he still stood with his hands behind his back.

’’Moon God War Body.’’

A silver glow radiated from Ao Yuetian's body, which was as clear as glass.

’’He actually learnt Moon God War.’’

’’Moon God War Body is one of the killing moves of this skill.’’

Exclamations sounded from the other two Clans.

Moon God War was a prohibited skill and it was similar to an inheritance because it contained every aspect - speed, power, defense. Inheritances didn't mean that one would be strong. Some world-shocking skills could allow one to rule the world.

Moon God War Body!

The lines of silver light slashed on Ao Yuetian's body, and the silver lights, which could easily slice through Low grade Mortal weapons, only rippled faintly before vanishing.

The moon light glow surrounding Ao Yuetian made him seem like a god that had descended.

’’What a unique skill. It contains insights from Moon Light, as well as the flexible defense similar to Bei Moi's 'Dark Water Inheritance'.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh.

Under the enhanced vision of his left eye, he could see more clearly. Furthermore, Zhao Feng could see that Ao Yuetian had something that others didn't and that was bloodline power.

This was the reason he could cultivate the prohibited skill Moon God War.

Mao Feng's move wasn't able to harm Ao Yuetian a single bit.


Ao Yuetian waved his hand and a bright silver moon shot out from his palm. Although it was beautiful and majestic, the damage that it could cause couldn't be underestimated.


Mao Feng was immediately sent flying by that blow and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was stunned, dazed.

He was far too powerful.

Ao Yuetian was like an incarnate of the Moon God. His offense and defense stood at the peak.

’’Using his bloodline power to active the prohibited skill. No wonder he's so arrogant.’’

With his left eye, Zhao Feng saw that the power in Ao Yuetian's body had risen to another level.

Unfortunately, skills that needed bloodline power to activate wouldn't be able to used by him even if he could comprehend them.

This was because Ao Yuetian and his bloodline power were different types.

In just one move, Mao Feng was defeated.

The spectators took a while to recover from their shock and they all took in cold breaths.


Yang Gan walked up onto the stage. He didn't have any fear in his eyes - even if he was going to lose, he would use all his strength. Only through this way would he be able to improve.

Dominant Moon Heavenly Blade.

Yang Gan sliced with his ancient golden sword, which radiated a dominant aura, and it formed layers and layers of blade waves.

Compared to when fighting Mao Feng, Yang Gan was even stronger now. No one knew if he had hidden his strength before or the potential had just been squeezed out.

Dominant Moon Heavenly River Rage!

Yang Gan's attacks flowed one after another and they even caused the moon light glow on Ao Yuetian's body to fade.

The latter's expression changed slightly as he stretched a hand out and threw lights the shape of half moons at Yang Gan.

Ding Ding Dang-------

Sparks flew on Yang Gan's long sword and it forced him backwards.

Three moves later.

Several gashed were left on his body.

’’Moon God Doppleganger.’’

Ao Yuetian turned into a blur and three figures hit Yang Gan at the same time.


Yang Gan instantly spat out a mouthful of blood and he dropped his blade.


The three figures returned back into one.

’’So all three were real... The Moon God War is indeed powerful.’’

Yang Gan wiped the blood from his lips and he admitted his defeat.

After Ao Yuetian won, he surveyed the remaining disciples.

At this moment, he had proved that the words he had said earlier weren't arrogant. One had to admit that even if the two attacked together, Ao Yuetian would still win.

’’Him having the title of the top disciple amongst the three Clans is indeed correct.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head, Ao Yuetian did have rights to be arrogant. When one reached his level, the Three Clan Party wouldn't be put into his eyes.

Zhao Feng analysed that even if he used his bloodline power and Lightning Inheritances, the most he could do was fight Ao Yuetian to a draw.

After all, Ao Yuetian also had bloodline power and he had cultivated a powerful prohibited skill.

But only if Zhao Feng's cultivation was a bit higher and he had comprehended more of the Lightning Inheritance and mental energy techniques, would he have the probability of winning.

’’Hehe, if no one has any objections, then the sparring comes to an end.’’

Ao Yuetian surveyed the field.

Bei Moi was unwilling and he decided to challenge him. He took out the Gold Green Shirt he had gotten in the Trial.

’’If anyone of you want to fight, we'll meet at the Thirteen Clan's Alliance Banquet.’’

Ao Yuetian rejected the offer to fight again. With his strength and record of beating Yang Gan and Mao Feng, he did indeed have the right to decline the battle.

’’I have an objection.’’

A soft, clear voice of a girl could be heard.

Everyone glanced over and saw that it was the 'Purple Smoke Goddess', Zhao Yufei.

’’Oh? What objection does Yufei have?’’ Ao Yuetian asked curiously.

’’Brother Ao is ending the sparring too fast. I haven't fought an intense match yet.’’ Zhao Yufei said.

’’Could Yufei want to spar with me?’’

Ao Yuetian's heart skipped a beat and he revealed a smile. He was too disdainful to fight anyone else, but if this junior martial sister of his wanted to spar with him, he would.

In terms of beauty, talent and aura, Zhao Yufei was the ideal woman for him.

’’No, I want to challenge Brother Zhao Feng.’’ Zhao Yufei said calmly and she walked onto the field.

Challenge Zhao Feng?

The disciples all looked at the one-eyed azure haired youth. That youth was extremely mysterious, but what did he have to cause the beauty of the Lin Moon Clan to challenge him?

Ao Yuetian's expression stiffened, but he didn't say anything. All he did was look at Zhao Feng with squinted eyes.

’’Why does Yufei have this thought?’’

Zhao Feng walked out with curiosity on his face.

Back in the Zhao family and Guanjun Palace, he had sparred with her many times.

’’For a long time, Brother Zhao Feng has been mysterious and powerful in my heart. One year ago, I only had admiration, praise and helplessness.’’ Zhao Yufei sighed, but her eyes shone with battle intent.

Zhao Feng paused. He felt a strong will for battle come from Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei had complex emotions. One year ago, the youth in front of her had beaten her time and time again. He had crushed her pride so much that she even admired him, unable to have any thoughts of resistance.

’’Over the past half year, my strength has been increasing rapidly and I believed that I had the courage to challenge anyone, no matter their strength. But from the moment I saw Brother Zhao Feng, I realised that the helpless feeling was still there.’’ Zhao Yufei's voice turned slightly bitter, but the battle intent in her eyes became stronger.

Hearing this, Ao Yuetian and co. had thoughtful expressions.

’’So it looks like I'm a knot in your heart. To undo this knot and have the belief and courage to challenge anyone, you must beat me.’’

Zhao Feng instantly saw what the problem was.


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