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King Of Gods - Chapter 212


Chapter 212 - Sparring (3)

Seeing that both Meng Yun and Li Hong didn't want to leave.

’’How about the two of you come at me together? It'll be less troublesome.’’ Zhao Feng said casually.

’’Don't be overconfident!’’

’’Brat, do you know the height of the heavens?’’

Li Hong and Meng Yun were furious when they heard this.

Zhao Feng's words shocked the spectators. They had seen arrogant people, but never this arrogant.

A measly cultivator at the 4th Sky had challenged two disciples at the 5th Sky.

Of course.

No matter how thick their faces were, Meng Yun and Li Hong obviously couldn't go at once, even if Zhao Feng was willing.

They thought that Zhao Feng knew he had no chance of winning, so he said this.

’’Aye, I was being nice.’’

Meng Yun and Li Hong almost spat out a mouthful of blood, this brat really didn't know what was good for him.

’’Meng Yun, come back. Haven't you lost enough face yet?’’ Ao Yuetian humphed coldly with a dim expression.

He felt that Meng Yun was ashaming the Clan by teaming up with another cultivator at the 5th Sky to bully a 4th Sky disciple.

’’Yes, Brother Ao.’’

Meng Yun didn't dare to argue back and he retreated.

Ao Yuetian was like the emperor, his fame had even spread among the Thirteen Clans. On the field, only Li Hong and Zhao Feng remained.

Li Hong suppressed the excitement in his heart. This was probably the only spar that he would win.

Zhao Feng's hair blew in the wind and gave off a queer aura. Li Hong felt his soul shake as the former stared at him.

’’Brother Li, admit defeat. You're not my match.’’

An invisible wave of mental energy charged into Li Hong's heart.

’’You... ’’

Li Hong's body froze.

The next instant, he felt limitless amounts of lightning ark down from the sky and the earth crumbled, becoming hell.

When Zhao Feng had returned back to the Clan, he had comprehended more of the Lightning Inheritance. He could now merge some of the Lightning Inheritance into his mental energy and this gave it unbelievable power.

Not good!

The second Li Hong fell into the illusion, he felt a gust of wind.


Zhao Feng sent him flying with one kick.


The disciples all broke out into chaos. What the heck had happened?

’’Oh, so it's a mental energy skill. This brat's knows such weird and unusual techniques.’’

’’Although it's unusual, one can't block against it. The Ancient Shrine, ranked 2nd of the Thirteen Clans is an example.’’

The higher ups of the three Clans exchanged glances. At this point in time, Li Hong sat uselessly on the ground.

’’Thanks.’’ Zhao Feng said nonchalantly.

Those from the Silver Moon Clan had ugly expressions. Even Zhao Feng, who had the lowest cultivation, was so strong - Li Hong had been defeated without any resistance.

’’Mental energy technique... ’’ Ao Yuetian fell silent.

He suddenly remembered 'Lin Tong', someone ranked second of the Four Stars. Of the Four Stars, the most mysterious one was without a doubt Lin Tong.

He came from the Ancient Shrine and he had a rare bloodline which allowed him to cultivate the most precious skill of the Ancient Shrine - the 'Heavenly Absent Eyes'.

When Lin Tong fully focused his 'Heavenly Absent Eyes', his opponent would die usually in one move.

Some of the geniuses who Lin Tong beat had their mental energy shattered and they would become crazy. Those that didn't become crazy would have a deep image of Lin Tong left in their hearts.

Even Ao Yuetian, who dared to challenge Cang Yuyue, didn't dare to challenge Lin Tong easily, because the latter was far too queer and his attacks were hard to defend against.

Zhao Feng in front of him also specialised in mental energy.

Of course, Ao Yuetian wouldn't put Zhao Feng in his eyes because it was like child play from his point of view. The Four Stars were at the pinnacle of the tower and they suppressed all the other prodigies.

’’Who else wants to spar with me?’’

Zhao Feng smiled at Meng Yun. The latter froze but he still stood up.

He believed that his heart and mind was strong - therefore, he wasn't scared of Zhao Feng.

As long as he wasn't scared of his opponent's mental energy, victory was easy.

’’Brother Zhao, I admit that I underestimated you, but don't think that you can defeat me with the same means.’’ Meng Yun snickered coldly.

’’Hehe, is that so? I don't believe it.’’ Zhao Feng laughed lightly and the queer aura surrounding him became stronger.

Meng Yun warily protected is mind, then he left after images in the air before leaping towards Zhao Feng.

At the peak 5th Sky, Meng Yun's battle power couldn't be looked down upon.


Zhao Feng exclaimed and he sent a wave of mental energy as loud as thunder at Meng Yun. Although the latter was fast, it wasn't faster than thought.


Meng Yun's figure shook and his blood boiled. His face turned instantly pale and a streak of blood appeared from his lips.

The disciples from all three Clans were shocked. Even the older generation of the Clans were surprised - they didn't expect Zhao Feng's mental energy technique to have such power.

Li Fuji was correct - mental energy was Zhao Feng's true talent. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's mental energy attacks contained insights gained from the Lightning Inheritance. Zhao Feng had now fully entered the first floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

How was this possible?

Meng Yun waved his fan furiously and he sent a wave of silver wind at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng stood still and he didn't make any attempt to dodge or evade. Instead, a cold snicker sounded from him.

Lightning Wind Palm!

He suddenly thrust out a palm causing thunder to boom and arcs of lightning like spider webs to appear.

The second he made this move, the expressions of the Elders from the three Clans changed.

’’He's probably reached the fifth level of the Lightning Wind Palm, which is comparable to the pinnacle of this skill.’’ First Elder exclaimed.

In an instant, Meng Yun's Piercing Moon Wind-Carrying Stance was destroyed and arcs of lightning enveloped his body.

He then lost consciousness.


Everyone only saw blood leak from Meng Yun's ears, nose and eyes before her fainted.

’’Brother Meng.’’ Several disciples of the Lin Moon Clan came forward to help.

Zhao Feng stood still in the dark night sky. His blowing hair and one eye shook everyone's heart and he caused the hairs of some to stand up.

This brat is terrifying.

The disciples of all three Clans thought.

They didn't expect that the scariest one of the Broken Moon Clan to be Zhao Feng, who had the lowest cultivation.

Not only did Zhao Feng possess mental energy, he also had extreme battle power. This could be seen from the palm he had sent Meng Yun flying with.

Li Hong and Meng Yun both wanted to squash soft persimmons (an idiom for picking on the weak), but they had stepped on a landmine instead.

’’Who else?’’ Zhao Feng's gaze scanned the crowd.

The three Core disciples of the Silver Moon Clan were silent. Shang Guanyu didn't have much of a chance in winning and Mao Feng had just fought before, expending some energy. If he lost to a brat at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm... all of the Silver Moon Clan's face would be lost.

’’To maintain fairness, everyone can only fight two battles in a row.’’Ao Yuetian suddenly said.

This rule was to prevent others from continuously tiring one out.

’’Ok.’’ Zhao Feng nodded his head and walked off.

With Zhao Feng's departure, the three Core disciples of the Broken Moon Clan had all showed off their moves. This time, the Broken Moon Clan had washed away all the shame from before.

’’Zhao Feng, your Lightning Wind Palm seems to have reached the 5th level, just one below the highest one?’’

Hai Yun Master's eyes twinkled as if he was curious.

Zhao Feng obviously knew what he meant. Those that had trained the Lightning Wind Palm to the highest level had all died.

’’It might take one or two years to reach the 6th level.’’ Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

His Lightning Wind Palm had been perfected to the 7th level. At the same time, the original 5th level was far stronger than before, since Zhao Feng had merged the insights from the Lightning Inheritance into it. Not only that, the use and flow of it was far smoother.

Hai Yun Master obviously didn't know this and thought: ’’This Zhao Feng seems to be perfecting the Lightning Wind Palm, I just don't know whether he'll live or die when he reaches the 6th level.’’

If Zhao Feng died due to the Lightning Wind Palm, he would obviously feel better.

The sparring continued.

After that, the Lin Moon Clan and SIlver Moon Clan clashed.

Shang Guanyu challenged Zhao Yufei, who also had an Inheritance. Zhao Yufei had reached the peak 5th Sky and she had gained an Inheritance in the trial.

After exchanging twenty or so moves, Zhao Yufei used a tactic similar to Bei Moi's to defeat Shang Guanyu.

’’What Inheritance did Yufei receive?’’ Zhao Feng didn't seem to find any obvious answer.

Zhao Yufei's movement skill was like before - agile and light, just like Zhao Feng's illusion fish technique.

In terms of offense, it was sharp and agile. In terms of defense, it was considered strong as well, or else it wouldn't have been able to block Shang Guanyu's barrage of attacks. But overall, Zhao Feng didn't seem to see anything special about it.

After winning, Zhao Yufei continued to challenge Bei Moi.

Inheritance vs Inheritance.

Zhao Yufei's speed and attacks were still graceful and it was beautiful to look at.

Zhao Feng kept on inspecting with his left eye and he found that the true force within Zhao Yufei's body was transparent and pure - it had even merged with her blood so when used, everything flowed freely.

Zhao Yufei and Bei Moi exchanged hundreds of moves and they fought to a standstill.

Bei Moi was forced to defend most of the time, but since his forte was defense anyways, he didn't lose. The two ended as a draw after a hundred moves.

Zhao Feng seemed to sense something , the Inheritance that Zhao Yufei had received should be a supporting type. At the same time, he felt that the bloodline that Zhao Yufei had wasn't the normal either or else how could her true force be so pure and transparent? Furthermore, Zhao Yufei was still full of energy and this was after two battles.

Zhao Yufei was slightly sad, she had wanted to challenge Zhao Feng or Yang Gan after, but she realised that she had already fought two battles in a row.


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