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King Of Gods - Chapter 211


Chapter 211 - Sparring (2)

The battle between Meng Yun and Bei Moi was one sided. Meng Yun, who had reached the peak 5th Sky, was defeated with only a few moves.

At this point in time, the disciples of all three Clans were stunned. The reason why they were stunned was not only because of how strong Bei Moi was. It was also because of the Broken Moon Clan itself.

Everytime the Three Clan Party was held, the Broken Moon Clan was last and ever since Hai Yun Master's generation, there hadn't been any more outstanding geniuses.

’’The Inheritance he's received is not a normal one.’’ The Clan Master and Elders of the Broken Moon Clan exchanged glances.

The Three Clans all had their own places of trial and it was rare for anyone to receive an Inheritance. Usually, only one in a hundred years would one get an Inheritance, but this generation each Clan had someone receive an Inheritance.

But even then, there was differences in Inheritances. It was obvious that Bei Moi's Dark Water Inheritance was a powerful Inheritance and in Hai Yun Master's words - it was one of the best Inheritances of the Floating Crest Palace.

’’The Broken Moon Clan has such a deadly character this generation.’’ Mao Feng's expression changed dramatically.

The strength that Bei Moi displayed was so strong that even he didn't have full confidence in winning.

’’Let me go.’’ The silver robed sword-user next to Mao Feng said in a low voice.

’’Shang Guanyu, be careful.’’ Mao Feng warned.

Although Shang Guanyu was ranked third in the Silver Moon Clan Core disciples, he had received an Inheritance and in terms of battle prowess, he was even better than Li Hong.

’’Brother Bei, be careful.’’

Shang Guanyu's gaze was as sharp as a sword and an unseeable sharpness appeared from him.


A cold flash pierced through the air towards Bei Moi.

That one sword was like lightning in the night. Bei Moi's expression was solemn, he didn't think he would meet someone whose forte was sword.

The three Clans didn't specialise in swords, but across the continent, it was extremely popular. Even now there were many sword Inheritances.

The forte of the sword was offense. They believed that one sword could break ten thousand techniques.

From the aura radiating from Shang Guanyu's sword strike, one could tell this was something that cultivators at the 5th Sky couldn't block.

Dark Water Mountain!

Bei Moi took a breath and the dark blue water around him rose in height, as if it was a ten thousand pound mountain. Those at the same cultivation as Bei Moi would be forced to cough out blood.

Shang Guanyu's figure only paused slightly before the cold sword slashed slashed Bei Moi's Dark Water Mountain in half. But then, he himself was pushed back a few steps.

’’What powerful offense!’’ The members of the three clans exclaimed.

Bei Moi's Inheritances' forte was obviously defense, while Shang Guanyu's sword Inheritance was offense.

On the field, the two figures exchanged moves and Shang Guanyu's sword strikes barraged on and on.

’’Sword cultivators are indeed troublesome.’’ Ao Yuetian murmured as he remembered something.

With his strength, he obviously didn't put Shang Guanyu into his eyes.

But there was a genius of the thirteen clans who welded a three feet long sword and had the title 'One sword slaying the Heavens'.

It meant that one sword strike would defeat all the geniuses of this generation. That person was a girl. But using her one sword, she had crushed every male under her feet.

Everytime, Ao Yuetian had been defeated by her. She was Cang Yuyue, the Head of the Four Stars and came from the 'Cloud Sword Clan', which was ranked 1st of the Thirteen Clans.

Shang Guanyu was similar to Cang Yuyue in how they both trained in the sword.

Shang Guanyu's offense could even threaten those at the 6th Sky and Bei Moi wasn't able to gain the upper hand in a short amount of time.

’’Brother Zhao, what do you think the chances of Bei Moi winning is?’’ Yang Gan asked.

’’Brother Bei will win. His Dark Water Inheritance specialises in defense, while sword cultivators focus on sharpness. If they don't succeed soon, their offense will drop.’’ Zhao Feng said confidently.

Hearing this, First Elder and Yang Gan nodded their head. It wasn't only Zhao Feng who had such predictions.

’’Dark Water Reversing Wave.’’

The dark water surrounding Bei Moi suddenly contracted then exploded outwards, and destroyed Shang Guanyu's attack.

The latter was forced back tens of yards and he was puffing.

’’Thanks.’’ Bei Moi said without emotion, as if this was normal.

After beating the two, his gaze landed on Mao Feng. Challenging the Head disciple.

The expressions of every disciple changed.

If Bei Moi challenged Mao Feng and won, this would mean the entire Silver Moon Clan had been crushed by Bei Moi.


Mao Feng slowly stood up.

’’Brother Bei, you've expended a lot of energy during those two fights. Let me do it.’’

Yang Gan flashed onto the centre of the field.

Bei Moi didn't argue and he expressionlessly walked back to the Broken Moon Clan's corner.

Hai Yun Master nodded his head, Bei Moi's performance had given him face.

At this point in time, on the field.

The clash between the Head disciples had created a buzz.

Yang Gan held an ancient gold long blade, which was full of dominance, as if a ruler was descending. Yang Gan's strength shocked the other disciples.

Zhao Feng was also surprised. He didn't expect Yang Gan's strength to rise so much after the trial.

A smug appeared on First Elder's expression.

Yang Gan already had good comprehension and talent. Through this trial, his battle ability had risen greatly. Furthermore, the pressure brought upon by Zhao Feng and Bei Moi pushed out the potential.

In just one move, Yang Gan had gained the upper hand. His blade was full of righteousness and dominance.

After twenty moves, Mao Feng was slightly puffing and full of stun: ’’What the heck is wrong with the Broken Moon Clan this time? Bei Moi might be strong, but that's because he's received an Inheritance. How can the Head disciple have such unbelievable strength as well?’’

’’Very strong.’’ Bei Moi murmured to himself.

After reaching the 5th Sky, he had wanted to challenge Yang Gan. From the looks of it now, his chance of victory didn't exceed 20% and a draw was 40% at max.

Zhao Feng had to admit that Yang Gan did indeed have the right to become the Head disciple. Under normal circumstances, without using his bloodline power or heavily use the Lightning Inheritance, he was definitely not Yang Gan's match. After all, he didn't have a solid defense like Bei Moi and he was lacking in cultivation.

Thirty moves later, Yang Gan knocked Mao Feng back with a blade and he left a streak of blood on the latter's face.

’’Brother Yang's face is indeed strong. I am definitely not your match.’’

Mao Feng wasn't too disappointed or crestfallen because he had done his best, but the difference between him and Yang Gan was too great.

Yang Gan had also expended a lot of energy after the battle and he decided to rest. At his level, the only person he could challenge was Ao Yuetian and he needed to be at his peak state to do so.

’’Their strength is ok. I thought that I wouldn't have the opportunity to fight this time.’’ Ao Yuetian didn't hide the arrogance within his voice.

He didn't even put the Three Clan Party in his eyes. His goal was the Alliance Gathering, where his opponents would be Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, Xu Zixuan, the other three Stars.

After Yang Gan left, the atmosphere was weird.

The strength that the Broken Moon Clan displayed was too terrifying and they had crushed the Silver Moon Clan.

The Silver Moon Clan had no will to fight anymore. Meng Yun's expression was also slightly ugly.

He didn't even put the disciples of the Broken Moon Clan in his eyes when he greeted them, but Bei Moi and Yang Gan both could easily defeat him.

At this point in time.

The Broken Moon Clan's power caused the other two Clans to be wary.

’’Feng'er, aren't you going to go up?’’ First Elder said.

His words caused the Broken Moon Clan members to look at him weirdly.

Of the three representatives, Zhao Feng was the most mysterious one and even First Elder didn't know everything.


The eyes of Meng Yun and the Silver Moon Clan disciples lit up.

That's right.

The Broken Moon Clan might be strong this time and Yang Gan and Bei Moi weren't to be offended. But the Broken Moon Clan also had a weakness.

This disciple at the 4th Sky might be ranked high inside the Clan, but it wasn't enough at the Three Clan Party.

’’Hmph, I should pick the easiest one and show everyone how powerful the Lin Moon Clan is.’’

Meng Yun had made his decision. Furthermore, the relationship between Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei made him jealous.

On the other side.

’’You two, go and challenge Zhao Feng and win at least one round for the Silver Moon Clan.’’ Mao Feng murmured.

Shang Guanyu and Li Hong nodded their heads as they heard this.

The Silver Moon Clan had been utterly defeated by the Broken Moon Clan this time.

Luckily at this time.

Zhao Feng walked onto the field under First Elder's 'encouragement'.

Before he could say anything, Meng Yun and Li Hong both walked up at the same time.

What the heck was going on?

Zhao Feng paused. When was he so welcomed?

’’What, does Brother Li Hong want to spar with him as well?’’ Meng Yun laughed.

The two exchanged glances and they instantly knew what the other was thinking.

The members of the three Clans first paused before understanding.

They weren't dumb, the Three Clan Party represented the faces of the three Clans. Every participant would try to do their best and win.

If one didn't even win one round, how embarrassing would that be?

’’That's right, I'm very curious about Brother Zhao.’’

Li Hong's face turned slightly red.

’’Same here.’’ Meng Yun coughed.

The two didn't seem to have any intention of leaving - their faces were very thick.

Even the Clans felt ashamed. Only Yang Gan and Bei Moi had gloating expressions.


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