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King Of Gods - Chapter 210


Chapter 210 - Sparring (1)

’’It's her... ’’

Zhao Feng and Bei Moi exchanged glances and they confirmed that the Purple Smoke Goddess was indeed Zhao Yufei, who left that day when they were still in the Guanjun Palace.

In half a year's time, her original beauty had become even more charming. Her every action and smile was full of charm. When Zhao Feng returned to the Zhao family, the Zhao family had told him how stunning Zhao Yufei was.

’’When Sister Yufei came back, she was like a goddess. Even Qiu Mengyu, the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City, was below her in terms of looks.’’

Thinking about what the Zhao family had said, Zhao Feng didn't find it exaggerated at all.

Zhao Yufei was a prodigy whose talent was comparable to the Earth Spiritual Body and she had received an Inheritance. Even the expressionless Bei Moi exclaimed, unable to accept this reality.

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled and he remembered what had happened when Zhao Yufei had tested her talent.

At that time, the colour of the ball was different and Lord Guanjun had thought that Zhao Yufei's talent was unique. It seemed like Zhao Yufei also had a Changeable Body, and it was even stronger than Sun Yuanhao's.

’’Yufei, these are the friends from the Silver Moon Clan... ’’ Meng Yun started to introduce everyone.

In terms of status, the Silver Moon Clan was higher than the Broken Moon Clan, so he first started from 'Mao Feng', the head disciple of the Silver Moon Clan.

Those that were introduced felt their heartbeats increase. The girl in front of them had received an Inheritance and she had the highest talent amongst them all.

After finishing introducing the people from the Silver Moon Clan.

Meng Yun's eyes glanced towards the three from the Broken Moon Clan and said nonchalantly: ’’These are the Broken Moon Clan participants, led by head disciple Brother Yang Gan.’’

He only mentioned Yang Gan.

’’It is my honour to meet the 'Purple Smoke Goddess', the most talented and beautiful girl of the three Clan's.’’ Yang Gan praised.


When Zhao Yufei's gaze landed on the participants from the Broken Moon Clan, she was first dazed then filled with shock and joy: ’’Brother Zhao Feng... You're also here?’’

Zhao Yufei recognised Zhao Feng and Bei Moi, but she couldn't help but exclaim when she saw Zhao Feng's face: ’’Brother Zhao Feng... your eye?’’


A purple light flight and Zhao Yufei appeared in front of Zhao Feng, bringing a fragrant smell with her.

’’Yufei, long time no see.’’ Zhao Feng smiled and said.

His azure hair blew in the air, making him seem slightly weird.

Zhao Yufei's heart was moved. The Zhao Feng at this point in time was the same back at the Zhao family and Guanjun Palace - composed and calm. The confidence he had made her feel reliant on him.

And now, Zhao Feng gave her a more mysterious feeling. She was sure that not only was Zhao Feng fine, the latter was far stronger than before.

’’I was too excited.’’ Zhao Yufei turned around and greeted Bei Moi.

’’So you guys know each other?’’ Yang Gan was slightly surprised.

Ao Yuetian and Meng Yun from the Lin Moon Clan had ugly expressions. This was especially so for Meng Yun - he had purposely decided to not introduce Zhao Feng and Bei Moi, but they already knew the goddess.

Ao Yuetian was also slightly angered. The trash he didn't look at seemed to have a good relationship with Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei smiled and simply introduced the two.

Everyone understood - Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei both came from the Zhao family and they were disciples of the same Master with Bei Moi.

Inside the pavilion.

The awkwardness in the air fell. Everyone found some friends and they started to talk.

Zhao Feng had seen the red haired Li Hong of the Silver Moon Clan a few days ago and he could be considered as someone he knew. But Zhao Feng was wary towards Li Hong - what was the relationship between him and the Scarlet Moon Clan?

The topic of discussion soon turned to cultivation.

Ao Yuetian's 'Moon God War' and the inheritances that Zhao Yufei and Bei Moi received were the centre of attention.

Of course, everyone only mentioned them, but no one went deep into it.

’’This Brother Zhao must have his reasons to be able to attend the Three Clan Party with the cultivation at just the 4th Sky.’’ Ao Yuetian decided to trouble Zhao Feng.

Under normal circumstances he would be too disdainful to do so, but because of the relationship between him and Zhao Yufei, it had caught Ao Yuetian's attention.

’’Brother Zhao's strength is ok.’’ Yang Gan could only reply.

Zhao Feng was too lazy to reply and Bei Moi would definitely not help him. As for Zhao Feng's situation, Yang Gan could only brush through it.

The disciples from the Lin Moon Clan and Silver Moon Clan had disdain and jealousy in their eyes. Maybe it was because Zhao Feng seemed to be on very good terms with Zhao Yufei and they were waiting for the former to lose face.

But because Zhao Feng couldn't be bothered to respond and Bei Moi was expressionless all the time, they soon lost interest.

Time passed quickly.

At ten o'clock, the discussion between the higher ups ended.

Next was the long awaited sparring.

Many of the high authority between the three Clan's gathered at the Lin Moon Clan's field.

Every Clan had a respective corner of the field.

The corner of the Broken Moon Clan.

’’The disciples of this generation's Lin Moon Clan are stronger than expected.’’ Granny Liuyue had worry in her eyes.

Hai Yun Master nodded his head: ’’The difference between us and the Lin Moon Clan is too big - it's almost impossible for us to win, but if we can fight the Silver Moon Clan to a draw, the other two Clan's would look at us in a new light.’’

’’This is only what we can do.’’ First Elder sighed.


Lin Moon Clan's set up was too strong. Ao Yuetian had reached the peak 6th Sky and he was one of the Four Stars.

Zhao Yufei and Meng Yun had both reached the peak 5th Sky and the former had received an Inheritance.

In terms of personal and team strength, the Lin Moon Clan easily surpassed the other two.

The Broken Moon Clan couldn't imagine beating the Lin Moon Clan - all they wished was to fight the Silver Moon Clan to a draw.

But the Silver Moon Clan had one participant at the 6th Sky and the other two were at the 5th Sky. From the surface, they seemed stronger than the Broken Moon Clan.

First Elder's gaze soon landed upon the composed Zhao Feng. He had a bit of hope in his heart that this disciple of his would bring a surprise.

Only First Elder knew that Zhao Feng had received the Lightning Inheritance and his battle power was terrifying.

At this time.

Ao Yuetian from the Lin Moon Clan announced the start of the sparring.

The entire sparring session was organised by the younger generation. The older generation would only spectate and they would give the occasional pointer but wouldn't interfere.

’’Being the hosting Clan, I'll fight first. Which friend wants to spar with me?’’

Meng Yun stood at the centre of the field and he asked the Silver Moon Clan and Broken Moon Clan.


The red haired Li Hong of the Silver Moon Clan rose and a fiery aura appeared from his body.

Fire Moon Technique!

Li Hong's attack was chaotic and full of flames - it could turn an entire room into powder instantly.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. In terms of offense, Li Hong's Fire Moon Technique was similar to the Burning Wind Stance he had, but it had more power.

Wind Cloud Piercing Moon Technique.

Meng Yun held a fan and he sent lines of sharp true force that turned into silver streaks of wind that engulfed everything in their paths.

In turns of pure offense, Meng Yun was slightly better than Li Hong, but this was only due to the difference in cultivation. However, the movement and agility of his attacks were more advanced and the casual movements he had were admirable.

Piercing Moon Wind Carrying Stance.

Meng Yun suddenly flapped his fan and he sent a tidal wave of silver air towards Li Hong, which caused the latter to be pushed back and become slightly injured.


Meng Yun didn't continue to push forward or else, he could have forced Li Hong out of the sparring boundaries.

Li Hong was defeated as he returned back to the Silver Moon Clan. The red robed Elder next to him shook his head and sighed: ’’Hong'er, you lost because of two reasons. One, all you wanted to was win. Second, the opponent was smarter than you.’’

Meng Yun won the first spar in ten moves.

He was only ranked third and he already had such strength. This greatly pressured the older generation of the other two Clans.

’’Which friend from the Broken Moon Clan would like to spar with me?’’

Meng Yun's gaze swept towards Yang Gan and co. and it landed on Bei Moi.

He didn't have much confidence in beating Yang Gan, but if he challenged Zhao Feng, he would be 'bullying' the weak.

Bei Moi was perfect for him - he had received an Inheritance and Meng Yun would feel accomplished if he defeated Bei Moi.

Bei Moi walked onto the field expressionlessly and said: ’’You're not my match.’’

’’Hehehe, brat, you're very arrogant.’’

Not only was Meng Yun surprised, the other disciples were too.

'Four Waves of the Northern Heavenly Water.'

Bei Moi thought and a sea of dark blue water appeared, bringing an immense pressure. Meng Yun felt his blood freeze and he found it hard to breathe. He finally realised how strong this expressionless youth was.

Piercing Moon Wind Carrying Stance.

Meng Yun once again used this move.


The dark blue water crushed towards Meng Yun and it caused the latter to almost cough out blood.

’’So strong.’’

’’He's the one that received an Inheritance from the Broken Moon Clan?’’

The spectators exclaimed.

Two or three moves later, Meng Yun was sent flying and he landed on the ground.

Everyone broke out in discussion.


Meng Yun was full of regret and shock. Disciples that had received Inheritances were terrifying. If he knew this earlier, he would have challenged Zhao Feng, who was at the 4th Sky instead. Although he would be bullying the weak, it would be better than being defeated.


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