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King Of Gods - Chapter 193


Chapter 193 - First Elders' Position

When one should be high-key, then go high-key.

How could Zhao Feng be accused of all these problems the second he came out?

In this situation, every and any explanation was useless. One needed to establish their dominance to the crowd.

Zhao Feng had succeeded in doing this by using an arrogant and superior manner! And these people had nothing to say.

The strongest came first.

Zhao Feng had taken this title and he had the rights to say so.

'The victorious writes the history', who's ever heard of the loser writing it?

The Clan Master and Elders' glanced at each other - they didn't think that he would still be so arrogant in the public.

But remembering the fact that this brat had come first in the trial and he was because from training the Lightning Wind Palm, his actions weren't that unusual.

’’Zhao Feng, how dare you be so arrogant!?’’

Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master's expressions were dim and their aura swept through the air.

They only needed one thought to kill this disciple. But they didn't dare.

Firstly, Zhao Feng was first in the trial. Secondly, behind Zhao Feng was First Elder.

They released their aura to try and down the flames of Zhao Feng's arrogance. However, the result disappointed them.

Zhao Feng's azure hair blew in the wind and his eye was still sharp and unmoving. Throughout the trial, Zhao Feng had withstood the True Spirit Realm aura many times.

The most terrifying Mountain Monster, who had slain four black metal monsters in one thought, had an aura that was far stronger than the two Elders before him.

Inside Zhao Feng's left eye, the azure light spun, sending his bloodline power across his whole body to decrease the aura's pressure.

Miao miao!

Not only was Zhao Feng unaffected, even the little thieving cat was laughing mockingly towards Hai Yun Master and Elder Xue.

’’Hmm? That cat's not simple! Could it be the cat that tricked Bei Moi?’’

Hai Yun Masters' eyes lit up.

Being at the True Spirit Realm, how could he not see that the little thieving cat's intelligence was something that a normal beast couldn't compare to?

Furthermore, the cat could ignore the pressure brought by existences at the True Spirit Realm, meaning that either it had high talent itself, or it had a powerful bloodline.

For example, the legendary beasts such as the Dragon and Roc could pressure normal beasts, even if it had lower cultivation.

Thinking up to here, Hai Yun Master's eyes became urgent.

’’Everyone, remain calm! Zhao Feng is, after all, the winner of this trial. The Clan will give a satisfactory answer.’’

The Clan Master's cold voice was full of strictness.

The Elders all agreed. The most important thing right now was to see how much rewards Zhao Feng had received.

One had to know that Zhao Feng had remained in the trial longer than Bei Moi, who had beaten the thousand year record, by ten days.

The disciples who were asking to punish Zhao Feng such as Quan Chen, Bei Moi and co. all became silent. No matter what they said, Zhao Feng still had come first.

The Clan Master was leading Zhao Feng towards the Central division.

From the looks of it, what Zhao Feng had done in the trial was very likely to be dismissed by the higher-ups of the Clan.

Quan Chen, Lu Hu and co. all had unwilling looks on their face.

Right at this moment, a powerful True Spirit Realm aura appeared.

’’Youngster Zhao Feng, don't be arrogant! Every country has their own laws and our Clan is like so! With Elder, I, here, no matter how big your contribution, you'll still be punished.’’

A thunderous, old voice sounded which made the footsteps of the Elders' halt.

Before the words finished, an old man wearing a green shirt, holding a staff appeared in the air.

’’Regulations Elder!’’

A few of the disciples exclaimed and they bowed down in respect.

The Regulations Elder held a unique position within the Clan. He had the authority to kill and controlled the laws of the Clan.

Even if the Clan Master had broken the Clan laws, the Regulations Elder had the right to stand up and question her. Furthermore, the Regulations Elder had a Spiritual grade weapon, which gave him greater strength than other normal Elders.

’’Great! Master's here now. Even the Clan Master can't stop him!’’

Extreme joy appeared on Lu Hu's face. Quan Chen and co.'s dim expressions all turned to gloating.

Seeing the Regulations Elder, worry appeared in the Clan Master's eyes.

If the former wanted to punish Zhao Feng, even she couldn't stop him.

The Clan Master's eyes turned towards First Elder with a pleading look. This wasn't only because First Elder was Zhao Feng's master, it was also because of his authority.

’’Regulations Elder, why not come down and witness the highest score that the Floating Crest Trial has ever recorded?’’

First Elder's voice was calm and it seemed like an invitation and an order at the same time.

At this moment, the other Elder's were all silent.

’’Fine, I shall come.’’

The Regulations Elder was obviously wary of First Elder. First Elder had the word 'First' in it, meaning that he was the head of all the Elders.

Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master looked at each other and they sighed in their hearts: ’’Is First Elder deciding to protect this disciple?’’

Originally, the Regulations Elder wanted to take Zhao Feng down straight away and punish him. However, even if he was the Regulations Elder, he had to give First Elder face.

Zhao Feng took this scene in his eyes and he couldn't help but feel lucky that he chose to be First Elder's disciple, even though it was just an outer disciple.

First Elder didn't take many disciples but once he had, he would protect them till the end, even if the disciple was an outer disciple of his.

First Elder didn't want to take Zhao Feng as a disciple because he once also had another disciple that trained the Lightning Wind Palm and died from it.

First Elder might seem cold and uncaring at first, but after obtaining his recognition, the former would wholeheartedly care for his disciples. First Elder led the way and he walked into the Central division in front of even the Clan Master.

The latter and Regulations Elder followed closely behind him. The other Elders all exchanged glances, as if considering what First Elder was thinking.

The First Elder right now was far too dominant. The Regulations Elders' expression changed to a slightly more solemn one.

’’This is First Elder, my master! Dominant and powerful!’’ Zhao Feng's heart was full of stun.

The entire atmosphere had been changed by First Elder. He could even feel that the other normal Elders didn't even dare to breathe heavily.


Zhao Feng realised that First Elders' position in the Clan was higher than what he imagined.

From the surface, it seemed that the Clan Master had the highest authority within the Clan. However, truthfully, she didn't.

At this moment, when First Elder walked at the very front, no one questioned him. On the contrary, all of them became careful.

’’Brother Zhao, go in.’’

Yang Gan warned Zhao Feng with a slightly complex expression. He didn't think that his Master would actually protect this outer disciple of his.

As for why First Elder had such authority, Yang Gan didn't feel anything off.

All of this was because of one thing - First Elder was the strongest within the Clan!

Strength preceded everything.

It didn't matter if one was 'Righteous' or 'Wicked', that was the law.

It was because First Elder had the strongest strength that the other Elders had to back away.

Yang Gan laughed coldly in his heart: ’’Master is usually low-key in the Clan. These Elders did what they want but now, they've finally realised who's the true boss!’’

Soon, the group of Elders entered the Central division Hall.

Vice Head Li's heart shook. What the heck was going on? Why are all the Elders here and what's with the atmosphere?

Inside the hall, apart from the Elders, the other disciples who had participated in the trial had also come inside.

’’Zhao Feng, what was your final score?’’

The Clan Master's eyes were full of anticipation.

’’A thousand and a bit.’’ Zhao Feng casually answered.

A thousand and a bit?

The other disciples all drew in cold breaths.

’’His score's reached one thousand! Even Brother Bei Moi was only at 900 or so.’’

’’That score's probably beaten the ten-thousand year record.’’

Chaos broke out inside the hall.

Hehe, looks like Bei Moi only had 900 points.

Zhao Feng laughed in his heart.

’’A thousand and a bit? How much is a bit?’’

First Elder glared at Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng purposely gave a far lower score because some points were used to grant his wishes.

’’1500+, that's beaten the ten-thousand year record!’’

First Elder was extremely pleased and his face was flushed red.

After that, Zhao Feng took out his rewards.

’’Spiritual grade weapon!’’

The first item was a Spiritual grade sword, which made the eyes of all the Elders light up. Zhao Feng then took out two Spiritual class skills, one more than Bei Moi.

Spiritual class skills were treated like heirlooms in the Clan. Two at the same time was a great surprise.

Apart from that, there were four peak grade Mortal skills, which were usually only given to Elders and Vice Heads to train.

Zhao Feng was extremely generous and he gave everything to the Clan.

There were also a bunch of resources with high value. If Zhao Feng didn't need it, he also gave them to the Clan. Truthfully, the most precious skills had all been copied into Zhao Feng's left eye.

’’Your cat doesn't seem simple.’’

Hai Yun Master's eyes spun.

Mia miao!

The little thieving cat laughed at Hai Yun Master with disdain and mockery.

’’Hahaha... ’’

Seeing Hai Yun Master being looked down on by a cat, the other Elders all started laughing.

Hai Yun Master didn't get angry and he stared at Zhao Feng: ’’How much spirit stones do you want for this cat? I can also give other items.’’

’’It's not for sale! The little thieving cat's already signed a blood pact with me.’’

Zhao Feng shook his head without hesitation.

At the same time, he clucked his tongue - Hai Yun Master's eyes were indeed special.

’’Feng'er, did you receive any inheritances in the trial for breaking the ten-thousand year record?’’ First Elder's face was full of urgency.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng felt a warmth inside his heart. The other Elder's all wanted to know how much profit the Clan could get and not him.

As for inheritances, this was the most useful thing for cultivators. Other items were, after all, items.

After this question was asked, the other Elders and disciples were all curious.

This was especially so for Bei Moi because he was the only one who had received an inheritance.


Zhao Feng's simple answer surprised everyone in the hall.


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