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King Of Gods - Chapter 192


Chapter 192 - A bunch of retards

According to what Zhao Feng knew, only Bei Moi had good luck and he had received an 'Inheritance treasure', the gold/green shirt.

’’Inheritance treasures don't require high cultivation, but the word 'inheritance' means that only a small number of people are able to use it.’’ Li Fuji added.

Zhao Feng understood what he meant. For example, the Yin Shadow Cloak required his bloodline power. If he didn't have bloodline power, he wouldn't even be able to open it.

Without reaching the certain requirements, even those at the True Spirit Realm wouldn't have much uses for Inheritance treasures.

After that, Li Fuji told Zhao Feng how to repair the Yin Shadow Cloak.

’’To fix this cloak, you need a Grandmaster Blacksmith and the blacksmith needs to be at least at the True Spirit Realm. There's also a few vital resources which are almost now extinct in this continent. I can give most of them to you, but the points needed are higher than usual.’’ Li Fuji said.

’’How much?’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’Answering your question cost 200, and the resources cost 500, coming to a total of 700.’’ The glowing man answered.

’’Ok, exchange!’’ Zhao Feng agreed without any hesitation.

Inheritance treasures, especially those with the ability of invisibility, were worth far more to him than a Spiritual weapon. One had to know a normal Spiritual grade weapon only cost 500, but it had no use for Zhao Feng apart from giving it to the Clan and receiving some other items in return.

’’You still have 1670.’’

’’I'll exchange them for a Low grade Spiritual weapon, 2 Spiritual class skills, 4 peak Mortal class skills, 8 High class Mortal skills... ’’

Zhao Feng expressionlessly called out a range of items.

Most of them were skills and the one Spiritual grade weapon was to attract all the attention.

These skills all contained a specific scenery inside them, which enlightenment could be obtained from.

Zhao Feng opened his left eye and he copied all the skills into the dimension of his left eye. Therefore, he wouldn't feel sad when he gave all the skills to the Clan.

Broken Moon Clan.

Forty-eight days had passed since the trial began and most of the participants had exited within a month. Ever since Bei Moi beat the thousand year record, everything had calmed down. Five people at the True Spirit Realm sat outside the Floating Crest Palace.

Over the past couple days, a storm had brewed within the Clan. The participants this generation had all increased significantly in strength. The biggest change of all was the position of Core disciples. Over the last few days, the Core disciples' ranking had changed dramatically.

Firstly, Yang Gan had broken through to the 6th Sky and he took the title of Head disciple.

The original Head disciple had exceeded the age limit of 30 and he wasn't a disciple anymore. After all, the Clan wouldn't continuously raise the younger generation. After they reached a certain age, they would carry out tasks for the Clan.

However, Yang Gan didn't wait till the original Head disciple left. He had beaten the latter, who was at the 6th Sky, in a fight.

Apart from Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Quan Chen, Ran Xiaoyuan and co. had all performed well.

This was especially so for Bei Moi. Apparently, he had received a mysterious inheritance in the trial and when he came out, his cultivation was at the peak 4th Sky.

Three days ago.

Bei Moi had defeated Chen Xingrui, who was originally ranked 2nd! In this fight, Bei Moi showed his dominance and beat the Core disciple at the 5th Sky. Apart from that, Quan Chen and Ran Xiaoyuan had both became the 5th and 6th Core disciples respectively.

Even Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er had both reached the peak 3rd Sky and they had the ability to challenge Core disciples. But right now, they were waiting for the right moment.

Although the positions of Core disciples would always change slightly after the trial, it was still rare to see so many places of the Core disciples change.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng, the insane person who came first place and trained the 'Lightning Wind Palm', still hadn't exited yet.

It could be imagined that the ten positions of the Core disciples would change even more in the coming month. The entire thing fell into the eyes of the high authority of the Clan.

The Elders and Clan Master were all happy that the competition within the inner disciples was so fierce. This would propel the entire younger generation.

Entrance of the Floating Crest Palace.

The Clan Master and Elders could see the fights between the disciples at the Central division below.

’’The Floating Crest Trial this time might push the Broken Moon Clan to an entire new level.’’ A colorful light flashed in the Clan Masters' eyes.

The Elders all nodded their heads and they held high expectations in for their disciples.

’’Over the past thousand years, my Broken Moon Clan has always been last place or second-to-last in the Thirteen Clan Alliance Event. The Alliance competition will start in half a year's time and I hope that these disciples will show their skills on that bigger stage.’’ The Broken Moon Clan Master might be a woman but her words were full of battle intent.

’’Geniuses are indeed like clouds in the Alliance Event. This is the chance to increase their knowledge, but before that, the 'Three Clan Party' with the Silver Moon Clan and Ling Moon CLan is approaching.’’ First Elder smiled faintly.

After mentioning the 'Three Clan Party', the expression of the other Elder's changed slightly. It was obvious that they put some importance to it.

The Three Clan Party was between the Ling Moon Clan, Silver Moon Clan and Broken Moon Clan.

If one was careful, they could tell that all three of these Clan's had 'moon' in their names. A long, long, long time ago these three Clans belonged to the same Sect but due to different reasons, the Sect split into three Clans which were the Ling Moon Clan, Silver Moon Clan and Broken Moon Clan respectively.

Up to now, the three Clan's still remained in touch and they were neighbours with each other. Many times, they had fought an alliance together to face stronger enemies. Of course, while they were in the same alliance, the three Clans still had competition amongst them.

Every five years, there would be a 'Three Clan Party' and this was when they would fight.

’’The Ling Moon Clan sent out the invitation half a month ago saying that the Three Clan Party will be hold one month from now. This time, we will give them a surprise.’’ The Clan Master said confidently.

When the Three Clan Party was mentioned, both the Clan Master and First Elder would have furrowed eyebrows. This was because the other two Clans were ranked 4th and 7th in the 13 Clan's respectively, meaning that they were more powerful than the Broken Moon Clan by not just a bit.

The Broken Moon Clan would come last every time and the Clan Master and Elder's would feel ashamed and depressed.

’’I hope that this time, we will turn the losses around or else I won't have the face to meet those old bastards.’’ The Elders exchanged glances and smiled.

Just as the Elders were dreaming.


A light flashed at the entrance of the Floating Crest Palace.

An azure haired youth appeared.

’’I'm finally out.’’

Zhao Feng let out a breath with a pale face. He had copied all the skills, spending a vast amount of energy.

The sudden appearance of the figure made the five at the True Spirit Realm come back from their daze.

When the light faded away.

Zhao Feng found the five pairs of eyes were staring at him.

’’Wicked youngest, you've finally exited! Kneel and confess your sins!’’ Elder Xue released the anger pent up in his heart.

’’Zhao Feng, do you know your wrongs!?’’ Hai Yun Master exclaimed with coldness in his eyes.

Granny Liuyue also had her eyebrows furrowed and she didn't have a good impression of Zhao Feng as well.

The True Spirit Realm aura's made Zhao Feng hard to breath.

Right at this moment.


The Floating Crest Palace suddenly shook and the lightning surrounding it faded by over half. A powerful arc of lightning then swept everyone away.

’’The Floating Crest Palace has closed.’’ First Elder exclaimed as he grabbed Zhao Feng and landed on the Central division below.

Qiu Qiu Qiu---

The Clan Master and other Elders all landed on the ground. The movement of the Floating Crest Palace attracted the attention of many members of the Clan.

’’Has that guy came out?’’

’’Hmph! Brat named Zhao, wait to face the fury of everyone!’’

Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Quan Chen and co. all had different reactions.

Inside a dim hall within the Clan.

’’The trial has ended. That brat won't be able to escape the Clan's punishment.’’

A cold voice sounded in the hall.

In a short amount of time, the entire Clan had been disturbed.

Many figures went towards the Central division.

Quan Chen, Lu Hu, Sun Yuanhao and co. were all calling to punish Zhao Feng.

’’Zhao Feng! You wicked bastard! You tricked me and stole my spoils of war... ’’

Quan Chen's face was extremely dim and it seemed like the former wanted to tear Zhao Feng into pieces.

’’Zhao Feng, how dare you kick me into the abyss in the trial? My Master is the Regulations Elder, he won't forgive you!’’ Lu Hu howled.

If it wasn't because there were Elders' present, he probably would have already charged up and fought with Zhao Feng.

’’Wuwu... Brother Zhao! I can't believe you're that type of person! One only has one chance to enter the Floating Crest Trial in their lifetime. If you didn't kick me into the abys,s maybe I'll be the same as Brother Bei and receive some kind of Inheritance.’’ Sun Yuanhao's baby face was full of pureness.

’’Hmph! I can't believe there's such people in our Clan!’’

A few of the girl disciples couldn't help but sympathise.

Miao miao!

A little grey cat the size of a palm jumped onto Zhao Feng's shoulder and it looked at the crowd with its black gem eyes.

What a cute cat!

The eyes of some girl disciples lit up.

’’It was that cat that tricked me!’’ Bei Moi instantly became angry as he saw the little thieving cat.

At this point in time, everything was in chaos as the crowd all called for Zhao Feng to be punished.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows scrunched together - these people were all cursing him.

Being the top participant of the trial, would he just stand there?

’’A bunch of retards!’’ ZHao Feng coldly exclaimed as loud as thunder.


The expressions of the disciples fell into a daze. They would never have thought that this person would be so arrogant in public.

’’Don't use any excuses to cover your uselessness. If you had the strength, first place wouldn't have been me.’’ Zhao Feng said arrogantly as he surveyed the crowd with sharp eyes.

He thought coldly in his heart: ’’From the ancient times till now, only the victorious wrote history.

Who came first?


Not you clowns!

’’You you... ’’

The disciples were all instantly speechless.


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