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King Of Gods - Chapter 191


Chapter 191 - Zhao Feng exiting (2)

’’..... Final score: 2570.

Participant, your score has exceeded 1000 and you will receive the highest treatment from the Floating Crest Palace.’’

Zhao Feng stood in the white crystal hall, pale faced and he wiped the blood off his lips.

Before he had died, the scene of the Mountain Monster had shocked him. Before that power, even those at the True Spirit Realm were ants.


A white glow of light enveloped Zhao Feng and it sent a wave of warmness throughout his body that healed his injuries. This wave of warmness was similar to the jade that Zhao Feng had obtained from the treasury and had the properties of healing.

’’2570 seems to be very high. I also get to receive the highest treatment?’’

Zhao Feng recovered from his daze and he began to think about what the sound has just said. He was the last person that exited the trial, meaning that he was definitely first. But it was also because of this reason that he couldn't compare with the previous participants.

’’Usually, only one person in a thousand years would break the thousand point mark. As for your score, it had beaten the highest score recorded in the Floating Crest Palace in the past ten thousand years.’’

The figure of a tall, powerful man appeared from nowhere. The figure was created by white lights and although it wasn't real, it had a certain amount of intelligence.

Zhao Feng looked closely and he realised that the features of this person was slightly familiar.

He suddenly remembered the youth named 'Li Ji' in the canyon illusion.

’’You're Li Ji?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but blurt out. The two were just so alike - the only difference being the man was more mature.

’’Hehe, I am 'Li Fuji'. The figure you see right now is only a thought from the true me.’’ The man explained.

Zhao Feng clucked his tongue - the man wasn't a true life form, but he had intelligence.

Miao miao!

At this time, the little thieving cat climbed out of the interspatial ring and it curiously inspected the man while sitting on Zhao Feng's shoulder.

When the man saw the little thieving cat, stun flashed through his eyes but he didn't ask anything.

’’Participant, your score has exceeded 1000 and can receive the following treatment.

  1. Use your points and exchange them for skills, weapons and other items.

  2. Ask me to do anything within my capabilities. Of course, it will cost you a corresponding amount of points.

  3. Give you a simple inheritance for free.’’

The glowing man said.

Three treatments in total?

Zhao Feng fell into deep thought.

According to what he knew of the Floating Crest Trial, normal participants only received the first treatment. As for the record, he had never heard of this but for the third, he had remembered First Elder talking about it - there were chances of inheritances in the trial.

’’My biggest advantage is the second treatment - to wish for anything.’’

ZHao Feng thought about it, but first he had to understand how to exchange his points.

Information began to appear from his Floating Crest Token.

First was how Zhao Feng had gotten his points.

20 for passing the first stage. 30 for passing the second stage.

As for the third stage, it was calculated by time when the pursuit started.

The first to tenth day of the pursuit gave 10 points for every day.

Therefore, Zhao Feng received 100 for the first round of the pursuit.

This was only completed by Zhao Feng, Bei Moi and Yang Gan.

The second ten days of the pursuit gave 20 for each day, giving Zhao Feng another 200.

Only Zhao Feng and Bei Moi were able to complete this with the former being the only person to survive the third round of pursuit.

Zhao Feng was only able to survive one day of the fourth round before being killed by the 'Mountain Monster'.

Therefore, Zhao Feng's stage-passing score was: 720.

’’My performance score is too much - 1350!’’

Zhao Feng looked at it in more detail. Every black metal monster killed gave him 100 and because Zhao Feng killed 8, there was 800 points.

’’Bei Moi didn't even kill one monster. This means there's at least 800 points between us and adding on the fact that he lasted shorter than me, there's a gap of at least a thousand.’’

A smile formed on Zhao Feng lips.

This meant that even the second best participant had at least a thousand points difference with him. Zhao Feng then started to search for information regarding the items that could be exchanged.

’’Peak class Mortal skill - 80 points for one.

Peak grade Mortal weapons - 100 for one.

Low class Spiritual skills - 400 for one.

Low grade Spiritual weapon - 500 for one... ’’

The items Zhao Feng looked at were all top tier. The highest skills and weapons one could exchange for in the Floating Crest Trial were Middle class Spiritual skills or Middle grade Spiritual weapons, which needed 1500 and 2000 points respectively.

Zhao Feng obviously wouldn't exchange his points for those items. After thinking for a bit, Zhao Feng made his decision: ’’I'll have the simple inheritance first.’’

This was the third treatment which other participants excluding Bei Moi probably didn't have.


As soon as the man said this, a transparent white glow of light flowed into Zhao Feng's body.

It was a mysterious aura that didn't have any malicious intent to it. On the contrary, it was warm and peaceful. The light flowed through his blood, bones and even mental energy, but when it came to the azure light within his left eye, the light faded away.

’’Unfortunately, I am unable to create a perfect inheritance for you. The path that suits you is 'mental energy', which is the 'soul'. For example, mental illusions, predictors or even corpse-summoner could be your forte.’’

’’Why can't it be created?’’

Zhao Feng was slightly frustrated - Li Fuji's suggestion was the same as First Elders.

’’The Floating Crest Palace is a 'Righteous ground of Inheritance'. Not many practice using 'mental energy' and it's considered slightly 'wicked'. Furthermore, your bloodline makes it even harder to create one specifically for you. Of course, because you obtained the Floating Crest Lightning Seal and have some Lightning skills as foundation, I can give the best inheritance of the Floating Crest Palace, the 'Lightning Inheritance', to you.’’ The glowing man said.


Zhao Feng nodded his head. At least he was able to get the best inheritance of the Floating Crest Palace.


A large amount of energy flowed into Zhao Feng's mind and lit up the entire hall.

A while later.

A tower with three floors appeared in Zhao Feng's mind.

The scene in the first floor was similar to the Floating Crest Lightning Seal. It contained enlightenment and ways to use Lightning.

As for the second and third floor of the tower, it was grey and Zhao Feng was unable to enter.

’’The Lightning Inheritance has been sealed in your mind. At the Ascended Realm, you can only comprehend the first floor. The second floor requires you to be at the True Spirit Realm and the third floor requires you to be at least at the 'True Lord rank', the third Heaven of the True Spirit Realm. If you're able to fully comprehend the Lightning Inheritance, it's not impossible for you to stand at the top of this continent.’’ The glowing man said.

’’This Lightning Inheritance is indeed strong. The True Spirit Realm is split into three ranks: the True Human rank, True Mystic rank and the True Lord rank. The Elders of the Broken Moon Clan probably haven't even reached the second rank of the True Spirit Realm yet.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

The Lightning Inheritance included how to use Lightning, offense, movement and secret techniques. This Inheritance meant all the paths of Lightning, but Zhao Feng could only learn the corners of it from the 1st floor. If he could fully comprehend the 1st floor however, normal cultivators at the True Human rank probably wouldn't even be his match.

After the inheritance finished, Zhao Feng targeted the second treatment where Li Fuji would grant him wishes within his capabilities.

’’My first wish is to understand the cat's history and sign a pet pact with it.’’ Zhao Feng said.

The little thieving cat's history was mysterious and there was no bond between the two. After the trial finished, the cat could run away anytime it wanted.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws on Zhao Feng's shoulders, expressing its dissatisfaction.

’’Sorry, even I don't know the cats history, but I know it's bloodline is very unique. As for whether or not the blood pact will work, it depends on how much the cat resists as well as your bloodline strength.’’

The glowing man glanced at the little thieving cat and shook its head.

’’Tell me how to create the pact and help me succeed.’’

Zhao Feng was willing to try.

The glowing man nodded his head: ’’This will cost you 200 points.’’

After that, he told Zhao Feng how to create a pet blood pact.

The glowing man stood in the middle with Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat on either side.

According to the requirements, both parties needed to draw out a few drops of blood. After that was done, the glowing man swiped his hand and the blood formed a weird picture in mid air.

The little thieving cat's mouth twitched slightly and it didn't fight back. Maybe it knew even if it fought back, nothing could be done.

The blood picture formed between Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat and as the man waved his hands, a mysterious wave flowed from the picture into Zhao Feng's body and the cats' body.

Soon, Zhao Feng could feel the little thieving cat.

’’It succeeded.’’

Li Fuji was slightly surprised and he looked at the little thieving cat with a deep glance. He didn't think that it would go well for Zhao Feng.

The blood pact meant that the little thieving cat would officially become Zhao Feng's pet and become restricted. Zhao Feng was also surprised that the cat didn't fight back. Instead, it had a knowing smile on it's face.

’’My second wish is to learn the history of the Yin Shadow Cloak and know whether or not it can be fixed and if so, how.’’

Zhao Feng soon came up with his second wish.

’’This is an ancient treasure which can increase one's speed and hide one's aura. It is an 'Inheritance treasure' and its potential has yet to be fully unlocked. For you, its value is ten times greater than a Spiritual grade weapon.’’ Li Fuji smiled as he explained.

Zhao Feng was very pleased with the answer.

Inheritance treasures could be used by those at the Ascended Realm and True Spirit Realm. They were items that could grow as the user got stronger - obviously not something a Spiritual weapon could compare to. Depending on the user's strength, the cloak's power would be the differentiate.


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