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King Of Gods - Chapter 189


Chapter 189 - Breaking the thousand year record

The thirty-eighth day of the Floating Crest Trial.


A light flashed at the entrance of the Palace and a youth appeared. His expression was pretty ugly, but no one knew whether this was from feeling weak or in a bad mood.


’’Brother Bei!’’

Hai Yun Master and Quan Chen exclaimed with joy.

At this moment, everyone looked at Bei Moi, who was a super prodigy.

’’Surviving for thirty-eight days. This score is even better than Brother Hai Yun from that year... Indeed, from a great master comes a great disciple... ’’

Granny Liuyue and Elder Xue were slightly envious.

A hundred years ago, the Broken Moon Clan gave birth to a genius - Hai Yun Master. And his disciple was even better as he had beaten his masters' record.

’’Every step, every long minute in the trial during the late stages of the trial is hard.’’

A bright smile appeared from the Clan Masters' face. This was a true smile.

It didn't matter whether or not Bei Moi was her disciple. As long as the Clan had such a genius, it was good.

However, under everyone's gazes, Bei Moi showed no signs of happiness. On the contrary, his expression was slightly ugly. But no one paid any attention to it because Bei Moi acted like this usually.

’’Moi'er, what was your final score?’’

Hai Yun Master's question was what everyone was interested in.

Bei Moi was without a doubt, the top person this trial. He had definitely broken the thousand year record and he was someone who had destroyed Yang Gan, who was ranked second of the core disciples.

’’928.’’ Bei Moi said expressionlessly.


Everyone broke out into discussion as they heard this.

Even Hai Yun Master was surprised. How could he have gotten such a high score. Bei Moi had almost reached a thousand points.

’’Brother Hai Yun had lasted thirty-four days, but his score wasn't even 600.’’

The Elders all glanced at each other. Not only did Bei Moi last longer, his score was also terrifying.

’’This score should have broken the thousand year record of the Floating Crest Palace.’’

First Elder was moved.

Broke the thousand year record!

Everyone looked at this prodigy with disbelief.

He was far too strong. Not only did he come first, he had broken Hai Yun Master's record as well as the thousand year record. Everyone felt their blood boil as they witnessed this scene.


Bei Moi's spoils of war were taken out and they were several times better than Yang Gan's.

2x Peak class skills.

3x Peak grade Mortal weapons.

Hundreds of other random items with around half of them with the value of a mortal weapon. What was more exciting was that Bei Moi had received a Spiritual class skill.

Spiritual class skill!

This would be a heirloom in the Clan and even Elders might not be able to master it.

One had to know that Spiritual class skills were extremely rare on this continent and many had been lost. An extra Spiritual skill increased the Clan's strength.

Being the person gazed at with joy, excitement and stun, Bei Moi didn't feel proud nor happy. On the contrary, his expression became even uglier.

’’Moi'er, not only did you come first in the trial, you also beat your Master, I's, and the thousand year record. The Clan is proud of you.’’

Elder Hai Yun had a praising smile. It was an honor itself to be the teacher of such a genius.


Bei Moi finally spoke, but there was a hint of guilt in his voice.

’’Moi'er, what happened?’’

’’Bei Moi, do you have something to say or do you want anything? You can tell us.’’

The Elders and Clan Master looked at Bei Moi, puzzled. Bei Moi's expression was obviously not normal.

’’Just like Clan Master and the Elders said, I might have broken the thousand year record, but I didn't come first this trial!’’ Bei Moi took a deep breath and said bitterly.

What!? What did this mean!?

Everyone didn't know what Bei Moi meant by this. He had broken the thousand year record, so how could he not be first?

First Elder went into deep thought. He then suddenly glanced at the entrance of the Floating Crest Palace and his expression changed slightly: ’’Wait! The Floating Crest Trial hasn't ended yet!’’

The other Elders and Clan Master all looked at the Floating Crest Palace.

Indeed, the Floating Crest Palace hadn't closed, yet meaning that the Trial hadn't ended. According to previous experience, when the trial ended the Floating Crest Palace would close.

What did this mean?

Everyone fell into silence and remembering Bei Moi's expressions and his actions after he came out, the truth started to appear. However, they didn't believe this 'truth'.

There was someone else!

Someone that had been ignored had now become everyone's centre of attention.

’’There's only Brother Zhao... That's impossible!’’

Yang Gan, Quan Chen and the other disciples couldn't believe this. This was especially so for Yang Gan, he couldn't accept this.

A disciple with a low grade Spiritual body, who was someone ranked almost last of the participants, had beaten the thousand year record?

Everyone broke out into chaos, unable to believe this result.


First Elders' deep voice silenced everyone.

The Elders' all glanced at each other. Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master had dim expressions.

’’Moi'er, what happened?’’ Hai Yun Master asked in a low tone.

All the Elders had realised that the current situation had far exceeded their expectations and control.

It seemed like from the start of the trial, there was an unseen force that had pushed this Trial forward. Different types of queer events had happened and this symbolised that this trial was different from the others.

Lu Hu and two others had exited in the first stage, while none were injured or forced out in the second stage.

As for the third stage, the results were far better than expected.

And this time.

Bei Moi had broken the thousand year record and changed the situation once again.

But Bei Moi still wasn't first!

All in all, this trial was too queer!

At this moment in time, everyone's gazes focused on Bei Moi. He was probably the only person who knew the truth.

’’Before I exited, I saw Brother Zhao.’’

Bei Moi finally opened his mouth and he felt extremely irritated and frustrated when he thought about being tricked by the little thieving cat.

Brother Zhao! Zhao Feng!

’’How could it be him!?’’

Yang Gan, Quan Chen and co. were all stunned due to disbelief.

They could accept it if it was a super genius such as Bei Moi who had come first. They would only feel helpless. However, they couldn't accept it if it was Zhao Feng.

’’Bei Moi, talk about your experience.’’

The Clan Masters' eyelashes fluttered.

Bei Moi started to tell what he had encountered.

’’... Disciple here was still able to survive for another day or two, but I didn't think I would meet Brother Zhao at this time. The weird thing was, he wasn't being chased by black metal monsters.’’

Speaking up to here, Bei Moi's eyebrows locked together.

Wasn't being chased by black metal monsters?

How was this possible!?

The participating disciples were stunned as they shook their heads.

’’Disciple here also felt weird, so I went to ask Brother Zhao. However, he and that crafty cat tricked me into the vine ocean where the 'Vine King' killed me in one thought and made me lose my 'Clear Sky Spiritual Liquid' as well.’’

Bei Moi's voice was full of bitterness and his clenched fists trembled slightly.

There was anger and hatred in his eyes as he thought: ’’Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng. You tricked me so badly. There's nothing that can solve the enmity between us.’’

’’Crafty cat?’’

Hai Yun Master grasped this point.

’’It seemed like a pet Brother Zhao had obtained in the trial. It's craftiness cannot be measured... Or else, disciple's score would be even better.’’

Thinking about how the little thieving cat had duped him, Bei Moi grinded his teeth.

He couldn't say that he was tricked by a cat, so he put everything on Zhao Feng.

’’This Zhao Feng is too wicked! He first kicked Yuan Hao and Lu Hu out, then backstabbed Quan Chen. Now even Bei Moi has been tricked by him!’’

Elder Xue was extremely angry, but there was nothing he could do.

Hearing this, Quan Chen and co. revealed angered expressions and they asked to discipline Zhao Feng.

Thinking about it carefully, Zhao Feng had caused four people to exit early, which was close to half the number of those who participated.

Lu Hu and Yuan Hao had first been kicked into the abyss by Zhao Feng. Quan Chen was then ice sealed by the latter and was forced out. Finally, it was Bei Moi, the person who had broken the thousand year record.

’’It's not just me!’’

Seeing everyone's expressions, Bei Moi realised that he wasn't the only victim. This made him feel slightly better.

Granny Liuyue's eyebrows furrowed: ’’Our Broken Moon Clan is a righteous clan. How could we have produced such a wicked disciple?’’

’’That's right, Zhao Feng is evil. Even his pet is crafty. This is meant by 'similars attracts similars'.’’ Hai Yun Master exclaimed.

His heart, however, wasn't calm: ’’Xu Ran, Xu Ran. What kind of luck did you get to take in two such talented disciples?’’

’’Clan Master, First Elder, we must punish him!’’ Elder Xue said righteously.

First Elder and Clan Master glanced at each other.

’’This might not be as simple as we thought. Let's wait for Zhao Feng to come out first.’’

First Elder's voice was calm. Even if the other Elder's had problems, they had to keep quiet.

’’Elders, don't get worked up. No matter what, Zhao Feng is still a genius for making it up to here. Our key point is figuring out how to help him back onto the path of righteousness instead of deciding how to punish him.’’

The Broken Moon Clan Masters' eyebrows were tightened together as she said to the Elders. Being a woman, she was somewhat overkind and she hadn't seen such a weird trial all these years.

’’The Clan Master's words have reasoning to them, but we'll first wait for that kid to come out first.’’

Granny Liuyue's expression calmed down a bit.

Even those at the True Spirit Realm couldn't forcefully go inside the Floating Crest Palace, so no matter how urgent these Elders' were, they could only wait.

The Clan Master and First Elder were both expectant of which result would be obtained by the most wicked and twisted disciple of all time.


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