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King Of Gods - Chapter 188


Chapter 188 - The Trickster Cat

Zhao Feng's attention was attracted by the interspatial bracelet.

The interspatial bracelet was around one cubic meter in size and had a bunch of spoils of war that Zhao Feng had obtained inside.

The movement came from here.

Merging his consciousness inside, Zhao Feng realised that the treasures were trembling slightly and half of a fruit had been bitten off.

The culprit was a small, furry grey cat that seemed as if it had just been born - around the size of palm or so. It had a pair of glistening black eyes that spun around.

The food-loving cat seemed to sense Zhao Feng's existence and stiffened in the middle of eating.

Zhao Feng first paused and then realized that the number of treasures had decreased by half.

’’Where did this thieving cat that ate half my treasures come from?’’

Zhao Feng was extremely angry.

These precious treasures were scourged by him from the trials and now it had decreased by half. Even Zhao Feng, who was usually calm, felt steam rise from his head.

Gulu! Gulu!

The little grey cat had an expression of disdain;it held up the flagon of wine and started to drink from it.

’’Hey! That's my Spiritual wine!’’

Zhao Feng exclaimed and took out the flagon of wine with his mind.

However, the grey cat clinged on to the flagon and came out from the interspatial bracelet as well.

Miao miao!

The grey cat sucked heavily and revealed expressions of pleasure.

’’Where does this thieving cat come from? Could it be....?’’

Zhao Feng was stunned as he guessed the origins of the little grey cat.

There was only a few broken shells where the grey egg was supposed to lie in the corner of the interspatial bracelet.

Without a doubt, this thieving cat came from the egg, but Zhao Feng had never heard of cats hatching from eggs because it was a mammal.

What was more unbelievable was that the thieving cat had high intelligence the second it was born. The human-like actions made it seem more like an old fox instead.

Furthermore, nothing happened to the little thieving cat apart from its stomach getting a bit bigger even though it ate such a copious amount of treasures at once.

Gulu! Gulu....

Just as Zhao Feng was lost in thought, the remaining wine had all been drunk by the little cat.

’’What.... What kind of monster is this?’’

Zhao Feng clucked his tongue secretly.

Even someone at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm would probably explode after eating such a vast amount of items at once, but this cat only burped before looking at Zhao Feng for more.

’’Hmph! Shouldn't you give me an explanation for eating so much?’’

Zhao Feng went to grab the little thieving cat's ear and decided to teach it a lesson.

Miao miao!

The thieving cat flashed and dodged Zhao Feng's move.


Zhao Feng was shocked - although it was just a casual grab just then, even cultivators at the 4th Sky wouldn't be able to dodge it at such a short distance.

The little thieving cat had not only dodged easily, it also revealed an expression of mockery.

Mocked by a little cat?

Zhao Feng was speechless and became more and more curious as to where this cat came from.

He had never heard of such animals that had such high intelligence at birth and could eat treasures like snacks.


The small thieving cat jumped lightly onto Zhao Feng's arm and put its paw towards his interspatial bracelet.

Zhao Feng soon realized what it wanted.


The little thieving cat took out a spiritual fruit and started to eat it with joy.

This was possible?

Zhao Feng was extremely speechless;his own items from his own interspatial bracelet had been stolen by this thieving cat.

He was just about to catch it once again, but the little cat flipped away and landed several yards away with a look of disdain while chomping down on the fruit.

’’How dare it look at me in disdain while eating my food!?’’

Zhao Feng felt a fire surge in his heart, but he didn't make any rash moves and soon calmed down.

Even he didn't have any confidence in catching the cat due to its agility.

If he acted rashly and let it run away, then it wasn't worth it.

One had to know that there was no pact between the two, so there was no relationship between them.

Furthermore, from the looks of it, the little thieving cat seemed to have no respect for this ’’master’’ who woke him up.

After eating the spiritual fruit, the little thieving cat smiled at Zhao Feng with disdain.

Miao miao!

The little cat waved its claws as if it was saying 'goodbye', then turned around, and left.


Zhao Feng laughed coldly - it had eaten such a large amount of his treasures and wanted to leave just like that?

To get this egg, he had wasted tens of days in the trial;how could it leave when it wanted to?

Ceng! Ceng!

The little thieving cat turned around time after time and laughed at Zhao Feng. The latter could almost hear what it meant: ’’Someone like you wants to be my master?’’

This little cat's intelligence wasn't just high, it was extremely high since it knew Zhao Feng's intent.

This means that I can't let you run away even more.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and pulled down his eyepatch, revealing a sharp azure eye that gave off a heart-shaking mental energy.

In terms of speed, Zhao Feng was faster than the little thieving cat, but in terms of agility, the cat was only the size of a palm and Zhao Feng was like a clumsy giant.

Therefore, Zhao Feng took out his killing move;he opened his left eye and monitored every movement made by the cat.

At the same time, he used his mental energy to distract the thieving cat but didn't use his mental energy sound attack since he was worried about damaging the cat since it seemed like it had just been born.

Miao miao!

The agile little cat suddenly stiffened as it turned back to look at Zhao Feng and a trace of fear appeared in its black eyes.

The pair of black eyes stared right at Zhao Feng's azure eye and began to tremble.


Zhao Feng was slightly surprised, as he never expected the little cat to surrender so quickly.

However, his instincts told him that the cat hadn't been stymied and only feared his left eye.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stared at Zhao Feng's left eye with fear, but the fear soon faded away and was replaced by an obedient look.

Zhao Feng was puzzled as he pulled the eyepatch back down.


The little cat jumped onto Zhao Feng's shoulders by its own volition.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat reached out with its two little paws and began to massage Zhao Feng's back.

The attitude was 180 degrees from before.

What the f**k!?

Zhao Feng's eye twitched - this cat's intelligence was even higher than Yao Beast King's;it was like it was an old fox.

’’Little thieving cat! If you eat my treasures again, I'll cook you!’’

Zhao Feng grabbed the cat by the ear and warned.

Miao miao!

The cat nodded its head multiple times and tacitly promised it wouldn't happen again.

It didn't say anything, but Zhao Feng could understand its actions.

’’I'll believe you then.’’

Zhao Feng let go and the little cat ran up his arm and sat on his shoulder like a well-behaved pet.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly pointed towards a certain direction and danced.


Zhao Feng saw an expressionless youth wearing a gold/green shirt and a gourd flying over.

’’Bei Moi?’’

Zhao Feng found that the latter's face was pale and panicky.

Behind Bei Moi was four black metal monsters that came from different angles, trying to surround him.

’’Junior Brother Zhao!’’

Bei Moi saw Zhao Feng in mid air and ran towards him.

The four black metal monsters immediately followed behind, their auras imprinting the air with suffocating pressure.

’’Brother Bei, hello.’’

Zhao Feng didn't worry at all because he knew the monsters only attacked the person with the respective token.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat on Zhao Feng's shoulder waved its paws and deflected the black metal monsters' auras.

This made Zhao Feng even more surprised - these monsters were at the True Spirit Realm and the cat was as calm as him.

’’Brother Zhao, why aren't you being pursued?’’

Bei Moi puffed as he looked at the cat and human in front of him with shock.

Zhao Feng was hesitating as to whether or not to tell Bei Moi the plan, but before he could say anything.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws towards the middle of the vine ocean.

This traitorous cat! How dare you!?

Black lines appeared on Zhao Feng's head as he grabbed the cat by its ears.

’’Haha, thanks Brother Zhao! This cat's really cute!’’

Bei Moi laughed and headed towards the centre of the vine ocean.

With his intelligence, it wasn't hard for him to understand what Zhao Feng had done.

Hu! Sou! Sou....

The four black metal monsters immediately headed after Bei Moi.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to teach the little cat a lesson, something unexpected happened.


A howl sounded from the vine ocean and released an aura even more powerful than the Yao Beast King of the tall tower forest.


Bei Moi screamed and was pulled down into the vines.

In the blink of an eye, Bei Moi had been engulfed by countless vines.

This scene shocked Zhao Feng: ’’The entire vine ocean is only a part of the ’’Vine King', but it was too disdainful to attack earlier, so why did it attack Bei Moi this time...?’’

Zhao Feng looked closely and realized that one of the vines took Bei Moi's gourd off him and into the very centre of the vine ocean.

No wonder!

The Vine King wanted Bei Moi's gourd.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws in a victory dance and revealed a smug smile.


This cat had tricked Bei Moi.

Zhao Feng's expression was extremely colorful as he stared as this little thieving cat.

At the same time.

The vine ocean.

’’That f*king cat....’’

Bei Moi's expressionless face contorted with utter rage.

Limitless vines wrapped around him and sucked his blood.


The Floating Crest Token within him gave off a green glow and enveloped his body, which made him disappear the next instant.

He never would have thought that he would exit by being tricked by a small cat. It would be shameful if he told others.

Miao miao!

Before he disappeared, Bei Moi could hear the little thieving cat's smug laugh.


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