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King Of Gods - Chapter 186


Chapter 186 - Was killed

Castle Treasury.

When Zhao Feng returned to the protective array, it had recovered slightly.

The grey egg lay silently and unmoving inside the drawer and gave off an old, ancient aura.

It had been tens of thousands of years and yet this mysterious grey egg still had faint signs of life inside.

’’Give me another five more days.’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath, his eyes turning sharp - he was definitely going to take this egg.

Every item within this room wasn't simple. The weapons stored inside were all at the Spiritual grade.

What was inside this egg that was still alive for tens of thousands of years?

These signs meant that the egg was far from normal.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng used his Lightning Wind Palm continuously and steadily levied attacks on the protective array.

According to his calculations, he needed another five days or so to break the array because it had recovered a bit before. Its recovery speed would become faster if no damage was dealt to it for some time.

Of the three in the Sky Boundary Island, Zhao Feng was the most relaxed.

At this moment, both Yang Gan and Bei Moi had no time to rest.

The latter was flying around the Sky Boundary Island with two black metal monsters pursuing him from behind. But even then his expressionless face showed no signs of panic.

Bei Moi had a gourd and a Gold/Green Shirt that had a pair of wings protruding from the back, allowing him to agilely fly around.

When reaching a desperate point, Bei Moi would take a sip from the gourd.

’’This 'Clear Sky Spiritual Liquid' is indeed great. It can recover my life.’’

A confident smile formed on Bei Moi's lips.

The 'Clear Sky Spiritual Liquid' was a legendary item that could bring one back from the brink of death, healing most if not all injuries.

This liquid wasn't a simple Spiritual pill - it had the ability to replenish life.

Bei Moi would drink a small sip every half a day and his energy would once again reach its peak.

Compared to him, Yang Gan was struggling.

Bei Moi could at least run without trying too hard.

Yang Gan's True Force, mental energy, life..... Technically everything was running out.

The second black metal monster was comparable to the 4th Sky the second it appeared, and two days later, it had already reached the speed of the 5th Sky.

Time flew by quickly.

On the thirteenth day of the pursuit, the thirty-first day of the trial.

’’It should be over a month now....’’

Yang Gan's consciousness was blurry, and he had reached his limit in every way imaginable.

He wanted to go to the tall tower forest and repeat his plan, but it ended in failure.

The Yao Beast King had also been injured itself when it slew the black metal monster and was healing somewhere.

Floating Crest Palace.

On the thirty-second day of the trial.


The door flashed and a tired figure appeared at the entrance.


First Elder exclaimed as he left a series of afterimages behind and appeared next to Yang Gan. He then sent a calm, soft ’’True Spiritual Force’’ into the latter's body.

Those at the 'True Spirit Realm' went through seven times of massive changes, and their True Force had extreme agility.

It was because of this their lifespan could reach three hundred years - something inconceivable to mortals.

’’This is due to loss of life.’’

Granny Liuyue handed over a Spiritual pill that seemed expensive.


Color once again appeared on Yang Gan's face, as he managed to croak out: ’’Master, for how long did I last?’’

His consciousness had already been blurry for the last few days, and he didn't even know how he had exited.

’’Thirty-two days. Your record approaches Hai Yun Master.’’

First Elder spoke with a smile.

There was no one else who had lasted longer than one month in the past hundred years apart from Hai Yun Master.

Hearing this, Yang Gan felt slightly sad.

He didn't break Hai Yun Master's record.

Although they had both lasted more than a month, Hai Yun Master had lasted more than him in total.

’’Gan'er, what was your final result and rewards?’’

First Elder asked with anticipation.

The point of the Floating Crest Trial was to get rewards, and the higher one's score, the better the rewards.

’’Disciple here managed to achieve 457 points.’’

Yang Gan was somewhat proud when he called out his score.

The Elders and Clan Master nodded their heads with praise.

Yang Gan was after all, the top participating disciple and his score easily surpassed the best scores of previous trials.

In terms of rewards, Yang Gan got a peak grade Mortal weapon and martial arts as well as other treasures that surpassed Lin Fan and company.

’’Peak grade Mortal weapon! Not bad, not bad! The Clan's increased in strength again.’’

’’There has been no one else getting a peak grade Mortal weapon in the past ten trials apart from Brother Hai Yun.’’

The Elders were overjoyed when they heard this.

In the Clan, only Elder-tier people had the right to use peak grade Mortal weapons, and they were only weaker than Spiritual weapons.

Yang Gan would probably not be able to use all the peak grade Mortal weapons power and so would give it to the Clan in exchange for something else.....

’’Gan'ers performance is indeed comforting. His score is only behind Brother Hai Yun in the past hundred years.’’

Elder Xue smiled, but Yang Gan was still somewhat disappointed.

The amount of days he lasted as well as his final score was both lower than Hai Yun Master's and didn't break the hundred year record.

’’If I remember correctly, Brother Bei still seems to be in the trial....’’

Yang Gan said uncertainly.

He was helpless when he mentioned Bei Moi.

This super prodigy's luck wasn't just good but insanely good.

In the third stage, Yang Gan had been teleported straight next to a beast horde where he had to fight his way out.

On the other hand, Bei Moi was teleported to the entrance of the ancient garden, which simultaneously greatly increased his strength and gave him precious treasures, allowing him to survive the pursuit of two black metal monsters.

Even Zhao Feng didn't have such luck.

The Floating Crest Trial was a battle of power as well as luck. Sometimes luck was even more important than strength,

’’Oh? How's Bei Moi doing?’’

Hai Yun Master said with interest and expectancy.

Yang Gan didn't hide anything and briefed them on Bei Moi's situation.

After they heard this.

The five beings at the True Spirit Realm looked at each other - they didn't think Bei Moi was this strong;the latter was easily able to stave off two black metal monsters.

’’Bei Moi probably has great luck with him, or else he wouldn't have been met with such rewards. Maybe this luck is also the rise of our Broken Moon Clan.’’

The Clan Master had joy in her eyes.

From the current situation, it seemed that Bei Moi would definitely beat Hai Yun Master's score.

’’Congratulations on Brother Hai Yun for taking in such a talented disciple.’’

Elder Xue and company went over to flatter Hai Yun Master.

In the history of the entire continent, which legendary figure didn't have great luck?

There was even a saying: ’’Clans can have those without great talent, but can't not have those without luck.’’

The 'Scarlet Moon Patriach' who had dominated an era had average talent but extreme luck, allowing him to enter one of the four great inheritances - the ’’Scarlet Moon Inheritance’’.

Compared to the most ancient and mysterious four great inheritances, the Floating Crest Trial was nothing. It was like comparing the light of a star to the resplendence of a full moon.

From this one could see the importance of luck.

Without a doubt, Bei Moi's future prospects were looking great. Not only did he have great luck, he also had great talent.

’’Wait! There's someone else still in the trial apart from Bei Moi.’’

Hai Yun Master suddenly said.

First Elder's eyebrows furrowed as he fell into thought.

There was someone else!

The Elders paused and thought about it carefully. It seemed that there was indeed someone apart from Bei Moi still in the trial.

’’It's that brat.....’’

Elder Xue's eyebrows scrunched together.

’’Someone else?’’ Yang Gan's heart shook as his expression turned somewhat ugly: ’’The Elders just said that there was someone else who hadn't exited apart from Bei Moi.’’

After knowing this news, waves shook in his heart.

Could there be someone else who had surpassed him apart from Bei Moi?

It didn't matter if Bei Moi beat him because the latter had great luck and was a super genius.

’’Gan'er, have you seen traces of Zhao Feng in the third stage?’’

First Elder asked solemnly.

He had a bad feeling....

’’Brother Zhao?’’

Yang Gan paused slightly;he didn't believe that person would be Zhao Feng. He then replied: ’’Disciple hasn't seen any traces of him ever since I entered the third stage.’’

Hearing this, First Elders' expression changed slightly. Could it be....?

Elder Xue had gloating in his eyes, while Hai Yun Master's eyes were full of mockery.

Granny Liuyue and the rest were in deep thought.

In the Floating Crest Trial, apart from passing and failing, there was another outcome - death.

Real death!

Although the Floating Crest Trial was a Righteous ground of inheritance, it couldn't fully protect the participants' lives.

In previous trials, there were examples of true death, and although it didn't happen often, it was still normal.


First Elder called Quan Chen, Lin Fan, Ran Xiaoyuan and the rest of those who had entered the third trial over.

’’I only saw Brother Zhao once before the pursuit started.’’

Lin Fan's answer and Ran Xiaoyuan's and Liu Yue'er's answers were the same.

It seemed that ever since the beginning of the pursuit, Zhao Feng had disappeared without a trace.

Their answers were technically the same.

Counting on that even Yang Gan didn't even find Zhao Feng's traces, the truth seemed to appear.

First Elder took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and became silent.

The people present could only silently pray for Zhao Feng, and of them all, Ran Xiaoyuan's eyes went red.

Only Lin Fan had a weird face. When he remembered Zhao Feng's confident attitude, he felt everything wasn't as simple as it seemed....

Floating Crest Trial.

The thirty-third day.

The Treasury within the Castle.


The faintest white glow of light shattered, meaning that the protective array had been destroyed.

Zhao Feng immediately grabbed towards the mysterious egg with excitement and tiredness.


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