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King Of Gods - Chapter 184


Chapter 184 - The last three

Peng Si! Peng Si!

Zhao Feng used his Lightning Wind Palm and his attacks landed on the drawer's array one after another. There weren't any obvious flaws in the array protecting the drawer and its recovery power was stronger than the previous one. However, the grey egg inside the drawer wasn't damaged a single bit with the attacks.

At first, Zhao Feng was scared to damage it. But after inspecting it, he realised that the hardness of the shell was far stronger than he expected. If it was a normal egg, the slightest bit of energy from his Lightning Wind Palm would crush it into pieces. However, it was an egg that had life in it after tens of thousands of years - it couldn't be simple.

There were several ice figures blocking the entrance and at this time, there was nothing to interfere with Zhao Feng. The greatest threat had been destroyed by him - he could now do whatever he wanted.

In the entire Sky Boundary Island, only Zhao Feng was this carefree. The other disciples were all running around due to the black metal monsters chasing them, how could they have the time to do other stuff?

On the fourth day of the pursuit, which was the twenty-second day of the trial, there were some who couldn't take it anymore. At this time, the black metal monsters' speed had reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er, who were both at the 3rd Sky, were all puffed out.

Under this desperate situation, their potential was drawn and their speed was comparable to the 4th Sky. However, no matter how much they increased their speed, the amount of energy they used couldn't be decreased.

The black metal monster didn't need to rest or recover. It was traveling at 'low speed' since it was actually at the True Spirit Realm and the energy used could be considered nil. Those at the True Spirit Realm could absorb energy from the air while they flew to recover, whereas those at the Ascended Realm could only gain energy during cultivation.

The difference between the two was just too great.

On the fourth day, both Liu Yue'er and Lin Fan were kicked out.

A dark green glow enveloped Lin Fan's body the instant he was hit by the black metal monster. His face was flushed red as his blood as True Force seemed to freeze.

’’My limit is here... ’’ Lin Fan closed his eyes.

In reality, it was unexpected of him to reach up to here and his score was even considered middle top from previous trials. He didn't know why, but the instant he was about to die, a figure appeared in his head. It was an azure haired youth who maintained his calmness throughout the trial.

’’I wonder how he's doing... ’’ Lin Fan murmured to himself.


The Floating Crest Token in him released a weird sound and the next moment, Lin Fan disappeared while the black metal monster also vanished through a door.


Entrance of the Floating Crest Palace.

Liu Yue'er and Lin Fan walked out one after another.


Granny Liuyue had a look of relief and joy seeing that Liu Yue'er was fine. Both Liu Yue'er and Lin Fan had lasted twenty-two days, even better than Quan Chen. Liu Yue'er's final score was 178, while Quan Chen's was only 150.

’’178's not bad, it's close to first place from the last trial.’’ Granny Liu Yue'er praised.

After all, Liu Yue'er's cultivation was low. Her rewards was around the same as Quan Chen because her cultivation was lower and her offense wasn't as strong as the latter's. Lin Fan lasted longer than Liu Yue'er by half an hour and when he came out, his cultivation was at the late stages of the 3rd Sky.

’’Lin Fan, what was your score?’’ Granny Liuyue asked as she smiled.

Of all the disciples, Lin Fan had the lowest status since all the other disciples had Elders backing them.

’’326.’’ Lin Fan carefully called out his score.


The expressions of the Elders changed.

’’326... Are you sure you're not joking?’’

Hai Yun Master stared at Lin Fan and his True Spirit Realm aura caused the latter unable to breath.


This score was far better than first place of the previous trials. Even prodigies who had lasted longer than Lin Fan didn't have such a big score.

’’Disciple here isn't lying, it is 326.’’

Lin Fan took a deep breath and reported how many points he got for each section.

First stage, 20 points.

Second stage, 30 points

Third stage, surviving four days, 40 points.

Performance score: 236.

Total score: 326.

’’How is your performance score so high?’’ Liu Yue'er said in disbelief.

Her performance score was only 80-90 meaning that Lin Fan had more than doubled hers.

However, Lin Fan was speaking the truth - his score was indeed far higher than Liu Yue'er and QUan Chen's.

Lin Fan received a High grade Mortal weapon and a Peak tier Mortal skill, this meant he had more treasures than Liu Yue'er as well.

’’Peak tier Mortal skill!’’

The Elders took a deep breath and then they believed Lin Fan.

Spiritual grade skills were almost extinct in this continent and even if they were Spiritual grade skills, those at the True Spirit Realm might not even be able to cultivate them. Therefore, the value of a Peak tier Mortal skill was extremely high.

’’Lin Fan, you've obtained the Clan a High class Mortal skill, contributing greatly to the Clan. If you give this skill to the Clan, you will be awarded a great number of contribution points as well as other items... ’’

Skills at the High grade Mortal skill or higher usually weren't written since it would be hard to contain the profoundness in it. They were usually spoken, contained within a scenery or an item. The Peak class Mortal skill Lin Fan got was also like this.

If he made the decision to give it to the Clan, he could use it himself while getting contribution points at the same time. Rewards would be given to those who had obtained precious items from the trial and given them to the Clan.

Lin Fan didn't feel any enmity towards the Clan at all because the Floating Crest Palace itself belonged to the Clan and he wouldn't even be able to enter it without the help of the Elders.

’’Lin Fan, why was your score so much higher than Liu Yue'er's?’’ Granny Liuyue asked.

’’That's because... ’’ Lin Fan thought back.

In the third stage, he had met Zhao Feng, who had pointed out where to go. He went to the canyon where there was a weird village inside and he had his own experience. At the end, he had received a Floating Crest Seal.

This 'Floating Crest Seal' didn't have anything special about it. But at the end, it was worth one hundred points. Therefore, Lin Fan had a one hundred point advantage compared with the others.

’’Disciple here accidentally fell into a canyon where there was a village inside... ’’

Lin Fan was very smart and he didn't mention Zhao Feng. The canyon itself was Zhao Feng's secret, and he had trusted him with it. WIthout Zhao Feng's permission, he wouldn't tell anymore.

’’Your talent is normal but have great luck. Through effort, your future might not be bad.’’

The Clan Master smiled faintly.

With Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er exiting, there were only four people left in the Floating Crest Trial.

Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan and Zhao Feng.

’’Of the past ten trials, Brother Hai Yun had the best score, reaching 400 or so points. There's a lot of hope to beat the record this time.’’

The Clan Master and Elders were all expectant,

The four remaining disciples represented the Clan Master, First Elder and Hai Yun Master with First Elder in the lead with both his disciples still in the trial.

Yang Gan, who had the highest cultivation, was also a disciple of first Elder. Of course, Zhao Feng, who had the lowest cultivation, was also First Elders' disciple.

’’First Elder, there's a high chance of Yang Gan breaking the record this time.’’ Granny Liuyue said.

’’Hopefully.’’ First Elder replied emotionlessly, but he had high hopes in his heart.

From the current situation, Yang Gan had the highest hopes of coming first and beating Hai Yun Master's record. As for Zhao Feng who had the lowest cultivation, everyone had a bad impression of him and they excluded him automatically.

First Elder was the most surprised and thought: ’’I can't believe that that brat could still make it up to now.’’

There was only one person who looked at it differently and that was Lin Fan. He had a feeling that Zhao Feng's score would be really big. Apart from this 'feeling', there was another reason. He remembered that Zhao Feng resisted the temptation in the last stage and went to scout the entire island instead.

From this point alone, his ambition could be seen.

Floating Crest Trial.

Time passed slowly and on the fifth day of the pursuit, which was the twenty third day of the trial, no one exited.

On the sixth day, still no one exited.

At this time, the black metal monsters' speed had reached the 4th Sky. This already surpassed the average disciples' cultivation in the trial. After the black metal monster reached this speed, the increase finally stabilised.

Yang Gan, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan had all found some treasures and they had time to recover the energy they spent.

Amidst them all, Ran Xiaoyuan's cultivation was approaching the peak of 4th Sky. But the monster pursuing her didn't get tired at all and on the seventh day, Ran Xiaoyuan reached her limit.

She was finally hit by the black metal monster and she was enveloped by a layer of dark green light, making her figure disappear from the trial. Her luck was considered average.

Ran Xiaoyuan's figure appeared at the entrance of the Floating Crest Palace.


The Clan Master exclaimed and let out a long breath. Her final score was 335, just a tad higher than Lin Fan.

’’Not bad, 335. That's even better than the top score of the previous trial.’’ First Elder smiled.

The trial this time set an all time high. Fourth place this time was already better than first place of the last few trials.

’’There's only three people left - Yang Gan, Bei Moi and that... Zhao Feng.’’

The Clan Master's eyebrows furrowed together when she mentioned the last person.

The Elders as well as her didn't have a great impression of Zhao Feng.

This was especially so for Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master. But somehow, the brat's luck was extremely good and he had reached the top three!


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