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King Of Gods - Chapter 182


Chapter 182 - Last Stage

Floating Crest Palace, the entrance.

The four Elders and Clan Master sat silently, and in the blink of an eye, eighteen days had passed in this fashion.

No one had exited since the eighth day.

’’It should be at the late parts of the last stage now.’’

First Elder said slowly.

Solemness appeared in the eyes of the five at the True Spirit Realm.

Both the Clan Master and Granny Liu Yue had worried faces.

From previous experience, even the best generation should only have two to three people left.

And this time none of the remaining seven disciples had been kicked out.

’’As long as the Floating Crest Palace doesn't close, it means there's still people alive in there.’’

Elder Xue sighed lightly.

His disciple Sun Yuanhao had already been kicked out, so he had no expectations from the trial.

The only thing he didn't forget was Zhao Feng - the person who had kicked out his disciple.

Just at this moment.


A green light flashed at the entrance and the eyes of the five lit up.

There was finally someone coming out!

A figure shaking due to cold appeared in their sight.


Hai Yun Master didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

The first person to be expelled from the third stage was his disciple, Quan Chen.

There weren't any injury marks on Quan Chen, but the latter kept on hiccuping and emitted off a cold aura.


Quan Chen said as he fell onto the ground, frozen.

’’Let me.’’

Granny Liu Yue swiped her hand and a grass green True Force merged inside Quan Chen, which dissolved the coldness within the latter's body.

’’Such pure element of ice, and it seems to contain a bit of aura from a bloodline power, but luckily the bloodline power seems to be weak....’’

Granny Liu Yue sighed.

’’Chen'er, what happened for you to reach such a state?’’

Hai Yun Master asked.

Quan Chen had hatred in his eyes as he spat out through clenched teeth: ’’Zhao Feng!’’

Zhao Feng!

The Elders present all looked at each other;what did this have to do with Zhao Feng?

’’Disciple here barely managed to enter the central area of a castle and Zhao Feng came right at that time, meaning that I had to team up with him. However, this shameless bastard backstabbed me!’’

Fire seemed to spit out Quan Chen's eyes. It was as if he wanted to rip Zhao Feng into shreds.

Zhao Feng again!

The Elders were all shocked and angered.

’’This Zhao Feng... how many people will he kill to feel satisfied?’’

Elder Xue raged as his True Spirit Realm aura filled the air. This made Quan Chen's heart skip a beat and think at the same time: ’’Could Zhao Feng have provoked others?’’

The Elders and Clan Master were all angered.

When did the Clan have such a failure?

Only First Elder had his eyebrows raised and was somewhat calm: ’’We'll settle these grudges after the trial. We should first understand the situation within the trial.’’

The others all looked towards Quan Chen. They all wanted to know how the others were doing in the trial.

Quan Chen then explained his experience in the trial. Of course, he purposely summarised Zhao Feng as a wicked and disdainful person. For example, when another disciple was poisoned by a snake, he mocked them instead of helping and stole his Scarlet Blood Fruit......

Quan Chen's explanation made the Elders' raise their eyebrows.

As for Zhao Feng's success, Quan Chen said nothing.

’’It's unbelievable that the seven of you were all able to succesfully pass the second stage.’’

The five let out a breath.

They were all excited and relieved that the seven were able to reach the third stage.

And as for the reason why they were able to succeed, it was 'teamwork.'

’’According to what you said, the second stage was extremely dangerous, and even if all of you teamed up, there would still be injuries or death. This means there were other reasons as to why you all passed.’’

First Elders' eyes lit up as he grasped a major point.

’’There was another reason - Zhao Feng that shameless bastard somehow got rotten luck and comprehended a mental energy sound attack that could counter those bats....’’

Quan Chen mumbled.

Mental energy sound attack?

A light flashed in First Elders' eyes as he exchanged glances with the Clan Master.

With their experience, how could they not see that Quan Chen was being biased?

’’Oh yes, Chen'er. What did you gain from the trial and what was the reward?’’

Hai Yun Master smiled and changed the topic.

The other Elders instantly revealed expressions of interest as they heard this.

Quan Chen was someone who had reached the third stage after all;there should be some sort of reward.

’’Disciple here's final result was 150 points, which I exchanged for a High class Mortal skill. I also got some weapons and resources....’’

Quan Chen reported his gains.

The High class Mortal skill was exchanged with his points while the other items were not bad either.

Of course, he didn't get any Mortal weapons of the High grade or better.

’’Not bad, 150 points. You've made a good contribution to the Clan by getting a High class Mortal skill.’’

Hai Yun Master praised.

There weren't that many High class Mortal skills in the Clan and an extra High class Mortal skill also increased the Clans' power.

’’150 is a middle-high score from previous experiences.’’

First Elder smiled as he nodded his head.

The Elders were all very expectant of the remaining disciples in the trial.

A total of seven had made it to the last stage, which was the first time this had happened in the past hundred years.

The other six would probably have even greater gains if Quan Chen had such a score already....

’’It's been eighteen days now, and from the last ten trials, only Brother Hai Yun was able to last more than one month.’’

Granny Liu Yue's face was flushed red as she laughed.

Hai Yun Master had beaten the record of the past hundred years and was the only one to last a month or longer in tens of previous trials.

This was the best score.

However, from the looks of this generation, there was a chance of beating him.


The Elders were excited.

What would the highest score be this time? Was it possible to beat Hai Yun Master's record?

Hai Yun Master included was also expectant and thought silently: ’’Bei Moi, you'd better not let me down....’’


Floating Crest Trial, Sky Boundary Island.

In the blink of an eye, a day had passed.

Zhao Feng's figure flew steadily through ice mountains.

He was only using half his speed but was able to throw the black metal monster off easily.

’’The monsters' speed is becoming faster.’’

Zhao Feng came to a stop and felt slightly pressured.

According to his estimates, the black metal monster would reach the 4th Sky speed at around the fifth day, and once it did, even Yang Gan, who was the strongest, would find it hard to survive.

This was because the black metal monster didn't need to rest nor regain its energy while the disciples did.

This also meant that the speed between the 3rd and 4th Sky was a big gap.

Furthermore there were even some disciples who hadn't even reached the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm yet, which meant that it was impossible for them to last till the fifth day.

The first day..... The second day.... The third day...

The remaining disciples felt the pressure become greater.

The black metal monsters didn't know tiredness nor needed to rest;their speed on the contrary increased steadily.

On the third day, Liu Yue'er and Lin Fan both felt weary.

The cultivation of these two were at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm, and the monsters' speed weren't much slower than theirs.

As for the others, such as Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan, they had both broken through to the 4th Sky.

The strongest person here, Yang Gan, was almost at the 6th Sky.

The trial this time gave higher scores and squeezed out their potentials.

’’If it continues like this, the black metal monsters' speed will catch up to me on the seventh day.’’

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed.

He realised that he would definitely die at the end if he kept on running, and a new path of thinking appeared.

Why not kill the opponent instead of being killed?

A normal person would only have one choice when facing an existence at the True Spirit Realm and that was - run, because if they fought a being at the True Spirit Realm head-on, death was the only answer.

However, running away wouldn't do much since the monsters' speed would become faster and faster, and they would eventually catch up.

’’Take out the monster!’’

Zhao Feng's mind gave birth to a terrifying thought.

Why not destroy the danger before it destroys you?


At this moment in time, the enormous shadow of the black metal monster flew over.

Its aura had Zhao Feng hardpressed to breathe. The latter's thoughts spun and thought: ’’There's a couple very dangerous places here that would even cause those at the True Spirit Realm to die if they're careless.’’

Thinking up to here, he suddenly changed direction.

Destination: Dragon Snake Ice River!

Zhao Feng's speed increased dramatically as he used the ability of his Yin Shadow Cloak and headed towards the 'blue crystal tear' in the frozen pond.

Although his cloak could make him invisible, it couldn't hide him from an existence at the True Spirit Realm.

Furthermore, he had a Floating Crest Token inside his body that was locked on to by the black metal monster, meaning that no matter how fast he ran, he still wouldn't be able to escape it.

Four hours later.

A small, chilling pond appeared up ahead.

The water in the pond was a strange blue, and the surroundings were full of ice.

Zhao Feng came near the freezing pond and the cold emited from it almost made his entire body freeze.

He circulated his bloodline power and took out his Luohou Bow, which mitigated the freezing cold by half.

A part of it was resisted by his bloodline, while another part was absorbed by the lotus symbol on the Luohou Bow, which made the symbol blink blue.

Zhao Feng stood near the freezing pond and waited. He then took a deep breath and glanced towards the pond.

Only he knew how terrifying and forbidden that place was. He had accidentally touched it last time, and the entire Sky Boundary Island became full of ice - what kind of power was this?

From afar, the aura of the black metal monster came closer and closer.

It's coming....

The black metal monster howled as it came into sight.

Zhao Feng's azure hair waved in the wind just like the Yin Shadow Cloak behind him, which also gave off a mysterious, ancient aura....


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