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King Of Gods - Chapter 181


Chapter 181 - Start of the Pursuit

Ten figures were sealed in ice, creating a chilling miniature hill.

This included Quan Chen, who was sealed right in the middle.

Zhao Feng saw that in half a day to three days, Quan Chen would die due to the cold. Since Quan Chen had not even reached the 5th Sky, it was impossible for him to break through the power of the two arrows. Only Yang Gan had the power to do this.

’’The arrow itself doesn't have much power, but the extra effect is unbelievable.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head and smiled. The current situation was looking great for Zhao Feng. The small ice hill had sealed off the entrance and it became a protective barrier, which allowed him to destroy the arrays inside.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had appeared in front of the drawer which contained the half transparent, old cloak. The ancient and mysterious aura it gave off quickened his heartbeat.

Because of the interference just then, the array had healed itself, which meant ZHao Feng had to start all over again.

Peng! Si!

Zhao Feng thrust out his palm and a streak of lightning appeared, which caused the drawer to shaked slightly and the white glow to dim faintly.

After gaining insights into a bit of the Floating Crest Lightning Seal, Zhao Feng had reached the high level in Lightning Wind Palm.

The fifth level of the Lightning Wind Palm was far stronger than the fourth. At this level, he could use lightning to numb the opponent, but one needed to gain understanding of lightning first.

If he hadn't gotten the Floating Crest Lightning Seal, Zhao Feng would probably have to spend a long time gaining comprehension and understanding.

Peng! Si! Peng! Si!

Zhao Feng's attack rate wasn't fast and he didn't use his whole strength, but the damage of every move was comparable to the 4th Sky.

’’The fifth level of Lightning Wind Palm is indeed powerful. It's like adding wings to a tiger after merging a bit of the Floating Crest Lightning Seal into it.’’

Zhao Feng could feel the lightning in every palm, which could numb the opponent. If the enemy was weak. Zhao Feng's first palm could shock the opponent, causing him to be unable to move.

Through the attacks, Zhao Feng kept on perfecting Lightning Wind Palm since the Lightning Wind Palm was a rough work - the creator hadn't perfected it.

Zhao Feng kept on changing it and the Floating Crest Lightning Seal also helped. While he was perfecting it, the danger involved also dropped.

This meant that Zhao Feng's fifth level Lightning Wind Palm was much more powerful than those of others who had trained it.

He had used this to force back Quan Chen just then. One had to know, Quan Chen was at the pinnacle of the 4th Sky and he had a Middle grade Mortal weapon.

Under this situation, he was still pushed back by Zhao Feng head on - from this, the power of the Lightning Wind Palm could be seen. If Zhao Feng fully activated the power of his bloodline, he had the ability to even kill Quan Chen in one palm.

Peng! Si! Peng! Si... !

Zhao Feng's attacks followed a rhythm, neither fast nor slow, but it still caused the array to dim with every hit.

At the same time, the array would heal itself and reduce Zhao Feng's damage but overall, the array's power was decreasing.

Through the attacks, Zhao Feng would further perfect the lightning wind palm and increased its power while decreasing its danger.

Of course, his stamina was limited. He would take a small break every hour and take a gulp of spiritual wine or eat some pills every four hours.

In the blink of an eye, two to three days had passed.

Peng! Kraaak!

A thunderous palm smashed onto the white glow of light and shattered it.

Zhao Feng's expression turned to joy as he quickly grasped the worn cloak.

According to Zhao Feng's understanding, the array would slowly mend itself even though it was fully broken. Zhao Feng inspected the dark grey cloak and he inserted his True Force inside to inspect it. When he put in a small amount of True Force, the cloak only seemed to become more transparent.

Zhao Feng put the cloak on and he inserted more True Force into it as well as putting some power of his bloodline in. Suddenly, an unseeable aura enveloped Zhao Feng's entire body, which gave him the feeling like he was air. Through the inspections of his left eye, he realised that the light arriving at his spot was being bent, affecting the vision of others.

’’Invisibility?’’ Zhao Feng's eye flashed and he said.

In the eyes of other beings, Zhao Feng was like the air. He didn't expect the cloak to have such a unique ability. Apart from that, Zhao Feng felt as if his body had became as light as a feather.


A ghostly figure flashed several yards in the treasury. Zhao Feng felt both his agility and speed increase dramatically. Through inspection, Zhao Feng had realised that this cloak had the abilities of invisibility and speed increase. But somehow, when he put only his True Force in, nothing worked. Only till he put in his bloodline power did the effects happen.

’’Maybe it's because the cloak is slightly broken already.’’

Zhao Feng didn't ponder too much over it. He calculated the time and estimated that the black metal monsters would start pursuing them in a few hours time. No one could face the attacks of the True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng scanned the treasury and he lightly sighed before walking out. The coldness of the ice hill had decreased dramatically. Zhao Feng's expression changed as he looked at it.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng put his full strength into his palm and he smashed it against the ice hill.


The ice hill split into pieces and the frozen guards shattered. However, there was nothing in the center of the ice hill.

Quan Chen's figure had disappeared.

’’The Floating Crest Trial is far too kind. The moment someone faces death, the Floating Crest Token inside them will send them out.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he concluded. Every participant had a Floating Crest Token merged inside them. Therefore, one could only kill someone if they had absolute strength and the ability to instant kill them before the token sent them out.

For the past few days Zhao Feng had kept on attacking the array while perfecting his Lightning Wind Palm at the same time. He didn't know what had happened or how Quan Chen had disappeared.

’’Oh well, Quan Chen's only a mosquito that I can easily kill with my current strength.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed as he walked outside.


A queer power enveloped his body as he put on the cloak. Instantly, Zhao Feng became a transparent figure and most of the guards surrounding the building couldn't even sense him.

The worn cloak could make Zhao Feng invisible and only if the latter moved fast would there be a ripple. At this instant, Zhao Feng's speed was comparable with the 5th Sky. More importantly, he only needed to put in his bloodline power once - he could continuously maintain it by using his True Force afterwards.

’’Haha, let's call it the 'Yin Shadow Cloak' then.’’

Zhao Feng laughed as he exited the castle. The instant he did so, he felt a pressure bear down on him, like he had been locked onto by a terrifying existence.

At the same time.

Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan... all the participants in every location of the Sky Boundary Island felt a pressure. This pressure made their hearts skip a beat.

Was the pursuit about to begin?

Zhao Feng murmured as he scanned his surroundings with his left eye.


From ten yards away, a ripple and a devastating aura appeared which made it hard for him to breathe.


A glowing white door appeared in the area of the ripple and from it a blurry figure stepped out. It was a metal monster with a pair of wings three stories high with green eyes. A layer of green surrounded it and it released its aura - creating an airwave pushing in all directions.


Zhao Feng's expression changed as he sped in another direction. The black metal monster released a soul-shaking howl, which caused Zhao Feng's heart to skip a beat.


The pair of wings waved in the air as the black metal monster leapt at Zhao Feng.


An existence at the True Spirit Realm was pursuing him! Zhao Feng's bones went cold as he became a blurry figure that sped off into the distance. Luckily, the monster's speed was only comparable to the 2nd Sky, just a bit faster than the first stage.

’’Phew, at least it's speed isn't fast.’’

Zhao Feng let out a breath.

If the black metal monster's speed was too fast or even at the same level as the cultivators, no one would last a day. This was because it was at the True Spirit Realm, which meant that it's True Force would be ten, twenty times denser than those at the Ascended Realm and it would be able to chase for months without a problem.

Zhao Feng soon shook off the monster, but the latter would soon catch up if he took a break.

What was more terrifying was that the black metal monster's speed increased bit by bit over time.

’’The longer one lasts, the more terrifying the pursuit. This means that at the end, the black metal monsters could indeed reach the True Spirit Realm in terms of speed... ’’

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

There might be great rewards in the Sky Boundary Island, but the trial won't let you find them without work. At the same time, all the other disciples faced this pursuit.

Within the ancient forgotten garden.

’’Unfortunately, it's time... ’’

Bei Moi scuttled out of a green palace and ran around in circles around the garden. Behind him, the black metal monster followed him and its terrifying aura caused the nearby beasts to scatter in fear. The Bei Moi at this moment was stronger than before - he had broken through to the 4th Sky two days ago, but he still had to run.

The tall tower forest.

Yang Gan who was at the half step - 6th Sky only had the choice to escape as well.

Facing an existence at the True Spirit Realm, it didn't matter if you were at the 4th or 6th Sky since you would both be instantly killed in one hit! All the participating disciples were running away.

’’The longer one stays in the trial, the better the score.’’

---- The last stage had just begun.


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