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King Of Gods - Chapter 180


Chapter 180 - Hill of Ice

That figure was indeed Zhao Feng.

His plan was perfect;the guards that were pursuing him had returned back to the treasury after losing track of him, forcing Quan Chen to flee with all the guards chasing him.

Zhao Feng had found out that all of the items in the treasury were protected by an array, which couldn't be broken in a short amount of time.

Therefore, he decided to attract the guards' attention first, and then let Quan Chen face all the fire. Because of his left eye, Zhao Feng had absolute control.

In both markets and battlefields, nothing was more important than 'information', and Zhao Feng had this advantage, which allowed him to win every battle.

Zhao Feng was slightly dazed as he walked into the treasury. Then, he became extremely excited. There was a large quantity of items inside;some were weapons, others collectibles such as art, calligraphy, armor, maps, and other things he couldn't name.

But Zhao Feng's left eye could make out that the quality of these items was not simple and that most of the weapons in the treasury were at least of the Spiritual grade.

Would these 'collectibles' that were placed together with Spiritual weapons be simple? It could be said that the value of any item here would make anyone go crazy.


Zhao Feng's eyebrows knitted together as he realized that these items were all protected by separate arrays. The arrays were extremely powerful and had probably had power at the True Spiritual Realm, if not higher. The only shortcoming was that the supply of energy had decreased significantly due to age.

There were a few items with flaws in their protective array.

Of course, normal people wouldn't be able to see this. Only people such as Zhao Feng, who had a powerful left eye, or those who had studied arrays would be able to see this.

’’The power of every protection array is incredibly strong and they can mend themselves. If someone at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm were to attack one of them for two to three days straight, it should break at least.’’ Zhao Feng concluded.

To confirm his speculation, he sent out a palm attack at one of the items.


A white glow appeared and pushed Zhao Feng back, but the latter had been expecting this and came out of it unscathed. The light only dimmed a little bit due to the attack from someone at the 4th Sky, but after a few breaths, the dim spot became bright again.

’’Indeed, it'll need three day's time, considering there is an item with flaws in the array. If it was one without flaws, it'll need ten days to break. If only I had someone like Yang Gan to team up with me and attack it... ’’ Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

If there was someone else, the time needed would decrease dramatically. Unfortunately, he wasn't even sure if Quan Chen was dead or not, and the latter couldn't be trusted.

As for Yang Gan, Lin Fan and co., they were far away, facing their own problems at their respective places.

There was no other way;Zhao Feng only had one choice and that was to fight alone.

It was a good thing this way though - the items all belonged to him and him alone.


Zhao Feng scanned around to find his target. There were just too many items in the treasury, including weapons, armor, etc etc.

The entire treasury had around a couple of hundred drawers containing items inside. Some of them were empty, and the items that were in the empty drawers had been taken by previous participants Zhao Feng guessed.

Those that could get into the treasury and take such items weren't simple figures.

Of the couple hundred drawers, only one-tenth had flaws in their arrays and Zhao Feng's eyes scanned all of them before landing on a target.

It was a half-broken transparent cloak that seemed like a mirror. After locking onto it, Zhao Feng's left eye twitched slightly and his bloodline power had a familiar feeling.

This cloak gave off an ancient aura, which didn't even reach the Spiritual Grade or even the High grade Mortal weapon. It seemed like it was extremely normal, then why would it be placed with such rare items?

Zhao Feng was certain that this cloak wasn't simple or had a high collectible value.

’’Even if I did get a Spiritual weapon, it would be of no use to me. I'd probably have to hand it over to the Clan after the trial... so why don't I choose this?’’ Zhao Feng made his decision.

Spiritual weapons were too far away from him and there was a legend saying that there were Inheritance divine Artifacts, which could ignore the user's cultivation and become the most powerful weapon for any certain cultivation.

However, these Inheritance divine Artifacts were far too rare and every one of them were guarded like heirlooms.

Peng! Peng! Peng...

Zhao Feng smashed at the drawer with palm after palm and the skill he was using was Lightning Wind Palm. It was best to first perfect this skill and with every palm he thrust out, Zhao Feng would improve it in his mind.

The attack rate was constant;a breath to two breaths time rest between each palm, allowing him to last longer.

After a while.

Zhao Feng heard the sound of footsteps, which should belong to the retreating guards.

These guards weren't idiots. If they found that something was wrong, they would definitely come over and inspect.

’’If only I could set up a soundproof array here... ’’

Zhao Feng stopped and he went into deep thought. Soundproof arrays weren't very hard to set up, but the problem Zhao Feng had was that he lacked the materials.

This was the biggest restriction to array masters;if there weren't the materials, nothing could be made. Of course, if one did have the materials beforehand, they could slaughter a group of people stronger than themself.

Zhao Feng flipped through his interspatial ring, which contained everything he had.

’’Unfortunately, I'm missing two materials... ’’

Zhao Feng shook his head and he tried to think of other ways. But there was nothing he could do with two materials missing.

RIght at this moment.

Zhao Feng heard a slight noise and he saw a figure landed on the rooftop opposite the treasury.

’’Zhao Feng, so you didn't die!’’

Quan Chen's voice contained surprise and anger.

Zhao Feng's actions stiffened, it looked like he had underestimated Quan Chen.

Inspecting the latter, he found that Quan Chen had multiple wounds and bandages, his hair was ruffled and his clothes were ripped as if he had been raped.

The hatred in his eyes made it seem even more so.


Quan Chen's figure charged towards the treasury. His goal wasn't the items inside, but Zhao Feng.

First kill Zhao Feng, then get the treasures.

Zhao Feng laughed coldly and he thrust out his palm heavily as he stood at the entrance.

Partial Moon Flying Knife! Quan Chen waved his sword and four to five beams of sharp, dangerous light sped towards Zhao Feng with different angles.


Zhao Feng's fierce palm caused thunder to boom, but it was still pushed back by the cold flash of sword light.

Quan Chen had a mortal weapon in hand, which increased his damage. He also had higher cultivation and his Chilling Moon Technique had progressed to the 4th level.

’’I'll first take your bastard life!’’

Quan Chen decided to get rid of Zhao Feng because this would probably be his last chance.

Wind Lightning Destruction!

Zhao Feng circulated his True Force and skill to the max and the humming of thunder was even louder than before.

But Quan Chen had a Middle grade Mortal weapon after all, and he was able to push through.

Under this desperate situation, Zhao Feng used a small part of his bloodline power secretly, but the power of his attacks increased significantly.


The sound of thunder became louder and louder.

Zhao Feng finally felt his Lightning Wind Palm reach its pinnacle and become smoother and smoother, as if it had broken through a certain point.

At the same time, a bit of the Floating Crest Lightning Seal was comprehended.

Wind Lightning Raging Dragon!

Zhao Feng howled and a 'snake dragon' that had sizzles of lightning crackling around it appeared.

’’What!? The power of lightning!?’’

Quan Chen's expression changed dramatically and the instant that the two clashed together, his body became numb.

The 4th level of the Lightning Wind Palm had a certain numbing effect. But after Zhao Feng had merged a bit of the Floating Crest Lightning Seal into it, the original skill had improved.

Pah- Pah- Pah-

Zhao Feng forced Quan Chen out with continuous palms.

At the same time, the nearby black armored guards came over.

Quan Chen could only evade and he said with hatred: ’’I don't believe that you can stay in there forever.’’

’’Hehe... where are you going!?’’

Zhao Feng took out his Luohou Bow and notched a blue arrow in it before shooting it at the direction of the entrance.


A blue arrow pierced through the air and it sped towards Quan Chen with terrifying coldness.

The latter knew how terrifying Zhao Feng's archery skills were and he instantly put up a layer of True Force and dropped himself onto the ground.


The blue arrow scraped across his shoulder and pierced a guard nearby.

There wasn't any blood flowing from Quan Chen's shoulder, but a chilling coldness spread from there and formed a layer of ice over him.


The ice arrow shattered and icified everything in a few yards radius.

In just one to two breaths time.

Quan Chen and the nearby four to five guards had all been sealed at the entrance. Glancing at the ice sculptures, Zhao Feng could see that Quan Chen was circulating his True Force heavily, wanting to break out. The former snickered coldly and pulled the Luohou Bow back again.


Another blue arrow was shot into the entrance and it froze the other guards that came running across.

In just a few breaths time, ten ice statues blocked the entrance like a hill.

’’Hahaha! Great! One arrow, two birds!’’

Zhao Feng couldn't restrain his laugh.

The 'ice hill' became a barrier, which forced the other guards away. Once they came close, they would be sealed in ice as well.

The cold from two ice arrows was devastating.

Zhao Feng's left eye saw through the ice and saw that the True Force, blood and life force of Quan Chen was starting to freeze....


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