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King Of Gods - Chapter 179


Chapter 179 - Schememing

Zhao Feng inspected this treasury room.

From the moment he had entered, his left eye had scanned the entire landscape, including where some guards were placed.

There was one thing that could be confirmed - this place was indeed the most central part and was the most protected.

Quan Chen had spent two to three days worth of time to reach here, and at least forty guards were cleared in order to reach here.

Zhao Feng knew that there were several hundred guards within the castle, and that it wasn't easy for Quan Chen to reach here. The latter must have paid a hefty price even though he was at the peak 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm in strength.

With Quan Chen's mindset, would he let someone take the rewards?

Therefore, Quan Chen's proposal to split the treasures ’’fifty-fifty’’ was definitely not realistic.


Zhao Feng understood that, by using Quan Chen, he had arrived at the central area with less difficulty.

The treasury at his front was the same size as a lounge, if not slightly bigger, and the aura of treasure inside could make any cultivators' heart pound.

’’An inkling of aura from these is more potent than a normal Spiritual weapon.’’

Zhao Feng's senses were even sharper than Quan Chen's. After all, he had handled a Spiritual weapon before.

Spiritual weapons were extremely precious and most clans only had one or two that were treated like a heirloom.

Furthermore, this was only the aura from the treasury - it probably wasn't even one one-hundredth of the true aura within.

’’Brother Zhao, why don't we split up? One of us distracts most of the guards while the other goes inside the treasury and steals all the treasure?’’

Quan Chen squeezed out a smile.

’’Steal? Brother Quan, don't make it sound so bad. There's no owner here - who knows how many years it has been since his death? We're taking it in full light.’’

Zhao Feng snickered.

’’Yes, yes, we're taking it.’’

Quan Chen laughed stiffly and suppressed the anger in his heart. Since when did this ant dare to talk to him this way?

The two then discussed who would lure away the guards and who would snag the treasure.

Zhao Feng first scanned the entire treasury and caught traces of arrays inside. His left eye could barely see through the walls and see the contour lines inside.

’’Brother Zhao, your movement skills are quite good, so there's not much of a problem for you to distract the guards. Of course, if you don't want to, I can.’’

Quan Chen said generously, as if he didn't mind which choice Zhao Feng made.

Most would probably choose the latter since they would only feel safe if they were the one to take the treasure.

’’Ok. I'll distract the guards.’’

Zhao Feng replied.


Quan Chen was somewhat surprised but still laughed coldly in his heart. No matter what you choose, you're still a chess piece that's being sent to it's death!

Firstly, Zhao Feng had just arrived at the castle and didn't know some of the hidden dangers. If he chose to distract the guards, he would attract more and more danger.

Secondly, if Zhao Feng chose to enter the treasury, all Quan Chen needed to do was distract the guards and then disappear without a trace, which meant that droves of guards would return to the treasury.

Therefore, Quan Chen didn't care which choice Zhao Feng made, as both choices spelled death for him.


There were around twenty to thirty guards stationed near the treasury whose strength ranged from the 4th to 6th Sky, so distracting these guards was a dangerous job.

According to the plan, Zhao Feng needed to distract at least half.


Zhao Feng punched out the ensuing air wave hit the walls of the treasury and shook the entire room.

The treasury had an array protecting it, and the instant it was hit, a red glow appeared which caught the attention of some nearby guards.

Ceng! Sou!

Zhao Feng's figure blurred as he attracted ten to twenty guards towards the outer area.

Of these guards, around ten or so were at the 4th Sky, four at the 5th Sky, and only one silver guard at the 6th Sky.

’’Great job Brother Zhao!’’

Quan Chen laughed smugly as joy and coldness flashed in his eyes.

After being chased by so many guards, maybe only Yang Gan was able to retreat without being harmed. Even Bei Moi and himself would find it extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had just entered the castle and didn't know any of the other dangers.

Zhao Feng's figure turned into an after image as he circulated his Heavenly Wind True Force to it's utmost, boasting speed superior to most cultivators at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

This was because he had reached a high level in the Heavenly Wind God Technique, and the purity of his True Force was even better than normal cultivators at the 4th Sky.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had merged his illusion fish picture into this skill, which made his speed even faster than Quan Chen's.

Apart from that, these guards were decked out in heavy armor that enhanced their defenses, with the impediment of their agility and range of motion being the only liability.

Using his agility, even the guards at the 5th and 6th Sky weren't able to catch up to him in a short amount of time.

His left eye could see through walls and predict some of the hidden dangers.

As for the landscape, he was even more familiar with it than Quan Chen.


Zhao Feng had attracted these guards to the entrance of the building.

At this time, the guards who could still catch up were the guards at the 5th Sky as well as the one silver guard.

Only the silver guard's speed was on parity with Zhao Feng's, but its agility was far worse.

Zhao Feng's left eye could peer into the guard's body and see the flow of energy inside, which allowed him to predict the other's attacks beforehand.

Zhao Feng managed to dodge the silver guards' attacks many times - were he to be hit, he would be seriously injured, if not dead even, despite his Silver Wall Technique having been trained to its highest level.

But Zhao Feng, who had the mysterious left eye, controlled the entire situation.

After running out of the building, the landscape became flat, which made it hard for him to use it to his advantage.

The distance between Zhao Feng and the silver guard gradually shortened.

Once the guard caught up and managed to stall him, the other four black armored guards at the 5th Sky would arrive, which almost guaranteed his death.


A layer of azure blood appeared within Zhao Feng's body which gave off a strong aura of the soul.

Instantly, his mental energy, concentration and senses rose.

The power of bloodline was something that Zhao Feng himself didn't understand, but the difference was obvious. The same punch with the power of bloodline could hit 3000-3500 kgs, whereas it was only 1500-2000 kgs without it.

At this moment in time Zhao Feng's speed instantly increased.


Zhao Feng's speed almost doubled and even surpassed the silver guard who was at the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm. The latter might have high cultivation, but his speed was just a bit faster than those at the 5th Sky.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had run out tens of yards. He then turned around and took out his Luohou Bow and notched a blue arrow onto it.

Being in midair, he could see Quan Chen's situation with his left eye. After the latter entered the treasury and touched the array, the nearby ten guards or so chased after him, but because the path to the treasury was small, the number of guards that could go past at once was limited.

Quan Chen was extremely cunning - he blocked off one side of the entrance and tried to take some treasures while fighting them off at the same time.

The different types of treasures gave off pure and alluring auras that made their hearts thump.


Quan Chen tried to take an item, but he was blocked by a layer of white light and was almost injured.

’’Dammit! All the treasures have arrays around them!’’

Quan Chen's expression was grim - he had tried many times and knew that these arrays couldn't be broken through in a short amount of time.

It was lucky that his cultivation had increased significantly ever since he had entered the trial. He had a Middle grade Mortal weapon, which meant he could easily slay black-armored guards at the 4th Sky.

’’That retard Zhao Feng must've died after attracting the attention of so many guards.’’

Quan Chen felt a little better after thinking about Zhao Feng.

At the same time, outside of the building.

Beng! Sou---

A blue item flew through the air and caused the temperature nearby to drop.

The ice lotus symbol on the Luohou Bow suddenly lit up when it was pulled back, and under the freezing temperature, it turned into a transparent arrow of ice.


The arrow hit the silver guard head on and shattered on impact.

With Zhao Feng's current strength, he couldn't break through the defenses of the silver guard, especially when the forte of these guards was defense.

The silver guard lept towards Zhao Feng, unharmed.

However, just as it moved, its actions slowed down bit and a layer of ice formed over its body.

A terrifying coldness spread four to five yards out from the silver guard.

Deng! Deng! Deng....

The black-armored guards in the back froze in their steps when they entered the cold's area of effect.

In just a breath's time, four black-armored guards at the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm turned into ice sculptures.

Only the silver guard was barely able to fight back against the cold.

At this point in time, the silver guard as well as the four black armored guards were controlled by Zhao Feng's one arrow.

The effect was far greater than Zhao Feng had expected.

The latter opened his left eye and realised that a layer of ice was extending through the parts of the guard, soon reaching the core where the energy was stored.

These guards didn't have life but had many parts inside. Once they were frozen, it would affect the amount of energy transferred.

From the looks of it, the four black guards had been sealed in ice and wouldn't be able to escape in a short amount of time.

It was the silver guard that was still resisting, but even if it could break through the ice seal, its speed would be restricted.


Zhao Feng didn't bother with these guards anymore and returned back to the building.

In the central area, Quan Chen was still facing off the guards, but these guards didn't seem to be smart or else they could have summon the remaining hundreds of guards already. Unless one was at the True Spirit Realm, no one would be able to escape such an outpour of guards.

Zhao Feng landed on a rooftop close to the treasury and watched the show below.

As Zhao Feng returned, the black guards that hadn't caught up with him earlier returned back to the treasury.

A total of twenty to thirty armored guards were about to surround the treasury.

’’That brat Zhao Feng has already been finished off?’’

Quan Chen's expression changed as he slashed forwards heavily, ripping two black armored guards into pieces.


He sped towards the exit of the building, but before he reached it, a silver cold came in from the opposite direction.


Quan Chen hiccupped as he looked at this silver guard enveloped in a layer of ice.


A figure laughed lightly and went inside the treasury while Quan Chen was being pursued by the guards.

At present, there were no guards remaining in the vicinity.


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