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King Of Gods - Chapter 178


Chapter 178 - Team up

Floating Crest Lightning Seal!

Zhao Feng kept fondling this tattered piece of metal after he left the village. In terms of material, this metal was very average but it contained an unbelievable amount of intent inside. This intent was short but so profound that it had exceeded Zhao Feng's level.

’’I can only comprehend the slightest edges of this Floating Crest Lightning Seal and this is because I've learnt Lightning Wind Palm.’’Zhao Feng's thoughts turned.

After merging with the mysterious left eye, his comprehension was terrifying - much stronger than many geniuses. However, even though he had the Lightning Wind Palm as basis, he could only understand the slightest bit of the Floating Crest Lightning Seal. Furthermore, he felt that the aura of the Floating Crest Lightning Seal was similar to the Lightning Wind Palm, although the former was more than a hundred times stronger than the latter.

Lightning Wind Palm only used wind to gather lightning, whereas the Floating Crest Lightning Seal controlled lightning straight away.

What was the connection between the two?

Zhao Feng remembered that the Lightning Wind Palm was an ancient skill that was incomplete. At the same time, there were powerful techniques in the Clan which allowed the cultivator to dominate those at their cultivation level. Some of these skills were obtained from the Floating Crest Palace.

For example: Bei Moi's Northern Dark Heavenly Water - this was obtained by Hai Yun Master from the Floating Crest Palace.

’’It looks like this Floating Crest Lightning Seal isn't awarded just because of my performance within the village.’’ Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

The Floating Crest Lightning Seal seemed to have the same origins as the Lightning Wind Palm. He opened his left eye and copied the scenery of the Lightning Seal into his mind, but the power of the scene was too strong. He had to use all his mental energy before barely managing to copy it.

Zhao Feng did this so that this item was truly his. He knew that he wouldn't be able to fully comprehend this Floating Crest Lightning Seal in a short amount of time and who knew what the Clan would do after the trial? They might even take it for themselves! According to the rules, the Clan would take a few treasures and award contribution points in return.

After putting the Floating Crest Lightning Seal away, Zhao Feng headed in another direction. He had the entire map of the Sky Boundary Island in his mind and the places where there might be treasures had been tagged. The next destination was slightly far away, but that place had been analysed by Zhao Feng, meaning that this place might be special or big.

The result.

His first target: It was an absolutely forbidden area, which had caused the temperature of the entire Sky Boundary Island to drop. The treasures inside weren't something that he could have.

His second target: Zhao Feng still couldn't figure out the Floating Crest Lightning Seal.

As for the third target, Zhao Feng estimated that it would be similar with Bei Moi's ancient forgotten garden.

On the journey through a quiet place, Zhao Feng felt a familiar True Force nearby.

’’Brother Lin!’’

Zhao Feng saw that Lin Fan was four to five miles away with his left eye. The True Force emitting from Lin Fan was strong, like he had just broken into the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm not long ago.

Zhao Feng made sure that his eyepatch was on and met up with Lin Fan.

’’Brother Zhao, I didn't think that we'd be able to meet.’’ Lin Fan was overjoyed.

Zhao Feng pointed out a path for him: ’’There's a canyon enveloped in an illusion array fifty miles away in the North-Western direction. You can go try your luck there...’’

The canyon he pointed at was the one that he had just been to.

Zhao Feng wanted to know if Lin Fan faced the same illusion as him.

’’Of course, there's no guarantee of success. From the canyon, there's a hidden shrine tens of miles away in the Southern direction, you can also go try it.’’

Zhao Feng have Lin Fan another place with treasure.

Lin Fan had broken through not long ago and he was extremely surprised: ’’Brother Zhao, you seem to know this place very well?’’

’’Obviously! I spent several days scouting the situation on the Sky Boundary Island. I saw almost everything within a one-hundred to two-hundred mile radius before I started... ’’

Zhao Feng gave the white eye as he said with half-truth and half-lies.

Lin Fan couldn't help but admire Zhao Feng even more as he heard this. The others wouldn't give up any treasures if they saw it, but Zhao Feng hadn't even went to anything in the first five days. The latter had first scouted out the area first to find out the situation instead.

There was a saying: Knowing oneself and the enemy means victory.

From the first action Zhao Feng made, it could be seen that his goal was further than all the other participants.

After saying goodbye to Lin Fan, Zhao Feng continued towards his third destination.

’’Six days have already passed in the Floating Crest Trial, with only three to four days left.’’

Zhao Feng quickened his footsteps.

The third destination was slightly far away, but luckily the beasts that were supposed to be around had disappeared, which allowed Zhao Feng to travel faster.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng arrived at a grass field.

Before, there was swarms of powerful birds flying in the sky, each group was much more terrifying than the black blood bats in the second stage. But because of the sudden temperature drop which froze the entire island, the number of these birds had dropped dramatically.

Zhao Feng increased his speed and he passed through a lovely garden.

’’There was originally a large number of poisonous wasps here with the weakest at the half step-Ascended Realm and the majority at the 1st and 2nd Sky. There's tens of thousands of them and if one was unlucky to be surrounded by them... ’’ Zhao Feng sighed.

The horde of poisonous wasps had now hid due to the cold. The temperature right now greatly affected those at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm and only those at the 3rd Sky or higher could lower the cold's effect.

’’I'm finally here.’’

Zhao Feng let out a long breath as he glanced at a castle in front of him. The castle gave off an ancient aura and every brick which made up the castle had the marks of time.

In terms of size, this castle was the same as Bei Moi's ancient forgotten garden. But because everything was now covered in ice, the danger dropped. After walking inside the castle, Zhao Feng became careful since the castle itself was dangerous.

For example, the moat outside gave off a disturbing aura and Zhao Feng took out a broken mortal weapon and threw it inside the grey-black liquid. A sizzling noise sounded as the broken weapon soon dissolved...

Even though the weapon had lost it's array and was weaker, normal cultivators at the Ascended Realm couldn't even break it.

The entire castle was dead silent and it gave off a dark feeling.

Zhao Feng scouted around outside and his expression changed.

’’There's traces of someone being here.’’ His heart skipped a beat.

There was two possibilities:

  1. There was a terrifying unknown existence.

  2. Another disciple.

Zhao Feng thought that the second possibility was higher.

Ding! Boom! Peng...

At this moment, the sound of battling appeared from the castles' depth. Zhao Feng's left eye concentrated on a wealthy-looking building and he was slightly caught off guard by what he saw.

’’So unlucky! I accidentally set off these guys just as I entered the centre.’’

Quan Chen's ruffled figure sped out from the wealthy building and behind him came two black armored people who had no signs of life. Zhao Feng's left eye could see through material and he saw that the black armored people were actually machines with an energy substance stored in their cores.

From the current situation the two black armored people seemed to have strength near the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm, or else they wouldn't be able to chase Quan Chen away.

’’Brother Zhao, come and help quickly.’’

Quan Chen's eyes light up as he spotted Zhao Feng, who was nearby.

The latter's eyebrows rose and instinctively went to pull out an arrow from his quiver, but he suddenly stopped mid motion: ’’These blue arrows have an ice sealing effect but they are one-use items.’’

It wasn't worth it to waste an arrow for Quan Chen.

’’Brother Quan, my arrows probably can't pierce through these black armored people.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed and he leapt on top of the castle gates.

Quan Chen swore in his heart - Zhao Feng didn't help him, but this was expected.

Luckily, the two black armored people only chased him for a hundred yards before returning back to the building. It was as if guarding the building was their duty and they wouldn't care even if the entire castle was destroyed.

’’Brother Zhao, you've come at the perfect time! This castle's extremely wicked. I finally found the core, but it's extremely troublesome. Why don't you team up with me and we'll split the treasures fifty-fifty each?’’

Quan Chen smiled, but a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.


Zhao Feng nodded his head.

He was enemies with Quan Chen ever since he entered the Clan and before, he was only an ant to the latter. But now, Zhao Feng had reached a point to where he wasn't even afraid of the opponent anymore.

Quan Chen wanted to use Zhao Feng and if he had the chance, kill him.

This was the same plan as Zhao Feng's. He had entered the castle later and with Quan Chen's help, he could entered the core area. If he had the chance, he would send Quan Chen on his way as well... The two both their plans as they walked towards the central building.

’’Brother Quan, you've been here at least a day or two right? You must have gained a lot of things!’’ Zhao Feng laughed as he glanced at Quan Chen's full bag.

He could see the items with his left eye and he knew the price of these items. Although they were good, they were nothing compared with the interspatial bracelet and Floating Crest Lightning Seal he had got.

’’No no no! I've only just entered the central area. In another three days' time, everyone will be pursuited by the monsters and we won't have any more chances.’’

Quan Chen led the way and the two soon entered the building. The former had been here for two to three days and he had cleared the outer area.

’’The most expensive place here is a treasury containing many items. However, there's many guards there whose strength ranges from the 4th to 6th Sky... ’’ Quan Chen explained.

Zhao Feng's figure floated on top of a high building and he surveyed the landscape. Immediately, the structures as well as where the guards were placed had been seen by Zhao Feng.

Quan Chen had only told him part of the dangers and he didn't tell him some hidden dangers. Zhao Feng laughed coldly in his heart as he followed Quan Chen and entered a great hall.

Inside the hall, there were a few black and silver armored guards. Black armored guards were usually at the 4th and 5th Sky, whereas the silver guards had reached the 6th Sky or higher.

Even someone as strong as Yang Gan would find it difficult to break through this place.

No wonder Quan Chen wanted to team up with him, even though the two were enemies.

’’Brother Zhao, there's the treasury.’’

Quan Chen pointed at an old room which gave off the aura of spiritual items.


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