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King Of Gods - Chapter 175


Chapter 175 - Zhao Feng's plan

The entrance of the Floating Crest Palace.

The 4 Elders and the Clan Master sat cross-legged in silence.

In the blink of an eye, eight days had passed and the 1st and 2nd stage of the trial had ended.

On this day, First Elder opened his eyes and said slowly. ’’According to previous experience, many people are kicked out during the 5th and 6th day.’’

The fifth and sixth days were the middle stages of the trial and many would be kicked out or even die.

But this time eight days had passed and no one had exited.

’’It's indeed weird. Seeing how hard the first stage was the second and third stages should be much harder and dangerous than the previous trials.’’

Granny Liu Yue looked slightly worried.

Her disciple Liu Yue'er was one of the weaker ones that participated.

’’There's only two possibilities.’’

Hai Yun Master, dressed in pure white, suddenly said.

’’What possibilities?’’

The others all looked towards the youngest and most talented Elder of the Broken Moon Clan.

The latter had achieved the best score in the Floating Crest Trial in the past few decades.

His record hadn't been broken since, therefore his words held great importance.

’’The first possibility is that there is an extremely high death rate! Sometimes the trial itself can't even control some of the things inside. Therefore, we haven't seen any disciples out yet.’’

Hai Yun Master said in a low tone.

The expressions on the faces of the others changed slightly as they became somewhat worried,

Yes, this trial's difficulty was hard - this could be seen from the first stage when a Black metal monster at the True Spirit Realm had chased them.

’’The second possibility is that there was a very high passing rate and therefore no one has died nor been kicked out.’’

Hai Yun Master shook his head and sighed as he stated the second possibility.

The people present here all knew that the probability of the second possibility was low.

No one dead or kicked out - this meant that there was a 100% pass rate. Was this possible?

Something like this had almost never happened before.

’’Hopefully it's the second possibility, because if it is, it shall be the rising of the Broken Moon Clan.’’

The Clan Master sighed heavily.

The five at the True Spirit Realm probably wouldn't have imagined that the slightest tremble from a butterfly could ignite a chaotic tornado - especially when it was just a small trial.


Floating Crest Trial, Sky Boundary Island.

The azure hair of the youth who stood on the top of the mountain wavered. His azure eye spun around as if it had the power to see through the world.

An hour had passed and Zhao Feng had analysed the situations in a hundred mile radius.

Slowly but surely, a map appeared in his mind. The mental map not only contained the rivers, mountains, and forests, but it also had certain tags to it.

These tags were attached onto places where there could be treasure or danger.

For example a tag said that there was a Three-Headed Scorching Lion there, which was a Yao King at the True Spirit Realm.

’’What kind of bullshit luck does Bei Moi have? He was probably sent straight inside or to the entrance of the garden....’’

Zhao Feng's lips twitched, but he had to admit luck was also a type of strength. Legendary figures always had good luck - for example, the Scarlet Moon Patriarch had once entered the Scarlet Moon Inheritance ground.

Apart from Bei Moi, Zhao Feng also saw Yang Gan's figure.

The latter was aiming for the tall tower within the dangerous forest.

The forest was full of beasts including Yao Beast Kings at the True Spirit Realm and Zhao Feng couldn't help but sweat for him.

Luckily, Yang Gan's luck didn't seem too bad as he didn't enter the territory of the Yao Beast King.

Two good places had been taken by Bei Moi and Yang Gan. That ancient forgotten garden was probably the best place within a hundred mile radius and the tall tower was second.

Zhao Feng even had the urge to fight Bei Moi for it, but after thinking about it carefully, he didn't do it.

Firstly, Bei Moi was strong and had the advantage of entering first. Zhao Feng had to travel through many dangerous places which were even more deadlier than the forest of the tall tower.

Secondly, Zhao Feng thought that he should be generous and set his sights higher and further.

Thinking up to here, a smile appeared on his lips as an extreme idea popped up.

’’There's 10 days of safety in the 3rd stage. I won't find any treasures at first, so instead I shouldscout out the Sky Boundary Island.’’

Zhao Feng thought it through.

The other disciples would use this time to get Inheritances and treasures.

Furthermore, the disciples would have to face the pursuit of black metal monsters of the True Spirit Realm after 10 days. One obviously knew that it wouldn't as simple as the 1st stage.

Zhao Feng's mind worked differently from others. Although he had found a lot of places where there were treasures, he didn't immediately go to them.

’’I'll create a map of the Sky Boundary Island with the places with treasure located in it!’’

A look of insanity appeared in Zhao Feng's eyes.

He needed to use the full power of his left eye to control all of this.


Zhao Feng turned into a blur as he went down the mountain.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng had scouted areas further away.

He wanted to see how big this Sky Boundary Island actually was.

On the way, Zhao Feng's left eye surveyed the nearby area and would always find the dangers lurking there. Most of the times, he would decide to go around;but at other times, he would smash straight through to save time.

It was lucky he had learnt the mental energy sound attack because it could scatter weaker beast hordes.

Every hundred miles or so, Zhao Feng would find a high place and remember the landscape below.

Even though Zhao Feng had his left eye, he also met danger.

There were unique Yao beasts whose forte was stealth or areas which were dangerous.

For example, Zhao Feng was walking on a patch of grass but, due to carelessness, was ambushed by some Vines. Luckily, his reaction speed was fast and was able to escape by using his bloodline power.

Ever since that event, Zhao Feng was extremely careful.

There was another even more terrifying time.

Zhao Feng was once standing on a hill, and only after scanning the hill with his left eye did he realise it was actually a ’’stone monster’’ sleeping.

The stone monster was as big as a ship and more than ten times bigger than the black metal monster from the 1st stage.

Zhao Feng's bloodline power shook as it felt the aura of the stone monster below.

He was certain that the stone monster could instantly kill those at the True Spirit Realm with one hit were it awake.

This was only a part of the hidden dangers.

Zhao Feng found different sorts of queer stuff as he carried on.

’’What was the ancient era like to have such terrifying existences? Yao beasts, hills, plants.... Everything could be something else....’’

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

Using a day and a half, Zhao Feng came to the end of the Sky Boundary Island.

At the end of the Sky Boundary Island was a limitless, vast ocean.

Zhao Feng roughly scanned the waters and found that the number of beasts in the ocean was ten times or even one hundred times greater than the beasts in the island. Furthermore these beasts were even stronger.

If he went into the ocean, even his left eye might not guarantee his survival.

Zhao Feng calculated that from the starting point to the end of the Sky Boundary Island, he had walked around 200-300 miles.

Returning the way he came, Zhao Feng's pace was much faster since he was familiar with the route.

After arriving back at the mountain peak, Zhao Feng then proceeded in the other 3 directions.

A few days later, Zhao Feng returned to the starting point, exhausted.

Using a total of 4-5 days, Zhao Feng had scouted the entire Sky Boundary Island.

Now he knew the landscape of the Island as familiarly as he knew his palm. He knew which places had danger, which places had treasure, even which places had Yao beasts.

’’There's a total of 139 places where there might be treasure. Amongst them there's 4-5 places where there's treasure on par with the garden, but all of them are extremely dangerous.’’

Zhao Feng murmured.

Obviously the danger was everywhere. There was a total of 200 or so places where Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to return from.

There were around 40-50 existences which could kill him instantly and this was only the number found so far.

In a total of 5 days Zhao Feng had found many places with treasure but didn't regret not going inside.

’’There's still 5 days till monsters of the True Spirit Realm come chasing after me.’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

Every step he took from now on was critical.

Teng~ Sou~~

Zhao Feng's figure lept into the air, and he went towards the outer edges of the tall tower forest.

The tall tower forest was where Yang Gan was, and according to what Zhao Feng knew, the former had entered the mysterious tower by luck, or maybe he had a hidden card that no one knew of.

Zhao Feng's aim obviously wasn't the tall tower.

There was a river near the tall tower forest that went through almost half the Sky Boundary Island.

The water in the river was chilling and there was no presence or auras of any beasts nearby it.

All in all, this river was very weird.

Zhao Feng had once seen a queer scene - the blue river moved like a dragon and slithered like a snake.

Adding on the fact that there weren't any traces of beasts nearby Zhao Feng decided to scout this place out.

’’I'll name this place the Dragon Snake Ice River.’’

Zhao Feng named it by how it seemed to move.

He walked next to the Dragon Snake Ice River and opened his left eye.

After coming close to the river, he felt a terrifying coldness, and the deeper the river got the stronger the icy feeling.

On the way, there seemed to be nothing, but Zhao Feng's instinct told him that this Dragon Snake Ice River wasn't simple and must have a mysterious history to it.

After walking to the end of the river at the ’’mouth’’ of the Dragon and Snake, there was a waterfall with a freezing pond below the waterfall.

The freezing pond wasn't big, around 10 yards or so wide, but it gave off a coldness that made one's soul tremble.

’’Looks like it's here....’’

Zhao Feng stood in front of the pond.

Suddenly, a weird freezing feeling entered through his legs and spread out throughout his body.


The azure light in his left eye spun around and a faint azure coloured blood within him boiled, dissipating the cold.


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