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King Of Gods - Chapter 174


Chapter 174 - Sky Boundary Island

The longer one stayed in the Floating Crest Trial, the better they scored. In addition, the number of trials one passed, as well as their performance during the trials also affected the final result, in turn which decided the final reward.

Apart from Lu Hu and the other two disciples who had been kicked out in the first trial, the remaining 7 had gotten at least 30 trial points for successfully passing the first trial, and the disciples that had reached this point had also done well during the trials.

Of course, the points gained from their performance was concealed.

Every participating disciple had a Floating Crest Token embedded inside their bodies, and even Zhao Feng couldn't feel the existence of the Token;however, when he killed his enemies, his left eye was able to catch a glimpse of the slightest movement of the token.

While he may not have known how many points he had, his score shouldn't have been too low after killing so many bats.

Zhao Feng then travelled slowly around, the map within his mind becoming clearer and clearer. Although there were still a few remaining black spots in the map , the path to the exit had already been found.

’’It's already been 3 days since the start of the 2nd trial.’’

Zhao Feng knew that he couldn't waste any more time, even though there were still some treasures in the cave.

His luck wasn't very good anyways, since he hadn't found any good items apart from inside the bat nest.

Only Bei Moi and Yang Gan had gotten a few Spiritual items after entering an underground floor.

Two hours later, a faint wisp of light appeared from ahead and the material under their feet slowly turned azure in color.

The faint wisp of light became brighter and brighter until Zhao Feng saw the exit - a big, azure gate that was wide open.

After passing through the gate a voice echoed about in his head, ’’50 points are awarded for passing the 2nd trial. After 5 days are up, the 3rd trial shall open.’’

Within the gate was an azure hall containing energy several times stronger than the energy on Sky Moon Mountain. There were already 3 people inside: Yang Gan, Quan Chen and Bei Moi. The three sat cross legged on the ground, digesting the plants they had gotten before.

Bei Moi had the fastest improvement of the three, with his aura pushing towards the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Yang Gan was also progressing forward;however, the further one cultivated, the harder it was to progress. At his level, every inch gained in cultivation required tons of effort. Despite all this, Yang Gan had still reached the late stages of the 5th Sky, and after the trial, he even had the chance to try and reach the 6th Sky.

Another half of a day later, Liu Yue'er and Ran Xiaoyuan both walked through the gate and into the hall.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, the ones that arrived later didn't get any extra bonuses.

The 2nd trial.

Yang Gan was the fastest and therefore got an extra 30 points.

Bei Moi and Quan Chen both received an extra 20.

One had to know the points for passing the 1st trial gave only 30 points.

It wasn't easy to get these points, and after the trials ended they had many uses.

Time passed by slowly, and everyone used the last bit of time to increase their strength.

Zhao Feng, Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan, and Lin Fan all made major improvements in their cultivation. This was especially so for Zhao Feng, who had already broken through before the 2nd trial had even ended.

Apart from that, both Ran Xiaoyuan and Lin Fan were both at the point of a breakthrough as well.


A voice sounded in their head, ’’The Floating Crest Trial shall enter the 3rd stage, ’’Sky Boundary Island.’’ There are many rewards here and no time limit. The longer one survives, the better they score. This is the last stage of the trial - after 10 days have passed, Black metal monsters at the True Spirit Realm shall come and try to kill you. The longer one survives their pursuit, the more difficult the pursuit shall become.’’

As the voice faded away, a sparkling azure door opened on the other side of the hall.

Zhao Feng instinctively opened his left eye, his expression instantly turning weird.

He knew a few things about arrays and using left eye, he could tell the type of array he was looking at.

’’We can't be together for the last stage - it's all up to you now.’’

Zhao Feng said to Lin Fan and the latter said gratefully, ’’I could only reach this far thanks to Brother Zhao. I'll try my best for the last stage.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head and felt that Lin Fan already had achieved the requirements to reach the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. If he was able to break through during this stage he should be able to get a good score.

Shua! Shua! Shua...

The 7 disciples vanished one after another as they entered the sparkling door.


Sky Boundary Island - the last stage.

Lin Fan's body descended into a canyon and felt the energy around him was pure and full.

’’The energy here is so pure that one's cultivation speed would be ten times as fast as the Sky Moon Mountain.’’

Lin Fan was stunned.

After that he then surveyed the area but there was no one in sight.

’’Brother Zhao is too mysterious and smart. Everyone wh9 entered the third stage were sent to different corners in the Sky Boundary Island.’’

Lin Fan took in a deep breath and admired Zhao Feng even more.

The latter had already seen something before they even entered.

Zhao Feng saw that the array within the sparkling door was a Teleportation array, one of the most complicated arrays. One needed to know about Spatial laws and have a corresponding Array diagram to set it up.

Lin Fan lifted up his head and found that the occasional figure of a Yao beast would fly by.

Yao beasts could cultivate and contained a thin trace of Ancient Bloodlines in them.

It was said that the Black Metal Monsters would only pursuit them after 10 days but there was already a lot of danger here.

’’The energy here is perfect for me to breakthrough.’’

Lin Fan decided and went to find a concealed place.

It was best for him to reach the 3rd Sky first and this place for perfect for it.

Tens and tens of miles away, in front of a garden.

’’My luck is indeed great - I was teleported to an ancient forgotten garden....’’

Bei Moi stood in front of a garden and felt the thick energy around as well as the auras of powerful beings nearby.

These auras within the ancient forgotten garden shook his heart even though it was just a tinge.

This also meant that the garden was real and contained many treasures inside.

Of course treasures and danger lurked together.

Bei Moi obviously knew this point and he took a deep breath and stepped into the garden.

’’If I don't go early this garden will be found by the others....’’

Bei Moi's figure vanished as he stepped inside. He didn't know that the Sky Boundary Island was huge and that there were many places containing treasures around. The others might not have the time to fight him.

But compared to some his luck was extremely good since he had met an ancient garden already.

The 7 disciples were sent to the corners of the Sky Boundary Island.

Lin Fan's luck was average and Bei Moi's was extremely good.

There were some with bad luck though. For example Yang Gan - he was teleported right next to a group of Green Spotted Hyena's who were all at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm or higher.

After a hard-fought battle Yang Gan was able to escape.

’’I was almost held back by that Green Hyena King and if I was surrounded.....’’

Yang Gan sighed in relief.

The Green Hyena King's cultivation had almost reached the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm, even stronger than the Bat emperor.

After running for a while Yang Gan's figure suddenly stopped as he looked at a tower a hundred feet tall in the middle of the forest.

’’This tall tower is definitely not simple but...’’

Yang Gan was half filled with joy and half filled with sadness because the tower was in the middle of the forest where beasts howled from and some of the auras inside threatened him.

He wasn't as lucky as Bei Moi who had appeared right next to an ancient forgotten garden.

At the same time.

The disciples in the Sky Boundary Island had all met something either good or bad.

On top of a mountain a few thousands metres high stood a youth.

This youth had azure hair and only one eye, which gave off a wicked feeling.

’’I finally got up here... The area of the last stage is indeed massive. I can't even see the end with my left eye meaning that the radius of this place is at least 400-500 miles long.’’

Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

He was suspicious that this wasn't in the Sky Moon Mountain nor the Cloud Country.

This puzzle couldn't be solved by him at the moment - even the Elders of the Clan probably couldn't give a correct and definite answer. After all, the Floating Crest Palace came from the ancient times and in that era there were many people at the Origin Core and Void God Realm who had the ability to pass through dimensions and rebirth from a drop of blood.... The same as true gods.

Of course nothing touched that level in this place apart from the 4 Great Inheritances of which the Scarlet Moon Inheritance was one of them.

It had been many hours since Zhao Feng had entered the Sky Boundary Island and the second he entered he had opened his left eye to find a few places with treasure.

This way he had the choice to choose which place to go to. Therefore Zhao Feng spent a lot of energy climbing to the peak of the mountain for a better and further view.

Standing at the summit ZHao Feng could see very, very far with his left eye since nothing was in his way including the miniscule things a hundred miles away.

There was a tall tower in the middle of the forest in the straight North direction. He estimated that there would be great rewards but many Yao Beasts were lurking there, including those at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm and even those at the True Spirit Realm.

In the North-West direction was a mysterious garden which was surrounded by water.

’’That side is probably an ancient forgotten garden.’’

Zhao Feng's heart sped up a bit.

From the scenery and aura the garden had one could imagine the treasures inside but unfortunately the garden was in the middle of a lake and had many beasts there which made it even more dangerous than the tall tower.

Furthermore the journey to the garden would take a long time excluding the fact that there would be danger on the way as well.

Zhao Feng shook his head as a faint azure light appeared from his left eye as he scanned around....


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