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King Of Gods - Chapter 173


Chapter 173 - Victory

Zhao Feng gave off a very strong killing intent as he continuously used his mental energy sound attack, which either caused the nearby bats to fall unconscious or fly away in fear.

The strongest bat emperor was held back by Yang Gan, and their battle made the other bats and the cultivators be incapable of drawing closer.

3 of the 6 bat lords had been slain, and the remaining 3 didn't dare to close in on them.

As for the other black bats filling the skies, none of them could come close to Zhao Feng and company;any that did would be felled or be compelled to seek escape.

This meant that the bat side's biggest advantage, the 'number tactic', had been resolved by Zhao Feng.

Up to now, none of the remaining disciples had died or been kicked out.

The situation could be said to be great.

’’We just need to kill 2 more bat lords, then we can all focus on attacking the bat emperor.’’

Zhao Feng suggested.

After using so much mental energy sound attacks, he was starting to get tired, taking this chance to take a sip of his Spiritual wine and recover some energy.

After a bit of discussion, it was decided that Bei Moi and Quan Chen would lead the offense while the others would protect Zhao Feng and support long-range.

Boi! Boi!

Zhao Feng spat out two sound attacks to help Bei Moi and Quan Chen slay another bat lord. Even these bat lords would be affected by Zhao Feng's mental energy sound attack, allowing Bei Moi to seriously injure it with one hit.

Zhao Feng would spit out sound attacks once in a while as well as pull out his Luohou bow.

Soon, one of the three remaining bat lords was slain, with the other two being seriously injured.

Zhao Feng thought that the result was set - the remaining two bat lords were seriously injured and not much of a threat.

Right at this moment.

Zhao Feng heard a screech that shook the wall, and the figure of the bat emperor knocked Yang Gan out of the way and charged towards him.

’’Not good!’’

Zhao Feng felt a life-threatening premonition of danger.

The bat emperor was a Yao beast which had reached the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm and possessed heightened intelligence - meaning that it had already found Zhao Feng's importance.

It had wanted to break through and kill the latter many times but was stopped by Yang Gan.

Seeing his spawn killed one after the other, the bat emperor went insane and charged towards Zhao Feng even though it meant taking a direct hit from Yang Gan.

’’Brother Zhao watch out!’’

Yang Gan exclaimed from behind.

Zhao Feng might be strong, but he would be instantly killed when facing a bat emperor at the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm.


Zhao Feng took a deep breath and circulated all his True Force and activated his azure blood at the same time to form a mental energy sound attack.

This mental energy sound attack was produced by Zhao Feng's full strength and contained the power of his bloodline.


The sound attack almost instantly hit the bat emperor, and even something as strong at the latter paused slightly.

Zhao Feng was stunned - his mental energy sound attack was specifically designed for bats, and this attack which could instantly kill bats of the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm couldn't even harm the opponent.

The bat emperor was only stopped by half a breath, but the latter only charged towards Zhao Feng with more ferocity.

However, a lot of things could be done in half a breath.

Zhao Feng quickly pulled back several yards as his figure twisted like a fish.


Yang Gan drew back his long golden sword and slashed it at the bat emperor's body, causing a long, bloody wound to appear.

Sou-- Beng~

Zhao Feng did a 180 degree turn while he ran and shot out an arrow containing the power of his bloodline with his Luuohou Bow.

The moment he applied the power of his bloodline, Zhao Feng felt the Luohou Bow tremble slightly and give off a warm feeling. The arrow left an azure streak in the sky and reached an incredible speed.


That arrow hit directly where Yang Gan had wounded the bat emperor.

Zhao Feng understood that his attacks wouldn't be able to pierce through the bat emperor's defense normally, but this arrow had hit an already injured point and opened the wound up even further.

’’Quan Chen, Bei Moi, help me!’’

Yang Gan signalled the two to help fight back the bat emperor and even though Quan Chen was extremely unwilling, he still went to support Yang Gan with his weapon in hand.

If they were to fight head on, Bei Moi and Quan Chen both could be instantly killed by the bat emperor. However, Yang Gan was fighting the emperor and all the two needed to do was support.


Zhao Feng snickered coldly and charged back towards the bat emperor as he sent out a mental energy sound attack to distract the latter.

Even the bat emperor couldn't ignore Zhao Feng's mental energy sound attack and was forced into a desperate situation.

Zhao Feng maintained some distance and released arrow after arrow, hitting the already injured place.

The bat emperor was forced back by the group and its injuries became more and more severe. It went absolutely crazy and tried to run away but was stopped by the group with Zhao Feng firing a mental energy sound attack at critical points.

After half the time it takes to brew tea, the bat emperor finally fell heavily onto the ground, dead.

After slaying the bat emperor, everyone let out a long breath and the remaining bats scattered. Even if some of them wanted to take revenge, they were forced back by Zhao Feng's mental energy sound attack.

As of now, there were several hundred bats dead in the cave, and 75% of them were killed by Zhao Feng.

’’Brother Zhao, you've contributed a lot. If you weren't here, who knows how many would be able to pass through alive. After the trial finishes, I'll report this to the Clan.’’

Yang Gan said with gratitude and admiration.

One had to know the 2nd trial was far harder than the first, and under normal circumstances there wouldn't be more than 3 to pass this trial.

However, Zhao Feng was a game changer who had countered the bat's 'number tactic' and no one was kicked out of the trial.

After killing the bat emperor, the group went deeper inside the cave, which had many treasures inside.

Zhao Feng opened his left eye secretly and scanned the cave. He didn't take treasures easily, but they were definitely good items when he did.

After walking to a certain point, a blood red wall appeared.

’’Great! This is the spiritual fruit 'Scarlet Blood Fruit' which can significantly strengthen the body!’’

Quan Chen saw a fruit growing in the corner.


A figure suddenly appeared before him and took the Scarlet Blood Fruit.

’’Brother Zhao, I found this Scarlet Blood Fruit first!’’

Quan Chen said dimly.

’’If you found it first, why is it I that picked it up?’’

Zhao Feng mocked.

His left eye could see which items were around, but even then he could only pick a few from them.

’’Stop arguing, Brother Zhao did the most work so he should get first priority. Furthermore, there's more than one Scarlet Blood Fruit.’’

Yang Gan said.

Quan Chen was extremely aggrieved, but there was nothing he could do except go search for other treasures.

The Scarlet Blood Fruit was a spiritual fruit containing the essence of the sun as well as the blood of animals, which greatly increases the attributes of the body.

There was a high chance of someone breaking through to the next Sky if they were under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

There was 5-6 of these fruits around and Zhao Feng got 2, Yang Gan 1, Bei Moi 1 and Ran Xiaoyuan got the last one.


Zhao Feng's eyes suddenly glanced towards a corner of a certain place. There was a faint silver/red type of fruit growing there which gave off a cold aura.

’’Chilling Yin Fruit! A spiritual fruit with exact opposite properties as the Scarlet Blood Fruit.’’

Zhao Feng's figure turned into a blur as he rushed towards that direction, but Yang Gan, Bei Moi and co. had also found the Chilling Yin Fruit at the same time.

2 of the 5 Chilling Yin Fruit were snatched by Zhao Feng while the other 3 were split by Yang Gan, Bei Moi, and Lin Fan.

The latter was always close to Zhao Feng, therefore he also received some of the light.

Lin Fan found a certain pattern: as long as Zhao Feng went for something, good treasures would appear.

However, it wasn't just him who realised this, Yang Gan and co. all had the same feeling.

’’Why are you all following me?’’

Zhao Feng said out of nowhere.

The other's laughed awkwardly and maintained a certain distance from Zhao Feng.

After this, Zhao Feng didn't take many items and would only consider doing so if they had reached the Spiritual grade since he knew the others would be suspicious and greedy if he took too much.

There were many treasures within the cave, but only one-tenth of them had reached the Spiritual grade. Oncence they were at that level, they would contain a lot of energy within them.

Zhao Feng roughly calculated that of the tens of Spiritual grade plants he got, the Chilling Yin Fruit and Scarlet Blood Fruit were worth the most and that the others had a better effect when created into pills instead of being eaten straight away.

Around half a day later, the items inside the bat cave were pillaged.

There were a few people who immediately ate their treasures to consolidate and increase their cultivation.

For example Bei Moi, the Chilling Yin Fruit he ate had the same elements as his Northern Dark Heavenly Water, which meant this could increase his cultivation.

Zhao Feng didn't really mind which elements the fruits had since the skill he trained in could absorb both, but because he had just had a breakthrough, it wasn't a wise choice to use treasures to increase his cultivation right now.

Lin Fan ate a Chilling Yin Fruit and sat cross-legged on the ground, cultivating.

2 hours later.

Yang Gan was the first to leave. He wanted to be the first to exit the 2nd trial so he could gain more rewards from this trial.

The others then left one after another, but Zhao Feng and Lin Fan still headed off together.

After eating the Chilling Yin Fruit, Lin Fan was closing in on the peak 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm and his True Force had the element of of Ice in it, which greatly increased his power.

The others such as Quan Chen, Ran Xiaoyuan and Liu Yue'er all had improvements as well.

The point of the trial was to squeeze out one's potential and then use resources to increase one's cultivation.

’’Brother Zhao, why aren't you fighting for the title of the ’’first to exit’’?’’

Lin Fan suddenly asked.

When the 2nd trial had begun, it was already mentioned that the less time one took to complete the trial, the higher the reward.

’’I'm not fighting for this.’’

Zhao Feng shook his head.

’’Then, Brother Zhao, you....’’

’’The rules mentioned that the performance in the trial as well as the number of trials passed will affect the result.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

’’The number of trials passed as well as the performance from them... performance!’’

Lin Fan's eyes lit up as he finally understood.


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