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King Of Gods - Chapter 171


Chapter 171 - Rampage

Wave after wave of black blood bats screeched in the cave, sending limitless mental energy attacks through the air. They shook the nearby walls, blowing dust everywhere.

Even Core disciples at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm would be killed.

In the centre of the bats, an azure haired youth stood mountain-still like a king, the mental energy attacks were like stones that sunk into the ocean. The aura of the azure figure suddenly rose rapidly and a sharp and transparent light shot out of his left eye, which spread out in all directions.


Expressions of fear appeared in the eyes of the nearby bats and the ones closer to the figure froze mid air, like they had been petrified.

Tok! Tok! Tok... !

A few of the weaker bats fell onto the ground as blood leaked from their eyes and noses. Most of the black blood bats trembled in the air and they didn't dare advance any further towards Zhao Feng.

The only ones that were able to barely withstand it were the 4 bat leaders at 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. The leaders instinctively sent out another wave of mental energy sound attacks.

Zhao Feng circulated his left eye and the azure light in his left eye had reached two foot nine, which supplied Zhao Feng's mental energy and the latter could feel the massive source of mental energy in him. But only a small amount could be withdrawn since he didn't know how to use it.

But even then the mental energy assassination spike could stun so many black blood bats.

’’These bats know how to control their mental energy since birth.’’

Zhao Feng's left eye became sharp and the bat leader's body became transparent, revealing the organs, blood vessels as well as the Yao energy inside...

In the bat leader's body, Zhao Feng saw a faint red mental energy source around the size of a grain of rice in it's head. Normal people wouldn't be able to sense mental energy, but Zhao Feng's left eye could clearly see the mental energy source as well as the way to use it.

’’Mental energy must be used at a specific frequency.’’

A diagram appeared in Zhao Feng's head. Although the bats' body was different to a human's, the way they used mental energy was the same and the method was copied into the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye.


Zhao Feng circulated his True Force as a queer sound appeared from his mouth, which contained a trace of mental energy.

Tok! Tok! Tok....

Waves of black blood bats fell down from the sky as blood leaked from their noses, ears and eyes...

All the black blood bats under the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm couldn't withstand this attack.

’’This sound attack contains shocking from my True Force. Adding mental energy makes it far more effective on these bats.’’

Joy appeared on Zhao Feng's face. The organs of the bats that fell from the air would be destroyed and even if some survived, they would be crippled.

Just one sound attack made 10 - 20 bats fall.


The remaining bats scattered in different directions due to fear. Zhao Feng opened his mouth the second time, but even then tens of bats were left on the ground.

Even the 4 bats at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm ran away in fear.

’’Where shall you run!?’’

Zhao Feng laughed coldly as he took out his Luohou Bow. His left eye flashed in azure and the power of Zhao Feng's archery skills rose.

Sou! Sou! Sou... !

A few dark azure coloured arrows pierced the 4 black blood bats at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm with unbelievable speed. The Luohou Bow could surpass the speed of sound at best, but Zhao Feng could only use a bit of its power. But even then, the black blood bats weren't able to dodge its arrows.

When Zhao Feng withdrew his Luohou Bow, the nearby black blood bats had already disappeared from view.

Zhao Feng shook his head and he put the eyepatch back on. The mental energy attack just then that originated from his mouth meant that wearing the eyepatch didn't make much of a difference.

Through this battle, Zhao Feng had found the way to use his mental energy. Instinct told him the true potential of his left eye hadn't been reached yet.


’’What the heck is going on? Why are the nearby bats running? It seems like they don't have clear consciousness as well... ’’

A ruffled nut beautiful girl walked close to Zhao Feng's cave with a stunned expression.

She was Liu Yue'er, who had parted ways with them earlier. The team that she was in had met a large group of bats not long ago and Yang Gan had led the strongest as well largest amount of bats away while the others ran.

Liu Yue'er was finally able to escape from the bats chasing her, but unfortunately, she met another group of bats with a number so large that it could threaten her.

But somehow, these bats seemed to be in fear and they were like headless flies flying in different directions.

After walking for another tens of yards, Liu Yue'er glanced at the bats at the ground and she saw that some of the bats had died while others were struggling at the ground with blood leaking from their eyes, ears and nose.

Liu Yue'ers heart shook as she thought about who could be so terrifying as to kill the numerous number of bats without leaving a tracr.

The bats on the ground had no obvious injuries, but the organs as well as the vessels inside them had been destroyed and they had no clear consciousness.

’’Sister Liu.’’

A cold voice sounded from the corner in front.

Liu Yue'er jumped up in surprise, but after seeing who it was, she let out a breath.

Zhao Feng sat on the ground cross legged like he was healing. But from the way he circulated his True Force, it was like he was cultivating as well.

Next to him was Lin Fan, who was already awake and healing.

’’Were these bats all... ?’’ Liu Yue'er asked carefully.

Next to Zhao Feng were bodies of many bats, including 3-4 bat leaders whose vitals had been pierced by arrows.

Zhao Feng didn't respond and he started to cultivate while pushing his Heavenly Wind True Force to the max.

He had reached a high level in his Heavenly Wind God Technique and the purification of his True Force was on par with those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

In terms of his body, his Silver Wall Technique had reached the highest level possible. Drinking some Spiritual wine and eating Spiritual fruit as well as the snake bile increased his attributes to the peak 2nd Sky.

Under the desperate situation, Zhao Feng had maximised his potential and he reached had the half step 3rd Sky.

Now, the quantity as well as the quality of Zhao Feng's True Force rose steadily as he cultivated.

To increase his cultivation speed, Zhao Feng would take a small sip of Spiritual wine every couple hours. The low grade Spiritual wine had a great effect for those under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Lin Fan sat next to Zhao Feng and guarded him with a complex expression. After he had fainted, Lin Fan had no clue what had happened. When he had woken up, Zhao Feng wasn't injured at all, but corpses of bats lay nearby in vast quantities.

How similiar was this scene with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave?

Zhao Feng didn't leave immediately and he cultivated instead.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm and he released a chaotic aura.

The difference between every Sky in the Ascended Realm was massive. It was a change in the food chain, the ones with lower cultivation would be suppressed.

Difference in the food chain!

At this moment, both Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er felt an unknown pressure and they felt uneasy.

Liu Yue'er had extremely complex emotions. Although she had reached the peak 2nd Sky, she didn't have the requirements to reach the 3rd Sky yet.

’’Ok, let's go now.’’

Zhao Feng rose slowly as his eyes sharpened and he led the way.

Lin Fan followed closely behind.

’’Going so fast!’’

Liu Yue'er was slightly shocked.

Zhao Feng knew the landscape pretty well and he was on a rampage. Even Yang Gan had to carefully travel.

’’You can follow me or leave by yourself.’’

Zhao Feng didn't even care about what she thought.

Liu Yue'er bit her lips and after a bit of hesitation, she decided to follow Zhao Feng.

A complex map appeared in Zhao Feng's map, which slowly started to perfect itself...

The reason he ran so fast was that he wanted to complete the map and exit the maze. After walking for a short time, a group of around 10-20 bats appeared ahead and this amount was able to threaten the 3.

Liu Yue'er and Lin Fan tensed up.


Zhao Feng opened his mouth and the group of bats ahead screeched in fear as they fell down with 'Tok Tok Tok', some of them flew away.

’’Oh my god!’’

Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er exchanged glances as stunned expressions appeared on their faces. All Zhao Feng did was open his mouth and the bats scattered in fear.

After reaching the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm, the light in Zhao Feng's left eye had reached 3 yards meaning that his mental energy was stronger.

After this.

Zhao Feng dominated everything in the bat cave. The bats were all countered by his mental energy sound wave. Any group that came would die or scatter in fear.

Once, a group of a hundred black blood bats came, led by a bat king of the 4th Sky.

The result.

Zhao Feng activated his mental energy assassination to kill the other bats and then, he slew the bat king with his Luohou Bow.

Of the participants, Zhao Feng was the first to break past the human sea tactic.

Ignoring the human sea tactic!

Zhao Feng's mental energy was enormous and he had the Spiritual wine to help him recover.

Only numbness was left in Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er apart from shock.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng was like the lord of darkness and as time passed, the map inside Zhao Feng's mind became more perfected. He then finally analysed the path that one must take to exit the maze and this included going past the central part of the map.

The third day of the 2nd stage.

A large cave entrance appeared with it being pitch black ahead, like it was the mouth of an enormous beast.

Yang Gan, Quan Chen, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan stood at the entrance with many bat bodies on the ground nearby.

’’You guys came right on time, the headquarters of the bat cave is right ahead and it has many resources, which are now extinct... ’’

Yang Gan was slightly surprised when he saw Zhao Feng and co.

He thought that Zhao Feng's group would find travelling through the caves extremely hard especially, when Liu Yue'er and Lin Fan's cultivation was the lowest. But from the current scene, the three seemed relaxed.

Lin Fan and Liu Yue'er were like two guards that stood on Zhao Feng's left and right.


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