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King Of Gods - Chapter 170


Translator: Thunder

Editor: Jafz

Chapter 170 - Mental energy assassination

The grey poisonous snake was around 3 inches long and it was just slightly thicker than a thumb. The power contained in the snake twisting could easily kill a cultivator at the 1st Sky, but Zhao Feng's fingers were like iron as they clamped over the snake.

’’Kill it... Not good! I'm poisoned!’’

Quan Chen's face was green as he sat on the ground, trying to force the poison out.

Both Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan looked at Zhao Feng weirdly. The snake was silent and it had merged with its surroundings - even Quan Chen had been bitten and even though the latter may have been careless due to tiredness, the snake's deadliness could still be seen.

But Zhao Feng seemed like he already had his guard to catch the snake so easily. Lin Fan was even suspicious that Zhao Feng already knew that the snake was there, but he didn't warn Quan Chen on purpose.

’’Hehe, it's the Grey Shadow Dark Snake, one of the most poisonous Yao beasts with the effect of numbing the opponent. Within an hour, the poison will spread throughout the body and even cultivators at the Ascended Realm will lose control of their body... until they die of starvation.’’ Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Hearing this, Quan Chen's face was grey because he had just eaten a detoxification spiritual pill, but it had no effect.

Zhao Feng swiftly crushed the Grey Shadow Poisonous Snake and he took out the snake bile then ate it. The bile's flavour was bitter and spicy, but after it entered the body, a hot, flaming feeling spread throughout his body.

’’The energy in the snake bile can strengthen one's soul and purify true force. This trial is indeed full of treasures.’’

Zhao Feng licked his lips as a satisfied expression appeared. Being a recognised genius in the Clan, he knew a lot about pills and poisons.

’’Brother Zhao, you're a pill genius - you must know how to detoxify this poison.’’

Quan Chen squeezed out a smile.

’’There's no cure.’’

Zhao Feng shook his head and he looked at Quan Chen like he was looking at a dead person. He ignored Quan Chen's begging and cursing and surveyed the surroundings.

A while later.

’’Where are you going to run!?’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed as he caught another Grey Shadow Poisonous Snake. Like before, Zhao Feng took out the snake's bile and ate it.

The bile could strengthen the body and purify true force creating a solid foundation for Zhao Feng to reach the 3rd Sky. Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan were both stunned and dazed.

The Grey Shadow Poisonous Snake's forte was hiding and merging with its surroundings, but Zhao Feng had once again found and killed the snake.

After a bit of time, the poison in Quan Chen's body slowly faded away.

’’How dare you trick me!?’’ Quan Chen said in anger.

The poison could be fought back by his 4th Sky cultivation. Zhao Feng's words just then were probably just trying to scare him.

’’I didn't lie to you, the snake can't threaten those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, so there's no need for a cure.’’ Zhao Feng said playfully.

It was actually very easy to cure the poison. All one needed was to be at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm and circulate their blood and true force throughout their bodies.

Zhao Feng had only told Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan about this point in secret. Zhao Feng was the only person who was knowledgeable about medicines amongst those who entered the Bat cave.

Of course, there was another person who might know medicine and that was Liu Yue'er. Her master was Granny Liuyue, the best pill master in the Clan. Being her disciple, Liuyue should have learnt a lot.

’’Let's go!’’

Quan Chen's expression was extremely ugly, but there was nothing he could do.

Zhao Feng was like a fish in the water right now and he was much better suited for survival. Furthermore, both Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan seemed to listen to Zhao Feng.

For the next one day and one night, the group of 4 scouted around the maze. Every once in awhile, they would face the attacks of the black blood bats.

Apart from that, there was also dangerous Yao beasts hiding in the caves such as the Grey Shadow Poisonous Snake, butterflies and even pythons...

Zhao Feng seemed like he controlled everything and he only helped Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan once or twice.

Quan Chen was the one who faced everything and he got extremely tired while Zhao Feng and co. were like fish in the water.

On the way, Zhao Feng slew many snakes and ate their biles, which allowed him the reach the requirements needed to break through to the 3rd Sky. Therefore, he gave some of the bile to Lin Fan and the latter had now reached the late stages of the 2nd Sky due to the Purple Spiritual Fruit and snake biles.

’’This Zhao Feng is far too weird... ’’

Quan Chen's hairs stood up on their ends. Under this situation, not only was he not able to calculate Zhao Feng;it was him that met danger every time.

Luckily, he was at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, which allowed him to survive.

Quan Chen decided to split with Zhao Feng because it was he himself who was in danger every time. This was too big a coincidence! He felt like Zhao Feng had been calculating it every time.

’’We've been here before.’’ Zhao Feng suddenly said as he pointed at an intersection.

On the way, he had kept perfecting the map in his mind, but the map hadn't been fully completed yet. Zhao Feng analysed and estimated that they should have walked around one-third of the way and in another day, they should be able to find the position of the exit.

’’Brother Zhao, because your memory and reaction speed is so great, why don't you lead the way?’’ Quan Chen purposely said.

’’Sure.’’ Zhao Feng immediately answered.

This way he could go explore the places they hadn't been to before and find the way out. The result was Zhao Feng's path had a very high encounter rate with the black blood bats. The further they went, the more bats there were. Zhao Feng felt uneasy like there was a bat nest up ahead.

Just while he was thinking this, a large number of screeches could be heard from the area ahead.

Sou- Sou- Sou...

Limitless sounds of flying beasts sounded from within the caves.


Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically. His figure flashed just as a heart shaking screech containing mental energy sounded. Everyone felt their minds hurt and Lin Fan's ears and nose leaked blood.

The next instant, a solid, full one hundred or so black blood bats leapt at the 4. The bat leader, at the front, had a wingspan of 2-3 yards and every stroke he took would blow the dust into the air. It was a bat king and it let out an ear piercing screech, which caused the true force of the group to lost control. The bat's cultivation was probably close to the 5th Sky.

Looking at the bunch of black bats, Zhao Feng's hair stood up. But luckily, the screech from the bat king didn't affect him. The 4 were surrounded and fought a tough battle. At critical points, they used their killing moves.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng thrust out one palm after another, which slew a few bats every time.

Back Wave Sword Technique!

Lin Fan held his long sword and he waved it through the air, causing airwaves which enveloped the nearby bats. Quan Chen had the highest cultivation and he teamed up with Ran Xiaoyuan to fight the bat king. The bat king screeched multiple times, which affected their consciousness and Quan Chen and Ran Xiaoyuan couldn't take it down in a short amount of time. At the same time, the black blood bats nearby grew in number with each of them at least at the 1st Sky.

’’Break... !’’

Quan Chen suddenly pulled out a long bronze sword and he sliced forward. This one sword instantly killed tens of bats and it left a bloody mark so deep that the bone could be seen on the bat king.

That one sword had forced the bat king to retreat.

’’Middle grade Mortal weapon.’’

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

It was a Middle grade Mortal weapon, the same as Liu Yue'er's. But it was twice to three times stronger than when in the hands of Quan Chen.

’’Good chance to slay the bat king!’’

Zhao Feng's eyes lit up.


However, Quan Chen suddenly turned around and sliced heavily towards one of the exits before heading in that direction.


Quan Chen's actions made Zhao Feng surprised because if Quan Chen and Ran Xiaoyuan lasted a bit longer, they could slay the bat king. But Zhao Feng didn't know that Quan Chen wanted to leave Zhao Feng.

’’Run separately.’’

Facing such a vast amount of bats, Zhao Feng soon made his decision. Coincidentally, there were many paths here.

Quan Chen chose one, while Ran Xiaoyuan chose another. Because Lin Fan remembered what Zhao Feng had said, the two took the same path.

’’Quan Chen and Ran Xiaoyuan are both disciples of an Elder and the Clan Master respectively, meaning that they both have their own hidden tricks.’’ Zhao Feng thought and he didn't call Ran Xiaoyuan.

The group of bats soon split into 3 and the bat king charged after Quan Chen.

Two other bats at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm both led a bunch of bats and charged after Ran Xiaoyuan.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fan were unlucky. There was a total of 4 bats at the 3rd Sky leading a horde of black blood bats following the two because there were more people here.

’’Dammit! So unlucky!’’

Zhao Feng cursed as he realised that the path in front was a dead end.

The bats following them were 70-80 in number with the 4 leaders at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’Brother Zhao, don't worry about me. You fight your way out.’’

Lin Fan understood that Zhao Feng was far stronger than him and as long as the latter didn't meet the bat king he could escape.

’’There's no chance.’’

Zhao Feng stood where he was and shook his head.

The 70-80 black blood bats screeched one after another, sending waves of sonic waves which enveloped the two in mental energy. The screeching together couldn't even be blocked by cultivators at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.


Blood leaked out of Lin Fan's mouth, ears and nose as he passed out.

’’It's better this way.’’

Zhao Feng stood at the center of the mental energy attack and he circulated his true force to block the mental energy. Inside the dimension of his left eye, the azure light had reached 2 foot 2 inches and it kept on absorbing the mental energy from the attack.

Zhao Feng slowly took off his eyepatch as his hair wavered in the wind.

’’Mental energy assassination... ’’

A sharp azure eye releasing an ancient aura appeared, like it was the lord of darkness.


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