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King Of Gods - Chapter 169


Chapter 169 - Lost Bat Cave

After kicking the fox into the abyss, Zhao Feng had a satisfied feeling, like he was slightly addicted to doing this.

However, he understood that the Elders outside would have a bad image of him. But luckily, Ran Xiaoyuan was dragged into deep waters by Zhao Feng as well, so there would be at least a witness.

’’Everything in this world is about strength. When I get a terrifying score, what can the Elders do to me?’’

Zhao Feng's figure lept into the air and he returned to the black and gold road.

After running through the air twice, even Core disciples at the 4th Sky would feel tired. But Zhao Feng had a low grade Spiritual wine inside his interspatial bracelet, which refilled his energy as well as increasing his cultivation.

Jiang! Jiang... !

Loud shaking footsteps suddenly shook from behind and a massive shadow appeared.

’’Not good, run!’’

Zhao Feng's left eye saw the gigantic two winged black monster and he immediately signalled for Ran Xiaoyuan to run.

The two sprinted and they finally escaped from the black shadow.

Any time they wasted in the first round could mean death.

After some time.

Ran Xiaoyuan had tears in her eyes.

’’Sister Ran, what happened?’’ Zhao Feng asked curiously.

’’It's all my fault that Brother Lu and Brother Sun got kicked out of the trial. Sister Yuan is right, you're not a good person!’’ Ran Xiaoyuan sobbed and ignored Zhao Feng as she turned into an afterimage as she sprinted off.

Zhao Feng shook his head and he maintained his speed.

Half a day later.

The black and metal road seemed to have reached an end and there was a big green door at the end.

In front of the door was 5-6 people who were all sitting cross legged on the ground, recovering their energy. Any disciple would be tired after being chased for 3 days and 3 nights.

’’Brother Zhao, you're finally here.’’

Lin Fan let out a breath. He worried for Zhao Feng all the way here and the latter being here meant that he had reaped the rewards from before.

’’You first eat this Purple Spiritual Fruit.’’

Zhao Feng handed over a fruit and after Lin Fan ate it, the latter instantly felt his energy recover and his cultivation rise a little bit.

Zhao Feng had drunk low grade Spiritual wine and ate a Purple Spiritual Fruit, which had pushed his cultivation to the peak 2rd Sky.

’’The Floating Crest Trial is indeed full of rewards. I originally needed at least a month to reach the peak 2nd Sky, but I'm already at it in 3 days.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

His eyes twinkled as he saw Ran Xiaoyuan nearby who was sitting cross legged on the ground and he gave her another Purple Spiritual Fruit.

His actions were sensed by the others.

’’Brother Zhao, it looks like you got the rewards from a certain place. Not only did you get Spiritual fruits, you also got an interspatial bracelet.’’ Quan Chen said as he stared at Zhao Feng's bracelet.

His words immediately caught the attention of others and even Yang Gan's eyes twinkled as he glanced at Zhao Feng.

’’I was just a bit lucky.’’

Zhao Feng didn't decide to hide this since the interspatial bracelet was very handy. Now that there was no Illusion fox, the others wouldn't dare to steal it right here and now, even if they wanted to.

Another while later.

Jiang! Jiang... !

Terrifying footsteps sounded in the darkness.

The black metal monster was coming!

The hearts of everyone jumped, but the green door behind them didn't open.

Right at this moment.

In their heads, a sound appeared: ’’The abyss of death has finished. Successful people are now awarded 30 points for the 1st Trial.’’


The green door then immediately opened and the black metal monster behind them stopped, like had become stone.

’’Brother Sun and Brother Lu didn't pass the 1st trial?’’ Yang Gan said surprised as he scanned across the group.

Sun Yuanhao didn't really matter, but Lu Hu was a Core disciple whose strength was only weaker than his.

’’Brother Lu and Brother Sun were hit by illusions from an Illusion fox and fell into the abyss.’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed.

Quan Chen and Yang Gan were both full of suspicion;the former especially so: ’’So the two fell into the abyss and only you got the treasures and retreated without being harmed?’’

Zhao Feng hmphed coldly in response and he was too lazy to answer properly.

This attitude made Quan Chen extremely angry. Zhao Feng hadn't even entered the Clan for that long and he already dared to ignore him.

Thinking back the day when he had gone to the Guanjun Palace and crushed Lord Guanjun and taken away Bei Moi, Quan Chen didn't even pay attention to this ant.

When did such an ant reach such a high level and dare to ignore him?

’’We'll talk about this after the Trial. Right now, everyone shall focus on the Trial.’’ Yang Gan looked deeply at Zhao Feng and ended the talk.

Ceng! Ceng! Sou...

The group of 7 entered the green door under the command of the voice in their heads. The group entered a dim cave in the next instant. Like before the place was dark and there would be the occasional screech from bats.

The 7 disciples felt a cold aura here, which made them feel unsafe.

’’Everyone watch out, the dangers in this bat cave is probably even greater than the 1st Trial.’’ Yang Gan warned as he led the way at the front.

Zhao Feng scanned the surroundings with his left eye and all the dangers were found.

'The second trial is called the Lost Bat Cave, Lost... ’’

Zhao Feng focused on the word, 'lost'. He analysed that the 2nd trial's landscape would be extremely complicated and dangers would lie amongst it at the same time. Yang Gan's cultivation was the highest meaning he had the strongest senses and he could already feel the dangers ahead.

’’Stay close to me and never leave a one yard radius.’’ Zhao Feng said to Lin Fan.

The latter nodded his head;he could also feel the dangers beyond. The group of seven headed towards the depths of the cave in one straight line but before 100 yards another intersection came up.

Which path to take?

Yang Gan instantly felt his head hurt. At this rate, it would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to walk out of the cave.

A smirk appeared on Zhao Feng's face. A map had appeared in his mind, which had the paths he had just taken. It was the same as a real map, where all the paths they had taken had been 'scanned' into his mind.

As for the places that they had not explored, they were a 'black' spots.

With a power like this, even massive mazes would be broken by Zhao Feng. Therefore, he wasn't worried at all and he acted like a tourist would. Zhao Feng's attitude fell into Lin Fan's eyes as mysterious and mighty.

’’This Brother Zhao is far too mysterious. It's like the Floating Crest Palace is his back garden.’’

Lin Fan was speechless, with some admiration.

Facing another intersection, Yang Gan suggested: ’’Why not let Brother Quan and I both lead a team and leave behind some marks on the paths we take.’’

No one rejected this proposition and through discussion, the teams were as so:

Yang Gan, Bei Moi and Liu Yue'er.

Quan Chen, Zhao Feng, Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan.

Zhao Feng didn't say anything, but Quan Chen's eyes grew cold.

As the two groups separated, screeches of bats came from within the caves as the bats flew out. Zhao Feng saw that these bats had weird red lines on them and their eyes were blood red. The screeches from these black blood bats chilled their eyes.

From one of the entrances came out tens of black blood bats, which charged at Zhao Feng and co.


A silver line appeared in Quan Chen's palm as he instantly killed 3 black blood bats. The bats were mainly at the 1st or 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm and only one of them was at the 3rd Sky. It sent out a sonic wave, which moved their consciousness.

Lin Fan's blood boiled as he barely managed to block it and he slayed another black blood bat in front of him. Zhao Feng thrust out 2 palms and he killed a few black blood bats.

A while later, all the bats were slain apart from the bat at the 3rd Sky, which screeched and lept into the air to escape.

Beng~ Sou-

A dark green arrow flashed as fast as lightning and it sank itself into the stomach of the bat.


The body of the leading bat fell down and the rest of group glanced at Zhao Feng's Luohou bow. The power of the Luohou Bow didn't disappoint;it was able to slay the bat with just a bit of True Force.

The bat's speed was extremely fast. If he used the Golden Stairs Bow, the speed of the arrow wouldn't be able to catch up and the leader bat could dodge it.

After successfully killing a nest of bats, the group then proceeded to explore again and as they went deeper, the map inside Zhao Feng's mind slowly expanded. But at the same time, the unknown 'black areas' also became bigger.

Zhao Feng's expression was slightly solemn because the size of this bat cave was much larger than expected. After walking for another while, another group of bats appeared mainly at the 1st and 2nd Sky.

’’The 2nd trial requires the participants to walk out in 5 days. Under this situation, we'll be tired to death.’’ Zhao Feng analysed.

In just an hour's time, Quan Chen's group had faced the attacks of a hundred bats.

’’Everyone rest a bit.’’ Quan Chen sat cross legged on the ground to recover his energy.

Zhao Feng, Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan were a bit better since they had eaten the Purple Spiritual Fruit, meaning that the energy in their bodies was still pretty full.

The remaining energy could last another day or two.


A figure as small as a line suddenly appeared from within the cave and it merged with the surroundings.

’’What is it!?’’

Quan Chen felt his waist hurt like he had been bitten.


A grey poisonous snake dodged Quan Chen's True Force and flashed away.

’’Not good! That is a Yao snake, which is poisonous... ’’

Quan Chen moaned in pain as the part where he had been bitten started to become purple and numb. At this point in time, cold sweat flooded down from his forehead.

Lin Fan and Ran Xiaoyuan both felt cold.

’’Is it this snake?’’ Zhao Feng smiled as his two fingers pinched a grey poisonous snake that kept on struggling.


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