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King Of Gods - Chapter 165


Chapter 165 - Black Metal Monster

The ten elite disciples stood in a straight line on the stairs and the Clan Master and the 4 Elders had weaker auras. After recovering for a bit, their gazes landed on the 10 disciples who were full of excitement and expectation.

The Broken Moon Clan Master smiled and nodded her head at Ran Xiaoyuan as encouragement. 1st Elder was calm as he looked at Yang Gan and Zhao Feng full of expectation. Elder Xue, Hai Yun Master and Granny Liuyue had their own disciples participating and Zhao Feng felt like the Floating Crest Trial was actually a battle between the Elders of the Clan.

In the group, Quan Chen's eyes flashed coldly as he glanced at Zhao Feng. Ever since Zhao Feng had become a disciple of 1st Elder, Quan Chen had suppressed his anger and he waited for this chance - the Floating Crest Trial.

This trial was full of danger and rewards, and there were cases of people dying. The most important thing was that the cultivators at the True Spirit Realm couldn't even see what happened inside.


The entrance of the Floating Crest Palace trembled slightly and a 'green door' appeared from the bright white light. After a few breaths, the green door stabilized.

’’The entrance has stabilized and it will automatically close when 10 people have entered.’’ 1st Elder warned.

Shua! Shua!

All 10 used their speed skills and turned into blurs as they sped past the green door.


The second Zhao Feng passed through the door, he felt a numb feeling wash over him.

The next instant.

Everyone landed on a black golden road that was 10 yards wide. In this dim place, the sights of everyone was restricted, even though they had all reached the Ascended Realm.

But there was one exception and that was Zhao Feng!

The dim light didn't affect him much.

’’Why can't we move?’’

The 10 elite disciples felt their body become numb or hard and they couldn't control their bodies.

Qiu! Qiu Qiu...

In the dim light, a few bright lights appeared, which turned into 10 transparent tokens and merged into their bodies with a 'shua'.

At the same time, a voice sounded in their heads: ’’The Floating Crest Trial has begun and the Floating Crest Token, which has just merged into your bodies, will be used to record your score.’’

The group had been told this before they had entered the Palace, so they weren't surprised.

’’The longer one stays, the better the result. The number of trials passed as well as your performance in the trials will also affect your final score and the final score will decide the reward.’’ The mechanical voice sounded once again like it was just announcing the rules.

At this time Zhao Feng felt the numbness disappear which allowed him to move again.

’’The first trial: Abyss of Death - 3 days time.’’ The robotic voice said this, then it vanished.

Everyone stood on the black and gold road and they didn't know what to do. The road was made of a hard material, which gave a cold feeling. With the group's strength, they couldn't even damage it.

On both sides of the path was a deep abyss and the howling winds could change at any time.

Zhao Feng calculated that apart from the 3 Core disciples who could block the wind for some time, everyone else would instantly be ripped to shreds. The only safe place was the black and golden path.

Zhao Feng's back suddenly went cold as he felt danger appear behind him.

Dang! Dang! Dang.....

From the pitch black path behind them, a soul-shaking sound appeared. At the same time, a terrifying aura also spread out.

What is it?

Everyone, including the 3 Core disciples, turned around but could only see a blurry figure.

Oh my god...

Zhao Feng turned around and he was instantly shocked by what he saw.


Zhao Feng immediately told Lin Fan before speeding off and the latter followed Zhao Feng without any hesitation.

Quan Chen and the others were all puzzled, but the metallic footsteps behind them became closer and closer. The aura from it also pressured them, causing their blood to solidify.

Of the 10, there were a few who instinctively followed Zhao Feng and ran forward.

Dang! Dang...

In the darkness, a black metal monster 3 yards tall appeared and a pair of green eyes had opened. There was also a pair of dark green wings on the black metal monster's back which had a 10 yard span.

’’What is that thing?’’

The hearts of everyone trembled.

’’Everyone run! That monster's aura is at the True Spirit Realm.’’ Yang Gan exclaimed.

Even someone as strong as him, who had reached the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm, was helpless against someone of the True Spirit Realm.

The result of anyone facing the black metal monster would be instant kill.

No one could deny this and Zhao Feng's eyesight was the best. After he saw the black metal monster, he instantly ran without hesitation.

Run forward.

There was no other path.

Behind them was a black metal monster and on both sides was the abyss.

Sou-- Sou-- Sou--

The 3 Core disciples had the fastest speed and in the blink of an eye, they had surpassed Zhao Feng.

Lin Fan's expression changed, but there was nothing he could do.

Of the 10 participating, the 3 Core disciples were the strongest.

Deng! Deng! Deng...

The black metal monster's footsteps sounded slow, but its speed wasn't. It would surpass 10 metres with every step.

The deep footstep sound and aura of the True Spirit Realm made the hearts of everyone jump and fill them with fear.

’’We'll all be instantly killed when we get caught by this black metal monster.’’ Quan Chen thought in fear.

In this desperate situation, how could he bother about Zhao Feng?

Despair! Death!

Everyone started to sprint at their max speed.

’’Brother Zhao, why don't you run faster?’’

Lin Fan ran alongside Zhao Feng, but he found that the latter's speed was constant.

Zhao Feng's sharp eyes glanced backwards and he said in a low tone: ’’Didn't you hear that the 1st round would be 3 days long?’’

Lin Fan first paused, then his expression changed dramatically as he took in a cold breath.

’’Can you maintain max speed for 3 days?’’ Zhao Feng asked calmly.

’’Impossible. I can only stay at my max speed for 2 hours.’’ Lin Fan shook his head.

If he accelerated to his max speed, he was even faster than horses. But he would spend too much energy and the 1st trial was 3 days long.

’’The trial won't send a complete monster at the True Spirit Realm to kill us or else, do you think we would have any chance of survival?’’ Zhao Feng continued asking.

’’No way.’’ Lin Fan said without hesitation.

Facing someone at the True Spirit Realm, they wouldn't be able to resist at all. Even if the 10 grouped together, they would still be killed in one hit.

’’The speed of the black metal monster behind us is only at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm. All we need to do is maintain this speed and not be caught in 3 days. Then, we will successfully pass the 1st trial.’’ Zhao Feng gave his answer.

His eyesight was the best and he knew the speed of the black metal monster.

Everything about it had reached the True Spirit Realm apart from its speed and its speed was lower than anyone here.

That's how it is!

Lin Fan immediately controlled his speed to save his energy. At the same time, he couldn't help but admire the youth in front of him more. Zhao Feng's calmness and control had reached an unbelievable level.

Dang! Dang! Dang...

The metallic footsteps sound slowly became smaller.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fan maintained their speed and because they were just a bit faster than the black metal monster, the distance between them would increase over time.

A few hours later.

Hu! Hu!

Liu Yue'er and Sun Yuanhao in front were resting on the ground, recovering their energy. At the speed they were running, the energy they had expended was a lot.

’’You two weren't caught by the black metal monster even though you guy's ran that slowly?’’

Liu Yue'er's eyebrows scrunched up as she said surprised.

’’Haha, our speed is just a tiny little bit faster than the black metal monster. En, just a bit longer and the blockhead will catch up.’’ Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

After the slight pause, he and Lin Fan then slowly kept on running, like they had just stopped to look at the view.

’’That... is possible?’’

Liu Yue'er and Sun Yuanhao looked at each other with disbelief, but the sound of metal footsteps instantly appeared.


The two saw the huge black shadow behind them that released the terrifying aura, which almost froze their blood.

The first trial - Abyss of Death - time: 3 days.

Half a day had passed and the disciples in front didn't run for long before their energy had expended. Although they had pills, which could recover their energy, it wasn't good for the body if they were continuously used.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fan were the first to find how the black metal monster worked and they used the smallest amount of energy for the biggest gain. The other disciples sprinted for a while, then they would then sit down and recover. But when they had just fully recovered, the black metal monster had caught up again.

Of course, not everyone was a retard and soon, everyone found the best possible way to deal with the monster.

The second day.

A few of the disciples started to feel tired, but the black metal monster behind them wasn't since it was a mechanical machine and not made out of blood and bones.

At this time, the scenery to the two sides on the road started to change. At first, Zhao Feng didn't understand what was happening until he found a skeleton lying in a broken room.

The skeleton looked like it had been in the room for a very long time, but the bones still glowed faintly. Next to it were a few items: a pile of primal crystal stones, a broken bamboo sword, a jade ornament and a few ancient books...

The 3 core disciples were all here and looking at it.


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