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King Of Gods - Chapter 164


After Zhao Feng lost, his 3 win streak stopped and although many were disappointed at the outcome, none of them could do anything since Zhao Feng himself had surrendered.

The Floating Crest Competition was coming to an end after the 4th round and Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan who had both won 4 rounds got to instantly take one of the spots to enter.

The remaining disciples would take the other spots available by their ranks and the 3 Core disciples who were attending this time all had one spot guaranteed.

Apart from them, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan also took 2 spots meaning that there were only 5 places left.

’’Brother Zhao, you've lost a chance just then by not using your full strength. If you keep on continuing like this, maybe you really won't be able to participate.’’ Yang Gan warned.

’’Brother Yang relax.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He needed to win all 3 remaining fights to definitely get a spot and everything was in control.

Apart from Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan, no one was able to stop him.

The 5th round: Zhao Feng won in one move, crushing his opponent at the peak 3rd Sky. At this moment, his strength made others wary.

The 6th round: Zhao Feng's opponent was Lin Fan.

’’I give up.’’

Lin Fan didn't want to spend too much energy against Zhao Feng and he immediately gave up.

The 7th battle.

His opponent was Liu Yue'er, the only threat under Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan.

Everyone thought that this would be an exciting battle, but Zhao Feng used lightning quick attacks and beat Liu Yue'er in several moves. Casually, Zhao Feng had won 6 battles and became top of the remaining contestants.

Sister Yuan's eyes twinkled as she locked on to Ran Xiaoyuan.

’’I... I don't know...’’

Ran Xiaoyuan's face was apple red as she shook her head and mist appeared in her eyes like she had been blamed for something she didn't do.

’’This doesn't have anything to do with Xiaoyuan. Zhao Feng surrendering means that she didn't have to participate in a fierce fight.’’

The Broken Moon Clan Masters' voice sounded and at this time, the competition had come to an end.

The 7 disciples were: Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan, Zhao Feng, Liu Yue'er, Sun Yuanhao, Lin Fan and Chen Yue.

Apart from the last disciple Chen Yue who was at the peak 3rd Sky, Zhao Feng was familiar with the others.

The 3 core disciples and the 7 inner disciples would participate in the Floating Crest Trial 10 days later.

’’Yang Gan, Quan Chen, Lu Hu, Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan, Zhao Feng... The 10 of you have gained the qualifications to participate in the once every five years Floating Crest Trials.’’

A deep, strong voice echoed across the field, announcing the end of the Floating Crest Competition.

The competition was only for gaining the entry to the Floating Crest Palace.

’’The 10 of you shall meet here in 10 days.’’

The Clan Master's soft, clear voice sounded and as soon as she finished speaking, five auras of the True Spirit Realm left.


The crowd started to dissipate and those who had failed had dim eyes.

’’I can't believe that I'll also be able to participate in the Floating Crest Trial.’’

Lin Fan felt like he was in a dream. Although he was once the top outer disciple, he hadn't become an inner disciple for long and he didn't have any hope at all of entering. But the youth next to him had changed his destiny.

Lin Fan had used the rewards from the mission as a stepping stone to push himself up to the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm. Straight after that, Zhao Feng had given him a High class Mortal skill, closing the gap between him and the disciples of Elders.

Adding to the fact that Lin Fan was willing to work hard, the latter grasped this chance. Lin Fan took a deep breath and he didn't say any words of gratitude, but he silently remembered this.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fan returned together and not far away from them was Xiao Sun and Princess Yun Mengxiang.

Xiao Sun's eyes were full of unwillingness and he felt extremely irritated. He had forgotten that he hadn't even placed any hope at all to enter. But seeing Lin Fan and Zhao Feng both gain the right, his heart couldn't calm down.

Yun Mengxiang sighed and she was extremely regretful. But she knew that the time had gone. If she was able to keep the relationship she had with Zhao Feng before, maybe she would be the Lin Fan next to him.

After returning to their courtyards, Zhao Feng and Lin Fan parted ways and they began to fully prepare for the Floating Crest Trial.

On the 5th day.

1st Elder called Yang Gan and Zhao Feng over and the latter understood that the reason they were called was because of the Floating Crest Trial.

This event was once every five years and not only had Hai Yun Master participated once, even 1st Elder had.

1st Elder was 100-200 years old and he definitely knew a lot about the Floating Crest Trial.

’’The specific contents of the Floating Crest Trial is different every time, but only one thing doesn't change. The longer one stays in the trial, the higher chance of being recognised by the Floating Crest Palace. At the same time, those who live longer in the Trial will have a higher chance of getting better rewards... ’’

1st Elder simply said what it was about and Zhao Feng immediately had some questions: ’’Can we understand it as survival time? The longer one stays, the higher the score?’’

’’That's right! It's about who survives to the end.’’

1st Elder had a look of praise on his face.

’’Of course, there will be 'baits' in the trial. These baits will also have danger accompanying them and the slightest mistake could mean failure... It depends on how confident you are.’’ 1st Elder added.

He didn't say too much about the Floating Crest Trial because everything relied on strength and comprehension.

After leaving 1st Elder, Zhao Feng returned to where he lived and told Lin Fan everything.

As for the last 5 days, Zhao Feng focused on solely cultivation and because he had reached the 11th level of the Silver Wall Technique, his cultivation progressed greatly and he reached the peak of the 2nd Sky.


In the blink of an eye, the last 5 days had passed and before the sky had let up, the 10 disciples had already gathered at the Central Hall division.

These 10 were all the elites who had obtained the qualifications to enter the Floating Crest Trial and the 3 Core disciples were the leaders.

The 3 core disciples: Yang Gan, Quan Chen and Lu Hu.

Yang Gan - ranked 2nd of the 10 Core disciples and at the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm. One of the hot picks for the new head disciple.

Lu Hu - ranked 7th of the 10 core disciples and at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm. Forte: Body strengthening.

Quan Chen - ranked 10th of the 10 Core disciples and the newest core disciple.

Amongst them, Yang Gan was the strongest and many people, including 1st Elder had high hopes for him.

Some even predicted that Yang Gan's score could surpass Hai Yun Master's, who had the top score in tens of years.

Apart from him, many also had high hopes for Bei Moi.

Standing in the group, Lin Fan was slightly nervous since all these 'opponents' were stronger than him.

’’Brother Zhao, will Brother Yang help you?’’ Lin Fan asked.

’’Nope.’’ Zhao Feng decisively shook his head.

The Floating Crest Trial was a place where their destinies could be changed and everyone who entered would try their best.

Once they entered the Trial, Yang Gan would try his best and try to obtain the best score he could, which meant he wouldn't have time to help Zhao Feng.

According to what 1st Elder said, rewards were accompanied with luck and the slightest mistake would be failure, even if one was at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’You're not worried at all?’’

Lin Fan glanced at Zhao Feng's confident figure and he couldn't help but admire him.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and he didn't reply. After realising the truth of this trial, he didn't worry at all. With his mysterious left eye, he had great battle power and survival rate.

’’Comparing survival times?’’

Zhao Feng laughed coldly in his heart as his left eye started to thump.

Sou- Sou- Sou-

Several auras at the True Spirit Realm appeared and landed on the Central Hall division. The youths realised that the Clan Master, 1st Elder and 3 other Elders had flown near the Floating Crest Palace.


The azure lightning around the Floating Crest palace gave everyone a mysterious feeling like they were in a fairytale. Zhao Feng sharply felt that the lighting around had reached its peak power, like it was 'full'.

’’Open!’’ 1st Elder exclaimed as a wave of True Force appeared from his palm and went into the Floating Crest palace.

At the same instant, the Clan Master and the other 3 Elders also put their energy into the Palace. As the 5 at the True Spirit Realm put their power into the Floating Crest palace, the palace started to rumble and the lightning became even brighter.

At last!

All of the lightning condensed into one point and under the guidance of the 5, it merged into the azure palace.


Everyone felt the air tremble and Zhao Feng used the power of his left eye to catch a wisp of a transparent ripple appear with the Floating Crest Palace as it's centre.

Although his left eye could see through the eyepatch, its vision would decrease. But even then, Zhao Feng could see the 5 using an ancient array on the Floating Crest Palace itself to open it or else, the lightning surrounding it could have killed them.

After sustaining it for a while, the gate of the Floating Crest Trial opened with a 'bang' and the lighting inside was so bright that even Zhao Feng couldn't see through it with his left eye.

’’The Floating Crest Palace has finally opened!’’

Everyone was excited and a staircase appeared at the entrance of the palace.

The 5 at the True Spirit Realm stepped onto the staircase and they signalled for the 10 below to come up.

Sou! Sou! Sou...

The 10 elite disciples at the Ascended Realm all circulated their True Force to help themselves fly and land on the staircase.

Standing on the stairs, Zhao Feng could feel a very ancient, old aura from the shining, white palace.


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