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King Of Gods - Chapter 163


King of Gods

The 4th round was payed attention to by many.

2 people would get one of the 10 spots this round and have the qualifications to enter the Floating Crest Trial.

The 2 would be from Zhao Feng, Liu Yue'er, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan.

These 4 all represented the high level of the Clan as well.

Bei Moi stood for Hai Yun Master, Ran Xiaoyuan stood for the Clan Master, Zhao Feng stood for the 1st Elder and Liu Yue'er stood for Granny Liuyue.

Therefore, this wasn't just a battle, it also represented the clash between the high level of the Clan.

’’Brother Zhao, you must win face for Master this time. If the opponent is Liu Yue'er, you have a higher chance of winning.’’

Yang Gan smiled and patted Zhao Feng's shoulder.

Liu Yue'er?

Zhao Feng thought and sighed - it wasn't.

Zhao Feng didn't pay any attention to the opponents he faced in the first 3 rounds and he knew all 3 in the 4th round.

Borth Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan were troublesome enemies and if Zhao Feng didn't use his left eye, he didn't have any confidence to win.

He might be able to beat those higher than him in cultivation, but his opponents could too and they already had a higher cultivation to begin with.

’’Sister Ran who's your opponent? There shouldn't be any problems as long as you don't meet Bei Moi... ’’

Sister Yuan glanced curiously at Ran Xiaoyuan. She didn't pay any attention to the previous opponents, but the people in the 4th round were all strong.

’’It's... it's him... ’’ Ran Xiaoyuan said in a low tone.

’’Who? Him!?’’

Sister Yuan followed Ran Xiaoyuan's gaze and saw the one-eyed youth.

’’Hehehe, isn't this great? Sister Ran, you've got to help me teach that shameless brat a lesson.’’

Sister Yuan laughed in joy. She wanted Ran Xiaoyuan to meet Zhao Feng, so the former could teach the latter a lesson for her.

’’But... ’’

Ran Xiaoyunan's eyes fluttered slightly as she clenched her fists tightly. Right at this moment, Zhao Feng's gaze moved in her direction, which made her face slightly red.

’’Sister Ran, you've got to gather your courage and not be scared by his appearance. You can beat him with your strength.’’ Sister Yuan encouraged.

’’Oh? Xiaoyuan's opponent is the disciple who trained the Lightning Wind Palm?’’

A clear, crisp voice sounded full of warmth. The speaker was the Broken Moon Clan Master who had a high and noble aura.

’’Yes, Master, it's that brat.’’ Sister Yuan said respectfully.

Hearing this, the eyebrows of the Clan Master twitched slightly: ’’Maybe it's even worse for Ran Xiaoyuan to meet him instead of Bei Moi.’’

How was this possible!?

Sister Yuan was shocked as her heart beat 120 times in disbelief.

’’This is just my instinct. Maybe this is because he trained the Lightning Wind Palm.’’

The Clan Master smiled and regained her composure.

The 4th round had already begun and Lin Fan, as well as Sun Yunhao, had both successfully passed while Xiao Sun was defeated 4 times in a row and left straight away, giving up the other battles in despair.

The crowd finally reached a climax. The two that were fighting this time were Bei Moi and Liu Yue'er.

The latter slightly clenched her teeth and she immediately took her Middle grade Mortal weapon out the second the battle started.

Solitude Moon Saber Manual!

Her jade saber turned into cold flashes as she waved her saber. Line after line of light shaped similar to curved moons appeared. At the same time, a weird crystal on the sword lit up, which increased the power of the sword.

With her Middle grade Spiritual weapon, Liu Yue'er's offense could threaten those at the peak 3rd Sky, but her opponent wasn't a normal cultivator at the 3rd Sky.

’’Northern Dark Heavenly Water - Screening Water Sword!’’

Bei Moi's face was expressionless as usual as his hands became unusually agile and a layer of dark blue True Force condensed into a one yard long transparent sword.

Pew! Pew! Pew...!

The sword clashed heavily together with Liu Yue'er's attack and under the exchange, Liu Yue'er was pushed back as her breathing became ragged, whereas Bei Moi stood on the same spot.

This was the first time that Bei Moi didn't win in one move. After all, Liu Yue'er had used the power of her weapon and her Solitude Moon Saber Manual, which allowed her attacks to almost reach the 4th Sky level.

Nothing showed on Bei Moi's face as he thrust his two hands forward, sending wave after wave of attacks.

Boom! Boom! Huang...!

Water and light flashed everywhere as the two battled.

Ten moves later, Liu Yue'er was already puffing.

’’Your attacks can almost threaten those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, but your cultivation isn't high and you can't sustain using your Middle grade Mortal weapon.’’ Bei Moi said straight to the point.

Liu Yue'ers face was pale white and facing Bei Moi who had great talent, comprehension and strength, she couldn't do anything.

’’I give up.’’

Liu Yue'er bit her teeth and put the saber back into its sheath.

’’Bei Moi! Bei Moi!’’

After winning 4 battles in a row, Bei Moi's fame reached its peak and the higher level people of the Clan nodded their heads like they could already see a new star.

’’Unfortunately, I didn't meet a true opponent this time.’’

Bei Moi said as he walked off the stage and glanced towards a certain direction full of battle intent.

The crowd all followed his gaze and they saw the youth standing behind 1st Elder.

It was an azure-haired one eyed youth who gave everyone a weird feeling.

’’It's that guy again, even Bei Moi wants to fight him.’’

’’Brother Zhao has learnt the Lighting Wind Palm and he is probably able to fight against Bei Moi.’’

The spectators discussed.

It could already be imagined that the two would meet when they fought for the position of Core disciple later on.

Zhao Feng expressionlessly stood still and he remembered what Bei Moi had said before: ’’We'll settle it out in the Clan.’’

Settle it out!

The deal between Zhao Feng and Bei Moi was slowly approaching.


The 4th round still continued.

’’Zhao Feng vs Ran Xiaoyuan!’’

The second this was announced, the crowd once again broke into chaos.

Another battle deciding who would win 4 in a row.

Zhao Feng and Ran Xiaoyuan had both won 3 fights in a row and this victory would decide who progressed into the trial.

’’Sister Ran, the battle will start soon.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly, while Sister Yuan clenched her teeth and exclaimed: ’’Sister Ran, don't go easy on him!’’

’’En! I won't.’’

Ran Xiaoyuan condensed her Heavenly Wind True Force as she looked at Zhao Feng with a red face, but she didn't have any intention of backing down.

The girl was still shy, but she purposely pretended to be confident and strong.

Zhao Feng wanted to laugh because he already felt Ran Xiaoyuan's heart jumping up and down.

Heavenly Wind Shadow!

Ran Xiaoyuan's small figure suddenly flashed and disappeared as she had turned into the wind.

’’Heavenly Wind Shadow!’’

Zhao Feng's figure also flashed and like Ran Xiaoyuan, he disappeared.

’’What's going on!?’’

The spectators exclaimed. Zhao Feng and Ran Xiaoyuan's movements were almost the exact same.

Slicing Wind Stance!

Slicing Wind Stance!

The two thrust out their palms at the same time and instantly, a flash of light shot out from each side.

’’This... ’’

Ran Xiaoyuan's eyes twinkled as she looked weirdly at Zhao Feng.

Rotating Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng's figure suddenly leapt into the air as his azure hair blew in the wind and an azure ball of wind appeared from his palm, which shot at Ran Xiaoyuan.

This Rotating Wind Stance was the 'Mysterious Wind Palm' that he had learnt that day back at the canyon and in the Heavenly Wind God Technique, this move was the Rotating Wind Palm.

’’Rotating Wind Palm!’’

Ran Xiaoyuan exclaimed as her beautiful figure also leapt into the air and clashed together with Zhao Feng, using the same move.

Facing the familiar figure and actions which had been watched 1000 times by Zhao Feng, it caused Zhao Feng to be slightly dazed.


The powerful wind ball exploded and it sent Zhao Feng flying.

The two had reached the same level in the Heavenly Wind God Technique, but Ran Xiaoyuan's cultivation was higher than Zhao Feng's and the latter had been dazed for a second just then.

’’This guy's skill is the same as Sister Ran's! What does he have in mind!? Peh, this brat's even staring at Sister Ran with his disgusting eye during the middle of the battle!’’

Sister Yuan stomped on the ground due to anger while the Broken Moon Clan Master seemed to go into deep thought.

1st Elder, on the other hand, had a weird expression on his face.

’’I give up.’’ Zhao Feng suddenly laughed and jumped off the stage.


This scene made the jaws of the spectators drop.

From the beginning till now, Zhao Feng gave them the impression of a strong, cold, emotionless insane person.

No one thought that he would surrender.

’’You... you haven't lost yet... ’’

Ran Xiaoyuan finally reacted and said red faced.


A highly expectant battle was finished just like this.

’’Brother Zhao, how can you play around like this? This win contributes to Master's face.’’ Yang Gan said slightly unsatisfied.

Although he knew Ran Xiaoyuan would win, he still thought that Zhao Feng could put up a good fight.

’’It doesn't matter if I win or not, as long I get to participate in the Floating Crest Trial. It's the latter that matters.’’ Zhao Feng said casually.

The reason he gave up was because of 3 points.

  1. Ran Xiaoyuan was strong and without him using his bloodline power or eye, he didn't have absolute confidence.

  2. His strength would be seen as anyone and there was no reward!

Of course, the most important point was that he had a unique feeling for Ran Xiaoyuan. It was like he felt that he owed the latter a favour.

’’Why... why did he suddenly give up?’’ Ran Xiaoyuan was extremely puzzled.

’’This Zhao Feng is extremely cunning and he didn't fight head on against Sister Ran. En! There's another possibility and that's he likes junior Sister or else why would he give up?’’

Sister Yuan murmured to herself, which made Ran Xiaoyuan's face flush red and she then glanced sneakily at the calm azure haired youth with the corner of her eyes.

The expressions of the two didn't escape the Broken Moon Clan Masters' eyes but instead, her eyebrows scrunched up.


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