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King Of Gods - Chapter 162


Not many people understood how Bei Moi won because it seemed like the latter didn't even hit his target.

’’This Bei Moi isn't the one he was back at the Guanjun Palace... to force the opponent to cough out blood from just the intent of his attack.’’ Zhao Feng's expression was solemn.

Bei Moi didn't just have high talent, he had high comprehension as well.

’’He's cultivating the Northern Dark Heavenly Water Technique... That skill was taken out of the Floating Crest Palace by Elder Xue, but not many were able to learn this High class Mortal skill.’’ 1st Elder said slowly.

Northern Dark Heavenly Water Technique!

Zhao Feng felt that this skill wasn't simple, just like his Lightning Wind Palm. 1st Elders' words just then were warning Zhao Feng.

Bei Moi's first battle stuck deeply in everyone's heart. It was just the intent of his attack and he could force his opponent to spit out blood. It was hard to imagine what his true strength was like.

’’Brother Bei is indeed great. It looks like there's no point anymore in this Floating Crest Competition after he's learnt the Northern Dark Heavenly Water Technique.’’ Quan Chen sighed as envy, jealousy and helplessness flashed in his eyes.

Bei Moi might be weaker than him and Yuan Zhi right now, but it was only a matter of time before they were surpassed.

After Bei Moi went up, Ran Xiaoyuan, Sun Yuanhao and Liu Yue'er all showed off their strength.

Ran Xiaoyuan beat her opponent, who was at the peak 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm in one move. Sun Yuanhao was slightly unluckier, his opponent was at the 3rd Sky, which required him 10-20 moves to win.

’’Although only disciples of the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm have a chance, the disciples of Elders can't be underestimated either.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

For example, Sun Yuanhao had great comprehension and talent, and he had trained one High-class Mortal skill as well as 2 Middle class Mortal skills, whereas other normal inner disciples would only have 2 Middle class Mortal skills.

Therefore, Zhao Feng's estimate of Sun Yuanhao's true strength was: peak 3rd Sky!

This meant that Sun Yuanhao could fight those one entire rank higher than himself.

As for Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan, they were at least on par with those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’The 12th battle: Zhao Feng vs Luo Haiqiang.’’ Vice Head Li's voice rung out.

Zhao Feng moved like a fish and he landed on the stage in just a few breaths.

His opponent was a disciple at the 3rd Sky and of the 40+ disciples that signed up, one-third of them had reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. So it was quite unlucky to meet a disciple of the 3rd Sky in the 1st round.

Zhao Feng's azure hair blew in the wind and a sharp glint appeared in his eye.

’’It looks like you're the crazy person who trained the Lightning Wind Palm.’’

Luo Haiqiang licked his lips and tensed his body, not daring to be overconfident.

The crazy person who trained the Lightning Wind palm?

Zhao Feng's figure caught the attention of many people

Wind rising Lightning sounding!

Zhao Feng expressionlessly thrust out his palm as his hair blew in the wind. Instantly, the sound of thunder appeared like there was a storm.


Luo Hiaqiang's body instantly froze as he was enveloped by a storm of chaotic wind and lightning.

7 Deadly Fingers!

He condensed all his True Force and he sent out beams out purple light, which was strong enough to pierce through metal that was several layers thick.


The second the True Force left his body, it was washed away in the storm.

With a bang, Luo Haiqiang was sent flying.

’’You're very strong... ’’

Luo Haiqiang surrendered, pale faced.

The spectators below were stunned and many began to praise the power of Lightning Wind Palm.

’’To challenge those higher ranked than you and win in one move. Is this the power of Lightning Wind Palm?’’

Yang Gan's expression changed slightly.

’’His control of Lightning Wind Palm is ever better than Chen'er's and he has trained every move to a higher level.’’

A light flashed in 1st Elders' eyes.

He once had a disciple, but he had died due to the Lightning Wind Palm...

After Zhao Feng won, he retreated back behind 1st Elder to wait for the next battle.

Soon, all the contestants finished their first round with Lin Fan easily beating a disciple at the peak 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

’’Zhao Feng and Lin Fan both easily passed the first round?’’

Xiao Sun, who was watching below, was extremely disappointed and frustrated. He was relying on luck mostly, but unfortunately, his luck wasn't very good and he had lost in the first round.

Every loss made the distance between him and a spot further away.

After resting for half an hour, the second round began.

The winners would fight with the winners and those that could win 4 in a row passed directly.

In reality, not many people won 4 times in a row, because the opponent would get more terrifying as each round progressed.

None of the winners was simple.

The second round: Xiao Sun lost again and he almost went crazy.

Lin Fan's luck wasn't good either and he met an opponent at the peak 3rd Sky.

’’It looks like Lin Fan's going to lose.’’

Xiao Sun thought and Yun Mengxiang, who stood next to him, also smiled faintly.

However, the result was unexpected. Lin Fan exchanged 50 or so moves with his opponent and he just about won.

’’This guy has a High class Mortal skill and a Low grade Mortal weapon!’’

Xiao Sun looked like a pot of cold water had been thrown on him.

They both went on the same mission, got the same rewards, but Lin Fan's growth far exceeded him. The greatest difference was Lin Fan had a High class Mortal skill.

Lin Fan and Xiao Sun's contribution points shouldn't be enough for a High class Mortal skill and a Low grade mortal weapon.

’’Lin Fan and Zhao Feng have been pretty close lately.’’

A flash of regret appeared in Yun Mengxiang's eyes and she could guess what had happened.

Zhao Feng's reward was far greater than the others and it wasn't hard for him to get a few mortal weapons. Lin Fan could only reach this far because of Zhao Feng.

In the second round, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan's position couldn't be wavered as they beat their opponents in one move.

’’Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan are the strongest two in this competition. Even those at the peak 3rd Sky can't last more than 3 moves against them.’’

’’Zhao Feng's strength isn't weak either. His lightning Wind Palm is extremely powerful.’’

The crowd discussed.

Zhao Feng, Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan had used dominating strength to crush their opponents.

Amongst them, Bei Moi had shocked everyone as he beat a disciple at the peak 3rd Sky in one move.

’’Even those at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm might no be his match.’’

A few inner disciples were wary and respectful towards Bei Moi and none of the others wanted to meet Bei Moi.

At this moment, there weren't even 10 people who had won 2 in a row. If one didn't have overwhelming strength, it was hard to win continuously.

Soon, it was the 3rd round and those disciples who had won 2 battles in a row began to feel troubled.

In the third round, Lin Fan met a strong opponent - Liu Yue'er. The latter had higher cultivation than him and better weapons as well as skills. But after 20 or so moves, Lin Fan had the upper hand.

Afterall, her true battle power wasn't as powerful as Lin Fan's.


At this time, she drew a jade saber, which suddenly increased her attack speed and power. In that instant, Liu Yue'er's offense had double in strength.

’’Middle grade Mortal weapon!’’ The spectators below exclaimed.

’’I give up.’’

Lin Fan gave up straight away so that he could preserve his strength for the battles coming later.

’’Zhao Feng vs Sun Yuanhao!’’

In the third round, Zhao Feng also met a troublesome opponent. Sun Yuanhao was the youth with the Changeable Body and he was instantly taken in as a disciple by an Elder.

From their current achievements, Sun Yuanhao was placed right after Bei Moi. After all, the latter had entered the Clan an entire month earlier than Sun Yuanhao and therefore, he had a higher starting point.

Many were expectant of this battle since both were disciples of Elders.

However, the exciting battle they were looking forward to didn't happen.

Silver Wall Technique!

Zhao Feng's blood boiled as a layer of silver radiated from him, which made his body look perfect.

’’That guy's body strengthening has reached such a high level!’’

The crowd below was stunned.

Elder Xue's eyebrows twitched as he looked helplessly at 1st Elder and sighed.

Lightning Wind Palm!

With Silver Wall Technique as the basis, Zhao Feng circulated his Lightning Wind palm and crushed towards Sun Yuanhao with lightning speed.

Pah! Pah! Pah...

Zhao Feng suppressed Sun Yuanhao with lightning quick attacks.

The first move, Sun Yuanhao was pushed back. The second move, his defensive barrier broke. The third move, he spat out blood.

’’I've lost but I didn't use my Middle grade Spiritual weapon.’’ Sun Yuanhao said depressed.

Zhao Feng's attacks were too fierce and he didn't have the time to draw his Middle grade Mortal weapon or else, the ending result might've not been the same. At least, he wouldn't have lost that badly.

The third round came to an end and only a few were able to keep their winning streaks.

Zhao Feng looked around and only 4 people were able to win 3 battles in a row.

They were Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan, Zhao Feng and Liu Yue'er respectively.

Those who had 2 wins and 1 loss, such as Lin Fan, were doing good, but most had 2 losses and 1 win, while some even had 3 straight losses like Xiao Sun.

’’It's going to be the 4th round.’’

Zhao Feng was slightly expectant. There were only 4 people who had progressed to the 4th round, which meant that he had a one in three chance of meeting Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan and Liu Yue'er.

If he met Liu Yue'er, there wouldn't be any pressure. But it would be troublesome if he met Ran Xiaoyuan or Bei Moi, those two could challenge those at the 4th Sky.

After resting for an hour, they drew their opponents.

The 4th round had finally started.

Although this round wasn't the last round, it was a very important round.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but peek at the slip in his hand. He sighed and shook his head... it wasn't Liu Yue'er.


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