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King Of Gods - Chapter 161


Chapter 161 - Floating Crest Competition (1)

Broken Moon Clan, Central division.

Figure after figure started to appear on the field and although today wasn't an Inner disciple gathering, more people arrived.

Above the Central division was an azure palace floating in the sky amidst a sea of lightning and it gave off an old, ancient aura.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fan had both arrived as well. The eyes of the former was locked on the Floating Crest Palace and he found that the surrounding lightning was stronger than several months before.

Today was the day to fight for the participation spots, known as the ’’Floating Crest Tournament’’.

The Floating Crest Trial happened once every five years and this was also an opportunity for the Elders to find new disciples.

’’Brother Zhao, Brother Lin, are you both here to sign up as well?’’

Xu Ren walked over, smiling.

Ever since they had completed the mission, they had become friends.

’’That's right! With Brother Zhao's strength, he's definitely able to participate. But for me, it's going to be hard.’’ Lin Fan replied.

’’Brother Zhao definitely will pass.’’

Xu Ren nodded his head. Because they had gone on the same mission together, Xu Ren knew what Zhao Feng's strength was like and the three would occasionally spar together.

Of the three, Zhao Feng was the strongest, then Lin Fan and then finally Xu Ren.

Xu Ren usually didn't even have the chance to spar with Zhao Feng, but Lin Fan, who beat him easily, would be helpless when mentioning Zhao Feng.

The words of the 3 went into the ears of Yun Mengxiang nearby.

’’Floating Crest Competition? From Lin Fan and Xu Ren's tone, Zhao Feng is able to get a spot?’’

Yun Mengxiang's eyes twirled and landed on Zhao Feng. She realised that ever since the two of them became inner disciples, she payed less and less attention on Zhao Feng.

As for the Scarlet Moon Demonic Cave event one month ago, she didn't attend and thought that Zhao Feng was just lucky.

Yun Mengxiang was only at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm, so she didn't sign up and just came here to watch.

More and more people flooded onto the field and the inner and core disciples appeared one by one.

Half an hour later.

All the inner disciples had arrived and even some outer disciples had come to watch. For an event as big as this, the Clan allowed the outer disciples to come in to watch.

’’Go Brother Zhao!’’ Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan cheered for Zhao Feng and the latter nodded at them as a greeting.

’’Brother Zhao, come here.’’ A dominant, strong voice sounded from the side.

’’It's core disciple, Yang Gan!’’

’’Yang Gan! Ranked 2nd of all the Core disciples and one of the hottest picks for the Head disciple.’’

The crowd broke out into discussion.

Yang Gan was dressed in pure white and he was like a handsome carving. Being one of the most famous inner disciples, Yang Gan's every action was looked upon by others.

The faces of some girl disciples would blush red as they looked at his handsome figure.

’’Brother Yang.’’

Zhao Feng went up and stood next to Yang Gan. They were the only 2 disciples of 1st Elder.

Yang Gan was known for being righteous and although he wasn't warm hearted towards Zhao Feng, he didn't provide any trouble for him. Instead, he did his duty as the older disciple.

’’Who's the guy walking with Yang Gan?’’

Many were surprised and some who knew the truth started to discuss.

At one moment, Zhao Feng also caught the gaze of many.

The latter walked confidently with Yang Gan side by side and Yang Gan had the intention of taking Zhao Feng into the core disciples' circle.

Of the core disciples, Zhao Feng was familiar with many of them, such as Sister Yuan, Quan Chen and Yuan Zhi.

’’This guy's a disciple of 1st Elder now.’’ Sister Yuan looked unhappily at Zhao Feng.

She was still with Ran Xiaoyuan and the latter nodded her head as a greeting.

Knowing that Zhao Feng was going to participate in the tournament as well, Sister Yuan laughed: ’’Sister Ran, don't be respectful when you meant this brat. Teach him a lesson.’’

’’We might not meet.’’

Ran Xiaoyuan's face was slightly red as she sneakily glanced at Zhao Feng before she spoke in a low whisper.

The Floating Crest Competition used the '7 battles rule'.

The 7 battle rules meant that everyone fought 7 battles and the winners would fight the winners, while the losers fought the losers.

There was more than more than 30 people and the chances of meeting a certain person wasn't high nor low. Apart from that, anyone who won 4 battles in a row would automatically progress to take a spot, because the more battles one won, the stronger the opponent would be, since everyone else was also winners.

Anyone that won 4 battles in a row definitely had the ability to enter the top 10.


Half an hour later, the high level of the Clan appeared and an array was set up in the middle of the field.

The array was overlooked by Vice Head Zhang of the Clan Mission division.

Qiu-- Qiu--

The sound of wind whistling appeared and in the next instant, the aura of someone at the True Spirit Realm appeared.

’’Greetings, Elders!’’

The first two who had arrived were Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master. After the two sat in their seats, another powerful appeared, which was much stronger than other two Elder's.

’’1st Elder!’’

Everyone bowed and even the two other Elders stood up.

Next, the Clan Master and another Elder arrived.

’’Greetings Clan Master and Granny Liuyue.’’

The disciples as well as the Deacons and Vice Heads bowed.

The two who came were both woman. One of them was a beautiful girl, who had a high and noble aura - she was the Clan Master of the Broken Moon Clan!

Although they were all at the True Spirit Realm, her aura was much stronger than Hai Yun Masters. Next to the Clan Master was a white-haired old woman, who had the scent of plants on her.

’’The Head of the Grass Wood division, Granny Liuyue.’’ Zhao Feng knew a bit of information about this person.

Granny Liuyue was the best pill master in the Clan and in both cultivation and pill refining, she surpassed old man Guan. The Clan Master, 1st Elder and the other three Elders sat in their places and behind them stood their disciples.

Behind the Broken Moon Clan Master was two female disciples, Sister Yuan and Ran Xiaoyuan.

’’Ran Xiaoyuan's mentor is the Clan Master... ’’ Zhao Feng was surprised.

No wonder she was already at the peak 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. Her main skill was probably the Heavenly Wind God Technique as well.

Behind Elder Xue were several disciples and one of them was a baby-faced youth.

It was Sun Yuanhao who had the Changeable Body!

His cultivation was at the peak 2nd Sky which meant that his talent was almost as good as Bei Moi's.

Behind Hai Yun Master stood Bei Moi, Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen.

As for Granny Liuyue, there was one familiar girl behind her.

Liu Yue'er!

Zhao Feng was stunned, he didn't expect Liu Yue'er to be a disciple of the Head of Grass Wood division. Her cultivation had also reached the peak 2nd Sky and having Granny Liuyue, the best pill maker in the Clan helping her, the advantage she had was huge.

The latter was also surprised at Zhao Feng's figure behind 1st Elder.

1st Elder and the Clan Master held the highest authority in the Clan.

’’Why can't I ever get rid of this guy... ?’’ Liu Yue'er felt somewhat irritated.

She and Zhao Feng both were disciples of Lord Cangtie and Lord Guanjun respectively and she thought that she would suppress Zhao Feng forever by becoming a disciple of Granny Liuyue. The thing that made her even more frustrated was that Zhao Feng only had a Low tier Spiritual Body.

’’Interesting... so many familiar people... ’’ A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

His gaze scanned across familiar figures: Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan. Liu Yue'er, Sun Yuanhao and Xiao Sun...

All of these people were here to get a participation spot.

’’Let the once every 5 years Floating Crest Competition begin!’’ The Vice Head of the Central division, Vice Head Li announced.

The spectators became deadly silent. The rules of the competition was the same as usual. Every participant had their own number and their opponents would be drawn.

Zhao Feng drew his number then went back to stand behind 1st Elder.

’’Brother Zhao, the strongest two in the participation group is Bei Moi and Ran Xiaoyuan. As long as you don't meet those two, you should be able to win 4 in a row.’’ Yang Gan analysed.

Bei Moi was the newest disciple, who had the best talent, comprehension and cultivation. He had now reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm and he had the potential to surpass Hai Yun Master.

On the other side, Ran Xiaoyuan was a core disciple of the Clan Master and her cultivation had reached the peak 3rd Sky.

’’I know.... Both of them... ’’

A weird smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

The participation battles soon began.


A transparent white seal appeared showing two disciples that had already begun to fight.

One of them was Xiao Sun and he had used the rewards that he got to reach the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

However, his opponent was an old disciple at the peak 2nd Sky and after 20 or so, moves Xiao Sun lost.

The winner would progress to the next round and battle other winners.

The competition continued and Bei Moi, Ran Xiaoyuan and Sun Yuanhao all showed their skills.

On the 8th battle, Bei Moi appeared.

’’Northern Dark Heavenly Ice!’’

A blue True Force appeared from Bei Moi, which created a whirlpool and smashed forward.

’’What's going on!?’’

His opponent couldn't breathe and his face started to turn red.


The disciple at the peak 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm spat out a mouthful of blood and the whirlpool was sucked back by Bei Moi with a 'shua' or else, his opponent would have died.

’’So strong!’’

The spectators and contestants were all stunned and the expressions of even Core disciples changed.


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